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and this is the biggest shocker of all
we're getting rid of the entire Holy
Trinity I can't believe how many cars
I'm selling dude this is crazy we are
getting rid of a lot of vehicles and
some of them are going to absolutely
shock you they shocked Tommy when I
revealed to Tim I I think there's like
legitimately gonna be like six or seven
cars left after everything that goes
there are so many cars coming it makes
sense that you guys want to stick around
it's going to be a lot it is a lot we
won't have that few coming I mean
there's a few coming really soon and I
still think it's I still think it's a
sizable collection but uh we're gonna go
over reasons why it just doesn't make
sense to have this many cars at this
time first and foremost the fact is that
we've got a bunch of cars coming in like
you just said first of all we've got the
unrevealed hypercar we got the McLaren
Center then I got another one that
should be coming in any day now second
of all we've got the sf90 coming in
today we just got the Rolls Royce
Phantom and there is a remake Navarra
coming about October and then the
Bugatti Chiron SS that's coming late
this year early next year and then many
others that we can just list on the
screen we'll play some of them it's
shortly next year that car yeah for yes
now one thing I learned and that I don't
think I've ever disclosed is that it's
very different from buying a used or
existing car from buying a brand new car
that is built from the factory if you
buy a used car you can Finance you can
do other things to pull and push money
or you don't have to pay for it all at
once I do own a lot of my cars outright
but I also do Finance some of them and
I've always been canned and clear about
that however with new cars that you
order from the factory you need to put a
whole bunch of money down the Sharon SS
even a year before it was even slated to
beer I had to put two million dollars of
cash you can't finance that down on that
now multiply that by all of the other
cars I have on order that puts a serious
strain on cash it also doesn't make
sense to have 28 cars now and then bring
in you know 10 new cars and have 38 like
28 is already probably too much yeah I
was going to say I feel like right
around that 30 mark it becomes where you
can't enjoy everything like there's not
enough especially with how much you work
you can't drive all those cars there's
so much to do exactly to maintain all
that so it makes sense to downsize a
little bit with the big cars coming
we've already made mentioned a few that
we had up for sale in Prior Vlogs the
GTR did I mention it was that it we have
a lot I mean no we've we have a lot the
the shurons on consignment we mentioned
that it went to auction and then came
back and then yeah back on consignment
um there was a big one we haven't
announced but that's been on excitement
for a little bit there's quite a bit of
big ones that are E28 I know we put on
the story that car is going to go
um it's just too big of a project and
the guy that had it just really messed
it up and it's not worth it I think
there's one car in particular that is
going to shock everybody that I'm
getting rid of because it is there are
two for me but I have settled the other
one the most recent one I'm still shook
I think that moves us into reason number
two so essentially I'm trying to
simplify my life I've disclosed you guys
that I have Pet Supplies Plus stores
seven of them I am finally getting those
under contract to sell them I sold off a
ton of properties I always sell when
it's high I sell when it's low and more
on that but I saw what a sign you saw
when it's low oh I sell on a tie I
buy when they're low very clearly higher
very clearly low with just a little bit
of track transactions in between it's
learning my words bro I'm also hammered
I've sold almost all of my apartment
buildings I've sold many of my homes
some of the commercial properties I
still have probably around I don't know
eight or nine properties you'd think I
would just know I'm really trying to
simplify life keeping what's important
to me what keeps my life simple and just
focusing on growing this wheel and tire
Enterprise fitment Industries and custom
offsets like vet family cars that's why
I'm still here right as you want to keep
us important to you yes yes yes we'll
always need you Tommy in this order it's
really family work growing custom
offsets fitment Industries and other
companies and then the car collection
they're all near and dear to my heart
but in that order is where my focus is I
don't want any of the other stuff
tenants Pet Supplies Plus stores any
other Investments at this point and we
do get a lot of you that graciously ask
for your advice and for Investments and
it's just not in the cars right now must
focus on on those three things that are
closest to me I want to touch on you
saying that like cars being our third to
your business and family like even the
Phantom which you were so excited about
we just got this car it's amazing been
waiting for it for a long time time but
like I feel like cars and I I know it
seems obvious but they're pleading like
you get a car and it's so cool for two
days and then it's after two days it's
just a car again yeah and and this is a
funky one like this fell under the daily
driver category and we'll bring this up
this is one of them that actually is
going to be on the list I literally just
got this car I drove it for a solid week
