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Wayne Jackson is very excited to be
offering the latest Hitachi Excavator
news access 350 for their annoying
reliability fuel efficiency and overall
performance that puts us above our
they now come with a triass pump system
which improves hydraulic flow give
better digging functionality and overall
function of the machine making it faster
and smoother for the operator another
great Improvement the reinforced arm and
a reinforced boom which will increase
the service life for the customer
without having cracking or fatigue a
seated part of the competitor's unit
it also has improved cab better
ergonomics and a safer Rock system one
of the other features is the bird's eye
camera which keeps the operator safe the
improved lighting system makes it much
safer for The Operators and the ground
crew working beside it because it lights
the area much better
the mobile e system or the consite app
is something a customer can use to know
when maintenance is due and also track
where the units are working our
technicians are able to use this to
locate the machine check for codes so
they can have the right parts when they
show up at the location to diagnose it
the first time getting the customer up
and running efficiently as possible
uh we're very excited with the arrival
of the new Hitachi equipment we're proud
to stand behind this equipment because
with the added safety features is
proving to be best in costs and has a
known history of reliability and
excellent performance