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all right so in this episode today we're
actually going to be talking with one of
our team members
kelly who is our content creator and our
content team lead person
and we're going to be discussing exactly
how you can you know use blogs
to generate leads so for all you hvac
plumbing and contractor folks out there
this is going to be a good video for you
tune into so you can get an idea of how
you can actually use your blogs
to generate leads stay tuned
i want to welcome kelly fisher to the
show this is uh contractor cass we're
here today talking about
blogging and kelly is our content editor
slash team lead writing pretty much her
and her team pretty much write all the
content for
all of our clients even for our own
website um
and so today we kind of just wanted to
talk about uh
the the best practices for blogging how
to get those leads
even though they may be long-term leads
how to get those leads and how to write
blogging for
local you know home service contractors
out there hvac plumbing et cetera
um so welcome kelly how are you i'm
doing well
how are you today good good so just tell
us a little bit about
you know yourself a little bit um tell
us what you do i i said a little bit of
it but if you want to add to it a little
bit that'd be awesome
yeah um well as content team lead
a lot of what i do is chasing down fires
and putting them out
um figuring out like resources who's
available to do writing for
a particular project at any given time a
lot of mentoring
um basic
day-to-day team lead type stuff i also
do all the editing
um so if there are errors and typos it's
my fault
because i didn't catch them
i got it so we know how to go after if
that's the case
um so yeah so so that so the topic today
is just
you know uh i guess the title of this
particular one is how to generate
you know or how to write effective blogs
to generate leads
um so give me sort of your take on on
that we'll kind of just start off with
general broad scope and then we'll kind
of dive into more nuances
as we go well i mean
generally speaking if you are writing
blogs for the purpose of generating
leads you're playing a very long game
um blogs are more about establishing
your expertise
within the field and showing that
amongst all of my competitors
i know better what i'm talking about and
any leads you're going to gain from
those are going to be because people
trust you
as an experienced person in your field
rather than
say um we have the best sales so choose
us for a better price it's more
we know what we're talking about we are
experts in our field and you can trust
us to do the work correctly
so it's not going to be like a quick
turnaround lead generation thing it's
going to be
like i said playing the long game
so with that said you know i know that
we don't write blogs for necessarily all
of our clients you know we've got quite
a few of them um what do you think
uh today is that is that standard still
pretty high that people want blogs or
that they're
familiar with what you just said that
that's a long game and that's something
that's included in your marketing or
are people kind of going away from that
i think it depends upon the goals of the
um the clients we have who are
counting on us for blog writing they do
understand that
the blogs are meant to establish
and build a relationship and
to more get brand recognition
than leads leads are a wonderful side
benefit but they're not the main purpose
of having blogs written so the idea is
um they will show up in search and
they will um be that go-to so like
if you're looking for say
how to tell if you're hvac it needs to
be repaired
a blog that has five symptoms of a
broken hvac system
will be what comes up and it won't be
uh you hear weird rattling noises you
funky smells coming your vents and these
are reasons you need to call us to
repair it's more
these are signs that your system is in
need of repair and you'll be needing
a professional who can come and run a
and at the end of the blog point out
that you are available in that area
but if someone's making the search they
may not necessarily find someone who's
in their area because they're gonna find
the blog that has the best expertise
okay so you would hope
with good seo that your blog will show
up as the one with the greatest
expertise in your area but it's entirely
possible that i
based in north carolina will be
searching for this hvac blog and
find that the best expertise is a blog
in arizona or california places that
remarkably high temperatures in summer
and therefore
a lot of air conditioning issues so
the idea is to yeah establish your
expertise and give
useful information that's easy to read
easy to understand and
makes a person feel confident in taking
the next step
and if that's not your business
specifically at least they know what to
look for in their own area
and so you know what you just mentioned
there about
local versus global or you know finding
blogs that are not in your specific area
um you know just reiterating for our our
clients and our viewers that
obviously seo like you mentioned is
still very very important
that you definitely want to you know as
best as you can
focus in on adding those keywords so
people in your area who are doing those
searches for ac repair or
you know weird noises and that sort of
thing are at least on the list of google
you're popping up in there you know with
your blogs and
you know along with the folks in
california and other places
but that you know that localized seo
stuff in those blogs helps you
come up and then like you said you know
hopefully down the line
if they actually need that service from
you um and that you know that brand
recognition comes up where
