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this is incredible komuk Pearl Island
hi there good afternoon
this is lovely komuk
at pawapi beach
it turns out this is not the first time
that I've been to komuk
so a little while ago I was reading
online about things to see on the island
and I read about the emerald cape
and while reading the description
I started thinking man that sounds
really familiar
so I went back and looked at some of my
uh videos from a previous trip to
Thailand and sure enough
I came here on a boat trip
for the day from kolanta with my friend
Maria and we went to the emerald cave
as well as kokra Don
guy other uh islands that are in this
area and so I've actually been to this
part of Thailand without having realized
it because I came from a different
direction coming yesterday from kolope
so I'm not going to visit the emerald
cave again but I will show you a clip of
it from the last time back in 2017.
it's like 30 feet tall the ceiling right
get back up oh
this is the one all right so
it looks like it's what I was thinking
it was a beach inside a enclosed cave
check out that cool beach
I'm not sure if it's gonna be an
enclosed space I think it is
okay now I can touch
all right
and there's a monkey up there
how cool is that hey monkey
the beach we found the beach
the legendary Beach
nobody's ever been here before
I'm sure maybe a few
and so that is a really really unique
and cool place to visit I definitely
recommend it either if you're here or on
kolanta or another neighboring Island
and doing a boating day trip as you can
see out there is the mainland of
Thailand so there are various ways to
get here to komuk you can come by boat
from Kopi P Phuket kolanta colapai or
you can come by
boats from the mainland right there and
then coming down on a bus or whatever a
taxi that way and that might actually be
a quicker way to get here than by boat
all depending on where you are so I have
a motorbike as you saw there and I am
very much looking forward to exploring
this island I really like it it has a
much more authentic local feel from many
of the other more popular islands of
Thailand as I showed in my previous
video the regular neighborhoods back
over there
so with the motorbike I'm going to
explore further and basically just kind
of cruise around randomly
and see what I find first I wanted to
the beach at this Shiva Lai Beach Resort
which is I guess one of the prettiest
beaches on the island you can see it is
low tide at the moment but the sea is
looking very nice
looks quite clean almost no garbage
there are some garbage piles on the
island in certain places but it doesn't
seem to be
especially prevalent you know ruining
the uh nice beaches or anything so uh
let's get up there and uh
CV sivalai beach resort beach
very nice looking Bungalows there right
on the beach
I'm sure that they are a lot more
expensive than my 36 dollar night room
I will try to find the prices and show
you right here
see the LIE
must be their boats for day tours
notice something's missing compared to a
lot of places people
almost nobody here
it is not one of the more popular
but uh it certainly does deserve to be
more popular
from what I've seen so far
it is really really nice and some
amazing beaches we haven't seen the best
one yet Charlie's Beach
peninsula here and as you can see you
could literally swim to the mainland
from here I mean it would be a tough
swim but uh somebody could do it
out there is the pier where I arrived
and so this is Peak peak season
it is currently January 4th
87 degrees Fahrenheit that is 30 degrees
Celsius although
it doesn't seem that hot I think that
that might be wrong
for the present moment
right but uh anyways it is just
pleasantly warm
to the point that I'm starting to think
about jumping in that water at some
point but I think that I'll keep on
going from here and
find another Beach
and so this is quite a nice Beach as
I just love the feeling in the air of
peaceful and quiet it is
decided to stop here for some lunch got
some pineapple juice
and I love the sounds of these cicadas
so I ordered Penang curry with pork
but they brought prawns so there was a
communication breakdown there and then
I uh mentioned it to him and he said
that they actually don't have pork
because of the mosque that is nearby so
I'm going to go ahead and eat this and
then I just ordered some spring rolls as
well and then some rice
definitely not a dish for the super
hungry but the curry sauce is really
and the spring rolls with
probably a plum sauce
150 Baht that is seven bucks a day no
passport needed
they didn't even check for a license you
