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I am 22 years old a self-employed artist
and I make at least 8 000 a month
today I'm going to try something new I'm
going to be standing the whole video
because my back really hurts
a couple weeks ago I asked you guys on
the YouTube Community tab to send me
questions for me to answer I also asked
all my Instagram followers so I got a
ton of questions and I categorized all
the most popular questions into these
big sections so I will put Chapters at
the bottom of the video so you can fast
forward to whichever question is most
pertinent to you so yeah let's just get
I think I should address the elephant in
the room which is money how much money
do you make regularly I've been thinking
of starting an online shop in the future
and was wondering how profitable it is
understandably there's a large stigma
against being an artist I got a ton of
questions asking how is this profitable
how are you making a living does your
boyfriend support you so many questions
like that and I just want to give a
disclaimer that I'm no stranger to
financial instability I'm not a nepotism
baby I chose art because I knew I could
feasibly do it on my own and I think
that sentiment is very uncommon to see
portrayed in mainstream media you see
The Starving Artists you see the
romanticized artist but you don't really
see the artist that has a business mind
the artists are super smart when it
comes to finance and they're
self-employed they're entrepreneurs I
feel like artists aren't really given
enough credit where it's due so I guess
I'm just saying this to preface that if
you are thinking about having a small
business or having an art business you
can definitely make a living wage out of
it it just takes a lot of work like
anything in life since last August I've
been consistently making around eight
thousand dollars a month just from my
online shop and keep in mind this is
gross sales so that's before all the
taxes and the expenses of running a
business but in the fall I started
taking YouTube very seriously so since
October I've been making at least seven
hundred dollars in AdSense a month
through Instagram reels I make around
150 a month and then throughout the
month I'll typically take on a couple
brand deals and each brand deal whether
it's for YouTube or Instagram will pay
me at least a thousand dollars so to
summarize that I basically have two to
three streams of income depending on how
you see it I see it as three so the
first one is my shop it's me selling my
art the second one is social media which
is YouTube AdSense and Instagram reels
bonuses to me those are more stable than
brand deals I know once a month I'll get
a check from YouTube and once a month
I'll get a check from Instagram so those
are sort of fixed amounts I mean
sometimes I'll go viral on Instagram and
I'll get like 10 more bucks than usual
but that's the second way I make money
and I know other artists who are way
bigger on YouTube so they make way more
than me when it comes to AdSense and
then the third stream of income is brand
deals this can be integrated content for
YouTube a dedicated Instagram reel or
ugc videos and while each deal pays me
about a thousand dollars I typically get
paid 30 to 60 days after I submit that
video so it's not something that I can
Bank on every month it's just like that
money will come eventually so yeah with
those three streams of income I'm on
track to make ninety six thousand
dollars a year of course running your
own business and being self-employed
comes with expenses that a nine to five
just wouldn't have like I have to save a
chunk for taxes I have to pay for
subscriptions like my shop website my
Quickbooks membership my epidemic sound
membership of course there's all the
supplies and materials I need to run my
business packaging supplies clay paint a
computer I recently had to buy a new
printer because my other printer broke
down like all these things that I spend
money on for for the sake of my business
but at the end of the day I'm still
making a living wage with extra to help
support my family and I also have the
freedom of being self-employed
diversifying your revenue streams is one
of the most important things that I've
learned it's the same idea as not
putting all your eggs in one basket so
I'm not relying just on my shop so if my
shop were to have a really bad month I
could still pay for rent and food with
my social media money and vice versa if
I could focus more on revving up my
physical shop and selling at markets and
fairs and stuff like that and if all
else fails I can always get a job and
with my self-employed experience having
a business gaining over a hundred
thousand followers across all platforms
I would still make a strong candidate
for graphic design marketing Etc I do
want to add a disclaimer that my cost of
living is probably lower than a lot of
other people my age I rent an apartment
in the city but I have three other
roommates to share the rent so I only
pay about 750 a month and I also don't
