The "I AM" Discourses of St Germain, 1-33 Complete - YouTube

Channel: Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages

the i am discourses by ascended master
saint germain
discourse number one
october 3rd 1932
saint germain
thou infinite mighty presence
now all pervading principle of life we
give praise and thanks for thy wondrous
activity through all our presence
out of thy mighty essence comes all it
is and oh that humanity might understand
thou art ever and forever self-sustained
thou mighty active principle of life
surge forth in the outer activity of
mankind and manifest thy supreme justice
now in all places
mighty presence of light god in action
govern the minds of mankind holding them
to truth and justice
and see that thy messengers are placed
in all official positions
let not of the outer interfere that none
of humanity may accept any son of
mighty presence of god in action surge
forth in the minds of all expressing a
conquering presence
greetings i bring you greetings from the
perfected ones who are watching closely
over and ministering to all
the discourse
life in all its activities everywhere
manifest is god in action
and it is only through lack of the
understanding of applied thought and
that mankind is constantly interrupting
the pure flow of that perfect essence of
life which would without interference
naturally express its perfection
the natural tendency of life is love
peace beauty harmony and opulence
for life care is not who uses it but is
constantly surging to pour more of its
perfection into manifestation
always with that lifting process was
ever inherent within itself
i am
i am is the activity of that life
how strange it is that students with
sincere interest do not seem to get the
true meaning of those two words
when you say and feel i am
you release the spring of eternal
everlasting life to flow on its way
in other words you open wide the door to
its natural flow
when you say i am not
you shut the door in the face of this
mighty energy
i am is the full activity of god
having placed before you so often the
truth of god in action
i wish you to understand its first
expression in individualization
the first expression of every individual
everywhere in the universe either in
spoken word silent thought or feeling is
am recognizing its own conquering
the student
endeavoring to understand and apply
these mighty yet simple laws
must stand guard more strictly over
assad and expression
in word or otherwise for every time you
i am not i cannot i have not
you are whether knowingly or unknowingly
throttling in that great presence within
this is just as tangible as if you
placed your hands about the throat of an
outer form only with the outer form your
thought governing the hand you can
release at any time
but when you make a declaration using
the words i am not
you set in motion mighty limitless
energy that continues to act
unless it is recalled in the
imperfection consumed and transmuted
this shows you the enormous power you
have to qualify this mighty energy of
and i tell you beloved students
dynamite is less dangerous
for that but liberate you from the body
while these thoughts sent forth
ignorantly and ungoverned bind you upon
the wheel of re-embodiment indefinitely
thus you can see how important it is for
you to know what you are doing when you
thoughtlessly use wrong expression
because you are using the most divine
principle activity in the universe
i am
do not misunderstand me
this is no idle foreign or oriental
but the highest principle of life used
and expressed throughout every
civilization has ever existed
for the first expression every
self-conscious form of life gives is
i am
it is only afterwards in its contact
with outer wrongly qualified activity
that it begins to accept anything less
than i am
now dear students do not see that when
you say i am sick
you are just reversing this principle of
life which is naturally all perfection
thus re-qualifying it by your willful
ignorance was something which it never
naturally possessed
through long centuries of willful
humanity has charged the very atmosphere
about them with falsehood and unreality
for i need not say to you that when you
say i am sick
it is an abject falsehood and respect
your divinity which cannot be sick
does this sound harsh to you
then i say think it over
and you will see what a blessing and
release it can be for you
i say to you dear students in the name
of god
stop using these wrong expressions of
your godhead of your divinity
for it is impossible for you to have
freedom as long as you continue to do it
i cannot speak of this to you too often
that when you really recognize and
accept the mighty presence of god in you
there are positively no adverse
i say to you giving power to the outer
conditions persons places or things
and in the name of god every time you
find yourself starting to say i am sick
i am broke i am not feeling well
instantly reverse this fatal condition
to your progress
and declare silently with all the
intensity of your being
i am
which is all health
opulence perfection happiness peace and
the power to recognize perfection in
yourself and everywhere else
when you think of the expression i am
it means that you know that you have god
in action expressing in your life
do not let these false expressions
continue to govern and limit you
continually remind yourself
i live move and have my being and all
outer expression in the full opulence of
god made manifest every moment
and thus reminding yourself of this
invincible unconquerable presence
you keep the door open for its pure
invincible essence and intelligence to
weave into your outer expression at
wonders perfection
i plead with you dear ones everywhere do
not continue to use these wrong
expressions thinking that in some
hocus-pocus way you may slide past
reaping the results it simply cannot be
many of you know that they use the
branding iron on the western frontier as
a recognition of ownership by the
so great is my desire to have you
recognize and hold fast to the active
presence of god in you that i almost
long for a branding iron to brand those
words i am into your consciousness for
constant use
that you could not be drawn off the
acceptance and use of that mighty
glorious presence of god which you are
i trust that all who may hear or read
these words will feel the power and the
mighty conviction of this truth that
goes with them
leaping into action wherever expressed
if at any time anything less than
perfection attempts to make any
appearance in your experience
declare vehemently that it is not true
and that you accept only god which is
perfection in your life everywhere
as long as you give away to accepting
false appearance you will have them
expressed in your life and experience
it is not dear student a matter of
belief on your part whether you accept
these truth or not
but they are the law
proven through long centuries of
experience and are placed before you for
your freedom
awakened to the fact that your thought
and feeling in the past have built
created the inharmony of your will today
arise i say arise and walk with your
father the i am that you may be free
from these limitations
there is only one thing in this universe
that can surround you with limitation
and that is accepting the outer
appearance instead of the mighty active
presence of god in you
the western world likes to fool itself
with the idea that it refuses to accept
the ancient and eastern idea of sorcery
in other words the misuse of the
spiritual powers
the worst kind of sorcery is being used
in the political fields today
that has ever been known in the history
of mankind through the use of mental
power wrongly qualified
if this same tremendous metal force were
used in just the reverse way
to know that there is only got an action
in every individual filling official
the sender of that quality or truth
would not only be free himself but the
political world would be filled with
freedom and justice
then we would experience a natural world
a world of god in action everywhere
