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dude a freaking plug-in who would have
thought and he kind of had like a funny
[聽__聽] eating grin on and i was like
how big are you guys he was like we do
over a hundred million dollars a year in
sales and i was like would you
ever believe it he was like yeah i
thought it could be done and then and
then i go
you just raise money he goes yeah we
raised 100 million the other day i go
why he goes
because it's a north of a billion dollar
i feel like i can rule the world i know
i could be what i want
what's up everybody we just recorded the
pod we talked about
uh i was on cnbc today so we talked
about going on tv going on cnbc
we talked about a bunch of business
ideas that are chrome extensions
which is kind of like a niche that
nobody really talks about but sam's
super into it and uh
he brought the fire and then at the end
we shoot the [聽__聽] about a bunch of
random things in maybe the last 10
uh talking about you know some of the
stuff from the michael saylor episode
and uh and some cool stuff we have going
on we just shoot the [聽__聽] at the end
that might have been the best part so
stick around for that last 10 minutes of
the pod
all right enjoy all right great what's
going on um congratulations
um do you want to talk about family
stuff or no uh yeah sure had a kid
uh four or five days four days ago i
think now congratulations what are the
uh but baby boy is here his name is
and uh banks why banks uh i don't know
we thought of the name
a lot when we were trying to name my
first kid and we her name's blush and so
i just thought banks and blush go well
um i don't know i just thought it was a
cool name wanted to do something cool
name it's a cool name it's just a unique
so i was wondering if there's a reason
yeah at least this one is a name uh the
first one when we named her blush
we googled like oh blush name meaning
and there's literally like it's like
that that's not a name bro
so what is banks um banks is
popular last name and because of that
some people started doing it as a first
um hillary duff's kid his name banks i
know that
uh that's pretty much the extent of the
popularity of it i don't really care to
pick a popular name i'd rather pick a
unique name um but i could tell like
when we tell our family they're like
uh is their nickname what are we gonna
do with this
no banks is good my nephews are named
avit like the ava brothers and jude like
hey jude and then now they have a girl
named billy
so i'm team odd names there you go i
know we can't all be sam's right
or well people call you shen yeah um
there's people that just straight call
me shane and they just keep calling me
that and i just am not correcting them
and i've just now it's like we're years
into the relationship
it's like vendors that i work with um
well congratulations so you're a year
and a half older than me i am
i'm 31 i for the longest time i was like
i'm going to wait
to have kids but then a few things
happened the first
so my wife sarah's 28. the first is that
a few of my friends one of them is 39
um i think your wife's older than you
right yeah by a year
so like early mid 30s and and then a few
of my friends are late 30s
and these women are having kids and
they're like oh my god it sucks so bad i
wish i would have done it when i was
right so i've changed my i've like i've
thought about having wait the guy is
saying that or the woman no the woman
the guys are like it's definitely harder
to parent when you're in your 40s than
when you're younger but mainly for the
woman they're like just
harder on the body and second i had a
and he was like dude have a kid now i
was like why
like i want to have all this freedom he
goes it's way different
once i had a kid i realized the later
that i had it the less
years i'm gonna be able to spend with
him and now i'm just gonna die sooner
and i wish i would have had
10 more years and done it at 25 than 35
and i was like oh that's an interesting
so my opinion has been changing lately i
might have a child soon but we're still
yeah and by the way before we get to the
first idea congratulations on cnbc you
were on there today did anyone reach out
to you and
because they saw you uh not really only
people who
knew me already you know like my mom was
probably the most excited you know
basically like people who are 30 years
older than me were like
this is amazing cnbc this is the [聽__聽] i
was on cnbc for two and a half minutes
or three minutes or something like that
and so but nobody you know like i don't
know if i go tweet something
i'll get a lot more messages than uh
than going on tv which is weird
but it definitely was a cool feeling and
like i don't know it's like one of those
things that like
i woke up before my alarm clock because
i was like okay today is a good day
today's a big day i got something to do
today that i've never done before these
these broadcast networks like you think
they're huge and they are huge and they
have reach and all that
but like the average viewers is only
like 200 000 people at a time it's not
uh it's not like crazy high in the world
of social media
yeah even the big ones that are like
half a million or a million viewers
they are it's like it's kind of like a
background thing so
and you only get so little time to talk
even if there was a much bigger audience
it's hard to get
like it's hard to really make any
headway in a three-minute segment
um yes so like it's i it's prestigious
but it's definitely not nearly as
impactful as just the actual tweet that
you're coming on to talk about it was
right or this podcast right
more people will listen to this podcast
and i'll get more mileage out of this
it just doesn't have the same it doesn't
feel the same it doesn't get the juices
flowing in the same way that
being on cnbc does but i also say this
this is what i think is more interesting
for anybody who's ever done this um have
you ever gone on
it's such a weird experience have you
ever gone on a tv thing so you get
you get connected in and it's like a
zoom call basically right now
um and you can't see them so on tv it
looks like you're all like split screen
like you see your face their face
another person
but in reality you have no you there's
no facial expressions because you can't
see each other's video
so you're only hearing each other you
don't know when when it's your turn to
and then the thing i screwed up because
i was like i was going on this checklist
of like
worry it's like okay is my home internet
going to be good all right
is my you know is my hair gonna look
stupid am i gonna say something stupid
am i gonna and then like it's never like
the things you expect it's always
something else so as soon as it started
i was like
like 10 seconds in you look if you watch
the video my eyes are like darting
around everywhere
because i have nothing to look at
they're not on video and so i'm just
like looking around my stupid like
home studio garage thing and i look like
like i look like a suspicious character
because my eyes are so shifty
and then like 30 seconds and i realized
oh [聽__聽] i need to be staring at this
camera because that's what will look
and so that was like a weird thing i did
uh and the other thing was i said kim
kardashian's butt and i said
i know i thought that was funny balls
and stuff so i said some stuff maybe i
wasn't supposed to say
no they kim k you're it was good you you
were a good interview
it was great uh i watched the whole
thing it was good thank you
um all right you want to talk about the
first idea yeah let's do it
you want to do uh this thing toucan yes
okay so i um along with joe spizer
we i'm kind of following in your
footsteps a little bit we created this
[423] um and
we're just investing we're just
investing in companies again
i grew up in a bad neighborhood on the
street called hampton
and joe is wealthy and has a house in
the hamptons
all right we were thinking about names
and i was like
uh i grew up on this street called
hampton you live in the hamptons it's
money or it's a fund we're mostly our my
own money
but uh him and i uh joe's an investor in
your thing
yeah and he would like man i want to put
even more money and he goes you just
want to invest with me i go
yeah sure and then he's like you want to
do a rolling phone i was like no that
sounds like a lot of work
yeah uh he's like you want to do a
syndicate and you can just pick some
deals like
okay cool i'll do it with you right so
it's just like a deal by deal basis so
we created an angelus syndicate which
so then basically whenever whenever you
invest in something sean you got
you have to tell me and then i'll invest
yeah dude i have a bunch um
also i heard this great description of
angel list which is like
it's sub stack for vcs um which is like
the easiest way to kind of like spin up
a little investment fund
uh the same way right right lets you
spin up a little newsletter
it's awesome so yeah we did it and like
so we i found a company already
um and we invest and i was just gonna
invest like
i was gonna do like maybe 10 to 50
deals using my own money a year of like
ranging from really low to 5 000 all the
way up to 25 000
yeah i was just gonna do a ton of stuff
but all low prices and
um he was like why don't you just do the
syndicate thing i was like all right
let's try it
so doing that but can i tell you about
the first company that we we
uh are about to finish with so i know i
know about this company but give the
give the what is your kind of like two
sentence description of it
it's called toucan and it's basically
the really dumbed down version is it's
like duolingo
which is a language learning website
but it's a chrome plugin and it changes
a handful of words of every article that
you're reading
into the language that you want to learn
so it's contextual learning
um more complicated than that but that's
the simple version right
yes exactly so it helps you learn a new
without the effort i would say it's kind
of genius honestly the founder what's
your name taylor
something she's magical she's great
she's been a fan of the podcast actually
she messaged us a long time ago
like before this fundraise uh being like
hey the pod is cool check out what i'm
or maybe i did she really oh i can't
believe i missed it and so
i um so i've been following it since
then i kind of thought about investing i
