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hi guys i'm shmee hello and welcome back
to the channel where i have been looking
forward to this one the brand new
ferrari pura sangway
finally the italians have pulled back
the covers on their i'm going to say suv
but it's not for reasons i shall explain
shortly it is the first ever four-door
four-seat ferrari with a bit of a twist
we have a 725 horsepower naturally
aspirated v12 available at launch along
with the 12-cylinder ferrari engines but
there's a lot for us to take in the
styling the design of the car the doors
are a point on their own the interior to
run through some of that as well on a
car that has been long awaited many
years in the making and in fact you
could argue a late player to the game
but again for good reason so today let's
check out the new ferrari pura sangway
there have been years of anticipation
leading up to this point but it's
finally here the market launch of
ferrari's first entry to the segment the
presentation of the pura sangwei we've
been seeing the cars out testing wrapped
up in camo we've had v12 sound bites
we've even known the name for a while
but now it is here in all of its glory
and in traditional ferrari fashion it
does things in a way i can only describe
as the ferrari way completely
differently to everything else that you
know from this market category in fact
as an owner of what is technically its
predecessor the gtc4 lusso v12 this car
has peaked my interest for so many
reasons that we need to run through
today now across the board we've seen
suvs and crossovers being hugely
successful for all sorts of different
automotive manufacturers from porsche
presenting the kn and then the mccann to
bentley with the bentega the lamborghini
urus even the rolls-royce cullinan but
ferrari have taken their time over
what's been known in the build up as the
fuv the ferrari utility vehicle to get
things right and to do it with their own
approach now all of the aforementioned
suvs have a setup with the gearbox
mounted to the engine up front loads of
power great performance sporty looks in
some cases but very very different to
the type of driving dynamics that you
expect from a car wearing the prancing
horse and that is where the pura sangwei
comes in because unlike all of the
others the six and a half liter
naturally aspirated v12 and a quick
moment just to say how glorious it is to
have a v12 in a car like this in the
modern world is mounted and positioned
behind the front axle it is a front mid
v12 with a transaxle layout with the
gearbox at the back and what that means
is a 49 to 51 weight distribution which
is exactly the same as you find in
ferrari's super gts like the 812
competizione to you and i who love
driving that is precisely what you want
but not only that we have the doors the
rear doors that are hinged from the back
the welcome doors which are motorized we
have a completely new interior with the
latest technology both visible and also
under the skin and there is so much that
we need to explore about this car which
is truly groundbreaking for ferrari in
many ways as i said their first ever
four-door four-seat car that they have
introduced the first ferrari to ever
have rear doors but thankfully it
retains a v12 and we need to go through
all of this today let's break this down
into a few topics starting with the
exterior design and the aero and there's
a lot of clever stuff going on that you
might not have initially spotted then
we'll talk all about the interior check
out this completely new interior setup
for a ferrari four-seater then we'll
talk about the engine and by the way the
bonnet opens from the front of the car
like on the monza as opposed to being
pivoted from the a-pillars quite unusual
then we'll talk more about the
technology and what's happening
underneath the skin but the design of
this instantly brings to your mind
different ferrari models from the
current age in fact the roof line itself
i would say is very reminiscent of that
of the gtc4 lasso and the ff that would
make sense with the configuration with
the headroom space available for the
rear occupants but the main body reminds
me of the roma the super smooth and
elegant lines hiding the aerodynamic
work away from the forefront you don't
necessarily see everything completely in
your face but as we go around it a
little bit more you spot things like the
headlights which to me feel like those
found on my sf90 streamlay right behind
me whereas the grill that sits beneath
is familiar from the monza sp2 with the
floating prancing horse the cavalino
rampante standing right in the very
center of course behind that is where
you have your radiators but there's a
lot of aero trickery to this and the
more we go around it the more we'll find
but starting at the very front of the
car you have this almost strip that runs
across the nose leading towards the
daytime running lights with airflow
managed both above and below down
towards the lower section a very large
central grille with the cooling of
course towards the engine flanked either
side by different radiators on the right
the radiator for the suspension and
damper system on the left for the power
transfer unit of course being a four
wheel drive car as we then come around
towards the side this is where you have
those very distinct carbon fiber wheel
arches now of course the car sits a
little bit higher than a standard
ferrari vehicle and one way they have
approached this is what they're doing
both in the visual sense but also the
aerodynamic sense around the wheels now
they actually call these the floating
wheel arch trims which generate air
curtains to help with the aerodynamic
flow around the car itself but i also
want to point out at the bottom of the
a-pillar what is known as the suspended
wing whereby you can literally see
straight through parts of the body work
this is akin to what we found on the
f-12 berlinetta a few years ago but now
brought in for a different purpose in
the aero management on the pura sangway
as we come around towards the back i
feel we have distinct vibes here of the
296 in the sense of those tail lights
again with that familiar strip running
right the way across and one of the
reasons ferrari have done this for the
design especially at the front is to
enable them to hide the camera and also
the parking sensors within that so
they're not quite as obtrusive as they
have been on some of their other models