it is today as it was at one time in
those who misused the mental power are
binding themselves to the rack of
inharmony embodiment after embodiment
take the stand
i do not take on conditions from anyone
or anything about me but god
good and i am always god commanded
you need to acquire the habit of
stilling yourself
sit down three or four times a day and
simply still the outer self
this will let the energy be supplied
learn to command and control the energy
in your body
if you want the energy still
be still
if you want the energy active
be active
you must stand up face the thing and
rise above it there's no other way
the students should watch in every way
for habits and break them up
he should not have to be told but must
look within himself and uproot whatever
is not perfect
this brings a freedom not possible in
any other way
the holding on of old habits is just
like wearing old worn out garments
the student must not wait for someone
else to think these things out for him
he must do it himself it is not possible
for anyone to do it but himself
in this work and under this radiation
everything that is laden in the
individual is being brought forth to be
watch that the attention does not become
fixed on the thing you do not want
it is perfectly ridiculous to keep
recalling things which have not worked
if you have built your limitations for
centuries and can
buy this attention and self-effort free
yourself in a few years isn't it worth
is it not marvelous
a humorous sense of getting away from a
thing is sometimes the quickest and most
powerful way of doing it for a buoyant
joyous feeling releases the energy that
many times enables a very wonderful
manifestation take place
if one will buckle down to brass tacks
and call on the law of forgiveness
he can then consume all past creations
in the consuming flame and be free
you must be conscious that the flame is
the active presence of god doing the
the freedom of god is here in action
when you have a feeling to do a certain
constructive thing go ahead stick to it
and do it if the heavens fall
whether the manifestations comes now or
not should not enter into your
conscience at all
even when students only know a thing
they should not allow the mind to keep
recalling wrong conditions when they
know what this activity does to their
it is unbelievable that people will not
conquer this enemy in their
no student can ever gain the victory
until he stops turning back to the old
negative conditions he is trying to get
rid of
the whole work of a teacher is to get
some means and explanation over to the
student of the activity of acceptance
what the mind accepts is that which the
individual agrees with through his
by letting the two become one
when the mind accepts and agrees with a
thing or condition
the individual decrees it into his world
whatever you let the attention rest upon
you are agreeing with and accepting
because through the attention you have
let the mind become one with it
if an individual were to see a
rattlesnake coiled would he walk right
after to be struck well certainly not
yet this is what students are doing when
they let their attention turn back to
their troubles
such habits are only past momentum given
to specific quality
there are only two activities in life
and if you will not let the inner govern
according to its plan of perfection then
the other must
when a constructive picture is flash to
your mind it is a reality
when you recall it as a mental picture
and hold it again it calls forth the
one can become so aware of his own god
presence that at any time he can see and
feel its radiance pouring out to him
for things it does not want the outer
has all the confidence in the world
it is up to the student to compel it to
have the same confidence for the
perfection of god
that it has for the imperfection of the
the student must always rely on himself
he must always think
what can i do to intensify this activity
from the hints given
benediction mighty perfected ones
as we receive thy magic circle of
as we receive and are enfolded in thy
mighty opulent presence o master within
we accept fully the opulence made
manifest in our outer experience and use
we give praise and thanks for thy wisdom
and its use
we give praise and thanks that we have
the full strength to accept only thy
mighty active presence at all times
and to refuse acceptance to anything
unlike thee
discourse 2 october 6 1932
germain invocation
thou infinite all-pervading presence
thou mighty master within each human
we acknowledge and accept thy full
presence manifest within these forms and
within the human forms of every
individual that god has sent forth
we give praise and thanks that at last
we have become aware of this mighty
presence to whom we can turn and
recognize the fullness of god's activity
the i am of all things
greetings to you all
the discourse
when jesus said i am the resurrection
he gave forth one of the mightiest
utterances that can well be expressed
when he said i am
he did not refer to the outer expression
but he did refer to the mighty master
presence god within
because he repeatedly said
i of myself can do nothing
it is the father within the i am that
doeth the work
again jesus said i am the way
the life and the truth
giving recognition to the one and only
power god in action within him
again he said
i am the light that lighteth every man
that cometh into the world
prefacing every statement of vital
importance with the words
i am
contemplating i am as anything and
everything you wish to be
is one of the mightiest means of losing
the inner god power
love wisdom truth and setting it into
action in the outer experience
again let us refer to his mighty
utterance perhaps one of the greatest
ever spoken into the outer expression
i am the open door which no man can
do you not see how very vital this is
when you come to review understandingly
these mighty statements
when you recognize and accept fully i am
as the mighty presence of god in you in
you will have taken one of the greatest
steps to liberation
now mark you in the utterance of the
truth that i am the open door which no
man can shine
if you can but realize it
you have the key that allows you to step
through the veil of flesh
carrying with you all consciousness that
you have generated or accumulated which
is imperfect
and there are transmuted or in other
words raise it into the perfection into
which you've stamped
too much stress cannot be laid upon the
importance of contemplating as often as
possible the i am as the mighty active
presence of god in you
in your home and your world and your
every breath you breathe is god in
action in you
your ability to express or send forth
thought and feeling is god acting in you
you having free will
it is entirely up to you to qualify the
energy sent forth in your thought and
and determine how it shall act for you
no one can say
how shall i know how to qualify this
for everyone knows the difference
between destructive and constructive
thought feeling in action
the student in receiving instruction
should constantly analyze the motive
back of that question to detect if that
motive there is a fiend of intellectual
pride arrogance or stubbornness in the
outer minded body
if there is within the motive a lurking
desire to argue and prove the
instruction wrong
rather than receive the blessing and
truth intended
the individual has unknowingly shut the
door for the time being
to his ability to receive the good
again may i remind the students
regardless of their personal opinions as
to what the truth shall be
i have proven through many centuries
these condensed instructions have been
given forth
if one wants to receive the greatest
benefit possible
and the comprehensive that will be
absolute certain freedom and liberation
listen with an entirely open mind
with the consciousness that the i am the
active presence of god in you
is your certain ability to receive
accept and apply without limit the
instructions which is being given forth
with an accompanying radiance
which will enable certain students at