didn't pull the trigger maybe i should
um but i thought the idea is kind of
genius because the biggest
it's okay so here's my thing um anything
that there's a lot of these things that
people want to do you want to work out
you want to learn a new language you
want to like become blah blah blah
you have all these kind of like i should
i should i should and you
as as tony robbins calls it you should
all over yourselves
because you're just not doing the thing
and the biggest friction is not that
it's that hard to learn a language it's
hard to make the time
to like sit down open the book or
download the app open the app and focus
and just do duolingo for 30 minutes a
it doesn't sound that hard but in
practice it's like it's a separate thing
to do
what i think is super smart about what
toucan is doing is
you don't have to make it a separate
thing it's like you're already just
browsing the internet
so why don't we just let this thing
automatically shift a few words on every
web page you're visiting
so you're not you don't have to go to
start a separate activity to learn the
language you'll learn the
language in bits and pieces while you're
browsing so i thought that was actually
pretty goddamn genius to be honest and
and you also like the space of chrome
extension you kind of tip me off on the
power of chrome extension so
actually i don't even know why i didn't
invest it seems like a great idea maybe
maybe i'll hit her up after this and see
if i can get in
have you talked yeah do it if you don't
know her well i can try to introduce you
and you can just do it directly with her
but this woman's a superstar i met with
her and
like within five minutes i was like oh
well you're gonna be the ceo of a
billion dollar company like oh really
okay i hope it's this one but like she
was just so put together
she was so poised she was charismatic
she it just she just oozed ceo um
interesting i've never heard you say
that who else have you felt that about
if there's
does anyone come to mind um
the guy from superhuman whenever i heard
him talk i was like oh yeah like
you are uh some you i would bet on you
for just about anything yeah whatever he
was gonna do if he said i'm gonna write
a book i'd be like oh it's gonna be
yeah i was like you know what i'm pretty
sure you're gonna be successful yeah so
i felt that about him
um when we met with the shopify guy
or harley harley uh i kind of but
obviously he's already hugely successful
but like there's a handful of people
we've interviewed
when he came in he just had camera
quality like nobody's business
and so he just had this good looking guy
in this great looking office with an
incredible camera and i feel like
you know he couldn't he didn't even say
a word i was like oh wow this guy's like
a power player
yeah and so this woman i felt that with
her i was like oh you
she just she just was on top of it i
just felt great another person
and this is a little bit early on in
their experience was this woman
named pay y'all i think that's her name
who started class pass
pal pyle uh when i talked to her
i was like oh you're really special uh
uh anyway this woman taylor met with her
i was like oh you're i'm
whatever yeah sounds good i'm in no
matter what um and so
but i started like also i mean let's
we'll just we'll move on past two can
but it's the reason
it's interesting is
they have this like heads she worked at
headspace so they have this like
headspace cute
branding [聽__聽] right um by the way we
should say toucan is like the bird
toucan sam type of thing it's
it's not yeah it's spelled like that
t-o-u-c-a-n yeah toucan um which i don't
know do those birds like speak
or something i don't know maybe maybe
that might be it yeah so so do you have
any kind of stats you could share about
them like give us a sense of why
you feel like this is working uh i
didn't ask her for permission to ask to
talk about that but basically duolingo
does like 200 million dollars a year in
sales and has like i think 5
million users or 10 million users or
something like ridiculously high
and i just thought that and what i want
to talk about in this segment is
chrome plugins and i'm like well this
company duolingo is very successful it's
5 billion dollar company i think um i
i've been thinking about chrome plugins
what i think is like do two things one
look at successful companies already
that do over 100 million in sales
and just say well how can i just create
this in the form of a google plugin
or two which behaviors do people want
but they don't do it because there's a
little bit of friction and how can i use
this plug-in to alleviate that friction
right now there's a ton of downside with
google plugins you know you're
a google plugin so google can ruin you
it's incredibly incredibly incredibly
interesting to me and that's what i
wanted to bring up was
some google plugin stuff and so
basically what this
i don't know if this is how she did it
but she basically um
uh or the way that i look at it is you
just look at what is
what what behaviors are people already
doing so for example
learning a language people already want
to learn a language you just change the
text of the article to a different
language or at least parts of it
grammarly did this with grammar so you
just fix it as you write
uh one that i use all the time is
similar web so it tells me the traffic
of someone's website
uh passwords you use passwords on a
regular basis so a plugin just inserts
different passwords and loom is another
one have you heard of loom
oh yeah my buddy was with the guy who
started it isn't that worth like a
billion dollars
uh not yet but getting close it's
several hundred millions i think it was
the last round
and all it does is uh
screen record recordings yeah so so they
basically say oh you want to show
something on your screen here's a
click boom record share um
so the two famous ones that everybody
kind of has heard about is honey because
honey sold to paypal for
several four billion four billion
dollars so honey had i think 17 million
users when they sold
and what honey does is if you're about
to go check out on some website
honey will go in the background it's
looking for is there is there a deal
on this is there a coupon for this or a
sale for this somewhere else
or a coupon you can use right now and
its surface is a discount
okay that makes total sense i don't have
to take an action i have to remember to
go look for a coupon
it's just gonna do it and it's the honey
sign just glows whenever it has a
discount available
for you so that was one grammarly was
another that i think shocks people
because grammarly does over 100 million
dollars a year
so the grammarly founder spoke at
hustlecon and he's an engineer he's like
very um by the book like straight
engineer he's really cool his name's max
and i was like shooting the [聽__聽] with
and i was like dude a freaking plug-in
who would have thought and he kind of
had like a funny [聽__聽] eating grin on and
i was like
how big are you guys he was like we do
over a hundred million dollars a year in
sales and i was like would you ever
believe it he was like
yeah i thought it could be done and then
and then i go you just raise money
he goes yeah we raised 100 million the
other day i go why he goes
because it was at a one north of a
billion dollar valuation
yeah i was like oh my god you pulled it
off yeah they did it
exactly um so those are like the big
successors but there are some other ones
right so we have
pinterest was started as i believe a
chrome chrome extension so
it was uh the pin the pin button that
basically was able to
get all the content for pinterest to be
a cool app uh you needed a quick way to
pin while you were surfing the web so
that was one
and then there's others that like like
for example if i look at the plugins
that i have installed i have adblock
or you know ublock origin or whatever
that's definitely one of them
and so i think i think this was one of
those non-obvious
ideas because it kind of feels like not
a serious company
it's like dude you're just making this
like plug-in and definitely there's a
lot of people like my mom doesn't know
what chrome extensions are she doesn't
know there's a chrome extension store
she doesn't really know how to install
them like she knows apps
but she doesn't know chrome stuff so
you're gonna get a little bit more of a
tech savvy audience
you know it's a smaller market overall
but the first one is
a big deal i actually want to change
your opinion of that so i went and
looked at the numbers there's 1.6
iphone users okay 1.6 billion users
2 million iphone apps in the store right
chrome users 3 billion chrome users
200 000 plug-ins there's a ton of
opportunity here
i hear you that like your mom doesn't
know how to do this but
does your mom if she saw a commercial on
tv for grammarly i bet you she would
know what to do you just go to
actually she does grammarly because of
that um she saw it and she's
self-conscious about her english because
learned english later in life and she
like doesn't want to write something
stupid so she
downloaded grammarly for that reason
actually and so that's why when i saw
this toucan thing i was like oh you guys
just run a commercial for this on tv
that's easy you're going to get so many
users and the
the plug-in the reason why the plug-ins
are interesting to me is the churn
is so low churn on plug-ins are so low
compared to iphone apps or
and we built so we both have plug-ins do
you have a plug-in for the hustle i have
a plug-in
for my my one big thing framework of
just like what's the turn on
one there's like no churn on it dude we
have like thousands of users now
the engagement's not super high like
they don't always use the thing
uh but they leave it installed and um
it's like you know it's so we've both
dabbled in this not seriously i would
say neither of us took it super
but we were interested enough for both
of us to build a chrome extension and
get it out there to you know
five ten thousand people it's
interesting and i think that
uh um i just think that people discount
it and i think that it's far more
it's far more interesting than most
people realize and so i actually had a
brave pull some of the biggest
uh plug-ins so it's uh ad block ad block
plus adobe acrobat what do you use adobe
acrobat for
i don't know probably like flash or
something i don't know um