own a car so I don't have to pay any of
the bills that come comes with having a
car like Insurance parking maintenance
none of that I occasionally help Mr
uncomfy pay for the gas but that's about
before we get on to the next question I
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how did you learn all the finance and
behind the scenes stuff to run a
business and do you have any advice or
can make a separate video on it for
beginners love your work by the way
thanks I think before I answer this
question I am not a financial expert
this is just everything that I've
learned from my experience and I've made
many many mistakes so yeah take
everything I say with a grain of salt so
regarding how I get my information is I
follow a ton of other small businesses
and I see what they do and I learn
through observation and of course you
want to Google everything double check
everything look up small business
finance videos that are made by
Financial experts learn from people you
can trust like literally pay for a CPA
if you feel like you cannot do the
research because it's better to spend
money hiring an expert than messing up
and losing a lot of money but just for
beginners let's say you've been selling
on Etsy for a while and you've been
ramping up sales and you think wow I
could do this for a living I want to
make a business out of this I think once
you get to the point where you can
imagine yourself quitting your day job
and pursuing this business full-time
that's when you should get a separate
bank account for me I did this pretty
late I was selling on Etsy for whole
year I made over twenty thousand dollars
I finally switched to my own website and
got a separate checking account you can
literally go to any local bank your
chase Your Key Bank I opened an online
checking account through Novo just
because it was like on nerd wallets list
of best checking accounts for small
businesses and from then on every
purchase I made for my small business I
charged it to that checking account and
not my personal account this makes
things way easier for yourself when it
comes to tax season because on tax forms
there will be sections where you can put
in all the expenses that you had all the
things that you spent money for your
business and so much easier looking at
your business checking account rather
than your personal regarding expenses a
lot of people like to keep receipts I'm
not the type of person to keep receipts
I'm the type of person to Chuck them in
my pocket so that's why it's extremely
important for me to keep everything in
my business banking account so I can
categorize them I use the Intuit
QuickBooks self-employed app you can
categorize expenses based on the
different categories there are on your
tax forms so that way when you file your
tax return you can get some of your
money back through deductibles now
looking a little more into taxes I think
all beginners should start with Etsy
just because they provide you with the
form they give you a 1099 format at the
end of each tax year and it's the same
form that all contractors get like if
you do doordash or ubereats they'll
provide you with a 1099 to file your
taxes because technically you're a
contractor for them same thing with
patreon and YouTube I think but let's
say you want to forego Etsy because they
take a huge cut of your money and you
just want to go straight to Shopify or
Squarespace that is your own shop so you
have to file your own taxes and that is
why being diligent about keeping track
of your expenses is super crucial if
you're way more diligent about it then
it'll be way easier for you to file my
taxes I use Free Tax USA they do a free
federal income tax return and it's 15 to
file for your state tax return I just
realized if you're not in the US all
this tax stuff does not make any sense
um I think I'm gonna move on from that I
did file for an LLC because I just
wanted uncomfit to be separate from me
if something bad were to happen and each
state has different rules for that like
when I filed for my LLC I also filed for
Colorado sales tax license so it's just
things like that that you really have to
Google what are the requirements for
your state or the country that you live
in I know this section may have been
super confusing and anything around
money can sort of be anxiety inducing so
I just really want to end with this
taxes and getting certain licenses to
selling your state everything that comes
with being self-employed is confusing
but you'll get used to it so yeah don't
let taxes stress you out I think that
was all the questions relating to money
so now we're gonna go on to the next
I'd like to know if you could explain
how you got started what really
compelled you to begin your own business
I have the worst time with inertia and
I'd like to know how you overcame that
especially since you are a
self-confessed nervous personality
um yes I'm pretty uncomfy like this
whole filming experience is very
uncomfortable for me still I guess it
all has to do with my background and my
experiences with having a regular job I
