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there we go we added this three marker
microservices let's go here we go
three years
I'm still not understanding this why is
it so hard to display the birthday date
on the set
I can already feel so many emotions
coming up inside of me I know we haven't
even started
but you guys just don't even know you
don't even know
what happened to me you don't even know
about Black Mirror you don't know about
the Pig episode
this it hits so home to me because the
that I will literally never be able to
recover from watching this video but
we're gonna do it settings page why
can't we get this done this quarter look
I'm sorry we've been over this it's the
design of our back end first we have to
call the Bingo service see Bingo knows
I'm sorry about the screen tearing okay
again I'm switching to sway
March 13th okay
Nemo so we get the user's ID out of
there then from Bingo we can call papaya
and MBS to get that user ID and turn it
into a user session token we can
validate those with ulna and then once
we have that we can finally pull the
user's info down from raccoon
so does anyone know about Black Mirror
on Netflix
anyone familiar with Black Mirror
did anyone watch Black Mirror before
Netflix purchased Black Mirror
type 2 if you watched Black Mirror
before Netflix owned Black Mirror which
was starting season four did anyone
watch It season three
and less
um I got a story for you we're gonna do
a story here very very soon but first
let us become emotionally damaged by
what we're about to see which this is
effectively a documentary of working at
Netflix doing large
things but couldn't the raccoon team
basically just no raccoon isn't
guaranteed to have that info before we
do this we have to go to wingman do a
query to see if the user's willing I
love the wingman and Apex I just so I'm
just very happy they they named a
service called wingman to take it to the
next level or if they're just playing
the field now wingman is cool but he
doesn't store any user info himself he
has to reach out to other user info
Provider Services like RGS Barbie doll
ringo2 BLS
but how does it know what all the user
Provider Services are well for that it
has to go to Galactic all-knowing user
service provider
I just hate this why do we make this why
did the world do this why did we do this
to ourselves we have a world in which
was not that great and we replaced it
with an idea that felt better
and now we have Galactus why is this why
why aggravator
and what Galactus has omniscient
knowledge of all current user info
providers it doesn't have future sight
or knowledge of past user info providers
so it expects a Time range to get all
the current user info providers we need
to pass a Time range with the current
time and a Time representing the end of
the universe which we get from eks our
entry chaos service
PKS it's being deprecated at the end of
the month for omega star but omega star
still doesn't support ISO timestamps
like they said they would a month ago
no no no no no no
oh my goodness we have such
so until omega star gets their [ __ ]
[ __ ] together we're blocked we can't get
signed up for our use case we can't use
eks there's nothing we can do
so Galactus won't be able to find our
new birthday boy provider which means
wingman won't know how to talk to
anybody which means I won't be able to
find true love and I'll die alone
I'll die alone without ever knowing love
without ever knowing it's my birthday
it's birthday blocked okay
we're blocked you sad pathetic little
product manager
they just
okay product managers don't know the
pain that's going on here they don't
they can't they cannot under they cannot
feel it he has a notepad trying to write
down what's happening he doesn't feel it
deep down
you think you know what our users want
you know nothing of my pain of
galactus's pain
you think you know what it takes to tell
the user it's their birthday
you know nothing
delivering this feature goes against
everything I know to be right and true
and I will sooner lay you into this
Barren Earth then entertain your Folly
for a moment longer
alright so clearly this is blocker uh no
problem wishes out another two to three
years or so learned a lot today love
Galactus uh but we'll talk next week
about adding middle names to the profile
awesome sounds good take care
it's just so painful it's just so
painful to see so when I was working at
Netflix uh oh my goodness where's my
marker there it is got it when I was
working at Netflix
during my time there which I'm still
there by the way uh we had this
beautiful thing okay that's way too big
what is happening here okay well this is
this is not this is not this is not what
I was hoping for and make it smaller yep
make it smaller and yeah there we go so
while my time at Netflix has been
fantastic there was this time in which
we need to do a little show called Black
Mirror and it sounds like a lot of
people are pretty familiar with Black
Mirror now I wanna I want someone to
type into the into the chat PF
if you know what the first episode's
type PF in the chat if you know if you
know about the first episode
okay for those that don't know what PF
is it's called Pig
um Yes you heard me correctly Pig
and uh at my job I had several meetings
in which involved the phrase pig to be
a hundred separate times it was wild and
so we came up with this idea okay hear
me out is that we Netflix are producing
season four
there are three seasons before us season
three season two season one and we
thought you know would be way better is
instead of showing you
the first episode S1 E1
instead we're gonna show you S4 E1 which
means you couldn't just reverse sort it
right you couldn't just okay this is a
reversed sort ordering because then you
get S4 E6 I think I think there's six
episodes in season four and so you
couldn't do that you could not
just simply reverse it so what we have
to do is we have to reverse the season
so we'd have to have a reverse season