safe price which is a deal thing video
conferencing from uh
cisco google translate which is kind of
an indicator about for two can which is
honey pinterest say button skype what's
uh tamper monkey
uh i don't know it looks like it's
trying to keep you safe dude there was a
cool one got
ghostery back in the day that would just
show you who who's trying to track you
on every website you go to that was kind
of cool and try to
shut that down uh there's also these
paid ones so are there
was there anything interested in the
paid group no but tell me about the ones
that you've invested in because they're
similar because i and so in this
document that we have i said
screenshots would be great and you said
oh i invested in this thing called
bubbles which i remember you telling me
about it but what is that
bubbles is a lot like loom which we
talked about earlier so the idea
is how do you easily share what's on
your screen with your co-worker who
wants to see it and be able
and so how do you do that some people
just take a screenshot right they use
the hotkey on their keyboard they take a
screenshot and it goes into their
desktop file
then they have to go grab that then they
drag and drop that to their friend
and then the friend has to comment on it
but they can't comment on it they have
to like
send it back as another file it's kind
of annoying right so what bubbles does
is much simpler it says it's a little
chrome extension and on any page you go
to you can say
i want to record a screen recording like
a video i want to take a screenshot or
my favorite one is a scroll
screenshot so like you know when you're
on a website that like is long
and you want to take screenshots of the
website you have to take like eight
screenshots and then send them as
separate files to something yeah it's a
with this it just takes one long
screenshot and sends it to the person so
it's it's easy to capture what's on your
you can then comment like bubbles so
it's like a speech bubble so you just
click anywhere where you want to point
something out on the screen like let's
for the hustle you want to make the
trends website better you would click
bubbles you would record a screenshot
you would tap on the part of the screen
where you're like this thing is stupid
we need to change this
and you would write this thing as stupid
we need changes and then that's a the
whole file is a link
you just share a link with somebody else
and they can comment back like a google
and so is it doing well yeah it's doing
well it's doing well specifically
i think the niche initial niche that
they've done well with is agencies
and so agencies like creative agencies
there's always creative people within
the team that are sending ideas mock-ups
concepts back back and forth with each
other and then they have to share with
the client
also and the client has to give feedback
so there's a lot of
showing screen stuff and commenting back
and forth on it and so
that's where they're getting an initial
foothold and i think it'll kind of break
out from there so it's like loom but it
does more than what loom does
and what's dashworks so dashworks is a
company of sn
that is um it's like the home page for
your company
so this is this is a chrome extension
that's sold to companies
so let's say um somebody joins the
hustle you give them their laptop
if you work with dashworks when they
when they open up their google chrome
for the first time to use the internet
they would not just see like the generic
google like new tab page they would see
like the hustle's branded page and that
page can do three things
one there's a search bar and you could
type in anything
into that search bar and it'll find the
file inside your company so
like most companies now use slack and
google drive
and dropbox and asana and github and
like all these different tools that are
all in the cloud
so like if you've ever been on your
macbook and you want to find a file you
just use like
the little spotlight search finder right
you just type it into spotlight it finds
the file on your computer
but the thing is now with the cloud none
of the files you need are on your
computer they're all in the cloud
so this is basically that search bar for
all your cloud apps
so now that so what it does is it helps
any any employee find
any file that's in your network without
knowing where to go to find it
right it's just like it's working yeah
this is cool so then the second thing
you can do is you can search anyone's
name so i could be like oh what does
steph smith do with the hustle i type
steph it'll show me her profile show me
what she does who she reports to and
that sort of thing
and then the last thing is that um you
as the kind of ceo or your kind of
your your admin at the company can post
announcements or updates that will show
up in their chrome like new tab bar
so you can be like oh welcome these new
employees or like happy birthday to this
person or
hey remember this friday we're all doing
you know happy hour or whatever
and so it's a kind of a communication
pipe also so that that i thought was
cool they're taking the chrome extension
to deliver critical internal company
a search for people search for files and
and internal announcements
so um this this is interesting and
another one i actually don't know how to
say this company but you wrote it in
how do you pronounce that luster uh jack
our friend jack
was one of the early users and i think
invested in it and he says
it's awesome but basically they look at
wire cutter amazon and dozens and dozens
of other sources and anytime you have a
product in front of you
it tells you the average review um kind
of interesting
i don't know how i think it's a little
better than that i think what they do is
you say yourself yeah my description was
about a year ago you yeah i think what
it does is you go on amazon or whatever
and you search for flat screen tv
and uh you know it's there's so many
products out there
and all of them you know great it's four
what do i make of that um and so what
luster does is try to make the buying
process simpler so it'll basically say
here's the recommended option for what
you searched for is the mo
this rrai has searched all the reviews
all the different websites
has all this data to tell us that this
is the most popular result for what
you're looking for
and then here's the high-end version of
it and here's maybe the low-end version
of it
and so i don't know if the product's
evolved too much since then but that's
what it kind of did at that time was it
would help you figure out
which product should you actually buy
using data
and again you didn't have to remember to
go to luster it was a chrome extension
so you're just on any website shopping
you can go to walmart go to amazon you
[1477] wherever you're searching
and luster will be like hey
here's the product we recommend and
here's why here's what the reviews say
about it
summarized automatically for you which i
thought was pretty cool
i think that that's a this could be a
good product when he pitched it to me
and when jack told me about it i was
like this is stupid i'm not in
uh i understand though i actually i
think i
i was wrong about it it's really cool
yeah so
the founders was really smart and and um
for this one he showed me a chart uh a
graph that was doing pretty well
so here's some other ideas of things so
those are ideas that we've either
invested in or seen
i have a couple more for you so let's
use your framework of
take a popular app like duolingo that
shows that there's a need or
a demand people want to learn a language
and you make it a chrome extension as
the user experience instead of a mobile
so or at least one of the main widgets
or main points of distribution
right so let's take meditation right you
have headspace you have calm
um why don't you have a chrome extension
a chrome plug-in
that will basically say it'll see you
know you've been on you've been browsing
for two hours straight
you've had you have 85 tabs open hey
let's take a minute
would you like to earn some earn some
mindfulness points
and take one minute quick meditation and
it just you tap the thing
it turns on there's a clock and there's
like a guided voice that's doing a
guided meditation for you
i think so i think i think meditation
delivered through a chrome extension
could work because it's so popular as a
mobile app but again for mobile app you
have to remember to go do it
whereas this could just kind of like as
you go it could pause
you and uh and help you out that's great
i think that has
that has legs uh i'll i'll i'll keep
going with this game
um do you know the you know how do you
on your iphone what's that thing called
where it blocks you from using a website
after a certain amount of time
oh yeah like time something i don't know
i don't know what do you think part of
i never use that [聽__聽] no do you yeah i
mean i have it installed screen time
screen time um i used to have this
chrome plug-in
called nukem i think it was called nukem
or the option was called nukem
where after a certain amount of time you
would nuke your website and you cannot
to certain websites so you could only go
to like google docs email and that was
uh i loved it so similar to meditation i
would 100 percent try to create
more of a of of these uh
what do you call this uh change your
stop using stuff
app right right right yes defend
yourself against yourself
okay i have a smart idea and i have a
gimmick idea which one you want okay
smart one or the gimmick one smart one
first all right smart one first okay we
had the founder of
you mentioned the founder of superhuman
he's the guy who built rapportive before
we both loved rapportive it doesn't
exist now so some people might not know
what it is but
what reported was doing was when you
were emailing somebody as soon as you
typed in their name or their email
a little sidebar would pop out of your
email that would just show you their
show you their name show you the last
few tweets it was like
at the time it was like magic we were
like how on earth do they know all this
it was so
it just makes you a more thoughtful
person because you can see the person
you can see what they're up to you can
click their linkedin get a little more
and it kind of did like it served it up
it was like you had an amazing assistant
executive assistant who was like you
