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so I'm going to show a clip what we'll
do is we'll just run it through game
doesn't matter the game's relevant what
we're going to talk about are the UI
elements so what the different add-ons
are what are the different weak auras
are and what they do why I've got them
that kind of thing I'm going to keep it
pause at the start I'm going to quickly
just talk about what we can see straight
away on the screen so first of all the
obvious stuff that jumps at you is
The Raid frames
which we've got just here and the arena
frames right these are the two main
things that are on the screen and this
is actually something that I'm probably
going to decrease the size of a little
going forward maybe like 20 percent
because I think it's too big at the
moment it's taking up too much screen
real estate and
I'll be able to get the
info exactly the same but with it
slightly smaller I'll be able to see
more of my screen so this is this is one
thing I'm looking to do
but uh yeah this is how it is for now
and the add-on we've got on the on the
left here is Omni CD and this is really
I'll just bring up the menu in game
and you can change the position of all
uh all the frings let me just go
thing you want up so you can see
right so you can change the position of
where all this sort of stuff is
Etc it's really really easy to to mess
and really lightweight you can change
how the icons look what's on them all
that sort of stuff you can use you can
change highlighting when stuff gets used
Etc you can change the priority what
this means is
you can change where the different
cooldowns actually show so if you change
PVP trinket from 16 it's going to move
it right so you can you can spend some
time adjusting that to the way that you
like it and then finally you can change
what spells are showing right so right
now we have
these shown for priests mainly these I
keep for myself
so that I can see my own
sort of cool lens without like the micro
cooldowns without having to check down
here all the time usually I check down
here for the bigger cool lens
but again that's a another matter but
yeah you can turn stuff off and on
super handy this one over here on the
right is Glady and Glady is I'd say the
best arena frame add-on
available on wrath right now your other
option is essentially s Arena which is a
stripped down version you don't have the
cool lens
I don't like the looks of it as much
um you don't have the totem plates we've
got totem plates that appear against
shamans as well people ask me about that
what what's the thing showing the totem
pulse timeout and Tremor and things like
that that's that's part of Glady as well
you can also assign clicks on gladly
that's another question I get oh yeah I
can't set my focus bar clip while
clicking there's a module for that you
just need to enable it
that's not a reason to use a Serena over
Glady and yes so you can you can same as
Omni CD as well in terms of the options
you can choose what could land show
where they show
all that good stuff
yeah that's that's pretty much all there
is to say about it you see the DRS you
see pretty much everything that you need
to see
with regards to the enemy team so I'm
gonna let the clip play a little bit now
and we'll we'll see a couple of things
here so if I go back
so at the top here
you see a little
little bar going across this is actually
add-on called five second rule and this
is just telling me okay when does my
spirit kick in
while this bar is going across you're
going to get Mana from MP5 you're not
going to get the the full Spirit regen
Mana value so once this this bar hits
here then that's when you're full Spirit
regening you can take advantage of that
it's not as big as in TBC but you can
definitely take advantage of that to get
more Mana overall
keep in mind if you use a spell that
doesn't cost Mana it won't proc the five
second rule
now we also have another weak or here or
eight rather the first week or which is
a shield weaker and this shows me if
somebody shielded I'll get a number on
the raid frames this will show me how
much they're shielded for at the end of
the video I'll show all the weak auras
in a list so you can see what I've got
so next thing we see here is big debuffs
this shows me anything that's magic and
dispellable that is relevant
so CC Roots slows
appears really big here
and this makes it very obvious when
somebody has something that I'm like
crap need to get that off fast can't
miss it like if you don't have this and
it's just down here and it's really hard
if you're playing the game to see this
tiny little thing here whereas if this
pops up you know that there's you know
you'll see this no matter where you're
looking now we've got another little
Mana bar thing going across here this
this top one is actually Rapture so this
is the cooldown of rapture Rapture is a
12 seconds cooldown from when it can
so when you see this going across it
means the Rapture can't proc again so if
you're if it's got like three seconds
left and there's not a lot going on
you're thinking oh maybe I should
reshield maybe you can hold off on it
for a little bit longer so that that
when that Shield pops you're going to
get the Rapture from it again
we had another one there that
okay so here we've got a cast bar this
is actually a weak Aura as well
and it will show my party members casts
uh you can obviously move this around
wherever you like I like it at the very
top this is something that I use mostly
with Mages
but you can use it obviously with
anything you like but the main main
reason I like it with Mages is I can see
when he's going for a shatter and try
and time my damage with it
and I can also see when he's going for a
sheep so for example against Power
sometimes the palace in a sheep and the
Mage wants to sheep the warrior he wants
to swap it over so I can see when that
cast is going and usually when the cast
is about there you know a good like 50
60 of the way through I drop the fear
and this will fear the power and the
warrior the warrior usually zerks this
fear but because he's dirked he's now on
global cooldown and
um he's going to have trouble spell
so again here this is why glad he is
good right it shows it shows the sheeps
it shows the AMS
a lot of valuable information here you
can also see it above them on nameplates
this is part of part of big debuffs as
well the Buffs and debuffs over
nameplates so if you're interested in
that that's big debuffs the add-on at
