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joshua carroll says question for
lafreniere apart from linus paying you
less than minimum wage in the beginning
that was actually
his fault
um what is the worst professional
experience you've had with linus
he sits back
um wow i don't know um
there's so many it's hard to narrow it
down to just one
there's i mean we've been working
together for i genuinely what is 11
years i think it's been a long time um
so there's obviously been ups and downs
i think it's been pretty good though
there's things that i can complain about
but if i was in his shoes i would have
done the same thing
and if he didn't do that thing
ultimately i think it would have been a
like i rag on you a lot maybe i can i've
definitely done stuff wrong you have to
come up with something i know you've
done stuff wrong but like i don't know
like okay the mountain thing i rag on
you about the mountain thing all the
time okay but if you didn't
i'm gonna give you an out here if you
didn't go down the mountain to get that
thing signed i would have been so
if we did all that work and it was for
nothing so like yeah part of me is like
what the heck but then the other part of
me is like yeah if you didn't did it i
would have been even more upset so it
was just an unfortunate situation so i
actually don't remember the exact reason
that i went down with uh what was his
i think you were trying to catch
someone because they were up ahead of us
the guy that i and you realized we
needed his signature yes and then i
believe by the time you caught up to him
you were way i was way past you yeah
uh so luke ended up getting like
abandoned in a storm on the top of a
because i was like blitzing down the
mountain trying to get the validation
that we needed for our guinness world
record while i had
altitude sickness which is the problem
so i was i was like having a really
rough time i'm walking downhill which
uh if you haven't hiked before it's
actually still difficult it's not as
easy as it sounds um i don't have
trouble with it
so i was like
going so altitude sickness is like
oxygenation levels and stuff i'm a big
dude um i was huffing and puffing and my
oxygen levels were getting low and i was
feeling really not good eventually i get
to the tree line
and breathe deep and then i'm totally
fine i end up like carrying someone else
down half the freaking mountain i was
totally okay once i was able to breathe
properly but i was having a big issue
getting back to the trees but end up
being fine i uh
my backpack
which is actually right here with me now
it was heavy
because we were carrying like a bunch of
unnecessary stuff um so i was like just
throwing it
because the mountain was pretty steep so
i would just throw it and it would roll
and then i would
i would stand up and start like a light
jog to the point where i'm like
stopping myself from falling yeah and
then i'll catch up to my laptop or to my
to my bag and like kind of collapse into
my bag and lay there for a sec and then
pick it up and throw it and do the same
cycle again and that's how i got to the
tree line
it was rough
there's lightning storms on that
mountain so you can't be up there past a
certain time yeah and if you are up
there past a certain time there's the
potential that some helicopters can come
rescue unit costs taught ten thousand
dollars if i remember correctly
something like that not an option yeah
especially not for us at that time no
um yeah so so
luke got to the bottom and was like
enraged i was mad
that clip is kind of awesome
i don't think you've ever been that mad
at me
probably not like even close i don't
think it kind of helped though because i
used the anger to carry the dude down
the mountain yeah
yeah um so
the thing is like
i was taken a bag
when he was extremely angry at the
bottom because
honestly this is something i haven't
really talked about that whole thing
wasn't a great experience for me either
yeah i thought that the experience i'm
not going to name any names but i
thought it was supposed to be more about
teamwork and about us all achieving
something together
and it turned out that not everyone who
participated in that event
was handling it that way it turned out
that for some people it was
some kind of
flex sort of uh thing for them and um it
was not their intention for everybody to
and make it to the land party at the top
of the mountain
and uh what happened was um you know i i
didn't really know anything about
mountaineering or whatever that's called
i mean really it was it was a hike i
don't think anyone on the team really
did high altitude hike why don't we call
it that i didn't really know anything
about it i didn't realize just how
difficult it was going to be i thought
that you know
we were solving a lot of
you know the technical challenges and
someone else was solving a lot of the
uh like the logistical challenges of
getting all the people up the mountain
it wasn't until we were probably a
quarter or a third of the way up that i
had a conversation that enlightened me
to the fact that not everyone intended
for everybody to make it
i was like excuse me pardon
so the entire rest of my day so i was
sort of quite
emotionally uh charged i didn't know
this portion until way later either yeah
um i was not informed part way up the
yeah so i kept i kept that to myself uh
because from my point of view it was all
about doing whatever we could to
get to the top of the mountain like i
don't know if you know but i was
carrying one of the lead acid batteries
uh whereas
certain certain people
had clearly optimized their load to
increase their chances of making it to
the top
so like i i was
i think i took a you carried it the
whole way didn't you i did i think i
took a shift with one of them but i did
not carry it the whole way um so so i
what the what that person who didn't
intend for everyone to make it um didn't
realize was because we were the ones who
talked to guinness was that we needed a
certain threshold of people for them to
consider it a lan party
so because not everybody ultimately did
make it we actually had to recruit other
hikers to participate in our lan party
now i remember i had to catch up to one
of them because i needed his contact
information and he was leaving so that
we could get him his certificate yeah
and so that we could actually submit his
name yeah
okay i remember now it was like really
important so
i was doing everything i could to make
it happen i was down way early i was
sitting there worried but i was like in
the car i was tired
but i was like sitting there worried and