know by the way sir you need to know
this about this person
so i think you could take rapportive all
around the web so i think you could make
it where
any time it sees a name on a web page it
just highlights it yellow
and then if you just hover over that
it'll just tell you something about that
person so i think you could
bring this idea of like anytime you see
a name
tell me a little bit more about that
person i could think you could turn that
into a chrome extension rather than
something that was just for email
how would you make money off of it um
ads boom that's my easy answer
i don't know oh all right um okay but
here's my gimmick one which definitely
needs ads so uh i think there should be
a chrome extension
let me take that back i don't think this
should exist i think this would be funny
if somebody tried to do this
um so if you ever remember million
dollar homepage it was kind of this cool
idea of like
here's a web website there's a million
pixels on the page buy a buy pixel
and sponsor it okay that's cool i've
always thought about similar ideas how
could you make a million bucks
of something simple and goofy and
there's this
concept in in the bitcoin world of i
think it's called a fountain or a tap
it's basically a website where you go to
and then sometimes there's like a think
about like a spout like a fountain
and uh sometimes bitcoin free bitcoin
comes out and so a bunch of people like
to go to these to
so some projects use these to say like
go collect your coin for my new coin go
there and get some
and you like go to the website you like
collect some of the new coin that you
can get
and then other people have done this to
be like hey sometimes something comes
out sometimes it doesn't it's a game of
it's like a um what do they call this
they call it a um there's this company
that did this with candles we talked
about them it was called like diamond
candles i think
and at the bottom of every single candle
we're talking candles like a wax candle
that you burn
in your bathtub or whatever like like
cool candles
that's [聽__聽] the only way i don't use
[聽__聽] candles is what i'm saying i
like that you start dropping f-bombs to
like get masculine real quick while
talking about bathtub candles
yeah i gotta [聽__聽] do it i use my my
bath bombs or what are they called
uh yeah anyway i've got all of them
i'm a i'm a sensitive guy man and anyway
they at like one in ten thousand candles
probably has a one thousand dollar
right the rest have like nothing right
uh something but like a like a like a
cracker jack ring and what you could do
with this
is you could always have coupons or
discounts off of something
and if you redeem them you get the
chrome extension gets a kickback
but every once in a while one out of x
does get a bitcoin
right yeah so something like that where
basically every time you open a new tab
there's a little
little package in the middle of the
screen you give it a quick click
and then you're either gonna get nothing
you get air you get
you know a tiny little something it's
like a puzzle piece or you know maybe
like a little
something i don't know something or you
can actually get some bitcoin you can
get you can get little satoshi's
and so it would just become this little
like the little hamster game where
every time you open a new tab are you
really gonna not click the thing
and um and so i think you could get a
lot of people to install this to try to
get free bitcoin while they just browse
the internet
every time they open a new tab it's like
a little mini scratch off lotto ticket
that they get to scratch off
that might have some crypto inside and
um you could give away little [聽__聽] coins
you could give away micro amounts of
bitcoin you can give away little puzzle
pieces and if you get it right it's like
the monopoly game at mcdonald's
where you actually earn the bitcoin if
you get all the pieces you can make a
game out of it basically
and uh and then the rest of the screen
you just plaster with ads
or sometimes what comes out of the box
is just an ad and
i think that's how you make money off of
my gimmick chrome extension
well i hope someone tries this because i
think it would be hilarious that they
create a product out of your joke
so long story short we'll move on to
we'll move on from uh
chrome plugins but i think it's so cool
i think people
are underestimating this space a ton and
i'm excited to
see what comes out of there the last
thing i'll say on this is the general
idea here is just um
there's a platform with three billion
users and it has an app store
there's gonna be winners right that now
that i look back
isn't it obvious like i still stand by
hey there's only 200
000 chrome extensions and there's two
million apps right so it's 10 times less
but hey like that doesn't matter there's
several winners that we've talked about
so i would say how many other platforms
are like this right so like
you know there's everyone talks about
apps and you know google play or the
apple store but what else is there right
like hubspot has a platform
um you know salesforce has a platform
slack has a platform
you know where are all these platforms
and there's gonna be winners like
once these platforms reach a critical
mass somebody's gonna build something
that's frictionless on top of it
that um is able to generate revenue so i
think there's there's
money to be made in the unconventional
app platforms that you don't really
think about first
yeah and i could go on forever about it
but i think there's it's wordpress i
think there's google sheets
i think there's gmail right i mean it's
a lot of google stuff but i think
there's way more than people think
right um what do you want to do
um let's do uh what's the update on
social stuff what is that
oh i was saying just like our videos man
our videos are crushing it
we're uh the guys um henry and jordan
or henry and dylan who are making these
um we made an offer to them
to make dozens and dozens a month
are they doing it because i love their
videos i think they're gonna do it so
we're gonna do like
i asked them i'm like send me a quote to
do 30 to 60 of videos a month
right so they'll do our stuff i actually
think that they
can reduce the quality a little bit like
they're too good
well like they take a long time i think
that i think they can reduce the quality
on youtube
because i think people watch youtube a
bit more passively i think and they
uh continue with the high quality on
instagram and twitter because it's only
two minutes long
so um weird so so people need to
subscribe to watch the videos because
they're not just
it's not just a video of what we talk
about it basically takes this hour-long
thing where we're just shooting the [聽__聽]
it finds the most interesting two
minutes it edits us down so that we
sound smart
and it animates over the top of it so
it's like actually fun to look at and it
makes way more sense than just hearing
us talk about so
where do they go to actually watch the
videos because we need them to subscribe
to the video place
so there's a few ways you can do it the
first is you follow either sean or
sean and i on twitter and we share them
a lot personally the second is the
hustle's twitter
which is just the hustle the third is
the hustle's instagram which is the
hustle daily the
fourth is our youtube channel which we
actually have to figure out how to do
this because we're using our old youtube
account called
hustlecon so just google the hustle my
first million
on youtube you'll see it but we have to
figure out how to manage that because
they're actually kind of getting popular
now you know five or ten thousand views
a video
um and if we do three a week which we're
going to start doing that's kind of that
gets to be
somewhat interesting right so we got to
figure that out but those are the ways
that they can find it right now
yeah i like that i go through the
youtube one i like youtube myself
and so uh but they're getting a ton of
comments yeah the comments are great and
i love responding to the comments so i'm
just right now
it's early days right i'm responding to
all the comments because me too
fun and they make fun of me a lot i can
make fun of you
more than you soon there'll be too many
comments to respond to but for now i
think there's like 17 000 subscribers so
i want to like triple that just off of
the listeners from this podcast so
go to hustlecon
like and then um subscribe to
that thing so that you
get the videos from us and then work and
there'll be a video
a video will have only 5 000 views but
100 and some odd comments which has kind
of been crazy and then the instagram is
stupid amount of engagements and i think
sean you're actually
crushing me in terms of clips with hits
a handful of your clips have gotten
close to 100 000 views
um we had one with zach crockett one of
our riders and he got
70 000 i think the other day nice and so
we're just gonna start churning them out
and we're going to do way more of these
um i think we're going to launch a few
more podcasts
it's tbd but there's one called like how
x makes money
so like steph wants to break down how um
something makes money and then a similar
podcast is the economics
of blank uh well we'll talk about the
economics of something else
um what else are we gonna do i forget a
few but anyway we gotta like we're gonna
churn out these clips yeah it's way
better to listen to honestly like when i
listen to those i'm
if i listen to the podcast i kind of
cringe myself because i'm like
i hate hearing my voice and also you
know we wander it's a it's an
off-the-cuff unedited conversation but
the clips
um they're great they're just great all
right anyways what else
let me wrap this up one thing and i just
want to say this now because i think i
want to like
look back and remember this i think that
in one year from now
and maybe two years from now these style
of clips that we're doing on social
are definitely they're kind of their own
genre would you agree like
it's not like we're changing the world
here so i don't want to like over
no we're going to get copied if that's
what you're getting at because already
every time we every time i retweet one
of them other successful podcasters or
like youtubers
are like holy [聽__聽] who's making your
clips and i'm just like dude
you don't i don't know their name i
forgot i swallowed that key and that box
is locked because