and then I realized that I've already
got my Escalade like that's a great
daily luxury driver I have my urist that
gets me the speed my wife has the Tesla
that does autopilot like this is a car
and I'm not as big a fan of having a car
as a daily driver just the way that I'm
wired so like I just don't see this
getting used a lot and this is this is
three quarters of a million dollars of
capital being tied up when I'm gonna
have to go out of my way to use it and a
lot of that's because the collection's
so large right so and there's a several
of the other cars are going to fall into
that that territory but first we have to
we committed to getting the Man City kit
done so we are going to create some
content around it's gonna I'm still
fighting for this car I think after the
Man story kit we're making it for a
little bit yeah some content it's true
that might change we'll see so that's
what I'm fighting for everything else I
understand certain things have changed
me along the way bye bye Rolls Royce to
go get man's read and maybe set it for a
while it's like 300 miles on it I'm like
I know I know it's like he said he said
it's like a bath on it we'll keep it for
a little bit I'll work on you it will
yes you keep working on me I will
contradicting what I just said about
focusing on those three things I really
really like Building Homes it's actually
one of the few things that is a lot of
work that I thoroughly enjoy other than
my wheel and tire companies in this
right my wife and I have done a really
great job of finding the correct
properties and building a home that is
highly desirable and making a lot of
money so we didn't even do it
deliberately we built our first home in
Florida made a lot of money second home
in Florida it's worth a lot more than we
built it before and then the third home
as you go with scale that one we're all
in a little over five and multiple
offers in excess of eight and nine we're
just deciding whether or not we're going
to sell it at this point again back and
forth with that one but doing that made
us realize that we're really good at
developing property and those of you
that always ask about real estate and
investing like property development is
where the money is that that is that is
like the god tier you can buy apartment
buildings you can have all of these
tenants but at the end of the day if you
can go develop a property you're going
to make huge money uh case in point
let's say you want to go build an
industrial property it takes six months
to go construct a two to three hundred
thousand square foot industrial building
you can build those right now around
here for maybe 70 bucks a square foot
they sell for like a hundred plus
dollars a square foot that's a thirty
dollar per square foot profit times two
hundred thousand square feet that's six
million dollars of profit and you can
literally be on the sidelines just
watching other people build manage sell
your property like six million bucks for
six months of very minimal work that is
why you see these huge property
developers that seem to be at the top
Echelon of wealth at the end of the
surround video when I said that I was
selling it we basically said hey I might
keep it after all this one still is on
the sale block I'm finding that having a
YouTube channel provides tremendous hurt
to all the values of my cars which that
makes sense right I made that decision
to do it so it's my fault what you guys
don't see at the end of the day is that
like a lot of this I'm just cruising
like we're going on cruises we're going
on 300 mile round trip cruises to get
great photos for scenery hanging out
with the guys but also creating content
and like we're not abusing it then so
the vast majority of the miles on this
car are unabused I would say 95 plus
percent but then you have the Vlogs
where we go drag race and we do silly
things with snowboards and unfortunately
that's what people lock their eyes and
so you can get something like this at a
really great deal just because people
people perceive that we're abusing it
all the time and it's just not the case
this one my favorite car this one yes
it's going bye-bye this one has to go
for two reasons now there's a there's a
funny thing there's a funny story behind
this one I'm kind of stuck with it for
now I've always hated it and I've always
been pretty well maybe not I've always
disliked it and I've been very vocal
about that like there's a lot of reasons
for it we're not asking you didn't know
this you don't like the car because oh I
just want to touch on two of them so
it's it's too raw for you the gas is too
touchy the the suspension absolutely the
seats are a little tight as well because
we're fast it's interesting because it's
my favorite car yes and you just it does
nothing roughest suspension in race mode
it fits tight as you just mentioned the
gas pedal is unlike any other like it's
like a feather hits it and you and you
feel like you literally can't rest your
foot anywhere near the gas if you hit a
bump like it's it's too sensitive and it
becomes a problem and so so the only
thing stopping me from actually selling
this right now is is the battery I've
had a speedtail battery on order for I
think over a freaking year now and
typically I would go throw it up for
sale now and just be like okay we'll
just we'll just take a hit but I promise
to varish the the battery from this
vehicle so Tavares will will very
desperately need this battery now it's