this time to comprehend these simple
yet mighty assertions of truth to their
great blessing and freedom
the admonition has been before humanity
through many centuries
you cannot serve two masters
why is this
first because there is only one
intelligence one presence
one power that can act and it is the
presence of god acting in you
when you turn to the outer manifestation
and give all kinds of expression and
appearance power
you are attempting to survey false
usurping master
because the outer expression can only
find an appearance through the use of
god's mighty energy
your ability to lift your hand
and the life flowing through the nervous
system of your outer form is god in
action in your body through your mind
dear students try to use this simple
means as a reminder of god in action in
when you start to go down the street
think for an instant
this is god's intelligence and power by
which i walk
and this is intelligence by which i know
where i am going
thus you will see that it is no longer
possible to go on without understanding
that every move you make is god in
every thought in your mind is god's
energy which enables you to think
when you know this is a fact and there
is no disputing it
why not adore give full confidence trust
in have faith in and accept this mighty
presence of god in action in you
instead of looking to the outer
expression which is clothed qualified
and colored by the outer or human
concept of things
regardless of the one mighty presence
which enables the outer to express
all outer form and its attendant
expression is but the experience life by
which each individual may learn
through his own experience the true
source of his being
and come again into the fullness of
through the self-conscious knowing us
the outer experience of life is but a
constant changing passing picture that
the outer mind is created in its
pretense imagination
of being the real actor
thus is the attention so constantly
fixed upon the outer which alone
contains imperfection
that the children of god have forgotten
their own divinity and must come back to
it again
god is the giver
the receiver and the gift
and is the sole owner of all the
intelligence substance energy and
opulence there is in the universe
if the children of god would learn to
give for the joy of giving whether it be
love money service or whatever it may be
they would open a door to such vast
opulence that would be impossible to
want for a single thing in the outer
the unfortunate thing in humanity which
has caused such rapid selfishness and
unprecedented condemnation of each other
is the idea of claiming ownership to
these wonderful blessings of god
for there is but one love acting one
intelligence power and substance and
that is god in every individual
the warning that should be placed before
every student and individual is to guard
against the desire of the outer self to
claim power of its own
if in every act of the personality god
were given full credit
transformations unbelievable cannot help
taking place in the one thus giving full
credit and power it belongs
there has rarely been a correct
understanding of supply and demand
there is positively abundant supply on
the present
but the demand for it
must be made before the law of the
universe permitted to become into the
expression and use of the individual
the individual having free will
must consciously with full determination
make the demand
and it cannot fail to come forth into
expression no matter what it is
so long as the individual holds an
unwavering determined consciousness
this simple statement used with sincere
i am the great opulence of god made
visible in my use right now and
will bring to the individual all he can
possibly use
the limiting element so many students
seem to be unaware of
is that they start declaring the truth
for instance as in the above statement
but before many hours have passed over
their heads if they were to analyze
themselves conscientiously
they would find in their feelings
lurking doubt or fear for both these are
naturally this neutralizes to a large
extent to constructive force that would
quickly bring about the fulfillment of
the desire or demand
once a student can become fully aware
that every right desire or wish is god
in action
propelling his energy forth the full
and is always self-sustained
he would become aware of the limitless
love power intelligence he has with
which to accomplish any given purpose
with this simple understanding
the word failure would be completely
wiped out from this world in a very
short time from his consciousness
because he would see that he was
wielding intelligence and power that
could not fail
thus students and individuals come into
their full dominion as god intends
it was never intended by the great
all-wise or loving father that any of
his children should want for a single
but because they allow their attention
to become fixed on the outer appearances
which is like the changing sounds of the
they have knowingly or annoyingly cut
themselves off to a large degree from
that great opulence and intelligence
this great opulence is their birthright
which everyone can have who will again
turn to the i am
the active principle of god forever
within himself
as the only source of active life
intelligence and opulence
all through the ages there have been
certain standards of conduct necessary
for the student who desires to reach
beyond certain attainments
this is the conserving and governing of
life force through the sex
for an individual who has been using
this energy without any thought of
government to suddenly say i will cease
this cut it off as it were without
understanding the correct attitude of
would be simply suppressing a flow of
energy which is caused to flow in the
wrong direction
any student who wishes to govern this
will find this simple statement the most
efficient if used understandingly of any
one particular thing that can be given
this will normally and naturally govern
the flow of life energy and bring it
back into its natural channels
it is the mighty statement of jesus
i am the resurrection and the life
this statement will not only purify the
thought but is the most powerful lifting
adjusting force that can be used for the
correction of this greatest of barriers
to the full height of spiritual
anyone who begins to feel the inner
impulse to correct this condition
and will use this statement earnestly
and continuously will raise this
marvelous current of energy to the
highest center in the brain as was
originally intended
he will find his mind flooded with the
most marvelous ideas with the abundance
sustaining power and ability coming into
expression and use for the blessing of
all mankind
i ask any student to try this and watch
the result in his own mind and body
feel deeply the statement of jesus
i am the resurrection and the life
repeated three times either silently or
audibly and notice the lifting of
consciousness which you will experience
there may be some who will need to try
this several times in order to feel the
amazing uplift that others will
experience the first trial
this will show you in a small way what
can be done by its continued use
there is only one means of overcoming or
rising out of anything and that is
after you know what it is you are to
rise out of
to take your outer attention completely
away from it fixing it firmly upon the
above statement
any condition and the outer experience
that one wishes to overcome can readily
be accomplished by the use of this
as well as using it to change the flow
of the misdirected energy
i had one student who felt the inner
impulse to redirect this mighty energy
and the use of the single statement
alone enabled her with little assistance
to raise her body
in one year a marvelous transformation
took place in her entire outer
it seems incredible that in the recorded
statements accredited jesus
which were only a part of what he really
gave forth
that so few of humanity would receive
the mighty import of these wonderful
words of wisdom
at no time in the history of the world