i think they're great i think they're
better than everyone else's and i don't
want everybody copying us and having the
same [聽__聽] but it's
gonna happen it is gonna be the
beginning of a new genre do you agree
like no one makes high quality [聽__聽] for
a twitter video yeah
and it's uh it's like easy it's easy
pickings basically for for us now
um all right uh we'll do one more
segment yeah let's do it what do you
i got two quick ones so first gumroad
just raised five million dollars
through a crowdfunding campaign uh i
wanted to get your take real quick
we can go quick on i don't know how much
we have to talk about this but good
bad investment and then the background
yeah secondly
i want to know because you raised
crowdfunding also so i want to hear your
thoughts on that but i'll give the two
seconds on gumroad so
uh if you've never used it gumroad's
awesome as a product it's
uh the easiest way as a creator like if
i make an ebook
or if i make a pdf that i want to sell
that has a bunch of information on it
i'll go to gumroad all in 10 minutes
i'll have a website up
that can that i can sell my digital
and i can take payments from it so it
does two things right it lets you sell a
digital product so like
shopify is not great for this shopify is
more for like physical products
and uh it's just simple it's like i'm
just selling one thing i don't need a
complicated store and i want to like
have to like write code and also like i
just want somebody to be able to come
and pay with a credit card and the other
cool feature they have is you can make
it like
kind of like pay what you want uh so
it's sort of like a tip jar
essentially for for something you make
and so some people have made you know a
lot of money doing this i think some
people at the hustle i know steph did a
book on i think gumroad that did like
thirty thousand dollars in sales maybe
50 or something like that
it did 70. i've made 10 i've made tens
of thousands of dollars on gumroad what
was your product you sold on gumroad
how to so before the hustle i owned a
roommate matching
business and i mastered craigslist
and in cities like san francisco and new
york um
a person on craigslist will get hundreds
of replies to their apartment and so i
just taught people how to
email people in order to get an
apartment on craigslist and it was so
successful that on the first date with
my now wife
i asked her how she got an apartment
she's like oh i just needed some guide
and she bought my guide i mean i sold a
lot of them so that was my product
that's hilarious i didn't know that um
yeah so gumroad is called
by the way i'll plug it gumroad the
miracle craigslist template
there you go um okay so
so it's for that kind of thing it
enables a different kind of seller
been around for like i literally think
10 years now
they went through this crazy story where
they came out got hot
raised a bunch of money from like big
name vcs
then things didn't go so well had to
basically unwind
the whole thing so like laid off or let
go or employees left or whatever went
back to like kind of like a
one to three person operation i think um
they went to like kind of bootstrapping
it and went back to kind of like
focusing on profitability and because
they realized they couldn't raise any
more money
and then now they're back 10 years later
so that was like you know
a 10-year arc and now they're like kind
of restarting it again like we're going
big again
and uh and they have some pretty
interesting metrics so bray you pull up
go to their uh fundraising thing the
metrics are
are it doesn't make that much money but
it has a
so basically the way gumroad works is
people post stuff for sale and
so in terms of gross transactions i
don't think they re
no before that is 200 200 and something
million 220
ish uh million dollars in gmv which is a
like a month or a year yeah per year
yeah so
pretty high gmv it's growing like crazy
uh it's a really good product i love it
but the actual
not the net income but like the uh net
um it's not significant it was like 200
000 a month it was like um
i think i just read it so so i'll pull
these up but uh or you go get the
republic their fundraising page
it has all the stats on it but basically
if i remember correctly it's like eight
to nine million dollars of
net income last year that they got to
keep and then from that they had one
million dollars
profit at the end of the year i don't
think then it's that
high but that would be cool if it were
but the basis basically exploded during
the kind of like covid
um bump it so you could check check out
this this fundraising page real quick
we'll just we'll just yeah go ahead
read off the stats and then i'll tell
you my opinion well i'll just tell you
my opinion now while you're looking that
up which is i
would not invest in this at all i would
run away from this
okay so i'll do the number i'm gonna
explain why in a second last year okay i
was a little high so last year
73 million this year 143 million
um and then their revenue off that was 9
their gross profit they say is 2.6
million and the net income at the end of
the day for them was 1 million dollars
uh in 2020. and it was only 1 million
because they only had one employee so of
that two so they really had two point
six million dollars in revenue
and the only thing they had to support
was one or two employees and certainly
nine million in revenue nine million was
their take
off the total transaction and then they
have more than one employee now i think
because he kind of like rebooted the
company to grow again
and so nine million is what the company
made so
but they're raising i think at like a
hundred million dollar valuation or
something like that
um i would not i would not invest in
this at all
we've really butchered the numbers here
sorry yeah we should have prepped this
uh i would not invest in this at all and
i'll tell you why
i was a fan of gumroad since 2012. my
friend nathan barry
told me about it because he had a book
there and he went and spoke at the
gumroad office and i went to their
and watched him speak and i was like
damn this is great what is this whole
government thing this is awesome yadda
i started i began as a governor to use
in 2011. but the founder was like a
prodigy his name sahil i think his name
seemed like a like a cool dude real
smart he left pinterest as the third
employee to start this he was like a
prodigy started the company at 19.
but he failed um which is great that's
fine you know you take swings it doesn't
always work out and he raised 16 million
dollars he got the investors to write it
off saying like all right we'll give you
back all the equity this is dead for us
and then he went and worked on it and he
kept working on it which is cool
but now none of the investors or the
employees who previously worked there
all their equity got completely canceled
out because somehow in good faith they
said we're out of here fine you could
have it
and it's actually going to turn out to
be something and i wouldn't want to
invest in this person for two reasons
the first i don't think that he cares
about investors
i think that he just cares about
creating cool stuff and making his
lifestyle great
which is no no problem i'm like that as
a little bit as well
but i wouldn't want to invest money at
100 million evaluation someone with that
two if he takes the money and doesn't
give money back to the people who gave
equity to
and tries to build this thing to sell uh
i think that that's unethical and i
don't wanna be part of that so that's
why i would pass on this
interesting yeah i've i heard somebody
else talking about that as well
uh i don't know the whole situation so
i can't say you know exactly how those
conversations went down and what
everybody was on board with and whatnot
by the way i don't know the whole
situation either a lot of what i've just
said is
is is that's the public sound i've heard
and a lot of it is hypothetical but this
is what i think is i mean if you
if you just read publicly what's going
on you can kind of it's right
that's in line with what i've heard so
none of that's out of line i don't think
that he did it to screw anybody at all i
don't think so i think literally the
expectations of the company were too
it wasn't going to continue growing at
that pace it wasn't i don't think he
tried to do anyone either so he was like
either we shut this down we
fire sale this or we kind of unwind it
and get it back to a bootstrappable
company but if we're going to do that
then this whole venture structure and
all these employees
don't make any sense anymore and i'm
great with that right
i'm great with that until right now
you're going back to the growth story
now the reason i wouldn't invest is just
pretty simply i don't think it's a great
business i don't like businesses like
this i don't like patreon
i don't like substance for the same
reason i think they are amazing products
they are good for the world but they
make for crappy businesses
if you just look at the numbers if you
know these guys doing 150 million
dollars of gmv 10 years into the
and they're making a million dollars a
profit at the end of the day still
is there so that million dollars of
profit you're valuing at 100 million
dollars today which means for me to get
10x on my money which is what i need
for a illiquid early stage startup this
has to become worth a billion dollars or
and so you're telling me that this
company that's doing you know
sub 10 million in revenue sub you know
like about 1 million in profit
is gonna be worth a billion dollars i
find it
like i think it's a bad bet and you're
not getting paid for the risk you're
taking because you're already paying up
at 100 million
valuation why because he's super popular
on twitter
he's super well connected with other
investors like naval as an investor and
all this stuff
um because they're friends and whatnot
and so i think that
i don't think the retail investor is
getting a great deal here i think that's
i have this general thing
that's kind of unpopular which is uh
is the you know bottom of the barrel
companies like the best companies the
ones that are hot that are growing
get picked up by professional investors
the stuff that you end up seeing on
crowdfunding sites i don't think
are the big breakout companies in
general now i know the hustle actually
did a small crowdfunding thing but yours
