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welcome back guys
in this video we're going to do a broad
overview of
treatment of candida or yeast overgrowth
or fungal dysbiosis
there's a couple of elements outside of
just killing that i think needs to
be covered
so first of all anti-fungals
particularly supplements
do have a time and a place i don't tend
to do high high doses of things because
i feel that the fungal
microbiome is much more about balance
than it is about just obliterating stuff
but supplements like oregano caprylic
acid laura cyden propolis things of that
nature do have their time in place
also you do you do need to be mindful of
your diet when you have candida
overgrowth or
fungal dysbiosis because candida loves
sugar so if you go you know eating a
pop-tart or a candy bar and you're
trying to
treat your candida you're going to be
fighting a pretty hard uphill battle
we're going to talk about the candida
diet in another video though because i
little differing opinion on that than
like the standard candida diet
but just for right now suffice it to say
diet is an important part of treating
candida overgrowth or fungal dysbiosis
next up is if you have leaky gut then
same yeast that might be harmless
otherwise is going to get a chance to
and potentially become more of a problem
for you so treating your leaky gut or
treating your gut lining itself
becomes an important part of the candida
likewise as i mentioned in another video
the immune system
normally would help kind of traffic and
control and
kind of corral all of your microbes
bacterial fungal
parasitic whatever archaea your immune
system should be having a pretty active
role in the management of your critters
so if your immune system is out of whack
it becomes this catch-22
where you can treat the immune system
like what modern medicine tends to do is
like anti-inflammatories
but if you never fix the gut then the
immune system is going to continue to be
jacked up because most of your immune
system lives in your gut right we're all
familiar with that stick
but the flip is also true where
you might need to treat the immune
system via the gut sometimes you need to
treat the immune system in order to
protect the gut
or in order to improve your critter
controlling your critter balance
so being mindful of the immune system
and inflammatory stimuli outside of the
becomes very important next up on the
list is
bacteria so the mycobiome the fungal
microbial community and the microbiome
the bacterial community are very much
interconnected they talk to each other
they hang out in biofilms together
guys they're pals they're buds you
cannot treat one without altering the
so being mindful of whether or not
you're feeding or starving your good
this is one reason why i'm not a fan of
the low fodmap diet for example
if you're obliterating your bacterial
microbiome with the low fodmap diet or
aggressive sibo
sibo protocols and then you try to treat
your fungal dysbiosis
you might be fighting again an
impossible uphill battle
so be mindful of your bacteria give them
tlc because that's another major
that should help inhibit and calm and
control your local fungi
in that intestinal environment
likewise this is why i'm a big big fan
of probiotics and i am not
a probiotic naysayer for ibs and sibo i
think that they can be used safely i
have numerous videos on that topic
but adding in probiotics particularly
lactobacilli species
can help inhibit candida growth in the
gi tract as well as elsewhere in the
last but not least this is something
that i've never seen supported in the
literature but this is my personal
theory that i talk to patients about
if you are not pooping every day and if
you're not moving
you're creating a habitat that candida
is just going to
love and if you think about it if you
think of candida
i know this is really simple but think
of it like a mushroom
where do mushrooms grow they like moist
dark environments and stagnant
black air so what are you creating
if your gut is stagnant and constipated
it's already a dark moist environment if
you add the stagnation
and constipation you're just making a
breeding ground for candida and yeast
so keeping pooping even if it is with a
like aloe or sono leaf keeping your
bowels moving on a daily basis can be
important for
inhibiting candida and flushing it out
and getting it out of there
and in that regard i think exercise
could be an important part of it too if
for no other reason
aside from all the anti-inflammatory
good stuff that exercise does for you
exercise can be important for keeping
the bowels moving if you're constipated
so as you can see the treatment of
candida and fungal dysbiosis is a very
multi-faceted approach
we didn't even get into all of the
things that dovetail into the league
conversation that's another video but
keep a holistic lens on candida don't
you know resist the urge to hyper focus
on one thing in particular or just
become a psycho killer as i called it a
prior and just obliterate obliterate
really take a holistic lens zoom out and
try to treat the body as a whole
and i think you and your candida will be
off to a really good start
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