they're then ultimately choosing you
based on the knowledge that you're
yep and of course with our blog writing
we always do
mention the area that they're in
frequently because
we do want to focus as much on seo as on
establishing that expertise we want
to make sure that if you are searching
those signs of a broken down hvac and
you're in
i don't know ottawa that you'll find a
blog that was written
for a customer who's in the ottawa area
right but at the same time it doesn't
guarantee that they'll get an ottawa
hvac company they
might find a block from someone in
or further south even okay
and something you mentioned earlier too
just in terms of the type of content
i want to kind of dive into and maybe
share with
folks evergreen you know content so that
you know stuff that and maybe you can
just elaborate a little bit more about
what that is i know that term gets
thrown out there quite a bit but
elaborate elaborate a little bit more
about you know what evergreen content is
and how they
can you know focus more on that type of
content and why that's beneficial
so evergreen content is a type of
that basically no matter when you write
or when you publish it it's gonna be
relevant it's going to stay relevant
at all times so the reason they call it
evergreen is because like an evergreen
it just don't die um
so as an example if
you are a plumber a good piece of
evergreen content
would be um
signs that you might have a leak this is
no matter how plumbing industry changes
throughout the years
the signs that you have a leak are
probably going to be pretty similar
like we may not have iron pipes anymore
at the same time if your water bill is
getting higher and you don't know why
probably you have a leak so that's true
iron pipes copper pipes pvc pipes
whatever that's not going to change
so if you were to write an article
about signs that you have a leak and
five years later you decide you want to
recycle that article you can take it
update it with more current terminology
you know if you've decided to move to a
different um material or
what you work on or you've gotten new
certifications and you want to tout that
you can add that to your blog update and
republish it and
the vast majority of what's in that blog
will not have changed it'll still be the
same content but it'll have some fresh
and maybe a few new sentences
or you know different
type of piping used for repair work
but it's still going to be basically the
same content so that's why it's called
okay and so i mean i think the the the
point for a lot of those folks
watching is just that you tend to want
to stay away from
things that will expire right because
you don't want to have to
constantly sort of go in and update logs
um you want to have those blogs that you
like you just mentioned just be good for
for years to come so that they don't
have to
uh you know make any changes to that in
the line
i mean more topical and less evergreen
is great as well like sticking with
plumbing related issues uh let's say
a few summers ago there was this really
big hurricane that hit the houston area
and caused all kinds of issues
and several of our clients were wanting
to do blocks that were
typical to that specific hurricane i
think was hurricane harvey
um and so you know we had like what
we're doing to help our neighbors in
or um things that you can do to help
with the hurricane recovery and these
great topics that are relevant right now
but yeah five years from now it won't be
relevant anymore
but it's still something that helps to
grow your
presence in your community now and to
show your relationship to your community
and the things that you are doing to be
basically a good neighbor and a company
that people can
trust and rely on and have that good
relationship with
so like there is definitely a place for
non-evergreen content as well
okay yeah i mean i definitely think you
know showing all facets of your of your
um how you're beneficial to the overall
community that's always uh
always a good way to go about doing your
business um
so on the on the on the technical side
you know what's
what are some what is your
recommendation in terms of blog
length right so we got sort of the
content down on what you should write
and why it's relevant
but you know how long should it be how
short should it be most people don't
have the time
uh especially you know to do these blogs
and then you know if you are hiring it
out you know what what should we be
looking for when it comes to blogging
um well i know these days it seems like
the longer the blog
the better um i think that depends a lot
upon the industry and what we're talking
about like
i cannot imagine reading a 4 000 word
about anything contractor related i'm
not even sure that contractors
themselves who are experts in their
field have the attention span for 4
000 words that's a lot um
so like we typically
feel like somewhere in the
600 to 800 word range is
a good comfortable space that takes
five to ten minutes to read and it's
short enough to keep people engaged but
it's long enough to be informative
and so you know the idea is
you want people to get good information
but you
also want them to stay engaged and stay
interested and potentially
look for more information to maybe if
they really liked your blog
look through the search function on your
website to find related blogs to see if
they can get more information
and so you know you don't want it to be
so long that people check out
but you don't want it to be so short
that they're just like well that wasn't
helpful and they go looking somewhere
so you know i'd say somewhere in the
five to 600 up to 800 word count
range is a good comfortable length to be
able to wet your whistle
but not bore you okay so
