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in this video I'm going to show you how
to use the free AI tool chat GPT to make
your websites traffic go vertical as
soon as I figured this out I knew I had
to make a video about it right away
because anyone that tries this is going
to grow their traffic faster and protect
themselves from algorithm updates and no
this isn't about writing content using
AI it's about using AI to tell you how
to upgrade your content for exactly what
Google wants while also using it to tell
you where you're violating Google
guidelines so you're bulletproof from
update penalties I've already tried this
on a bunch of my content I'm getting
huge rank boners like this consistently
the insane thing about it is that it's
free it costs exactly zero dollars to do
and requires absolutely no SEO expertise
a baby can do it but real quick before I
explain the process I'd like to give you
an invite to my free SEO training
masterclass it goes over everything that
I'm doing today in 2023 to get websites
to the top of Google sign up by using
the link in the pin comment now back to
the video the first thing you need to do
is create a free account at
[53] in case you've been
living under the biggest rock ever to
exist chat GPT is an AI chat bot that is
completely disrupt search engine
optimization since its release on
November 30th they've reached a million
visitors in less than a week faster than
any other software ever and that's no
surprise considering what you can do
with it we're going to train chat gbt to
think like Google and once they have
fully understands exactly what Google's
looking for we're going to unleash it on
your website to tell you exactly
everything you need to do to make it
Google perfect to illustrate how this
works I'll be using an example and since
I know that most of you viewers are
affiliate marketers I'm going to demo
how to do this for a website with
affiliate review content but really you
can do this with any kind of content
what you see here is Google's product
review guidelines documentation which
tells you what they want to see when you
write product review content this second
list of bullet points breaks down their
specific criteria they want you to
evaluate the product from a user's
perspective demonstrate that you're
knowledgeable about the products
reviewed provide evidence that you have
experience with the product share
quantitative measurements explain
differences with competitors compared
against guys let's stop here there's a
lot of stuff to understand some of it is
more important than others and a lot of
it is ambiguous discuss the benefits and
drawbacks of a particular regular
product based on your own original
research so if I researched a product by
scouring the internet in more detail
than anyone has ever done before and
then compile it together with my own
personal opinion is that not original or
does it have to be my literal original
research from testing the product in my
freaking Tony Stark lab you know what
okay let's use AI to figure this out
open up chatgpt and tell it summarize
the following into the five most
important criteria then paste in the
entire product reviews guidelines you
can also do the same thing for the
helpful content guidelines Google spam
policy whatever you want according to
the AI the product reviews guidelines
emphasize the following five criteria
evaluate the product from a user's
perspective demonstrate expertise with
the product provide evidence of
experience with the product comparison
to competitors and discussion of its
benefits and drawbacks based on original
research but how does your content stack
up to these requirements again let's get
AI to solve this for you chat GPT
evaluate the following content based on
this criteria from a scale of one to ten
and then you insert your content to
demonstrate I'll use this article that
ranks on page one of Google for the
keyword Surfer SEO revealed in a few
seconds chat GPT has told me that this
article did pretty good eights and nines
across the board except for providing
evidence of personal experience with the
product Surfer so I went back over the
article and saw that there can't be more
clear evidence than a freaking video of
the guy actually using Surfer but that
doesn't matter Google's product reviews
algorithm has no idea that this video
exists it's looking at the content in
the content there are a few sentences
like this where the author says things
like I used her for SEO to optimize all
my blog posts and see visible results
through it and we religiously use server
at my company that's a great start but
maybe the content needs more so let's
ask chatgpt what we can do to improve it
yo chat gbt how specifically can the
article be improved for criteria number
three and the AI says the content needs
more specific examples of results such
as the author can get into before and
after case studies using the tool now
for comparison let's run the AI on an
article that's not doing well on Google
for the same keyword this article is on
page seven for the keyword Surfer SEO
review Once Again chat CPT evaluate the
following content based on the criteria
from a scale of 1 to 10. as expected we
have lower scores eights and sevens and
the article also struggled with the
personal experience criteria with its
score of six but just for funsies let's
see how the AI suggests to improve on
criteria number four comparison versus
competitors chat GPT write me a hundred
words of content that will specifically
improve the score for criteria number
four by comparing Surfer against the
competitor tools quora and Page
optimizer pro and Bam here you go now
here's where this whole process kicks
into beast mode run a complete audit on
your entire website today a product
review update Could Happen anytime now A
spam update could happen tomorrow or a
helpful content update you can run this
audit yourself or get someone from your
team to help make a sheet like this with
every URL on your website followed by
columns for Criterion one through five
then start filling it out with the
scores that chat GPT gives you flag
anything with a score of 7 or below and
get to work ASAP before the next update
how else can you use chat gbt to audit
your content how about eeat okay chat
jbt understand what e-eat are based on
the following documentation then paste
in the eeat definition section section
from the Google quality rated guidelines
then you can ask it to grade your about
page on each of these factors now
there's a couple issues that you'll run
into if you try the current chat GPT
version here's what they are and here's
our workarounds Pitfall number one
chatgpt has a character limit so if you
paste in a long article it'll complain
that the message you submitted was too
long please reload the conversation and
submit something shorter in this case
run the criteria check on half the
article then get your scores then you
run on the second half of the article
you're going to take whatever number is
higher in each category why does it work
like this because if there's a criteria
like showing evidence that you use the
product it's not like every paragraph in
the entire article needs to show this
you just need to show it once Pitfall
number two chat GPT has a limit on how
much you can use it per day right now
it's about 40 queries solution make
multiple accounts or buy the premium
version as said before this chat apt
audit can be used with any type of
Google criteria that has a release notes
just load the notes into the tool use
the AI to break it down into hard
criteria evaluate your content on that
criteria And subscribe for more videos
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