started working since I was 15 years old
my first job was at a baseball stadium
and I worked at a Barry Kebab stand my
job was to stick strawberries and
bananas on sticks and drizzle them with
chocolate and sell them to drunk people
at a baseball game my second job after
that was a hostess at Zoe's Kitchen and
then I worked as a cashier my parents
business they had a nail supply store I
also worked as a server and that same
year was also my first year of college
so I was working a work study job on
campus I worked at a center of identity
inclusion basically helping run events
for POC on campus designing posters for
it then I had my first job as a designer
I worked at an interdisciplinary Design
Center on campus I was basically a ux UI
designer working with engineering
students to make these Community
projects come to life and while I was
doing that I worked at meow wolf Denver
I was an intern there I helped build a
lot of the sections and like stick
flowers on the walls and stuff while I
was doing all that stuff I did a bit of
freelance graphic design nothing huge
just like friends and family asking me
to design logos or art for them but yeah
all this to say I had a lot of work
experience working with a boss with
co-workers on a set schedule but finally
during the pandemic when me and my
friend started selling polymer clay
charms and making a business out of it I
just knew this is what I wanted to do
because it was all I could think about I
was pretty obsessed with growing on
comfy and I'm the type of person who has
to do something that they're passionate
about I'm not the type of person that
can just work a job that I don't care
about I can't not like what I do you if
you're having trouble starting something
I would say start it as a hobby
something with really low stakes start
something with your friend even start
something with your mom or your dad just
have it as a passion project and I think
the best small businesses that I've seen
has always started off from something
that they truly loved but as a nervous
or uncomfy personality of course you're
gonna be scared to do it and I think
that all comes back to a fear of failure
or a fear of being seen and a fear of
being judged but what you need to
realize is that life is short and I
truly don't care about any of the people
who follow me from high school make a
new Instagram account don't follow
anyone that you know just follow other
small businesses that you want to be
friends with and grow on your own terms
without any shame because when you first
start off No One's Gonna See It Anyway
so just have fun with it
dealing with anxiety and life stuff and
starting a small business can feel very
overwhelming how do you manage to take
it one step at a time without putting
too much pressure on yourself your art
and your videos are so comforting thank
you for that I'm so glad you find them
comforting that's all I want these
videos to be funny you ask because I put
way too much pressure on myself for
example when it comes to money I put a
lot of pressure on myself to take care
of my family and to take care of my
parents and I take pride in being able
to pay their phone bills stuff like that
it got to a point where I was putting so
much pressure on myself to make more and
more money because I thought if I didn't
give them money they wouldn't love me
and obviously I wouldn't admit it at
that point but I think when you're
growing up and you have the
responsibility of taking care of the
finances taking care of yourself taking
care of others it becomes really really
taxing especially when you're
self-employed the amount of money you
make is dependent on how much you work
really so if I just work harder I'll
make more money then I'll be more worthy
but it's never enough I really had this
conversation with my parents and I
finally understood that they still love
me no matter what that I'm I'm worthy of
Love even if I'm not exceptional and
and even just saying that makes me choke
up so I've been doing a lot of work on
myself and like writing down my
affirmations and listening to
affirmations and really really
reassuring myself that everything will
be okay sort of along the same lines of
that is how do you balance all the work
you do with school do you function best
when you schedule or plan everything out
or when things are more open-ended or
unscheduled I get really I get really
anxious and overwhelmed with a high
level of schedule and order I need space
to be intuitive but also I'm not always
very productive how do you balance that
with all the work you do both in and out
of school I can really really relate to
you when it comes to just wanting to be
intuitive about your day Rowena actually
had a really good video about this when
she was talking about how she plans out
her weekend but the way I function best
is when I get all the junk out of my
head onto paper or onto my phone I set
my biggest priorities like the things I
absolutely have to do down on my planner
so I know I have to do it that day and
then on my phone recently I've been
