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Find transcriptions for just about any video that exists on youtube, easily read through and ctrl+f to find what you're looking for, the days of watching 10+ minute videos for 20 seconds of information are over, there's no "join now" slogan since this website exists for the sole purpose of finding information faster.

Right now there isn't an index of all the transcribed videos that exist on youtube, not even for content creators that want to share their work with their users in different formats, so this bridges the gap.

What if you're somewhere and you can't listen to a video but still want to know what the video is about? Can't turn up the volume, so what do you do? Read the ever so slow captions that youtube provides at the speed they come up? No of course not, what you do is come to this website, find your video, and if you can't find it then just add the youtube url to our tool that will pull up the video in just a couple of seconds and display the content right on your screen so you can read it like a book.

The average person talking talks at 150 words per minute, this is without editing and without pauses, the average person reads at 250 words per minute, you see where I'm going with this? Reading is a much faster and efficient way of consuming content. But even if when you're reading you wanted to see the video right where you're reading, you can click on the links on the left side of whatever passage you're reading and it will auto sroll the video to the exact point in time the passage was said.

Anyways, have a look for yourself and see how awesome it is! If you feel like you want to share some feedback then email me in the contact page and I'll probably reply... eventually.