not a perfect battery but it's one that
works and we'll get done what he needs
done but that means I need to hold on to
it until we get him that battery because
I promise is a promise again with
keeping cars after the new batteries in
the car's lighter and faster I know
there might be like a suspension update
and he'll love it again so it's true I'm
hopeful but is it the whole hybrid drive
assembly too that they're replacing
they're doing a lot so it could
legitimately it could change it enough
where you could enjoy the car that would
be crazy so fingers crossed so the two
we've mentioned may stay in the
collection but I I don't think I don't
think so either I don't think they will
so the brand new wire is going bye-bye I
love that car the car's not going
anywhere yes that was the first thing
you asked when I'm like I got was it
eight cars or something yeah and he's
like is it why we're going by I'm like
no that car is really cool speaking of
chopping block Ford GT it's always been
a car where I've told Tommy like I love
it when I do drive it I just don't drive
it that much and and it kind of became
where I saw it and I drove it only
because I was like man I haven't drove
in this thing in two months so I think I
should get out and drive it it was never
really this is the top car that I want
to take for the day that that was pretty
much never in my decision bank so I need
to start thinking through that lens and
there's another car we're going to talk
about in a minute that's not here that
will also get sold for that same process
but if I'm not going to drive it or if
I'm if I'm only driving it out of Duty
versus desire then the car should not be
here tying up Capital period for sure
it's a fun car and this might be worth a
million dollars and I might kick myself
we've done a video let's say I think
this car is a great investment this is
another car that are going are the two
best investment cars and that just goes
to show that you're not in it to make
money like this is genuinely a hobby for
you and you and I were golfing and that
same thing right and uh and the person
that we were with mentioned like
confusing baffled why why like I don't
look at this as an investment I'm I'm
cautious when I buy my cars I want to
make sure I buy them at the right price
I want to make sure I sell them at Peak
but I don't ever want Financial
investment to be a motivating decision
when I buy a car because it just won't
be here long I won't excite it it won't
excite me it won't be enjoyable so I
need to make sure that it is a personal
investment that I will enjoy and love I
feel like the Hamilton Collection
generally is a different part of your
brain we're like fitment Industries
custom offsets Building Homes yes those
are all data logic like you're trying to
make money they're at business
but it is but this is this is fun for
like the Hamilton Collection is a hobby
and we do it for you guys we do it to
donate money to charity and to have fun
and share things with the people money
making money on the cars is realistic
for your objective no chance although
during covet we certainly did make
something there was what else do we have
here that's going by I love my Ursa
daily somehow the rezvani that's that's
running today but it'll be broke
tomorrow I'm sure
I mean it's broke now again we got it
for 24 hours and it was broken but it's
driving but it's not yes perfect that
one's gonna stay because I just love it
so much and everybody wonders why I keep
that I just love that car that's all
that there is to it all cars um I know
I've told a couple of people about the
cars that are going they're like the
rose Bonnie's going right I'm like nope
if you like do you see why I love it so
much or no are you confused no I mean
it's just insane it's like it's just an
insane thing to draw yes exactly the
sirens and like the intercom where you
can like yell at people like it's just
fun yeah
video it's like it it tickles that part
of his brain that little kid
right yeah yeah so you get in and it
just like yeah it fills you with we were
crossing the tracks and Wheaton and my
son uh took the loudspeaker were you
talking to and he played a railroad
crossing and then a train that goes
where this guy freaked out because he's
like reaping up the train he's like oh
my gosh there's a train that came out of
nowhere and we continued to Murph and
siren I would say 25 of the time I'm in
that I'm murphing or sirening and you've
you've I've experienced it every time I
drive near him oh you're driving home
from picking it up yesterday and he puts
the rear blotting lights on I'm like I
need you to fill that smoke screen I
could do that one of the most gratifying
moments of my life was on her way to
Columbus for the event with triple F and
somebody flashed me with their bro I
don't even know what I was doing but
they flashed me and then I put the rear
planning lights on a flashing back from
the back it was so awesome it'll light
up like an entire neighborhood oh it's
they're there uh La Ferrari is is a
vehicle that I found moderate enjoyment
out of but this one ties up the most
Capital out of the entire collection
this is a three and a half plus million
dollar car we've actually only put like
a little over 1500 miles on it and it
does have a warranty so this can be a
great freaking buy for someone if they
can get past the 37 miles that that we
drove it hard in but overall it was a
good vehicle but like realistically this