have so many mighty statements been
given as he taught
every one of these when conscientiously
used hold within at the attendant
radiance and accomplishment with which
he attained
you not only have this power of the i am
but his individual assistance also when
these statements are used
one should often contemplate the true
meaning of these mighty statements of
when once you understand that your
feeling and expression of i am sets the
mighty god power in you into action
without any limit
then you receive that upon which your
desire is fixed
it should be no trouble for the student
to see and understand that the outer
appearance is but man's distorted
by claiming the outer as a source of
when a moment's contemplation will cause
him to realize
that there is but one love intelligence
and power which can act and that is god
the human or outer defects or
discrepancies have nothing to do with
the omnipresent perfection of god
for anything imperfect is the creation
of the outer concept of mankind
if man will turn to the mighty i am
knowing that god is all perfection and
that all outer appearances but man's
creation through the misuse of the god
he will see it once that if he sincerely
contemplates and accepts the perfection
of god
he will cause to come in a manifestation
in his life and experience this same
mighty perfection
there is no possible means of bringing
his perfection into your mind body and
outer experience
except by knowing and accepting the
mighty active presence of god in you
such full recognition will cause this
inner power to propel this perfection of
god into your outer visible experience
say to students
i am putting forth as a messenger of
this truth statements of truth which
will positively produce results
if unwaveringly held to and used
students think things do not work
because they do a thing today and forget
it all next week
the desire for light and truth is the
presence of god in the desire
propelling itself forth into action
for illumination use the statement
i am the full comprehension and
illumination of this thing i want to
know and understand
the days your eyes are open to see some
of these marvelous ascended beings the
joy will last to eternity
if one does not take the attitude that i
have the ability to do this
he never in the world can accomplish the
thing he wishes to do
the moment you express i am the
resurrection and the life
in thought and feeling
it immediately turns all the energy of
your being to the center in the brain
which is the source of your being
you cannot overestimate the power in the
there is no limit to what you can do
with it
it was a statement that jesus used most
in his most difficult trials
always know that when you decree a
constructive thing it is god and you
propelling you to do it
it is the most foolish question
imaginable ask
have you proved this in your own
each individual has to prove it for
himself or will mean nothing to him
nothing ever really means anything to
anyone unless he uses it
the feeling carries with a certain
coexistent side
one often feels a thing with such
clearness that he really sees it from
the inner standpoint
as you enter the ascended state thought
feeling seen and colors are almost
simultaneously manifest
harmonious sound is quiet
that is why ravishing music is the most
quieting its effect while bombastic
music is just the opposite
thou mighty majestic conquering i am
we give praise and thanks for the
comprehension of thee as god acting in
and with thy mighty presence and
cause us to feel the mighty import of
thy mighty truth and wondrous presence
when we contemplate the let the mighty
radiance fill us with thy comprehending
conscience to know and apply thy
assertions of truth more and more
we give praise and thanks for thy mighty
perfection and truth for all those who
look unwaverly to thee
discourse 3
october 10 1932
saint germain
thou infinite all-pervading presence
with thy mighty radiance surging forth
throughout the atmosphere of earth we
give praise and thanks for the unrushing
christ power of love and wisdom with
which no uncertainty is raising the
conscious of mankind above the sordid
selfishness of the activity of the outer
we give praise and thanks that we have
become conscious of thy mighty active
presence of all times and that in the
conscious recognition of thee
thou dost change our minds and bodies
without pure presence forever
i bring greetings from the radiant host
to you all
the discourse
from within the radiance of the great
electronic belt i am projecting this
from the heart of the golden city the
twin rays come forth upon which are the
speech the light and the sound
the time is rapidly unfold as when we
must be more aware of the great
electronic belts encompassing all
creation from the godhead to the
the etheric belt around the golden city
is impenetrable far more so than a wall
of many feet of steel would be
so in a lesser degree may the individual
with sufficient comprehension of the
active principle of the god self
surround himself with electronic belt or
which he may qualify in any manner he
may choose
but will be unto the individual who
qualifies it destructively
if anyone should be foolish enough to do
this he would find this belt of
electronic force closing in upon his own
outer form and it would be consumed
but those who with wisdom build and
qualify for god's mighty love and
constructive power will find themselves
moving in a world untouched by the
ignorance of mankind
the cosmic period has arrived when those
who have attained a certain degree of
understanding must create
apply and use this wondrous electronic
every creation that is self-conscious
has this circle of pure electronic force
about it naturally
but to a large degree its forces on
govern therefore dissipated
in consciously creating this mighty ring
of pure electronic force you stop all
leaks in the generation of this
limitless essence
and hold it in reserve for conscious use
and direction
after a few months of this conscious
creative activity of and within this
electronic ring
one will need to be very careful in
loosing or directing this force in any
manner except by divine love
in the beginning of man's
he was naturally surrounded by this
magic circle
but as the consciousness was lowered
more and more
rents were made in this great circle of
force causing leaks as it were
until it has almost entirely disappeared
this however was not a conscious
creation of the individual but was a
natural enfolding circle
now students of the light must go to
work with no uncertainty and consciously
create this electronic belt about
visualizing it perfect with no rents or
breaks in its construction
thus it will be possible to consciously
reach within the electronic belt of the
and there receive limitless wisdom
love light and the application of simple
laws by which all creative power is
while the student is admonished to look
always and never forget it to his own
god self which is the creator of his
yet never has there been a single
attainment in which there has not been
given the assistance of those still in
their being but the one god
the one presence and his all-powerful
then the more advanced than the other is
but more of the god-self in action
in this recognition you will understand
why you can feel
i am here and i am there
for there is but the one god self
when the student can once understand
that the ascended host of masters are
but the more advanced consciousness
then he will begin to feel the
unquestionable possibilities within his
whether he speaks to the godhead direct
to one of the ascended masters of light
or to his own god self in reality it
makes no difference for all our one
until one does reach the state of
consciousness it does make a difference
for the individual is almost certain to
feel a division of oneself which is not
possible to be made
except in the ignorance of the outer
activity of the mind
when the student thinks of the outer
he should at all time be aware that it
is but the outer activity of the one
intelligence guarding himself at all
times against trying to divide in his