of late as we look down we have a
familiar quad exhaust tailpipe set up
surrounded by huge amounts of carbon
fiber on the exterior of this car but
most of the arrow is underneath the
bodywork it's hidden away it's not
completely in your face this is of
course an suv or a larger car i'm not
entirely sure what we're going to be
calling it going forwards but it is a
car also capable of immense performance
and we'll get more to that when we talk
about the engine in a moment we've got
the spoiler that sits at the top of the
rear deck over the top but keeping the
roof line high and in fact the roof by
default is carbon fiber to lower the
weight of the higher components and keep
the center of gravity down you can opt
to have the full glass panoramic roof
which i would thoroughly recommend from
my experience with the gtc4 lusso but i
think this is a fantastic looking car
you have this door situation we need to
discuss the doors because i did not see
this coming the suicide rear door or the
rear hinged welcome door as it's called
which is in fact motorized like a rolls
royce you press a button and it closes
which is also a unusual surprise for a
ferrari but from the exterior there are
no obvious door handles the presentation
is very smooth like that found on the
lusso for example the front doors
actually have a significant improvement
over the lasso which is that they have
increased the angle to which the doors
can actually open and i can tell you
from experience that will be very
welcome compared to what they've had
before and the rear doors of course give
a completely different entry and access
to the vehicle than we would have been
familiar with with any other ferrari
that could possibly have come before
this design wise i think it's clean it's
what we expected it looks like a ferrari
and ferrari do a great job of
reimagining themselves every couple of
models bringing in a new design bringing
in a new style bringing in a new way of
their cars look keeping them fresh
basically keeping them as a new design
and i have to say i think one of those
might look really quite nice next to the
sf90 stradale i'm not going to lie with
the interior we've got a lot to check
out because of course it is a new style
of car now the driving zone is very much
reminiscent from other recent models
like the 296 the 296 gtb and gts the
sf90 stradale and spyder and the roma
but the rest of the car is all new so to
dive in at this the driver has in front
of them that curved digital display that
like i say we've seen in other recent
models with the touch control steering
wheel with the illuminated manutino for
your different driving modes presumably
there's a space left there for an e
manatino in a future derivative of the
purosang way that i suspect will house
the hybrid v6 that we know from the 296
but for the time being it is launching
as v12 only so no e manatino that's what
controls your different hybrid settings
found to your left thumb position on the
lower part of the steering wheel outside
of that though it is a familiar very
sporty look but what's perhaps the most
intriguing is how you have these
distinct zones for each occupant within
the vehicle the passenger up front has a
10.2 inch passenger display for the
infotainment this is where of course
they'll be able to control various
aspects but also android auto and apple
carplay come as standard within the car
in the center though is quite
interesting because this is where you
have the climate control rotary dial
which actually when enabled and when the
car is turned on protrudes out from the
dashboard but illuminated with the touch
controls surrounding it for various
different elements and i look forward to
seeing exactly what that is like in
person but there's a feel of sportiness
with the materials a familiar style of
design for all of the elements around an
update and we work really on recent
ferrari models now inside you can also
opt to have that panoramic roof and for
the panoramic roof on the pura sangway
it is in fact electrochromic now what
that means is that the press of a button
you can tint it and make it a little bit
darker or you can fully open it up to
either see the sunlight or to see the
stars whichever it might be the big
difference of course with the pura
sangway is the inclusion of a big rear
cabin with its own doors now it's a
strict four-seater two seats in the back
but a familiar rotary dial in the center
for the climate control as you find up
front but you'll spot the wrap around
sections that really encompass each
passenger within their own comfort zone
in their heated electric seats in fact
all four seats are heated and electric
and behind them is the largest boot ever
found on a ferrari as well with those
rear seats which do fold forwards like
in the lusso and the ff
to obviously enable you to travel with
your skis or perhaps a little bit more
luggage whatever it might be within the
car but what i quite like is it like is
seeing the style that they've gone for
inside here seeing all of the details
and imagining what it would be like in
terms of a specification in terms of the
different configurations that you could
go for no doubt there will be a full
carbon fiber led driver zone for the
steering wheel offering you the carbon
appearance along with the shift lights
up top but all the other familiar
control panels to me of course from the
other ferrari models that i'm lucky to
own in terms of the usability and what
it's like and i think they've done a
really good job with this and i like how
they've separated out the different
zones because the supercars like the
sf90 are very driver focused all of the
displays and screens and feel of the
dash is about the driver of course this
is a car that's about everybody who is
in the vehicle all of the passengers all
of the occupants wherever it may be that
they are going in the pura segway now we
talk about the engine and what an engine
the 6.5 liter naturally aspirated v12
that we saw introduced back when they
launched the 812 superfast different
derivatives of it have since been in the
monster sp1 and sp2 in the a12
competition and also in the daytona sp3
and now in the pura sanguine in fact an
engine that inherits components from the
812 competizione hidden away behind this
bonnet which like i said pivots up from
the front of the car its code name is
the f-140ia
it's a 6.5 liter naturally aspirated v12
which like i said makes
725 horsepower 35 horsepower more than