the very bottom of the screen here is
called nug key feedback
and this is essentially just showing the
button that I'm pressing always
people ask what that is this is for
streams benefit mainly on my alliance I
haven't got it on my horde but on my
alliance I've got a shadow fiend week or
which when I've spawn the shadow fiend
it puts a little bar here and if the
shadow theme gets cc'd you'll be able to
see the CC large like big debuff style
next to it so I'm tempted to adjust it
slightly and make it play a sound when
the theme gets cc'd as well to make it
super obvious so that I know when I need
to despawn my fiend obviously we can see
all the cooldowns nicely grouped per
class here
so if you're like looking
and you know if you if you're just using
omnibar for example
to track enemy cooldowns it's not bad
but you can also can't see what's
available at all times like you don't
you don't want this massive Clump for
for everyone right
because it's just going to be one
massive thing in the middle
uh this separates it nicely so you know
exactly where to look if you're like
checking for like DK Strang or like DK
grip or something like that it's always
going to be in the same place
we also have an add-on called diminish
up here this is another one
and this shows
the diminishing returns on friendlies
right so on myself and um on poly repdia
I'm on the controls done slash Hodge Dr
and I'm on silence Dr here
and it also shows for party here
and so if it was on the major it would
show just the I'm actually thinking
about moving this not sure exactly where
yet but yeah
the issue is that my real estate on the
frames is really really kind of not
cluttered but there's something showing
somewhere on it at all times so It's
tricky to figure out where I'm going to
put it I might just move it back to the
top right again because the cast bar
isn't always up there anyway
um if you're wondering about the target
of Target it's moved up here with a
script so we've got this up here with
the script class colored nameplates and
41 yard range is also a script removing
Griffins is a script but you can do it
with various add-ons I've also got my
focus cast bar just moved slightly above
instead of below so that it's easier to
track what's tracking enemy gcds on a
nameplate that's also a weak or a good
shape forgot about that one that's a
really valuable one actually does your
weak Aura on Shield numbers on party
slash raid frames take into
consideration if you have the
overpowered debuff from Warriors if not
is there a way to modify it so that it
does so I recently tried to so there's
actually a thing in Arena right
if you
join as a Healer you have minus 10
healing this is actually not included in
the add-on I've been trying to make it
so that it it does include that but
there was some issues with it there were
some errors so it's still
you know a work in progress but
the numbers may be slightly off but it's
like you can almost consider it a
percentage right
so one number low
consider reshielding sort of thing
so like the exact number isn't that
as opposed to
you know seeing that there's not that
much value left in the shield
you know potentially you can you can
reshield right now or you can pretend
you know if you have Rapture available
wait for it to go and then reshield that
kind of thing
it just gives you a little bit more info
that you can just check
understand when The Shield is going to
break because it actually is relevant in
Wrath I'll go through my add-on list as
Advanced interface options is just
literally what it says it's stuff that's
not available in the UI
for interface options
and you can also see all the
essentially the scripts that you can
change I'll run there as well the C bars
tanking is broken next we've got Arena
how did you show raid frames without
being in a group oh it's just Omni CD
test mode
I should turn off
so yeah next we've got Arena binds which
is just um if you go here
and then targeting
it adds this section
so that you don't need to make macros
for it
so you can save some
UI space
uh then we've got Arena analytics which
is the match history add-on that we're
working on
this will be public soon TM we are
correcting some last errors and adding
some features uh so yeah I give it give
it a couple of weeks and that should be
publicly available
then we've got what else is relevant for
PVP obviously big debuffs we've talked
details is good for breaking down games
deaths losses comparing your healing to
enemy damage to enemy dispels all this
good stuff so I recommend grabbing that
if you want to analyze your games
diminished we've talked about five
second rule we've talked about
uh focused as well it was it wasn't a
week or actually it was an add-on was
the one where it shows
the dispellable
um debuffs only
uh on the frame
then we've got item rack
obviously just standard when you Mouse
over items you can see the different
ones you can switch to them Etc
not really that much of a PVP add-on but
still handy
um my slot is good if you've got alts
you can copy your binds and uh
and you know locations all that good
stuff over macros as well
obviously nug key feedback we've talked
about how many but I've talked about how
many CD we've talked about save queue is
Handy if you want to see how long's left
in the queue to prevent missing queue
because of taking too long doing a quest
or something
uh and then weak auras
so yeah that's that's all of the add-ons
I'm currently using
if we want to take a quick look at the
weak auras
as I said the arena podcast
uh we've got the CC on pet in a fire
reminder is another one this one just
pops up when I don't have
in a fire
or if the stacks are low it's handy
we've got powered Shield amount the
Rapture weaker and then the nameplate
cooldowns or gcds we've also got when
games end we have the MMR display
everything else I'm really using at the
moment so not too many weak auras if
there was any add-ons that you were
wondering about that's the names of them
if you would like this exact UI
including oh there's Eli
um oh you can't see my cams anyway yeah
if you would like this exact UI uh we've
got the weaker the week or is the UI the
UI profiles all in the Discord in the
sub Channel
and you can just grab it straight from
there and essentially copy Pastor it so
that you don't have to spend ages
configuring it
since I've done all the work for you
but yeah that's that's pretty much all
I've uh all I've got to say on the
matter if you do have any other
let me know in the comments