own consciousness this
mighty god power centered in him
again i must remind you that this
limitless mighty power of god cannot
intrude its wondrous powers into your
outer use
except by your invitation
there's only one kind of invitation that
can reach it and loose it and that is
your feeling of deep devotion and love
when one is generated about himself as
electronic belt or ring
there is no power that can penetrate it
except divine love
it is only your conscience of divine
love that can penetrate within this
great inner blazing belt of the godhood
through which the godhood sends back to
you its great outpouring mark you
through his messengers
transcendent beings so far surpassing
anything of your present conception
that is not possible in words to convey
to you the majesty of the love
wisdom and power of these great ones
at this point let me again remind you
that the student who will dare to do and
be silent will find himself lifted into
the transcendent radiance of this inmost
then by experience in seeing will he
comprehend this of which i have spoken
the soul who is strong enough to clothe
itself in its armor of divine love and
go forward will find no obstruction
for there is not but your present
consciousness and this mighty
transcendent in their sphere to obstruct
the approach of divine love
when you have touched and seen within
this inner circle
you will then understand how imperfect
is the present expression divine love
once one becomes consciously aware of
these great spheres to which he may
he will find himself fearlessly reaching
deeper and deeper within the radiance of
this mighty intelligent hub of the
universe from which all worlds all
creation have proceeded
there are among you strong dauntless
fearless souls who will understand this
and be able to use it with great
blessing to themselves and others
there are those who will understand and
see that the presence which beats each
heart is god in action
that the activity sending the
circulation to the body's god
that the essence charging forward to
vitalize the outer form
is god in action
then o beloved students awake to this
do you not see how great a mistake it is
to sink under the ignorance of the outer
feeling pain distress and disturbance
all created by the ignorance and
activity without herself
when a few moments of earnest
contemplation will cause one to realize
that you can be but one presence
one intelligence one power acting in
your mind and body
and that is god
you see how simple yet powerful is this
conscious within you to loose the full
recognition of the great pure activity
of god into your mind and body
and to let its wondrous transcendent
essence feel full to overflow in every
it seems to me beloved students that you
cannot fail to grasp the simplicity of
your true god self acting in you
ever turn to it praising it loving it
demanding and commanding to surge forth
into every cell of your body
into every demand of the other activity
in the home and your affairs in business
when your desire is sent forth clothed
in the god presence power intelligence
it cannot fail
it must bring to you that which you
desire desire is but a lesser activity
of decreeing
decreeing is and should be the
recognition of the accomplished desire
beloved students do forever put away any
fear of the use of this great power
you know without being told that if you
misuse it you will experience in harmony
if you use it constructively it will
bring such blessing untold that you can
but give praise and thanksgiving for the
moment when you awaken to the fact
that this limitless power is omnipresent
ever awaiting your conscious direction
the individual who said that you cannot
add one cubic to your height by your
thought has stifled the activity and
progress of the individual
for thought and feeling are the creative
power of god in action
the uncontrolled ungoverned use of
thought and feeling has brought about
all kinds of discord sickness and
few however believe this
and keep going on and on and continually
creating by their ungoverned thought and
desire chaos in their world
when they could as easily as a breath
face about using their thought
constructively with the motive power of
divine love
and build for themselves a perfect
paradise within the period of two years
even physical science has given proof
that the body or outer form completely
renews itself within a few months
then you must see that with the
conscious understanding and application
of the true law of your being
how easy it is to cause perfection to
manifest in your entire body and every
organ to keep it in perfect normal
in a short time it would not be possible
for inharmony to enter your thought or
o children reaching to the light this
great privilege is the open door of god
before you
which none may shut but yourself
none may obstruct or interfere with but
fearlessly use your god-given dominion
and power and be free
you cannot attain and hold this perfect
freedom except through consciously
applied knowledge
now i shall give you a secret that if
understood by the angry or discord
individual would tear him or her from
that destructive activity
even from a purely selfish standpoint
the angry condemning person who sends
out destructive thought
feeding or speech to another who is
poised in his own god power
receives back to himself the quality
with which he charged his power
while the poised person receives the
energy which serves him in which he
automatically qualifies by his own poise
thus the creator of discord
through anger and condemnation
is consciously destroying himself his
world of activity and his affairs
here is a vital point students should
when one consciously reaches within the
inner electronic circle of god he makes
his outer expression activity a channel
for the ceaseless outpouring of the pure
essence from the godhead
this in itself
even though he be entirely silent in the
outer expression
is one of the greatest services to
which but few not ascended are aware of
what it means to mankind
the one reaching within the electronic
circle becomes a continual outpouring
and this very radiation alone is a
tremendous blessing to all mankind
thus eon after eon have there been those
unselfish messengers of god
through whom was poured forth the
blessings of those not understanding the
uplifting presence of this surging
when there is one or more found who can
be an outpouring for this great weld up
presence it is likened under the first
trickling of a leak in a dam
as the consciousness is held steady and
and as the rent in the dam increases
greater volume of water comes forth
for at last all obstruction is swept
away and the whole force back of it is
poured forth into use
unlike the water dammed up the rushes
forward dissipating itself because it is
without direction
the god power thus loosed goes direct to
the channel of consciousness more
and there builds itself up
awaiting the opportunity to rush forward
more and more
thus the student of light aside from his
activity in dispensing the truth
becomes as the word artesian well from
the depth of which flows its mighty
essence of god
the students should at all times
remember that no matter what their
mistakes may have been
god never criticizes nor condemns them
but at every stumble which is made in
that sweet loving voice says
arise my child and try again and keep on
trying till the last you've attained the
true victory and freedom of your
god-given dominion
always when one has been conscious of
having made a mistake
his first act should be to call on law
forgiveness and demand wisdom and
strength not to make the same mistake a
second time
god being all love
must have infinite patience
and no matter how many mistakes one may
have made he can always once again arise
and go under the father
such is the love and freedom within
which god's children are privileged to
there is only one
mighty invincible evolving process
and that is through the power of
consciously generating divine love
love being the hub of all life
the more we enter and use it consciously