with that link now established what's
some of the ways that you know
folks can go out and and find the the
topics to write about or
you know um you know the type of content
that they should be you know searching
for or putting out on their on their
blogs um
so tools that we have found really
useful um
quora is a great website people go on
there and ask questions and
answer those questions so you can go in
there and you could just put in
like the industry you work in and see
all the questions that have popped up
and have
a veritable gold mine of things that you
could then blog about because
these are questions being asked either
by consumers looking for
information or by other contractors in
your field
looking for um peer
information being you know looking for
advice on how to tackle
particularly naughty issues or
even ideas of how best to explain
something super complicated in a way
that a customer would be able to
understand it
and be able to make an informed decision
without just
feeling utterly lost in technical terms
and jargon
so quora is an excellent website for
getting ideas um
and of course another site would be
incredibly enough reddit like most
people wouldn't
think that a social media platform is a
great place to go mining for content but
actually it really is because they have
all these subreddits and you can go into
the subreddit that is specific to your
industry and again
just like quora there's all kinds of
topics information um
even just spitballing from contractors
that can give you
little gems that you can then use in
your blogging
and that's awesome because i think both
of those are three
platforms that you can use um and so
that makes it a very valuable tool to
like you just mentioned two valuable
tools that they can really go out and
and then i think the other thing that i
find in dealing with clients is just
always just listening to your your
existing customers right so the
questions that you get on a daily basis
from your
existing customers um or you know people
who are calling you up
about certain issues you know there's
another way of perhaps getting
ideas for for writing blogs if you're
getting a consistent question if you
yeah now we had had hope for a um
title generator tool there's this ai
that you can generate titles but um
i mean if you want to go there for a
good laugh you can but the titles they
generate are more for things like
magazines and fashion and style blogs so
i can't remember the name of the title
generator unfortunately because i would
absolutely encourage people to go
just to play with it and get a giggle um
one of the titles
because we were like um i think we put
like broken down furnace and it popped
up five ways that a broken down furnace
is better than britney spears crash
the links you know
yeah the topic ideas coming from that
website are terrible but hilarious
okay well and i think people don't
know either that you know we we as an
agency we use a lot of tools right so
and we typically use tools that we have
to that we have to pay for
um and that's kind of what helps us uh
and obviously
kelly you're writing content for a bunch
of different sites a bunch of different
you're getting ideas just as you're kind
of having those conversations with
different clients
but you know it's really tough for for
us people at home or diyers who are
trying to do this to
find those same tools or same quality
tools without having to pay for them but
i'm glad you mentioned those two
resources that they can use
along with their clients to kind of keep
going so
that's really all i wanted to kind of
touch on today i mean i i think that was
pretty good
i really like blogs because obviously
they're you know
just a great way to kind of add content
to your site i don't think
content is a bad thing from your
standpoint the more content the better
um and so what what do you think about
that like a lot a lot of people go with
sort of slimmed down sites but you're
your content person i would say
more is not necessarily better i mean
your content needs to be
relevant and it needs to be good quality
a website full of pages that are
nothing good on them it's just kind of
trash nobody's going to stay on it
because they're not getting anything of
from that site so you want to make sure
that any content you're producing
is valuable and that it is relevant and
that it's something that if a person
lands on this page
they're going to read it and they're
going to walk away feeling like i
learned something today
or i got information that is useful and
that i can actually
work with like if that's not a long page
good like i had a professor in college
that once said no term paper
should be longer than it needs to be to
get the point across
like if you can get your point across in
one page submit one page if you can get
your point across in eight pages
submit eight pages but don't write just
for the sake of writing
make it useful i think that's a perfect
way to sort of
summarize and and and put up you know
a point on exactly what we just talked
about that was really awesome i
appreciate it so much kelly
um and i hope that in the future we can
have some more conversations about
blogs and other content related subjects
the next time awesome thank you so much
so as always thanks again for tuning in
to contractor cast and
this episode where we discussed blogs
and how you can generate leads with
those blogs
if you've got questions about your own
blogs or you know how a company like us
can help you generate
leads from your blogs or if you're not
blogging already how we could
incorporate that in your current website
reach out to us either through our
give us a call directly either way we'd
love to hear from you thanks again and
we'll see you in the next video