made in the v12 lusso you also have 716
newton meters of torque with 80 of the
torque from 2100 rpm with the engine
revving all the way to 8250
that means zero to 62 miles per hour or
100 kilometers per hour is dispatched in
only 3.3 seconds zero to 200 kilometers
per hour 124 miles per hour is
dispatched in only 10.6 seconds and onto
a top speed that's claimed as being over
310 kilometers per hour 194 miles per
hour which is certainly pretty quick and
what's interesting by the way about 725
horsepower is that makes it the most
powerful manufacturer production suv
with a combustion engine of course evs
can be a little bit more completely
different style of driving to me a v12
is irreplaceable and the fact that this
car has one is really pretty special now
the v12 is connected up to an eight
speed dual clutch transmission even
faster shift times than found on the
previous seven speed generation as i
said many components that are inherited
into the car including the technology
and software that we've seen on the
likes of the 812 competizione and other
ferrari models but i think that is going
to make for a bit of a winning
combination i've always been a very big
fan of the ferrari v12s and we now have
the six and a half litre lump in the
practical car that's going to be
fantastic talking technology and things
inherited from the 812 competizione the
pura sangwei also has four-wheel
independent steering now in recent years
we've seen plenty of cars with rear
wheel steering whereby at low speed the
rear wheels will turn in the opposite
direction to the front wheels which
virtually shortens your wheelbase and
helps tighten your turning radius and at
high speed they'll go in the same
direction to offer increased stability
but in the case of the 812 comp and also
in the purisangue all four wheels can
turn at different amounts depending what
the computers would like to maximize
traction to maximize performance to
maximize safety and stability and i find
all that kind of stuff really fairly
clever now above that as well you also
have abs evo which was introduced in the
296. you have a six-way chassis dynamic
sensor which also works with the
multimatic 48 volt suspension system
it's a very clever and trick suspension
which i'll need to tell you more about
when i get the opportunity to drive one
for the first time to find out exactly
what it's all about and while the car
obviously sits a little bit taller than
the lusso i expect having had a little
bit more time for these kind of things
to improve and develop even further it's
probably going to ride just as well
if not better and that's what i'm really
really quite excited to find out about
now comparing it a little bit to the
sizing of the lasso to figure out the
interesting side behind this in terms of
height it is about 20 centimeters taller
it's 158 centimeters as opposed to 138
of course with slightly different ride
height modes as well and you'll be able
to change that in terms of length it's a
touch longer but not as much as i
expected it's 4 meters 97 as opposed to
4 meters 92 in the lusso which is 5
centimeters 2 inches not a huge amount
and similarly for the width it's 2
meters and 2 centimeters over 1 meter 98
so 4 centimeters an inch and a half
wider so slightly bigger but it looks
like it offers significantly more space
inside and things are generally moving
in that direction anyway so i'm perhaps
not overly surprised about that i think
a lot of people expected that this might
be a much larger car we're seeing many
traditional suvs breaking into the 5
meters 25 meters 30 size which
especially here in the uk on the roads
of london but also around europe not so
much the case obviously for north
america certainly makes for an
uncomfortable time sometimes feeling
like it's massively on the larger side
so there's a lot going on you have your
adaptive cruise control your blind spot
monitoring your 360 cameras everything
that we come to know in a premium
vehicle but i think one topic that i'm
waiting to find out more about is what
exactly will be the price point for the
purosang way at this stage there are no
official numbers it's expected
to be i think in the region of verging
on 400 000 pounds respect car and for
some perspective a highly spec gtc for
lasso would run you just over 300 000
pounds so a fair bit of a step up but
also five or six years has gone by in
the meantime and the way of the world of
course and inflation and that kind of
thing you'd expect it to be a little bit
higher but in terms of price point that
is double and urus that is double of
bentayga double and aston martin dbx
which i didn't yet reference it is the
same kind of ballpark as the rolls-royce
cullinan but the cullinan and the pura
sangwei feel to me like totally
different cars one is about driving
dynamics one is about the ultimate in
luxury when it comes to
these raised up different types of
vehicles than what you normally expect
from their respective manufacturers i
think for the time being there's not all
that much more to discuss it is
certainly a car that has been in the
works for quite some time i have
personally seen a fair few purosangway
mules driving around when i've been in
italy and at other locations but it's
finally here is it what we expected i
think it's better than we expected i
think over 700 horsepower is a given i
feared a few years ago that it might not
be able to carry forwards with a v12 i
certainly know that v12 allocations are
actually going to be in very high demand
there will be very few of them available
and i believe the first three years if
not even longer are already spoken for
with this car with customers who have
placed orders because of course these
kind of things don't really exist
anymore to have a naturally aspirated
v12 as we've heard in some of the clips
in a car like this is simply perfection
massive congratulations to ferrari i'm
sure there'll be some things about it
which are a bit quirky as often is the
case but overall this looks like a truly
winning package and one i am very
excited to drive at some point soon so
thank you very much for joining me for a
first look of the new ferrari puro
sanguine please do be subscribed and
hopefully it won't be too long before i
can check it out in person and show you
the full ins and outs that's it for now
though thank you very much for watching
as always guys i appreciate your support
an awful lot i'll see you again very
soon cheers