the more easily and quickly we release
this mighty power of god
which is always standing as a damned up
force waiting to find an open in our own
consciousness by which it can project
for the first time in many centuries the
searchlights or rays from the golden
city over the sahara desert
are set into active operation over
america and the earth
there may be some individuals who will
see these rays not knowing what they
are mankind need no longer think that
personalities can continue to generate
their destructive forces and long
those who can use this knowledge of the
electronic circle should no longer be
deprived of its benefit give it fourth
and the warning with it
use a statement
i am the fulfilled activity and
sustaining power of every constructive
thing i desire
use it as a general statement
for the sustaining powers and everything
that there is
i am here and i am there
in whatever you want to accomplish is a
splendid way to feel that you are using
the one activity
and you thus rise above the
consciousness of separation
almighty ones of the golden city
glorified are we and thy wondrous
privileged are we in the use of thy
great rays
blessed are we in the conscious
recognition of thy mighty presence
enfold us forever in thy transcendent
discourse number four october 13th 1932
saint germain
thou mighty consuming flame of god we
bow before thy mighty majestic power
we rejoice in thy directing wisdom
we rejoice in thy presence in the heart
of every one of god's messengers
that go forth to direct his service and
energy to the blessing of mankind
we give praise and thanks that thy
presence has changed the tide of things
and that thou art is always the mighty
governing intelligence
we give praise and thanks that thy
consuming fire and thy creative activity
dwelling in the heart of every one of us
are ready to be loosed by the conscious
desire to action
we give praise and thanks that thou art
the consuming presence everywhere
that i am there and i am here
and i am the power that makes all things
i am the majestic presence
i am the conquering power
i am thy mighty energy thy consuming
flame each hour
i bring greetings to you all from the
heart of the crate of fire
the discourse
the creed of fire that i am is the flame
of god his master presence anchored in
the heart of every one of god's children
while in some it is but a spark yet with
the right touch that spark can be fanned
into a crate of fire and consuming flame
this mighty presence god in its myriad
is the omnipresent activity that all may
use without limit
if they only will dismiss from their
recognition the outer appearance
which is but an appearance and take
their attention away from that which has
bound them through endless years
today the scepter of power and authority
stands in the atmosphere before the
single eye of every advancing student
at first they may reach up mentally and
take the scepter of authority
using it in this way until before they
are scarcely aware of it they will find
it tangible and visible in their use of
it is no idle promise that those seeking
the light may again receive this
when we go through a footpath in the
forest we know may return to the same
way if we wish but we must make the
so after hundreds of years of search in
the outer for power and authority we
find that anything that seems to be so
as but a shifting sand and tomorrow may
be gone
by the rejoicing acceptance of your god
dominion you may step firmly upon the
sure foundation of the rock of truth
which is god
and from which no outer disturbance can
ever shake you
once you know from actual experience
students of truth wonder why they cannot
hold a firm anchor in their decision to
hold fast to the god presence which is
their dominion
they do not analyze their outer
expression to see what is lurking there
to cause disturbance question and doubt
but for those who will take the
authority which is theirs and probe deep
into their motives
it will be so easy to pluck out the
tires from the golden grain and soon be
free from the disturbance
that causes them to doubt themselves in
the very presence of god which beats
their heart
when students will be honest enough with
themselves and their god
the i am presence to pluck out by the
roots anything that is causing
disturbance within them
and be able to feel the mighty light and
radiance of the great god self
they will require little effort in
losing the great i am presence in love
and intelligence
which is an ever sustaining power and
strength assurance or whatever they may
in order to hold their feet firm upon
the rock of truth
which is one of the great jewels in
god's kingdom
its dazzling radiance will unfold them
upon the slightest invitation
all students of today hold fast to this
mighty presence which beats your hearts
whose life flows through your veins
whose energy flows through your mind
you have free will and can qualify and
bless it to it your perfection or
always remember that through your
failure to turn to this mighty presence
by which you find you have created in
harmony disorder
you must give yourselves ample time to
gain the full recognition of this mighty
power and give it full activity in your
do not become impatient because things
do not work out as rapidly as you would
like them to
they can only work according to the
speed of your acceptance and the
intensity of your feeling
the mighty energy that surges through
your mind into your body is the pure
electronic energy of god the mighty i am
if your thought is joyously held upon
your god-self as a source of your being
in life
that pure electronic energy continues to
act unabated
uncontaminated by human discordant
but knowingly or unknowingly if you let
your thought begin to gather from the
discord by which it is so often
you change the color and quality of this
radiant pure energy
it must act and you are the one who
shall choose how it shall act to you
don't ever think that you can get away
from the simple fact
it is an immutable law of god and no
human being can change it
students must understand and maintain
this attitude if they wish to make
steady progress
i tell you beloved students you may rage
and doubt and fear and rebel all you
please at self-correction
but it is the open door to your mighty
illumination and freedom from all
limitation in the outer world of
there are a great many students when
they come to a certain point of
where all the results of their activity
are revealed to them
and they look upon the many mistakes
that have been made which must be
corrected become despondent critical and
condemnatory to themselves in god
this is a great mistake again
everything that is revealed to them in
which they find they have been making
mistakes should make them rejoice
that the things are revealed which need
knowing that god is the power to think
then they know they have the power to
correct this and to joyfully set to work
to do so
the power of god's life which beats
their hearts is absolute proof that they
have the intelligence and power of god
within them by which they may dissolve
and consume all the mistakes and discord
and creation that they have consciously
or unconsciously drawn about them
they may say to this undesirable
i am the mighty consuming flame
that now and forever consumes all past
and present mistakes their cause and
and all undesirable creation for which
my outer is responsible
it seems so strange that students seem
to have such difficulty in fixing the
anchorage and recognition of the
limitless power they are willing when
they say i am
when the intellect which is the outer
activity knows this
then the students should intensify with
all their power by the intense feeling
of the truth of this
then they would find greatly added speed
and power in their active use
i tell you dear students you have come
to a time when you can use this power
with great authority to free yourself
from the chain of limitations of bound
you so long
set a body with joyous determination to
put your house in order
if you were going to have a
distinguished guest i doubt not that you