just fill out a form basically saying
you'll pay for damages
so that is the beach that I was on
I'm headed out that way
and wanted to show
this interesting area
of the local
homes or whatever on the stilts
there is a
dirt path
going along them so
I need to go this way not really sure
this might get in
yeah it's looking that way okay maybe
there's another
Road I need to be on to get uh up
towards the north of the island
maybe it goes through
I'm gonna check the map
oh okay maybe it does
I thought this was a driveway all right
all right
got what you got
Corolla on the main Highway
look at that cool restaurant up there
happy restaurants good name
really really interesting exploring
a different vibe from many of the other
Thai Islands
good place to be
if there's going to be a tsunami in the
next five minutes
komuk Garden Beach Resort
so I read online that there was a hike
starting from around here going up along
the coast Through the Jungle which
sounded really
amazing now I'm not sure that I'm going
to start that hike quite yet
because I'm kind of enjoying the
motorbike exploring and the height goes
to a beach
which you can also access
is that what you got
by the road
so I'm thinking that I will continue on
the bike up there
and then maybe do some of the hike
from that point we'll see but I just
wanted to investigate here winds picking
pretty cool location I'm sure that it's
nicer when the
tide is higher and you can access the
water right here because
that is not a good situation for
swimming at the moment
peaceful spot here
a place with a lot of character
all right let's keep on cruising
I love these little paths Through the
okay I guess this is the main
um okay
this does not appear to be going through
that dog isn't very protective which I'm
happy for but uh
not doing its job
so I was wrong you can't get to the
beach that I'm trying to get to
by Road
it isn't far only
650 meters so that shouldn't be all that
long of a hike
but this says top
so I'm curious what this goes to
hello where does this trail go to
okay how far of a hike is it
that sounds super cool
oh excellent
right on that sounds good
sounds like it's worth it
I guess I should just park here or can I
go a little bit just park here further
but we just felt like maybe not right to
go further you know I see there's the
they went further with the bike and you
can make it much farther oh okay
but from here on we thought like I just
doesn't feel right to go high school
really yeah too lazy huh too lazy you're
here to hike just like from here on you
know okay it should be scooter yeah
maybe I'll check it out and give it a
try there
cool thanks a lot thanks
and let the hike begin
I'm really stoked that I happened upon
this because I hadn't read about it
online it was a different hike that I
was uh trying to get to
by the sounds of uh the Viewpoint it
sounds really amazing yeah
let's hope that the path is not
too difficult to follow
I guess we're going up there and look we
got uh
whatever that is collecting sap I guess
this is some real jungle
glad that I brought my
sturdy sport sandals and not my
because this is looking like a pretty
serious hike
with some real elevation gain
so there was a fork back there
I took the one that was going more
directly uphill
not certain yet if that was the uh right
choice it looks like it's kind of
dwindling a bit
up here
we'll find out
yeah it's getting
a lot smaller by the looks of it
oh boy
still going but it is not very clear
and we're headed for
a very steep part
oh man
this is looking a little
whether this is really the right way
I could get
relatively close
you know probably the peak is just kind
of right up there but
if you're not on the proper Trail
it is not going to be easy or smart to
try to bushwhack
up the uh
sort of
a stream bed or
to the right here
yeah because this
looks more like a trail actually
this way viewpoint
yeah thank you
this is a serious hike
I really hope that the peak is fairly
it's just so steep
this is not much of a path
it is still going
and it is just getting
smaller and smaller
and going along the side
rather than up
I am far from certain that uh this is
the right Trail
so I've been hiking for 15 to 20 minutes
and the jungle just keeps on going
I thought that there was a light at the
end of the tunnel here
but it looks like another illusion
I am seriously starting to think that
I may have
taken a wrong turn maybe that very first
this island is not very wide it has to
go downhill eventually and
sure enough
for the first time here it is going
it is uphill on both sides
this is a saddle here
