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so you want to start a SAS to change
your life in some way you either want
some side income while you continue
working your day job or you want to quit
the day job altogether and work for
yourself that's why on this channel we
dive deep into the reality of what it's
like to build and grow SAS companies
they're incredible they can be
life-changing and in today's video I'm
going to talk about six micro SAS ideas
that they steal if you stick around to
the end you're going to hear a special
bonus idea that would be an extreme
technical challenge but it could turn
into something much larger than a
microsass I'm Rob Walling a Serial
entrepreneur I've written four books on
building startups and invested in more
than 125 companies a couple notes before
we dive into the ideas today I'm looking
specifically at micro SAS ideas so these
are mostly step one businesses in my
stair step method often microsass ideas
are a single feature or they're built
into an existing ecosystem like say the
Shopify or the Heroku add-on
marketplaces and today's video will
almost solely focus on microsask these
are things that are faster to build and
faster to get to Market but usually they
have a built-in ceiling where they're
not going to become a million dollar
business but if your goal is to get to
5K a month or 10K a month microsass can
be a good way to go second point is no
validation has been done on these ideas
so in your shoes I wouldn't just go out
and start building I would definitely
think about how to evaluate these ideas
talk to customers etc etc and lastly
people have already started reaching out
letting me know that they are tackling
some of the ideas that we've released on
this channel please feel free to comment
below with a link if you find success
with any of these ideas it's inevitable
that there will be success stories
coming out of the ideas shared in these
videos and once again I'd like to give a
shout out to nugget.1 and its founder
Justin Vincent for allowing me to share
these ideas that we pulled from nugget
so let's dive in six ideas today plus
our bonus the first idea is a piece of
software to effectively separate colors
for t-shirt screen printing as a
reminder all of these ideas are
requested by real people who are
experiencing trouble or difficulties at
their day job and they have a problem
that they want to solve so this one was
submitted by a screen printer and they
say I print custom t-shirts for people
for businesses events what have you and
I cannot find software that will
effectively separate colors for me to
use in the printing process when you
print a t-shirt it has several colors
that need to be separated before you
print most of the tools out there are
just macros for Photoshop and not an
actual program that will separate the
colors so you can print the options
available are very expensive or
essentially just plugins for Photoshop
which make it not only expensive but
needlessly complicated one example is
simple steps which cost 300 for the
plugin for coreldraw so not only do you
need to pay 300 but you also need to buy
coreldra if there was a program that
could separate colors not be reliant on
another piece of software rely on a free
tool like which is open source
software and it was affordable it would
be great for a lot of startups and
Veterans alike these ideas never cease
to amaze me in their detail and in the
fact that there are still so many small
problems that are unsolved by software
today if you're going to run with this
idea I would start with conversations go
to where screen printers hang out are
they on Facebook do they have Reddit
groups do they have private slack groups
do you need to do cold Outreach whatever
it is finding out if this is a problem
for more than just this one screen
printer is exactly where I would start
idea number two is grammarly for SC EO
the requester writes I'm a freelance
writer and web editor my biggest concern
when writing is search engine
optimization while I understand the
concepts I don't fully grasp how to
improve my articles and posts for SEO so
that they rank better in search engines
or found when someone does a search what
I need is software that works a bit like
a grammar checker I don't want software
that helps me game the system rather I
need software that can read what I've
written understand context but also
offer tips or improvements for SEO it
should be able to tell me if I've
overused keywords and what alternative
keywords I can use it should be
updatable so that when Google changes
its algorithm it knows what Google is
focusing on this one was posted a couple
years ago so a I'm curious if this
doesn't exist today that's probably
where I'd start but B if it does exist
is it any good and with the wave of AI
that's coming out with chat GPT Jasper
copy.ai all the AI tools that are
helping people write and be better at
things like SEO and grammar I'm curious
if this tool is easy to build today or
if it's such a commodity that it would
be hard to Stand Out Among the
competition idea number three is Wix for
Architects the poster writes I am an
architect I would love to have a better
way to display my projects currently my
only options would be to hire a web
designer or use a blogging service my
proposal is a program that professionals
can use to Showcase their work which can
be heavily customized to accommodate the
specific industry and the needs that
come with that I wouldn't build Wix or
Squarespace I would think about building
a template with maybe a custom widget
for displaying floor plans there are
people selling premium Squarespace
templates now Squarespace has a
Marketplace but it appears to only let
you hire people and not sell templates
which is kind of a drag but Wix does
have a Marketplace so that could be a
nice positioning for this and frankly to
look at what are the top 5 or 10 website
builders that exist and which of those
have marketplaces that would allow you
to build an architect focused template
that you could then resell it's almost
the definition of a step one business is
to find a small small Gap in one or more
marketplaces and fill that gap for a
very specific industry and maybe you'll
find that there's Architects there's
interior designers there's photographers
I'm sure there's a kajillion
photographer themes out there but I
always say that doing things in public
creates opportunity and so getting into
one or more of these marketplaces is
likely to lead you down a path that
maybe you do discover that longer term
you want to build an entirely new CMS