is worth two to three hypers I will get
way much more this one is more of like a
logic decision where where it was a B
level enjoyment which might be enough to
keep it but when I look at it and I'm
like I could I could go get like two or
three other hyper cars that I'm Really
Gonna Love for the price of this thing
this car is legitimately scare you to
drive as well if you had this car in
race mode without traction control on
you have to be a phenomenal driver to
really understand how to try this thing
it's crazy to drive invest mode without
driving control so there are other cars
that and again with sharing the
collection with the community it's hard
to put people in this car and like feel
good about it too because it's worth so
much and they're scary and it's also
hard to base decisions just based on
like I need to base decisions on what
make me happy and a lot of times I think
about I think about you guys and I'm
like how are they interact I think about
the community I'm like I can't I can't
think that way I have to especially with
how much money gets tied up with all
this stuff like I have to think about
what ultimately drives my happiness
because at the end of the day we're
still gonna have an awesome collection
especially with what's coming in
everything's still going to be a crowd
pleaser it just can't be insane it can't
be 30 40 million multi-million dollar
cars at the end of the day I think the
P1 the decision on the P1 going changed
my mindset where I'm like okay I'm not
gonna have the Holy Trinity anymore and
that that made this all the easier too
more on that in a little bit the
shocking part shocking shocking part
coming up
just bought that we put like 50 we
literally I think it put less than 400
miles on it total yeah so we we worked
really hard to find this car the first
one we got frame damage crappy this one
is incredibly clean and it's super rare
where it's black on black I think I got
a steal on this one of our followers
took a real good care of us had zero
intention of selling it at the time when
I got it I will never buy a car if my
intention is selling we'll get into that
next car that that is going to be that
same one which you may or may not know
this vehicle will be a phenomenal buy
under 20 000 miles it's a 91 which has
the newer upgraded a little bit higher
horsepower motor I think in the late 80s
versions this one great driving car it's
a great driver I love this car I'm
realizing how many cars I'm selling as
we're walking through and I'm like in my
head I'm like we have several more to go
I know wow there's a lot there's a lot
going on changes this we're gonna spend
10 seconds on this piece of that
dominate racing completely destroyed and
ruined on he ruined this in my mind if
the car has changed so I don't even want
to Finish the build this it's jaded in
my mind 88 M5 trashed we just sent the
Countach to have the interior completely
redone that decision was made prior to
my decision to sell that as well
coontash falls into the same boat as the
Ford GT where love it I'm a big 80s guy
I come from the 80s but the Countach
ultimately just was getting driven just
to check a box maybe once or twice a
year I actually saw it and I'm like I
really want to drive that but is it
worth another three uh three quarters
million dollar in capital to tie up a
vehicle that one or two times a year I
actually want to go drive I was
surprised about the Chevelle I know we
didn't brought that up yet too but his
chevelli's had for 15 years you've had
for a long time like since I was a kid
that car parked on the street at his
house that's true yeah Tommy and I
actually live in the same neighborhood
and you would drive by that do you
remember my old Empire that I had
Chevelle's going bye-bye too that one my
kids are really trying to talk me out of
because that's their favorite car so
yeah there's Nostalgia there and we'll
see the Chevelle right now is a thumbs
up but that one's probably most likely
to change let's talk about the the Holy
Trinity let's walk over to the Pagani to
help kind of explain this so Pagani the
Bugatti sharana SS we have coming in is
literally almost the same exact color
it's going to be a one of one yeah I
don't know what they call it uh they
changed it to a French name but it's
gonna look exactly like this it's funny
we suspect the Sharon SS before Steve
knew this car existed yeah and they're
almost identical they're great yet
telesto with carbon fiber and then a
bright interior yeah the Sugar's gonna
be orange but they'll be kind of sister
specs that accomplish each other like
918 which is also gray and red and yeah
yeah so so we got to think and we're
like we have three hyper cars that are
going to be gray like this one is new
and fresh and I'm thoroughly enjoying it
it's raising it's it's a raising its
rank up really high right now with me
and it's weird to have three great hyper
cars I know this is stupid silly
problems that that only I might face but
the 918 Another Part Of Me kind of
changed with that where we went through
a little tobacco with a custom exhaust
system it broke didn't turn out well
really frustrated that it was gone for
way too long to get that thing fixed was
very displeased with the shop that
fabricated it and how that turned out
and and it's not nearly as bad as the M5
we're like I'm like I want I've washed
my hands clean to that but I realized
that after a few months I'm pretty okay
without that car I really got my use out
of it and this is the biggest shocker of