luke comes down he's like
he's like
you know you like abandoned me on this
potentially to a lightning storm i have
altitude sickness i'm like dude i had no
you were just kind of like
going a little slower than me when i
went ahead i didn't mean to like leave
you on the mountain
i needed to go catch up to that guy
because if we don't get all of the
signed i forget what it was it was a
film release or it was a contact sheet
it was a certification that he
participated that's right okay it's
coming back it was a legal form it was
the legal document that he participated
with his contact information so guinness
could verify him someone found that
someone found the timestamp
okay let's pull it up thanks barrington
someone you mean barrington barrington
yeah yeah i actually didn't read the
name thanks brandon okay here it is
so this
is a highly impressed
one luke laugh friend here
and let me tell you
when someone's got
when someone's got a hundred pounds and
6 inches on you and they look at you
with that face
no matter how much you know that you
mutually love each other
it was a quiet car ride
i remember that
and you can tell like i'm carrying
like i sprung back up because i'm
carrying someone else's backpack yeah
like i was fine oxygen i was fine by the
end and adrenaline
you were clearly getting down that
mountain yeah yeah but but it was i was
from reports from people that were there
before i got to the tree line i was like
i was losing color in my face and like i
was this was probably mostly after you
had left to be fair i don't fully even
remember the timeline no idea why you
were mad
you're just relaxing in the car and i
was so confused what what what do you
want me to do i'm supposed to hike back
up the mountain i did the same
i did the same hike as you
what do you want from me i don't even
know if i knew i was just frustrated
with the situation because there was
also like
i don't remember the exact details of
this but once we were in the trees yeah
there was lightning
yeah it was like legitimately hitting
like around us so i missed all of that i
didn't know the storm actually came yeah
oh and not to name names but the dude
that i'm carrying down the mountain
for a very significant or like their
equipment you mean and him oh i didn't
know i have his oh yeah
i have my my bag on my backpack his bag
on my chest and i'm shoulder carrying
him so i'm not like you know yeah but
i'm shoulder carrying him we get we get
really close to the end and then
lightning strikes really close by and
suddenly everything is okay again and
he's running without his back in front
of me i'm just like what now you're just
like magically okay i scared you down
like legitimately at the very least a
quarter i don't remember exactly the the
lengths and stuff but it was like a very
large portion of this hike
yeah i was not impressed by uh the
magical healing of of nearby lightning
um and we were we were like the people
that were still up there um which i
don't know everyone outside of paul
myself and brandon i know it was
us and then there was other people i
don't know brandon struggled
he had a really heavy bag he should not
have brought all the stuff that he did
he really shouldn't have i told him not
to you did he thought we were going for
a walk and i was like
um but those those everyone that was
there was like rationing out their water
and stuff because we were like running
out of supplies like it was it was a
rough it was a rough situation
yeah so i won't say who the problem was
but i'll say that we've subsequently
collabed with everyone who wasn't a
you do the math
um but yeah like i don't know
i don't know
i don't know i don't have any particular
examples that i can think of i forget
what the original question was oh being
mad at me no what is the worst
professional experience i'd say that was
a bad experience yeah
but i don't think that was like
okay experience i had but it says with
linus does that mean
with you in particular i mean i was sure
as heck involved yeah but like i said
if you didn't go get the thing signed i
would have been more upset
i think i think
you guys got to understand this guy is
is like
you get shot
in the head but you get the flag to the
capture point
like this it's just the kind of
character that this guy is yeah so you
know if i'm yeah if i'm gonna make a
call between save luke or
save the the the ship you know you save
the ship you save the ship you let luke
fall overboard it's that simple
and uh and i'll often figure it out
so like it's probably right
i don't know but but yeah so like i it
was frustrating in the moment but i also
didn't have a lot of various pieces of
information at that time we've
definitely had some tense conversations
over the years i mean you worked
together with someone for long enough
it's just gonna happen yeah it happens
i like to think that all of it was for
the best
i i don't know i i'm not supposed to i'm
not supposed to answer your question
obviously i'm i'm interested though
well i mean there was the time we both
cried yep
so i'm sure i don't even fully remember
i know parts of that but i don't fully
remember everything that was discussed
there but i know parts of it you know
it's one of those things that i am
certainly not at liberty to discuss
since i it was hr related so
you know there's a there's a certain
like there's just a a level of
professionalism that i i like to
maintain yeah you know i'm not gonna
yeah like there's certain stuff i'm just
i'm not gonna talk about yeah we're not
gonna we're just not gonna talk about
that because it's not professional we
talk about hr stuff like we've we've
struggled right like when you're when
you're building something for over 10
um you're gonna especially in a very
scrappy way you're gonna butt heads yeah
um you know i'm sure there were times
when i set really unrealistic
expectations like in the early days of
float plane that were extremely
frustrating there's
not just the early days of flow plane
but i think
i am not uh the most uh
how do i say this
i'm not the absolute most respecting of
so the fact that i'm still here i think
and i'm not trying to toot your horn but
i think we've done pretty good i think
we've done pretty well we've done pretty
i think we've made it work yeah
every relationship is work yeah okay
employee employer
boyfriend girlfriend if it's not you
should maybe look into potential lies or
something yeah maybe do you actually
even have that of closer relationship
i'm not like i'm not judging or anything
i'm just it might be time for some