having like this like crazy Psychopathic
list of everything that I do like wake
up brush teeth workout shower eat
breakfast check emails the list goes on
and on and I like having that list
because when I check that off it makes
me feel accomplished for every little
thing I do like it adds just as much
importance to eating breakfast as there
is to do my homework or submit a video
so that's like one side of my
personality who likes everything planned
out but I realized that nothing goes as
planned if I plan on sculpting but it's
a super sunny day and I want to film
then I'll film and then I'll sculpt my
orders later at night and that's what I
love about being self-employed is that I
have so much freedom to rearrange my
schedule I don't have any annoying Zoom
meetings to attend or anything
can you show a behind the scenes of how
you Vlog and get the great detailed
shots sure
this is my vlogging setup
I use the Amazon Basics tripod
um it's pretty good I love this like
cranky lover thing it does this is the
camera that I use it's the Canon EOS 80d
and it's like the creative kit that came
with a ton of adjustable lenses but the
main lens that I used to get all the
detail shots is this really big lens
it's the 18 by 35 millimeter lens
and it has the capability to zoom a lot
so this is what it usually looks like
when I'm filming myself sculpt polymer
clay and I also use this lens to Vlog I
feel like with the bigger dslrs like
these you can get a lot of depth of
field that like the smaller vlogging
cameras just like wouldn't have for the
longest time I did want to buy the Sony
zv1 or something like that the camera
that I have the 80d it actually came out
in 2016 so it's seven years old does not
shoot in 4k it only goes up to 1080p but
I'm actually really happy with this
camera I also just use my iPhone this
camera on the tripod it stays here I do
not take it outside it's way too big for
that but my iPhone is perfect I film on
4k on my iPhone 13 Pro honestly the
picture quality is amazing you can still
get depth of field like in my sculpting
in a cafe video I was just filming on
this phone on a small desk tripod and it
worked great as far as audio video I
recently upgraded to the rode mic Pro
but yeah that's how I film my videos
so now these are just some random
personal artsy questions how did you
know you wanted to be a clay artist do
you have any other hobbies that you're
planning to turn into a business or have
you tried making other types of art
before coming to realize clay artists is
what you want it to be I come from a
family of Artisans my grandpa is an
amazing artist he loves to engrave
things on wood and my uncle is also a
skilled miniature artist he made like
little ships and my cousin was an
amazing painter and I just come from a
family of artists it's truly
heartwarming when I think about it
growing up I had never met my relatives
and I only found out when I was 20 years
old that I'm just like them like my
whole family in Vietnam loves art it was
just like something that was meant to be
so when it came to medium I think my
first love is actually drawing and
painting and I still want to explore
more oil painting because I took an oil
painting class last semester and it's
really really fun but Palmer Clay was
something that I had done since I was
nine years old I still stop doing it
because I grew out of it and then I
found it again as a 19 year old and I
still love it eventually I want to make
bigger pieces I want to start throwing
on the wheel and making Ceramics but I
think there's something so special about
polymer clay about how accessible it is
but you can make something in your home
kitchen oven the people in the polymer
clay Community who make Miniatures are
so so talented and you can make anything
you want with polymer clay it's amazing
just for fun do you know any of your
personal Theory types learning about
types that are similar to me as a still
fully original and unique human has been
really helpful for me in finding more
comfy and less uncomfy as of now I only
know my 16 personalities results and
according to that test I'm an assertive
Advocate or infj a assertive Advocates
are introverted intuitive feeling
judging and assertive they approach life
with thoughtfulness and Imagination
Guided by their principled version of
humanism INFJs may be the rarest
personnel type of all but they certainly
leave their mark on the world idealistic
in principle they aren't content to
Coast through life they want to stand up
and make a difference for Advocate
personalities success doesn't come from
money or status but from seeking
fulfillment helping others and being a
Force for good in the world I really
hope this video helped you a lot whether
or not you're thinking about starting a
business or becoming an artist have
confidence in yourself trust yourself
trust the universe and any time you
spend on your craft or your business
none of that is wasted you will bear the
fruits of your labor in time
thanks for watching
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