but not a reverse episode now this
caused a lot of problems in our system
the reason why it caused a lot of
problems in our system is quite simple
there's a few different things that need
to come into play here okay so first off
there is GPS GPS would calculate your
lolomo your lolomo of course is the list
of list of movies that exist on Netflix
it's when you go there you scroll
through it that's what you're going to
see okay list of list of movies pretty
straightforward uh GPS has nothing to do
with the map but shockingly enough a
service called map
would call into GPS and get the skeleton
of your GP of your lolamo and then fill
it in more dynamically right be able to
get things going on so you'd see
something like this inside GPS GPS would
produce a list of shows and one of them
would be say like Black Mirror now it's
probably gonna choose Black Mirror S1 E1
and so map has to be smarter and map
needs to go well wait a second s1e1
isn't actually the latest episode or the
episode we should be promoting instead
we need to be promoting S4 E1 so map
itself doesn't know anything about what
is latest about videos that is where
something called VMS comes in VMS oh my
goodness sorry VMS VMS
VMS video metadata service right but
video metadata service doesn't actually
is that
video about a dentist service that's
actually all that he did about video
about the latest and so video metadata
service actually used something called
if I'm not mistaken Dexter which has a
lot of the data about it it also had a
second service that provided other data
about it I can't remember the name of
that service okay and so VMS was very
very important but VMS didn't know
anything about ordering it just used raw
data out of Dexter and we didn't want
people to have to reverse order in
Dexter and go back through and do that
we can't do that because then it's going
to get all screwed up because here's the
deal is though we're delivering all
these things down we need a way to be
able to identify them uh by their their
season countering and all that so we
also had like this metadata service
about it such as like their season name
their season and episode number so if
you just had season one be replaced with
season four it would come back as S1 E1
which is incorrect so the metadata
service also couldn't just have things
out of order because metadata service
also relied on this so now that we have
that we needed something else so then
came in a glorious thing called c m s
content metadata service so content
metadata service's real job was actually
to provide a service that would do these
kind of more logical reorderings at run
time and not at service time that way we
could have these really beautiful items
in here and so that way map actually
called into content metadata service to
make sure it was delivering the correct
thing but here's the problem there was
more things that needed to happen
because then on the front end you'd have
to call in and get your lolamo and then
we would receive these but the problem
is when you're on your low level your
list of list of movies what happens when
you look at your Seasons well they're
not reversed because we are still
currently using VMS for our middleware
so our middleware needed to start using
CMS but the problem was is that API uses
the API service Gateway pattern which
means that we now have things such as
get you know get metadata
two we literally had get metadata 2
because get metadata can't just be
deprecated you can't just you can't just
undo these things so we actually had to
develop a second babe to do this but
here's the problem how did you know you
need to call this well we actually had
to create another service I forget what
it was even called at this point that
would tell you if this video needed to
be reordered based on flags at a
separate system which I can't remember
what it was called so when you combine
all these systems together this was how
microservices happened this is how we
reversed episode ordering at Netflix
okay and I love the charge on this one
okay I did that
I did that
it was a lot of fun
it took like four months oh you know
what the worst part about it is that I
didn't get to really choose a lot of the
and so there's this problem that
happened on website uh website because
one of the flags that would come down
from this service up here which you can
barely see was hidden
right and so that was a runtime decision
that had to be made and the website
couldn't support it being on the server
side so it had to be on the client side
so we'd actually send down those flags
on the to the client and the client
would then not display it
because we just didn't have time for
another service right here to do the
mixing of all these things right so we
had that and so we had to do that but
here's the problem is the website team
uh the website team they hated this name
and so I had to do a whole code review
and then not allow these names to take
place because this implies actually not
and they didn't want a not visible they
wanted the name to be said in a way
that's not complicated so we had to then
after making all the changes and
everything was uniformly ready to go
someone said hey we can't do this and I
just said hey I mean this is just the
name of the flags I think it's better
just to stick with the names throughout
you know it's not the name I would
choose but whatever and of course that
didn't work out so I had to then do a
quick refactor rename things and that's
it was
it was the worst experience of my
all this
so that the Pig episode
wasn't the first thing you saw
can you fix the no uh let's see why not
just a rate of uh reverse on the front
end did you not hear oh my goodness I
feel like I just did an entire story
why not
were you not even paying attention
were you not even paying attention to
this whole thing I I just EX
don't be coming into this chat
with your vs code Vibes all right you
keep that out
you keep that out right now