it is not looking like I'm anywhere near
a viewpoint
so man what a bummer it sounded so
now we're going
downhill so
it doesn't make sense
to get to a viewpoint
going this way
and then there have been
so many
even more faint paths
going off
maybe one of those is supposed to be it
but of course
I don't want to get lost here
which it is getting more and more
like a realistic
so I've been trying to stay straight
just to make it easier for me to get
back as far as making decisions
once I turn around which is going to
right here man
so it is on my uh phone Google Maps so
in my last video I said that uh Maps
wasn't working it did start working
later so I do have
reception here and Google Maps is
and it shows the Viewpoint as being more
that way
that is
basically not even a path at this point
so maybe it was that
right hand turn that I saw at almost the
very beginning in which case I just went
minutes or so
out of my way in the wrong direction
of the uh
top of a ridge
or is it just another illusion
so I'm making my way back
it is a good little hike getting back
and then looking out there I'm thinking
where did I go wrong where else could
the trailer have gone when it is just
all super thick jungle
steep Mountain there maybe the Viewpoint
is up on top of that but
there's no trail that was super obvious
that I missed other than the first one
I'm not sure yet if I'm in the mood for
chasing that one down
I'll see when I get there
so here's the fork maybe you can see why
I took the left one
it is just a little bit bigger and also
going more straight uphill
is that supposed to be it
yeah yeah yeah
I am definitely not committing to
following this one to the end but let's
investigate a little ways
and 20 seconds later
it is already
petering out
still going
well I'm bummed guys
I just hiked another 20 minutes or so
this path has been fainter than the
other one the whole way and then here
it goes Super steep
basically disappears and
signs it all of being anywhere near
a viewpoint
so I think I got it turned around here
what a shame all that hiking
can't say for nothing because it was
cool to hike in the jungle but I so
wanted to see that view I'm sure that
you could see so many surrounding
Islands the mainland of Thailand
KO kradan
KO and a guy probably kolanta maybe even
copy p
what a shame
that's the way the cookie crumbles
I'm also bleeding
got uh
cut by like a piece of grass or
something nothing serious
all right let's get back to the
motorbike and
keep cruising a much
easier way
look what we have here
an arrow
more arrows
some pointing straight
some pointing left
what is what
no they're all pointing this way
I went the wrong way on my motorbike
by like
30 or 40 feet viewpoint
Subway Beach
another Beach
jungle camp
up here
I was completely in the wrong area not
far away right over there but not on the
right Trail
so now that I know
I can't pass this up even though
I just killed
more than an hour probably
the description of that Viewpoint is
dragging me onwards
look at all these arrows
I really did not enjoy doing that hike
up the hill for the third time but I'm
glad that I did it and I think it's
going to be worth it
we have a
jungle camp and Cafe
looks closed
yep big lock on it
but I think
we must be getting close to the top
it is much more open up here and wow
look at that
look at those Cliffs
that crazy
cave overhang thing
interesting looking bird there
all right
so the emerald cave
must be
in one of those mountains right there
I suspect that there is probably another
viewing Point that's a little more open
let's see
another little shack up here
jungle cafe
okay just a uh hangout area I guess
and what's down here
beautiful beautiful jungle
are we gonna get
a more epic View
um okay maybe not
the sign at the beginning
mentioned a beach maybe this is going
down to the beach
the beach the beach
Leonardo DiCaprio's Beach
that is on
been there in 2017.
okay well
I guess that music
not bad
it is high time
to take a seat
obscured but still a nice view looking
East towards the mainland of Thailand
and down there is the point
two beaches and the resort
where I started the video
and I think it's safe to say
that I earned this one
it's still cold even
so I'm now what is supposed to be the
best beach on the island
which has a bunch of names
Garnet Beach Charlie Beach fairing Beach
and had CEO
and I'm really ready for a swim
but I just felt a raindrop
I will probably go in anyway
wash this sweat off me from my
treacherous hike through the
Thailand jungle
wow that water looks so calm
so I guess that out there must be
kokra done
which I also visited on the uh boat trip
back in 2017.