was a little different
yeah i could raise that you raised from
real investors and you could have raised
all the money from real investors you
most of it you just opened up a small
amount so your community would
feel like bought into the product i
think that's a different thing then
it is a different thing i actually
regret doing that and i wish i didn't do
um and i wish i didn't do it because
when you do that you now have a whole
lot of people who are going to ask you
questions and things like that and it's
quite distracting
and did they get paid out by the way
from this deal that the deal
they all got to check so they all know
what the thing sold for then right
how are you how are you planning to keep
it a secret if they are all going to get
some multiple of their money
because the multiple that they get was
because the total consideration
was like the retention of employees and
all that stuff they don't get that
yeah like i personally am going to make
ton like maybe more money just off the
package than the cap table package
right um so there's things like that
and also it depends i'm not saying for
my deal but for some
deals it depends how the note's
structured yep um
but it's it's not fun i think because
you have to report to people on a
quarterly basis about
certain stuff and so it's basically like
you're a publicly traded company
yeah that may not be worth the hassle i
don't think it's worth the hassle
um and i do agree that a lot of them are
bottom of the barrel not all but a lot
right yeah that said if you're okay with
the not having privacy which some people
are cool with that i do actually think
it's wise to get some users to invest in
you know this is actually how um samuel
adams beer company got started
they let their customers buy shares in
the company before it went public
and then and and in their case they said
it helped them a ton i agree i like when
you raise from customers
i don't and i think that's a totally
different thing than just going on a
crowdfunding platform and saying hey
person who wants to invest in tech but
you don't have the network and you don't
have the know-how and you're not in any
of the funds
um like you should just invest in my
thing you're not a customer of it
whereas like let's say you're samuel
adams or next week next episode i'm
going to talk about ben and jerry's ben
and jerry's did the same thing they did
they did a share offering to their local
customers in vermont
so that they would be more likely to
shop at their store continue to come
back to the store because they feel like
a part owner
what you guys do with the hustle you let
the readers invest
um i think that's very different than
what you see on most of the crowdfunding
sites which is basically
what when you show up on a crowdfunding
site it's typically i struck out with
real investors
so this is my last show you know and
that's why i say bottom of the barrel
that's not nice and you know i'm sure
that's not the case for all the
i have friends that have done this and
the friends i've had that have done this
that's exactly what happened
they struck out with the sophisticated
investors so they go to the
unsophisticated investors and try to
patch together
three thousand dollar checks five
thousand dollar checks or whatever to
get and it
doesn't mean that they're not going to
be successful it just means they weren't
they couldn't get it done in the church
where the business is at today was not
juicy enough where these
hawks the you know professional
investors are like hawks they circle
these companies that are
that are high growth potential that
could be big big winners
and they pounce on them but you can't
even you know before they even start
fundraising they'll often get picked up
and so um typically if you're at the
crowdfunding point that means you've not
only not got scooped up early by the
you probably went and pitched them and
they said no and now you're on the
retail investor
great well you want to do one more topic
or yeah let's do one more
uh the other one is this idea or
something cool that uh ben showed me
called study stream live have you heard
of this
no google it somebody tried doing this
working but it's basically like hey
everybody's working from home remotely
it can be kind of lonely and i forgot
what the name of the
of the work related one was but it's
basically i had one
it was called peak and it was horrible
dude there was like times where like we
had this one plug-in where it would take
a picture every 30 seconds or every two
minutes or something
so you could like see your co-workers
and do [聽__聽] but like there'd be times
like look this isn't this sounds like
bro and embarrassing but there's
definitely times where you're shirtless
where you're on the toilet using your
where you're like walking around in your
underwear and there was times they
caught me like
shirtless in a peek and i was like oh my
god this is right like right when you're
laying in bed
like playing on the computer or like so
that's a bit of a different thing
alright so
i know what you're talking about that's
like a uh kind of like
spontaneo like it's kind of like a
passive way of sharing what you're what
you're doing this is different
there's this is you want a focus do you
want kind of like a study buddy
and so you say all right for the next
hour match me with someone else
i think focus mate is the name of the
one i was thinking about which is
it matches you with one person and you
get to work together you're both going
to work on something at the beginning
you're like oh yeah i'm working on my
email newsletter today and the other
person's like yeah i have this report i
need to give to my boss
okay i'm on there right now i'm on their
website i already know what's going to
with this company so let me explain what
it is first so so
you get paired for the hour you're
supposed to focus and get something done
so it's supposed to increase your
productivity because you kind of have
like a buddy
who's holding you accountable from just
drifting off and doing nothing
um and you also can meet people and it's
like kind of like a speed dating thing
where you're gonna end up bumping into
people and you're not just
alone all day in silence in your house
so that's the idea focus mate was trying
to do it for for work
this study um the study thing what was
called study what livestream it's study
live so these guys are doing it for
studying for university students who are
doing remote learning
and um it is blowing up actually and so
if you go there and you try to join one
of these rooms
they have like ten thousand person rooms
uh like you can go join like a server
like okay i'm gonna join this server
there's a thousand spots
they're all full like go go i've tried i
tried them sometimes
they're full uh most of the most of the
day and uh which is interesting that
means there's about 10
000 people that can concurrently using
this product at any given time
how did ben find this he said oh this
thing's going viral on tick tock
um and so that they might be like a
temporary thing where they're full right
now because they're going viral on tick
tock but
you know tick tock is kind of a younger
generation and they're basically it
speaks to them which is like hey
you know you're at home it's kind of
lonely it's kind of boring and you don't
meet anybody but you don't get to see
your friends you don't get to meet any
and you i want to focus i wouldn't say
it's going viral the most video has 35
um but they do have traction for sure
like every video has seven thousand
views so
yeah i think it's other people it's not
their own videos i think there's other
people talking about it that went viral
that's how people discovered it somebody
okay i'm on the website right now i go
to their website it says boost your
focus join a 24 7 virtual room
i click a room to join uh i click focus
room and i click the room to join and it
just takes you to a
google uh a zoom room right like don't
do it it's going to mess up the podcast
but don't join it well i just clicked it
and it like prompts you for a zoom room
am i weird or dirty and thinking i think
this is just going to become
like dicks
i mean i think that the younger people
the people who use this uh are
like better internet people than our
so i don't think i don't i actually like
our generation i think would default to
thinking it would be dicks
i think that this these folks would not
default to that but
is this looks like a really innocent and
internet community is it going to be
ruined with that that's probably
wherever there can be dicks there will
be dicks right so i think i think there
definitely there's going to be some
people doing it they're going to have to
figure out a way to stamp that out
one thing might be you know the big
thing here is can they can they pull off
a subscription
so can they get you to pay to have this
this you know study buddy kind of set up
where you get to focus
you get to meet some new people will
people pay i i'm skeptical of it but i
found it interesting this is new
i don't know how to feel about it and so
i think rather than judge i'm just
i'm just kind of like i'm gonna watch
this one and see what happens so a whole
bunch of media dorks that i'm friends
with they're all like oh
media is like the future of education
commerce and community like they use
these stupid ass buzzwords and they say
all this [聽__聽]
no or they say like we're going to
create like a 3d
thing things you can it's like no no no
you guys are thinking about this whole
like first of all colleges are always
going to exist and we're always going to
need them whatever yeah yeah
but this company that i'm seeing uh
study stream
this is a crazy unique gen
z like the people who i've talked about
who say this are typically in their 30s
and 40s
um this looks like it was created by an
18 year old who's in the know
and it's totally unique it's so
interesting i don't care if this fails i
think it's a really good
uh swing very unique
very very unique very great person it
was like a student project i don't think
this is meant to be like a company
necessarily like there's a kind of like
an about page on there
you could probably check it out but it
sort of said like this was made by the
group of whatever like some place and it
just seems kind of like a humble side
project that