would spend days working earnestly
cleaning washing polishing preparing for
the gas
how much more important it is to prepare
for this great prince of love and peace
the prince of consuming fire that dwells
within you and controls the element of
when one thinks of oramasus prince of
the fiery element it is the flame of
creed of fire within that it is calling
to him for assistance in the quickening
of this creative power
and brings results unimaginable
there has been no time in my memory when
there was so much natural assistance at
hand for the students of light for his
use as theirs at this time
and the students who take advantage of
this with joy's intensity
when you speak in the name power and
authority of the mighty i am
you are releasing limitless energy to do
your bidding to fulfill your desire
why longer allow doubt and fear to be
set you when
i am the open door which no man can shut
into the great opulence of god
waiting surging to press forward to heal
to bless and to prosper abundantly
dare to be to feel to use this mighty
authority god in you
beloved students do you not realize that
you can express perfection by taking
your determined stand with sufficient
intensity that
i am the mighty electronic energy
flowing through
filling and renewing every cell of my
mind and body right now
do you not see with sufficient intensity
of this
in a few minutes or hours you could
dispel any disturbing condition in the
mind or body
and allow that mighty pure energy to do
its work uncolored unaffected by any
discordant element in your own thought
you can renew any nerve
any organ and build any member of the
body into its perfection almost
why not feel this apply it and as you
begin to experience the remarkable
your confidence will leap into its
perfect activity
and your mind will have all confidence
in its mighty presence and power and its
omnipresent limitless use
when there is a seeming lack of energy
take your determined joyous stand
i am the mighty presence of this alert
radiant energy
surging through my mind and body
dismissing everything unlike itself
i take my stand in this alert radiant
energy and joy for all time
you can pass this pure energy through
your mind and body as i would pass my
hand down before you
at first because you do not seem to feel
any great magnetic electronic force pass
over you
does not in any way indicate that you
have not received this mighty energy
which you have commanded with authority
to flow through your mind and body
one may say the same thing to his
affairs it may not be according to his
desire for perfect expression
the student can stand call forth the
mighty presence of the i am
send it forth into his business and
commanded to consume everything unlike
and replace all with the mighty
perfection of god
which i am
commanded to be self-sustained
and cause that perfection to manifest
his unceasing authority and power
and cleanse his world in every
discordant thing for i am the supreme
authority god in action
one does not need to do this when any
tension or the extent that he creates
tension in the action of the body
but he can rise in the supremacy and
dignity of the authority of god
and cleanse everything needing it
in doing this one need not speak in a
loud voice but in a very low masterful
stand in the room by yourself and
i am master of my world
i am the victorious
intelligence governing it i send forth
into my world this mighty radiant
intelligent energy of god
i commanded to create all perfection
to draw to me the opulence of god made
visible in my hands and use
i am no longer the babe of christ but
the master presence groaned a full
stature and i speak in a command with
thus one may consume the mistakes and
imperfection he may have created and in
the authority of the i am
recreate immediately the perfection he
know that it is constantly
so long as you do not intrude upon it to
discord an activity of your thought and
i want so much to have you feel that you
are the only authority in this world or
any other so far as your world is
do not ever fear that the perfecting of
your world is going to disfigure anyone
else's world so long as your intent is
not to harm anyone
it does not matter that the world about
you says or how much they try to intrude
upon their doubts fears and
limitations you are the supreme
authority in your world
and all you have to do is to say when
you are beset by these conditions
i am
the mighty
magic circle of protection about me that
is invincible
and repels for me every discordant
thought and element which seeks to find
entrance or intrude itself
i am the perfection of my world and it
is self-sustained
oh beloved ones it is no longer
necessary to wonder waver and question
i am the authority
go on dare to be and use this authority
of god which is expressing in the i am
of everything
why not be fearless
you've been wanting the presence of the
great ascended ones
i am the visible presence of those
greatly beloved ascended masters whom i
wish to have appeared here to me and
whose assistance i desire
you have come to the point where you can
dismiss all discord from your mind
fill your minds with this pure
electronic essence and no discord can
so long as you keep it filled with this
i tell you again
you are the authority in your world
and if your thought is filled with this
essence then no discord will touch it
we are going to take this authority and
use it clear away all discord and
declare with no uncertainty
i am the supremacy of man
everywhere i go i am
god in action
mighty crate of fire we give praise and
thanks for thy great omnipresence today
to heal to bless and to prosper
enter into the hearts of mankind with
thy creative presence and genius and let
the full divine justice of thy supremacy
reign throughout the land in all
official places
see that all authorities in the hands of
thy trained and trusted messengers that
they may govern fully all governmental
offices on america and be ever divinely
sustained that america be healed
blessed and forever prosper
that all sinister influence be consumed
and forever repel from within the
borders of america
discourse notes
the host of angels rejoice at the return
of the wanderer who has come back home
who has sought authority so long in the
outer and found only husks
after his energies wasted he comes back
and there is the fountain to recharge
rebuild them against all the
discrepancies called old age
thus you can stand forth renewed again
in the fullness of youth and power for
such is the way of life god's life
it keeps the most marvelous vibratory
action expressing for each one to speak
it is perfectly wonderful if you could
see the interaction of it
let each one enter into the happiness
and love of perfect obedience and
liberate the great power of god
if one just lets go of the outer and
enters into the inner every discord
let's go at once
etheric cities
over the principal deserts there are
etheric cities
over the arizona desert is the etheric
city in america there is one over the
sahara and one over the gobi
the one over brazil is the etheric city
for south america
humanity should know and be made to
realize it again again and again
the inhabitants of cities pass out
through so-called death
and re-embody in that same place
because attachments have been formed and
draw them back into the same environment
the student who has to re-embody should
take the command that
the next time i will be born into a
family of great light
this would open the door to great speed
and its progress
discourse 5 october 17 1932
saint germain
thou mighty infinite presence thou all
pervading healing presence descend and
do thy work
thou mighty infinite intelligence give
forth by confidence and strength
fill the mind and body of each one with
iranian presence
fill every cell with thy radiant
presence prove thy presence in my
conquering mastering power
mighty master presence within each one
come forth erase this outer human self
and hold thy dominion now and forever
there is but one intelligence presence
essence and love and this thou art