all we're getting rid of the entire Holy
Trinity then crazy yeah would have never
thought that a year ago I didn't see
that coming three months ago that's what
she said I mean the United team is your
favorite car like that car it's like
this quickly displaces that I have the
New Sharon SS which I I know that that
one's going to be number one insane yeah
um we have the sf90 coming in okay this
is where we I can't believe how many
cars I'm selling dude this is crazy
fully spec that out that was a really
special car that I was lucky to get kind
of an allocation for I don't think it
was easy to get but I don't think it was
difficult to get to the time I ordered
that Halloween of 2021 wow that's been a
year and a half already wow yeah I think
we never thought the spec would work out
when we were when we were brainstorming
in our head but when we saw it on the
screen I think it's a really unique and
awesome spec and we were super picky
about that white where the I don't even
think the salesman was fully aware of of
the color so probably gonna sell that
I'm probably gonna get it here we'll
test it out and see if it changes me
that car gives me hope because I think
that would be a good spot to fill the La
Ferrari because that car was no Ferraris
hey no so that's yeah so the sf90 would
be cool to keep because and they're so
fast so you just drive it and see what
you think that car is on The Chopping
Block but isn't that crazy the 488 just
sold loft testeros is going and then the
one yeah going from four to zero I don't
think I've ever been like a huge Ferrari
proponent I don't know so needless to
say we're gonna have some space in this
garage and and we're going to build a
gym speaking of the gym yeah we're going
to show you an awesome we're going to
move everything in that's here because
we've never had like even close to 100
of the cars in here we're going to clean
it up walk you guys through rooms that
you've never seen before the decoration
that I did I think was out of this world
with help from a designer of course and
we can't wait to give you guys a full
tour of the HQ and there will be new
space for that gym that I just mentioned
but coming soon what was the car that uh
was going up yeah the car it's actually
getting detailed right now to get listed
is the GT3 RS which is a huge Workhorse
it's been a stable to collection since I
um that's such a great car I I think the
fact is I started expanding to so many
hyper cars where like it's so hard to go
back to a Supercar and again this sounds
stupid and ridiculous but once you've
experienced it you would understand it
like when you've got six seven eight
hyper cars that you keep adding to the
collection like that's what you want to
drive those are the top Edge line of
performance they are just candidly that
the top clout Getters of the collection
and they just feel and perform amazing
yeah it's the best material or the best
sounding they're the most comfortable
they're the fastest they do everything
better than super cars which is why you
pay so much for them but like even for
me why would I come in here and take the
three arrests to launch or dinner when
there's a wire Roadster like it's just
out of Duty right it's literally had a
duty does you feel bad for it
so stupid like I had to start thinking
through that lens like okay why why am I
am I taking this yeah it's fun but like
would I have rather another vehicle yes
yes I would so hopefully we can get a
new 3rs allocation if you guys know of
any allocations that are available that
aren't ridiculously stupid over at srps
if you add MSRP yeah let us know that's
a card that that I think we'd still love
to see join the collection at some point
so old thrifts going bye-bye we're
working on getting a new one yep I'm a
big I'm a big guy on like timing and
signs I'm not a crazy astrology goofball
but when I when I hear a guy from Custom
offsets one of my team members Dustin
texting me like hey can I buy that CO2
truck and then when I watch a vlog
Houston cross to put up really recently
about him having to sell to race capital
for his stores and then when I see strad
man selling vehicles at a pretty good
portion over the last few months I'm
like I feel signs I feel getting that
I'm getting pulled in that direction it
helps kind of affirm my decision to do
it so that's part of it and then
economically it's been a difficult year
for e-commerce businesses in general
you've seen layoffs at Amazon like
everybody is laying off everybody was
reducing staff in the econ world and
we've been very fortunate to stay flat
the last two years at our company but
flat isn't the one I'm used to I need to
get this this Beast growing again with
the help of all the partners that we've
got and uh and our awesome team
underneath this so so that is a huge
goal and in doing that a lot of the
owners have had to have more financial
discipline in what we're doing we need
to make sure we're pleasing the bank if
we're flat the bank's gonna be a little
bit more stringent about lending
requirements and the way that they see
us so the owners have had to really
reduce how much we're taking out of the
company and so I need to learn how to
live within that budget and then when
times are better I'll probably be stupid
and going up buying all this all over
again that's all folks lots of cars
leaving lots of cars staying as always
thank you for watching And subscribe
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