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here at the Kitchener location Branch 54
we do a lot from Custom Fabrication
working with customers to fit the
machine to their application such as
installing thumbs different attachments
from rototilts ditching buckets or
customization of the cob to their
preferences today we're delivering the
first ZX 490 in Ontario to one of our
our customers Tri-City equipment
Tri-City specializes in rental equipment
generally servicing water sewer
companies Highway construction and Earth
Wade Jax has been fortunate to work with
them for several years now building a
strong relationship on the service Side
Sales side and parts business and also
for support in the field two of the
units that they really were interested
in seeing and running is the new zaxis
490 and the zaxis 350. this axis 490
when they come in from the factory they
come as the house and car body together
with the boom and arm off and the
counterweight separately so we have come
up with a system that works very well at
our location where it's seamless to put
together and the biggest thing for us
doing it here we can control the
environment and at the end of the
process we can deliver a product to the
customer that we know has been put
together properly safely and meets their
at the end of the day we can build it
from scratch speaks volumes to our
technicians capabilities of their
training and their years of experience
which also gives the customer the
confidence that if they have to return
for repairs since we're able to build it
they know that we can repair it
on the news axis 350 they now come with
a triass pump system which improves
hydraulic flow gives better digging
functionality and overall function of
the machine making it faster and
smoother for the operator the other
option that they do have on the 350s as
well as the 490s is a reinforced arm and
a reinforced boom which will increase
the service life for the customer
whether doing robust digging or heavy
digging they can be rest assured that
their machine will stay in good shape
without having cracking or fatigue I've
seen other competitors units improved
cab gives a customer better ergonomics
and a safer ROP system to keep their
operators safe as well as improved
counterweight to keep stability on the
new units and the upgraded undercarriage
to keep the unit in service longer
before needing repairs the bird's eye
camera which keeps the operator safe and
people working around the operator safe
as well the improved lighting system
makes it much safer for The Operators
and the ground crew working beside it
because it's with the LED system lights
the area much better
the global e system or the consite app
is something a customer can use to
download onto their phone to monitor
their equipment in the field they can
use that to know when maintenance is due
and also track where the units are
working for us as a shop and it wage
acts our technicians are able to use
this ability to locate the machine check
for codes so they can hopefully have the
right parts when they show up at the
location to diagnose it the first time
getting the customer up and running
efficiently as possible at the Kitchener
location we have 11 Road technicians
that are able to go to your job site and
take care of your needs in the field if
your customer wants to bring it into our
facility we have the train staff here as
well to take care of you on site I
believe our relationship has been so
successful with Tri-City is we use the
same approach with them as with all
customers we try to approach them on a
friendship matter to build a
relationship and we take the time to
build that relationship with the
customer to understand what they need
and put the right person on the job to
get them repaired as quickly as possible
once the unit is sold to the customer we
do a follow-up to make sure they're
happy with the piece of equipment and
then they know if they do call for us
that they can rely us to get a
technician out to get them up and
repaired wayjacks is very excited with
the arrival of the new Hitachi equipment
that has a known history of reliability
fuel economy and excellent performance
with the added safety features this
equipment is proving to be Best in Class
customers will strongly be impressed
with this new product knowing that they
have exceeded the high levels of
expectations that hitachis already has
in the market in this place