Why I built this?


I'd often find myself trying to look for information about something in google and ended up with a lot of 10+ minute videos as results, it'd be fine if it wasn't 9 minutes of pointless content and 1 minute of what I wanted to hear without a way to know where exactly they'd talk about what I needed, the only solution was to watch the entire thing... a bit frustrating... This doesn't happen with regular websites where I can simply ctrl+F and look for what I needed.

This often happens to everyone that we want to look for something like a recipe or a specific point of a product review and end up with 1000 words of the authors life's story, nobody wants to read that, thankfully we can just search for what we want, can't do that with video... until now! :D

The reason this happens is because google rewards rich content web-pages and the web-pages that don't have all that fluff never get found organically, despite going straight to the point and being far more useful than the lengthy versions.

I'm just a regular 30 something neck-beard that plays wow and codes for a living, like the rest of us! I tend to code solutions for every day things I do and use that aren't practical, you can also find more of my work at KazanSEO for SEO tools and gizmos to make your life easier as a programatic marketer; in fact this very website is optimized entirely with kazanseo. We're often left forgotten in the dungeons of enterprise buildings even though we're the ones that created the whole systems that corporate departments use.

Given that the standard practices to get rewarded by google say that you should write lengthy and rich content, the minimum standard is now 1000+ words of content rather than what it used to be 500+, this means that I ran out of things to say.

If you made it this far, on behalf of all the countless hours that took me to code this website (like 5), go grab a beer, you deserve it.