is getting a little bit of momentum and
it kind of tells you like there's
something interesting there it's not
easy to get that level of traction uh
well i don't know if it'll stay it's
probably not gonna be the biggest thing
in the world but
i thought that was a pretty neat idea i
think that this is an incredibly
successful um project
uh who created this i'm looking for it
there is a guy named paul scott did he
create this
i just like him googling the url um you
can't find anything about it
people on reddit are talking about it uh
this is crazy that's yeah this is super
interesting it's very it's still
very underground yeah seriously
i thought this was cool um that's all i
kind of have for today i have uh
i have two good ones for next uh the
next pod so i'm excited about that
i found it uh it had this thing has
it's like a company company
so i googled and i went
a guy's linkedin page and he's the
co-founder of a vc firm
it's called knowledge collective is a
venture builder focused on global impact
by disrupting health education and
and he has as one of
portfolio companies along with studypal
dot live
young and dot institute
i think that's all that's all for this
episode let's wrap it um
i'll break you what'd you think of this
one oh by the way uh
everyone said that the um
recap at the michael thing was the best
thing so i guess we should do those more
yeah i thought that was good i hope
people stuck around to the end because
we didn't
uh i think we probably should have put a
line in at the beginning that was like
this is an interview with michael saylor
he's an awesome guy for this reason
and uh you know the interview was a
little bit weird we actually debriefed
it at the end of the show
uh if you want to skip to the last 10
minutes you want to listen to it that's
the last 10 minutes but blah blah
i feel like there's probably a lot of
people who got five minutes in or 10
minutes in and we're just like what's
going on here uh yeah i'm gonna listen
to something else i'm gonna go do
something else
but the people who didn't make the end
gave us a lot of good feedback on it but
by the way
some of the feedback that we got was
like why'd you guys try to brow out with
him at the beginning about cars and [聽__聽]
like he didn't want that like dude we
what's so funny is we like planned that
we're like what should we like do
like we said like eight ideas and i was
like i can just ask them about cars
right and we're like oh that's the best
of the worst just ask them about cars
yeah i would agree with them that it
didn't work but
i would not agree that you should just
like not try to
get the guests into like like to shake
off their
pr speak right like it you know
more times than not it's better to get
somebody feeling loose and comfortable
and laughing and talking about something
that they're genuinely
like something about themselves than
them just showing up for their you know
eighth interview of the last week
and just saying the same thing again
which you know for a guy like him he
does a ton of interviews
so you know if you want to listen to one
of those like i've listened to many of
them they're all the same on youtube you
can go listen they're good
but they're all the same and so i was
hoping to shake them uh we failed at it
and i actually had a kind of an
interesting learning afterwards
uh that i'll tell you about i um
i was thinking afterwards i was training
i went and worked out right after the
thing and my trainer could tell my head
was kind of somewhere else at the
beginning he's like what's up
and i was like man we just had this
interview with this guy i'm so excited
about it because i think he's a baller
but honestly the interview was kind of
awkward and um
and i felt like he was he was a little
bit flat it didn't seem like he wanted
to be there
and then i feel like you know
i thought we could shake him out of that
i thought we could make it good no
matter how the guest comes in but like
it didn't work or the [聽__聽] we tried
didn't work and he was like he asked me
a question and i i sort of thought about
it he goes
you know he got me thinking there's this
woman named glo
who is the executive coach for a bunch
of the top dogs at twitch
i think for the ceo oh she's been her
exec coach for like 14 years or
something like that
and she always comes and does these like
with the exact team she'll do this like
team building thing with us where she'll
come to our off site
and um normally if you get all the execs
in a room
it's just very type a it's like we need
to talk about our problems we need to
talk about our goals and our plans and
how we need to be more cross-functional
and blah blah blah and when glow is
there she won't let you just like stay
in the logical part of your brain
you have to like get real a little bit
you have to be like
a more of a human being more more open
more emotional you have to be able to
say if you're pissed off at somebody
she'll get you to actually say what's on
your mind
and not just stay at the surface so
she's like a master and this woman's
like i don't know 80 something years old
so what she she is like uh she was so
good at this like i remember
the ceo emmett he has this like twitch
a little like tick like a kind of like a
speaking tick he has where
when he's thinking hard or if he's like
disagrees with you
he'll start like kind of like grabbing
this thing on his neck and he'll just do
this for like
10 minutes while he's talking to you and
i noticed it many people noticed it
but nobody's ever gonna say anything to
emmett about this like i'm not gonna be
like dude what are you doing
um or like hey you know you do that like
i would just never say it and nobody
ever says it so he always does it
but it's like um and so this is the
first time i knew she was a baller was
as soon as he started doing it in one of
the big exact
kind of off-sites she was like emmett
knock it off with that thing you're
doing on your neck
and i was like i was like whoa this lady
is like and like that was just like she
was just she didn't think about it she
said it
and she said it in such a like harmless
way he took no offense he's like oh yeah
he just moved on and then for other and
then she'll like actually do like some
pretty sophisticated techniques where
you say something
and she'll be like you know you kind of
hesitated when you said that and i know
you you're a confident guy you typically
don't hesitate
what's what was that and then you like
start pouring your soul out the glow and
she like gets you she opens everybody up
so anyways i was thinking what would
glow have done if she was in that
interview with michael sailor
and that's when i realized what we
should have done we should have just
five minutes in we both recognized like
hey this is not going super well
and um i don't know about you that's how
i felt would you say the same about five
minutes in yes
and so what we should have done is just
been like
you know michael like i'm i've watched a
ton of your videos
you are super smart you have uh taught
me a lot about this space and
honestly i was really really excited to
have you on like i'm a fan of yours and
i don't say that about most of the
uh and i've seen you when you're
switched on and like
you know when you explain something uh
it just
it just it's so spot on and it really
and i feel like you're not fully
switched on right now like and
we should have just addressed it and
just been like hey like
i know you probably do a ton of these
but i've seen you at your best and like
can you give us your best like can you
give us your a game can you and we
should have
i don't know what the phrasing is it
doesn't really matter what the phrasing
is to be honest with you
but i think we should have at the
beginning and not in the debrief
while it was happening we should have
found a way to just
just open them up just say hey look
let's call what it is right now like
what are we doing here and let's make
this great you know there's people out
here who have never heard i've heard all
your interviews
people listen to this that have never
heard of you they've never heard we
should have
100 and i think what a lot of people
don't realize and what i didn't realize
until i got into this game was
we're like try to be like friends with
these people or at least cordial
and it's really awkward to to be like
this is weird isn't it like it's like
imagine just like having a conversation
with a stranger at a party that you met
i mean that's kind of what we're doing
yes and it's really uncommon it's really
uncomfortable to do that
but we should have done that and that's
what we should do more of
and even now while i'm rambling i'm not
saying the right thing like it's not
coming out right
but what i do know is that was the move
that was the move and there's no there's
no um
that was the lesson that was the that
was the big gain of that like i thought
the episode was going to be amazing
frankly i don't think the episode was
but an amazing thing came out i really
liked it i know but for me
it wasn't something i'm proud of but the
thing i the amazing thing that did come
out of it was
we got into an uncomfortable situation
and we got a rep trying something that
was hard to do
we kind of failed at the rep but because
of that situation i now know next time
what i will do if i'm ever in that
situation again
um and so like that was the that was the
goal that came out of that for me
i wanted to share that yeah and i would
actually want to interview
more crazy interesting off-the-wall
um i think we just need a few more reps
to get to
to get in there most people we've
interviewed have been pretty easy i mean
ty lopez was hard
and we i think we actually kicked that
one in the ass yeah i thought we were
good on that one that one was also
challenging and i was thinking um i
actually think you're really good at
naturally doing the thing which is
naturally warming the guest up because i
think you're very informal
you're very casual so that just like
they're like oh that's the tone of this
uh he's not trying to like give this
polished intro
you'll just be like you're like a
interesting guy right like you're cool
and then they're like what then you're
like you know you're like a cool guy and
you you're clearly smart and like you
and you do this thing and like i
remember with the guest who came on for
