Fun Analytics


🚀 Current Active Users: 34

📈 Past 7 Day Users: 37

⌛️ Past 30 Day Users: 47

🧙🏻‍♂️ Average Bounce Rate: 288.88888888888886%

👨🏼‍💻 Total Transcriptions On The Site: 22132

This is tracked with google analytics btw

We have recently been looking at how our traffic is growing on our website and we have seen some interesting things. In this blog post, we will look at these analytics and see what they mean for our marketing strategy. Please consider this is coming from google analytics and not from our own servers, so data can be slightly different than reality but not too far off. Also for reasons we don't share the whole data raw from google, just a couple metrics that seem interesting.

Active Users

To get a sense of the number of people using our site, let's take a look at the "Active Users" number. This measures how many users are active in the website as of right now. We can see that this week we had around 37 active users on our website throughout the last 7 days. And there were 47 active users visiting our site in the last 28 days which is crazy! We'd also like to point out that we have a total of 22132 transcriptions in the entire database although as soon as you enter a video in the website's "add a video" menu link, our servers will go and retrieve it, so theoretically we have as many transcriptions as youtube has videos, isn't that crazy?

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits, where a user enters your site and then leaves after viewing only one page. It's different from the exit rate in that it measures how users interact with your site as opposed to how they leave it. A high bounce rate means users aren't engaging with your website content and may be leaving because they find it uninteresting or confusing. For us we understand what this website is about, it's about making it easier and faster for users to find things within videos by using the almighty ctrl+F and as soon as you get an answer, you just go away.

This is part of our marketing strategy, to show users the reality of the stats of the website.

You should consider a different marketing strategy if you want to get new users. You should also review your website's bounce rate, average session time, and number of active users. - This is what the average marketer would say, however in most cases it's not true, marketing isn't just about corporate jargon, it's about ideas, it's about building cool things for the world to see and use, in our case it's building tiny software products that people love and enjoy. The best way to improve your active users is to create a great product that people love and tell their friends about. This will bring more traffic back to your site in the form of new visitors or returning customers who will stay longer because they're having fun using your app/website/product.

Final Thoughts

It's an exciting time to be a data scientist. The world of data analysis is growing, and the number of tools available to us continues to grow as well. With that in mind, we're going to take a look at some interesting ways we can use data science to analyze our website. Hopefully by using these methods you'll be able to get some insight into how your own website performs!