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all right so I'm back to finish up the
build a little mini build on my surround
here I'm gonna swap out the sand Tire if
you missed the last video of testing
this thing out it was actually pretty
I'll leave that link below Swap this
thing out get the dirt tire put on to be
able to see how that thing does and uh
finish off all the parts that I didn't
put on from last video I got from NTC
designs along with warp nine and then
this thing will be ready to test out so
I'm gonna jump into it start getting
this thing finally finished up
okay before we finish up the surround
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into finishing up the surround all right
the surround is pretty much all finished
up it looks sweet with the dirt setup
Moto setup I guess I'll call it ours are
solid got this all mounted up good I am
waiting on some Forks to come in so that
might be in a different video but for
the most part this thing is pretty much
finished up I got a new front number
play too from ODI it's over here so
we'll get this thing thrown on there but
we actually have a little issue actually
a pretty big issue the tire I don't know
if I don't have it on Rider it's pretty
much centered on here how it's supposed
to be you could see it the tire is
actually hitting a little bit of the
sidewall on the tire or the knobby on
the tire so it doesn't actually roll and
it goes from Notch to notch so I'm not
sure what to do I've seen some people
loosen the spokes
so it's veered off to one side tighten
them on the other side people shave us a
little bit of a knobby off so it'll
actually fit I think that's what I'm
gonna have to do get a razor out shave
off a little sliver of the knobby which
is super annoying I thought I've seen
people run the same Tire setup I don't
know how they fit it because this is a
9116 all the forums said that it would
fit I'm not sure what I have different
from other people's setup some people
said to change out the chain from the
o-ring chain but I'm gonna need quite a
bit more room than just the little
O-rings would make if you know let me
know in the comments but I think I'm
gonna just trim the Nabi off that way I
can ride the sink I thought I was going
to need the torch to uh heat up the
razor blade and actually shave off a
part of the tire having this blade makes
it super easy that way I can go from
normal to actually just push and slice
it off the liver off the side
and there you have it
still kind of hitting in some places so
I think I'm Gonna Take It Outside do a
little burnout on the side of the tire
the trick rounded off the edges a little
bit all right sweet I think we're good
to go now tighten it up move the chain a
little bit
all right some rip this thing I gotta
dial in the brakes a little Pro tip for
you guys loosen up your caliper I just
wrote it around brakes are a little
spongy so I'm going to loosen it up not
lined up properly so loosen them up
crank your bike on the back wheel lock
up the brake a couple times it'll kind
of align itself on there while you're
holding the breakdown come back down
here tighten up the brake and then
you'll be good to go boom should be
solid I got the new front number plate
on there too things looking sweet also
if you're new and want to see more
surround stuff make sure you're
subscribed I'll have a lot more content
coming out in this thing I'm gonna try
the paddle tire in the snow see how that
does once we get snow here and probably
the next couple weeks still rubbing a
little bit I can hear it but we'll burn
that off here in a second
definitely hooks up good
all right let's go see what we can get
into it feels like the tire's ripping it
for a second looks like the bead it was
set fully when I had it fully compressed
but it looks like it slipped back down
where you see it's normal up here and
then it's kind of tucked in a little bit
more so it's not a big deal right now I
just felt a little wobble when I was
ripping down the road should be fine for
now in the dirt definitely feels a lot
different than
got a lot more weight to it kind of back
and forth leaning see how it does once I
get in some actual dirt
wow see what's down here
a little Trail
feels like a pit bike now or like
basically like
a whole dirt bike kinda
man feels so much different than I did
you can actually ride this thing
you can actually ride this thing not
like a mountain bike now kind of more
like a dirt bike
big ripped I love this thing
try and get a little figure eight right
the thing is it just has so much more
weight from side to side than before you
gotta get used to it and it actually
like hooking up now
so much fun
literally this feels like a dirt bike
with how much on-road and off-road I do
kind of just like cruising around I'm
not sure if this is like my permanent
setup but
if I'm doing some more
I want to do a day of just off-road
things are perfect
it's so hot
beautiful straight away
big Vine
see what's up here one thing is if
you're on a hill and you stop and you're
trying to give a throttle it kind of
just cuts out sometimes or at least mine
does it just doesn't want to move it's
like you could hear it buzzing wanting
to work but
I think I found a way down right here
little Hill Climb got a knuckle or some
oh hopefully I'll be able to get back up
break this thing out of the way
it's ridiculous
oh not my best idea trying to do this on
the bike still all right let's see if we
can get back up this thing
oh we got it easy
all right let's get out of here
oh this thing is too much fun
pretty limited on where I haven't
arrived but
still fun over here
I can't believe how much different it
feels how much different of a bike it
I love it this is the best overall bike
if you want Supermoto setup Moto setup
San Tire setup normal mountain bike
setup this thing is the best and to be
expected you get a ton more tire noise
on the street when you're just cruising
around not a bad thing but just
something to think about
I feel sketchier doing 65 on navi's but
every single Tire setup you can do on
this thing minus the full size slicks
but basically the same thing as my
supermodel setup oh shoot looks like my
battery tray
oh it's coming out
looks like it unscrewed somehow or maybe
I didn't probably just didn't tighten it
down but look at that thing fixed up
as always thank you to warp 9 for
hooking it up and getting me dialed into
some Wheels if you're in the market for
wheels and want to do a similar Tire
setup or something different warp 9 is
the place to go if you want to beef up
your turn on you don't have to worry
about breaking Wheels breaking spokes
I'll leave them linked below along with
NTC all their stuff is super sick super
trick that'll also be linked below I'll
have Chi batteries linked below if you
want to get five percent off your order
you can use my discount code Tyler at
checkout it'll save you guys like a
couple hundred bucks on your order if
you're in the market for a battery
upgrade or want to get more range more
power two batteries is the place to go
and I'll leave all the other surround
videos linked below as far as the build
videos Tire setups pretty much
everything you need to know about a
siren I'm pumped on it I'll probably go
back and forth from this setup and then
my stock setup if I'm just cruising
around on the streets and then if I'm
doing more just straight dirt jumps or
whatnot have this set up on there let me
know what you think what kind of Tire
setup you would run subscriber if you're
new if you want to see more surround
content throw a like on the video and
let me know what other sermon videos you
guys want to see and I'll catch you guys
in the next one