deep sentinel you were like
talking about how you wanted to like
convert your truck into an overlander
and then he like had that in common and
it actually
worked out amazing to just talk about
like some you know
something that was not just hey tell me
about your company and why it's so great
because he knows that pitch will go into
it'll go into autopilot and you got him
talking about something that was not
and with like others like uh the david's
tease guys or whatever
you were like um i think you called him
like a handsome dude or something
like you know he's like it like gets
them into they get some laughing it gets
them out of there i call them really
good-looking yeah yeah you're really
looking um
he doesn't expect that and so i think
you do a good job of it but sometimes
it's a swing it didn't work dude michael
alfied me
out alphaed me so hard i was like yeah i
got this card so fast he's like
yeah like a jet he's like i prefer jets
and yachts
i was like all right right all right
daddy you got me um
i brayu what do you think about today
and last week actually
one of the video was is i've seen dozens
of these videos and nobody's ever asked
them about that ship
so there you go sam was the first to ask
about the ship
um i think you should have them back on
i think second time around
might be better yeah and um
i think sean one thing that i don't
think i'm handling well and tell me if
you're struggling with it is
with these videos getting out we're
getting way more comments and becoming a
little bit more public figures
um it definitely uh
like i'm a i think i'm a pretty tough
guy like in terms of like i don't let a
lot bother me
it bothers me sometimes does it bother
uh it's definitely the case that
one negative thing i hear it 20 times
forever you know it's like one negative
is worth 20 positive comments
it doesn't even be negative just like
because often it's like something
totally true
and or it's just something you know
ridiculous but
uh a negative thing does like sit in
your brain a little bit more
and i think that there's probably some
like getting used to
of that where eventually that'll just
wear off right like like in any public
speaking or any kind of like any time
you put yourself out there like
you do develop thicker and thicker skin
as you go for us
we weren't like i wasn't podcasting i
don't know like a little over a year ago
right i didn't
i didn't make content i didn't put my
face on video i didn't put my name
ideas that are good or i didn't try to
like go
you know interview a billionaire and do
all this stuff i wasn't really trying to
do that
and so it's definitely definitely
getting thicker skin i would say like
on the whole i don't feel like i'm
too sensitive about it because um uh
like i just i spend very little time
thinking about it but if i if i'm honest
yeah a negative comment definitely does
um you know reverberate in my ears
ten times more than a positive
compliment which i just kind of brush
off immediately and don't
i don't care about positive compliments
they like they might as well not exist i
don't even see them but
and it's not to the point where it ruins
my day but it like gives me it's like a
shitty half hour
right it's like a shitty half hour i
also think i'm
more fortunate than anybody right like
when i did the cnbc thing today
i watched the video in the first 10
seconds i'm like why the [聽__聽] do i blink
so much
what am i doing do i always blink if it
makes you feel better
nobody else you look cool i think you
looked cool i the the way that you look
now is like a hundred times cooler than
you way you looked
a year and a half ago yeah my hair out
it passed the
uh awful zone of growing it out and now
it's like okay no and you're like you
used to have a little baby face you just
look better i just think you look like a
cool person
oh thank you appreciate that yeah the
facial the facial hair i think you look
like a cool guy
uh i said you're back i like compliments
all right there we go i'm back i'm back
in the game
right up right you am i wrong he looks
way cooler now
the thing that you probably don't like
is when they come when like one of them
if like if they love you and they hate
me or they love me and they hate you
those are the ones that suck because
it's one thing just to be a hater
but if it's like no i like that guy i
just don't like this other dude it's
it's like more personal than just being
like you guys are idiots it's like yeah
whatever i
what's interesting though is i don't
think there's a favorite so far i think
um you i think they hated you more and
um they liked me more and i think it's
slowly shifted a little bit so now i
actually think we're equal
i think we're equal in terms of uh the
dislike and the likes
yeah it's good practice though uh to do
this kind of thing i really recommend to
anybody who
i don't know like if you got time if you
got like that extra hour that you're
spending on like just watching tv
like make content you'll learn a lot of
[聽__聽] making content you'll learn a lot
about yourself you learn a lot about
what makes other people
like resonate with something and not and
you have to like
come up with interesting things to say
which means you need to become a more
interesting person
so i really think making content is uh
is something everybody should should go
do for a period of time just so that
they experience it
what do you think of bray abreu i think
this part was almost better than the
podcast the last 10-15 minutes
i don't know if that's an insult or a
compliment no the podcast was good but
this part made me this part made me
smile and laugh
and when the podcast can do that as well
that's great but this podcast didn't
although it was informative um
yeah i think you guys should take the
good with the bad right like being out
there sean you've been able to
create this big newsletter you raised
the fund
you got all this positive stuff so like
a few bad comments like
i don't know you the the positives
weight outweigh the bad i guess
it's like i think that's a way of
looking at it do you have a big
newsletter now
uh that's like the same it's like
actually the the thread that went viral
just now the clubhouse thing that added
a few thousand people to it but let me
see what it's at i think it's like
22 23 000 subscribers now
i will say it makes i feel so validated
in my sense of self-worth that i was
doing newsletters five years ago and now
all the cool kids like shawn and greg
and all every cool kid
and i literally finally stupid what you
were doing i was like what is he doing
finally finally all of the cool kids
get it it took it took them forever but
i do feel validated
yeah it's like you did it right you got
it big and you cashed it out and i think
that's the
you know that's the um you went full you
you're lapping us at this point like you
already did the whole thing
and all of us right now are still like
oh we got to make interesting content
then we got to capture that person
well get that let's get their email
address that'll work like that's a good
idea and then like let's
let's hit them up regularly with
something and then let's figure out how
to make money it's like you've already
done like eight of those steps we're all
just like no i think
i think there's there's room to build
significantly bigger things in
significantly shorter times
but i 100 percent feel validated i mean
i i i'm wrong all the time this is just
the one time that i've been right
and it makes me feel validated my sense
of self-worth has just boosted by the
way i tried this thing okay so check out
this thing behind me
this vesta board have you seen this
before no
is it a bitcoin ticker no no no i don't
know if you could
see um i don't know if you could see it
because my camera like doesn't autofocus
on it
i tried to have this behind me so on on
the thing behind me right now so for
those who are listening to see this
i basically have this giant um like
and the board is like if you go to a
train station
and you see where it's like you know
like those little like flipboard signs
where it's like you know this train is
at station six and it's like
and it switches train departs at station
eight now
it's like so it's one of those it does
thing and so you can put any message on
here so you can program it where like
i could put like you know today's
revenue and it'll like keep updating
every hour on there i could put a
i could put like a quote that i like on
there so it's like a art piece of art
that kind of changes behind me
but i tried to get this up for the cnbc
thing uh because i was going on i bought
the domain
that dude on because i was like
oh my gosh that is awesome great idea
i was like what if i can get a chance to
shout something else like oh dude i'm
gonna do my name no one's gonna spell
that no one's gonna remember
sean poori sean with two freaking a's
that's not gonna work great so i got i
that dude on if you go to it it
just redirects you to my website
and then i just had it behind me uh
during the interview
so that anybody who saw it could like go
to it but the
but the guys on tv were like hey we need
you to move over to the middle i was
[聽__聽] it's gonna block my sign but he's
like no you need to be centered
and i was like okay whatever but that
was my little attempt to get any traffic
uh i don't know i haven't had a chance
this morning's been so busy dude i we
did that i did a cnbc thing
and then i'd take care of my daughter um
and then and then
with this crazy like situation with my
wife's ecommerce store where there's
you know like crazy theft going on in
the warehouse or like trying to deal
with that and trying to feel like
how do we deal with that so you know
there's crazy stuff going on but
i'm just trying to get back to my like
paternity dad life and just
chill with the baby that's that's what i
want to do i'm basically just going to
chill with the baby for the next few
weeks and just
try to record this podcast you know for
for you know one hour
one hour a week or whatever two hours a
week that we do this
well i'll pray you
a b c d hey
ah all right we could never leave
without bray you're like kind of like
you tell us the bedtime story we can't
get off the air until you give us the
i feel like i can rule the world i know
i could be
what i want to i put my law in it like
no days off
on the travel never looking back