and maybe you build that on an open
source piece of software like WordPress
or an equivalent or maybe down the line
your step three business is in fact a
full CMS for Architects but I wouldn't
take that leap from the start but to
keep this micro sass it's simply
building a theme or a template on an
existing CMS idea number four is a crisp
add-on for help Scout and this one is
anonymous it actually comes out of the
Tiny Seed slack where someone asked does
anyone use a help desk system that
integrates both email and chat and also
has basic chat bot scripting abilities
we use help Scout which does okay with
email and chat but it does not have chat
bot capabilities or Integrations and
several people suggested crisp which has
really good chat bot support but crisp
itself is a whole support platform and
the original poster didn't want to move
over to Chris they want to use help
Scout and potentially integrate with
crisp so maybe this idea is a crisp
add-on or integration for help Scout
maybe this idea is chat bot
functionality that works with help Scout
and realize does this have platform risk
of course it does is help Scout probably
working on chatbot functionality I would
guess eventually they're going to roll
it out so there is a danger here but
there's also a need and it's something
that would require a little more
investigation idea number five is canva
for charts and graphs the poster writes
I work as a graphic designer and
specialize in data heavy information
Graphics my design work often
incorporates different types of charts
bar charts Pi line charts among others
but currently there is no designer
friendly charting software on the market
sometimes I use Excel to format charts
but the visuals are not aesthetically
pleasing I typically use Adobe
Illustrator which is the design industry
standard for charting but even this
program is lacking options I've
researched options but nothing exists
that is geared towards design and
Aesthetics everything is geared towards
analytics and tracking so is this a
full-blown canva or do you build some
type of template theme add-on for canva
or figma or one of these other platforms
much like the Wix for Architects above
Do you want to build a full software
platform or would you prefer to build an
add-on to an existing ecosystem for
microsass I would do the latter but
obviously this requires a bit more
research before taking the leap and idea
number six is better analytics for
square the poster writes I'm a small
business owner that uses Square as point
of sale and sale recording squares
analytics are often disappointing I wish
a tracked where clicks on the online
store came from gave more detailed sales
analytics while comparing month-to-month
sales and other information another
example we sell some items on
consignment and at the end of the month
I have to comb through all the
transactions to find items sold by a
particular artist in order to do their
disbursements I wish you could sort sale
items by the item or category and see
how well particular groups of items did
once again an add-on to an existing
ecosystem I think of this a little bit
like the metrics providers for SAS that
were built on top of stripe barometrics
profitwell chart Mogul and the rest now
it's been a couple years since this was
posted so obviously there have been a
couple things that square has built that
the poster requested but there's still a
lot that can be done with square
analytics the question is how do you get
distribution can you get in the Square
app store Marketplace or will it be more
of a Grassroots effort of hanging out
with Square Merchants on Facebook and
the private slack groups on Reddit and
getting enough traction there that you
build a brand and try to build up your
SEO and your referral Marketing in a
second I'm going to give you the bonus
idea that I think is technically
complicated but could get a lot bigger
than a micro sass before I do that if
we're not connected on Twitter I'm at
Rob Walling and I'm tweeting a few times
a week sometimes with threads but I'm
tweeting several times a week on all
things SAS building growing and
launching startups much like you would
see on this channel and also at
microcomp so if you're thinking about
bootstrapping or mostly bootstrapping
your SAS company you're going to want to
follow at Rob Walling and microcomp
let's connect so the bonus idea is a
system to convert Daw files from one
program to another the poster writes I'm
a music composer mostly for film and
broadcast media and music production a
Daw is digital audio workstation and
it's a program that's used to record
arrange edit mix or monitor a digitally
produced music project currently there
are many Daws Pro Tools logic pro Cubase
and many others they've all developed
different processes to store and compile
data and this data is usually retained
in a sort of package or project folder
at this point there are no Dow programs
between which project data is compatible
that is to say I cannot take a logic pro
project file and open it with Pro Tools
this can make it very time consuming and
often impossible for musicians Engineers
or Studios to work together when they
arrange their production through
different Daws the solution is software
that would be able to convert DW project
files between different programs this
would save a significant amount of time
and transfer and would allow anyone with
any level of technical skill to use the
DW of their choice without fear of
limitation professionally obviously a
deep Niche idea that you would only
experience if you worked in the industry
I think this is a very complex technical
challenge because these are proprietary
data formats that each piece of software
is using and I don't know that it's in
their best interest to allow you to
convert between these tools but it
sounds like this is a pretty generally
known pain point that a lot of folks in
this industry might have so once again
after doing a bit of validation and
maybe getting five or ten Early Access
customers I would take a look at perhaps
what two most popular Daws are and take
a crack at building a proof of concept
that could convert from one to the other
you may find out that it's virtually
impossible and that the formats change
every time they update the software and
that this isn't worth it but it's one of
those ideas where if you can solve this
technical problem it feels like given
the amount of money that people spend in
these industries on their tools you
could charge pretty hefty price for it
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