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i started i i got kind of curious so
there's two extensions that caught my
caught my attention the first and
they're basically the same thing with
almost exactly the same name the first
is this thing called ad block i think
that's the one i use the second one is
called adbot ad block plus so that's why
it's a little confusing and so adblock
was created by one guy in georgia named
michael gundlach and he uh uh
just kind of built this thing in 2009
and he's been the only employee the
whole time and i went to his personal
website to learn about him and he only
has 55 followers on uh twitter his
website is called that's
his personal website and he has like
python projects a unity game that he
built called asteroids and he even has
an mp3 of him singing a christmas song
at church during christmas time
this is like by the way his linkedin
his job description is just a guy
uh he is in duluth georgia and it says i
am not available for work please do not
contact me about job opportunities i
created adblock the most popular chrome
extension for google chrome extension
and for safari with around 20 million
users it's neat
before that i did some other neat things
and he was the only employee and then i
did some research on his competitor
called ad block plus now this company
they have a few few more employees i
think they've got 20 or 30 people and
because they're based in europe when
you're a european company oftentimes at
least in england and i know it's a lot
of the k uh a lot of cases in different
european countries if you make over 20
million dollars in revenue you basically
have to file a report that reveals your
revenue and profit and so i went and
looked at this company called io it's
called io they own ad blocker plus in
2017 they did 44 million dollars in
revenue and 26 million dollars in profit
which is astounding and they had at
least a hundred million users however
if you look in the group the the chrome
plug-in store uh ad block plus has
around 150 000 reviews and it says
they've got over 10 million users if you
look at ad block which is the one
founded by this one guy they've got
something like 300 000 reviews and uh
also it says 10 million users and so
there's potential that this one guy had
a business making all of this money
tens of millions of dollars a year very
likely tens of millions of dollars a
year in profit just off a chrome
extension is that amazing this is
amazing i'm i'm still on this guy
michael gunlock's uh
website sorry resume um dot
pdf and
i i think you said this but i was
reading while you were talking so he was
an engineer at google working on google
ads and google adsense did you already
say that part no and
he worked on google and basically he
goes nah that i hate these ads
so his job was he goes at google i kept
the global at google ads and adsense
networks alive and kicking um in my
spare time i built this other thing and
i built this other thing uh you know
like because google has that 20 times
like i built this javascript framework
blah blah so basically he goes from
working at google and google adwords and
ad sets to creating adblock
and and makes 20 million dollars it
makes more than that uh off 20 million
users who who love this thing and what
year did you work at google i believe
like 0.5 2005 yeah so which is like
right after the ipo basically yeah so he
probably made 30 million dollars at
google like collectively it's pro that's
what it's worth now
yeah if he held it so it made tens of
millions of dollars off of that and then
reportedly now the thing about this guy
is everything's very quiet about this
guy he's hard to find everything's
impossible however i think in 2015 an
anonymous buyer bought adblock
interesting there's a world where it
could have been sold for like two or
three hundred million dollars i mean
there's a world where that exists uh
maybe it was lower but
it was it's a it's a huge problem he
stopped he he stopped working on ad
block or you know it sold probably 2015
which is kind of scary because these
chrome extensions are a giant security
hole for people because chrome
extensions can like read and write all
the data on your
as you browse the web so that's all
every email you're writing the text is
can be picked up by these chrome
extensions and even if they start off
safe because you know just a guy from
duluth georgia built it and he's an
engineer who has the right intentions
somebody who buys it with the wrong
intentions can really like uh do some
dirty stuff
you know with the data and even
modifying it and things like that so you
got to be careful with chrome extensions
i try to install the minimum amount of
chrome extensions as possible yeah they
are pretty scary and um yeah they're
nuts and
but it's a
wild business i think that what here's
here so i love these extension style