pour forth thy radiance to these outer
cloaks of flesh and command by
perfection to thus be manifest and
i bring you greetings from the great
host ever shedding their radiance and
take the command i am the pure
electronic essence that fills my mind
and body and i broke nothing else
god in you as master of all conditions
at all times say often
i am always the victorious presence of
the mighty i am
feel the mighty current of electronic
essence fill your mind and body erasing
instantly all in harmonious activity
and giving you the consciousness of
mastery and victory
command divine presence pour thy
radiance to this mind and body and see
that thy wisdom directs always in every
outer activity
the discourse
let us be conscious of the healing
radiance filling this home
the great need today is the healing of
the nations and of individuals
as the individual is given assistance
through the outpouring of electronic
energy through the mind and body and
filling every cell
so an expanded degree is the nation
treated likewise
the nation is a great body of
individuals and of nature's creations
we have the same power
being the individualized presence of god
then we know i am everywhere present
and when my consciousness takes on this
expansion i know its energy leaps into
action everywhere
in the cells of the body of the world as
well as in the body of the individual
we must come to know that the active
presence of god all-powerful is
everywhere present
that there's not a single nook nor
corner anywhere that the active presence
of god is not
that this active presence seizes and
binds all human creation and consumes
instantly everything of an inharmonious
and undesirable nature
with the use of the electronic belt
surrounding the individual he must
understand that he can make this an
absolutely invincible protection through
its protection divine wisdom acts
repelling everything through our
conscious actions that shall not be
taken into the system
and that this omnipresent wisdom and
intelligence is always prompting us to
refuse acceptance of anything into the
either through feeling thought or food
that wouldn't any wise disturb its
harmonious activity
the natural activity of the currents of
life play everywhere like the play of a
the outer activity should at all times
be an invitation to the receptivity of
the currents of life which are pure
cosmic energy and which are ever flowing
to the atmosphere of the earth
it is true that where there are
conditions to dance for it to penetrate
it goes over under them so to speak and
finds its way onward just the same
every individual since the beginning of
this year should come to understand that
he is walking and moving constantly
within the reach of mighty healing
through the power of cyclopea
the secret lost star and the rays from
the golden city
currents of healing force of tremendous
power are consciously directed through
the atmosphere of earth
these you will understand by their very
nature being the energy of god in action
are therefore self-sustained
the consciousness in the individual of
their presence will enable him to
contact these rays at any time
students who have a feeling of
patriotism and who wish to help the
nation should take the stand that these
healing currents reach not only
but carry into conditions environment
and official places like an intelligent
and are doing the work for the
protection and uplift of the children of
earth not heretofore set into such
powerful actions since the creation of
this planet
the more individuals become truly and
sincerely conscious of this operation
the more can they become mighty
messengers of assistance in this most
unusual work
through the conscious manifestation of
the mental forces back of the communist
is the sinister influence with which we
are dealing in the outer world's
those who wish to be true messengers
will meditate upon this idea until they
have grasped the full import of it
they will use their conscious effort
knowing that these currents of consuming
electronic energy consciously directed
to the atmosphere of the earth cannot be
interfered with
and that in every sincere conscious
effort of the individual
in his desire to give his assistance
there will flow a consciousness of this
energy that he is not hitherto possessed
sometimes there are individuals of such
a nature that while wonderfully kind and
the sudden consciousness they need to
let go of certain kinds of food or other
activity is a sort of shock to them
i would say to these individuals that
the divine intelligence in each one will
cause them to naturally let go of the
things not in accordance with his great
presence at every step of the way when
it is necessary
in order for an individual to
consciously let go of a thing
he must have something that he feels is
stronger to which he can anchor
as students become conscious of this
the confidence and strength will come to
them to take the step
as i suggested once before i would
consciously at least once or more a day
stand on the floor and charge the home
with this pure electronic energy and
keep it charged
so that god's very presence will keep
out of the home food thought any kind of
presence and everything that is not in
accordance with the desires here
i would suggest that whenever you find
someone is coming you take the
i am the pure radiance of divine love
in folding these individuals
and this garment enfolds them when they
come and when they leave
when you are conscious of this you
clothe them and they will wear this
garment into the home and out of it
and for them it will be a sustaining
those who come into your home are
deserving of assistance
and this will enable them to receive the
full assistance they desire and you will
love to give
no matter how great the knowledge
attained we at no time ever have the
right to force either the knowledge or
the discipline upon anyone
only as students apply what they hear
and receive can they ever know the
when you say i am
you acknowledge the power that breaks
down all barriers and conditions of
this human self is just like a starving
line in the jungle
it will tear anything to get what it
wants to eat in this state the human
consciousness will tear its best friend
to pieces to get its own way
in any astral element there is that
human desire element through which
unless one shuts his mind entirely to
the astral world will constantly find
himself interrupted in a good decision
because he has left that door open to a
force far more subtle and has ever found
the outer world
many think they are good forces in the
astral world
i tell you
no good force ever comes from the astral
any good force that seems to come from
there must come through it
but it makes its own tunnel of life
through which it comes
in the first place what makes the astral
there is only one place where the
undesirable creation can find a home
and that is the next step to the human
activity which is the astral realm
this realm of astral activity has within
it all undesirable creation accumulated
through the centuries
therefore it is easy to see at once that
no good comes from any contact with the
astral realm
it has nothing in it whatsoever of the
there is a wider difference between the
astral realm of activity and what some
call the star astral as there is in
between light and darkness
however the so-called star astral is
again misunderstood
it is not really called star astria
it really is an activity not a realm
and it is from the fourth sphere
the star estrella is a cosmic being
whose work it is to consume all possible
within the astral realm
and to reach individual whose attention
seems to be drawn there
this great being will sooner or later
clear the understanding of such
individuals and consume their desire for
any contact with that unhappy realm
no little children remain in the astra
the home of children who leave the earth
is in the etheric realm
people who are in the body are on the
same sphere when they sleep as the
there is a sustaining consciousness of
the i am presence
which if one goes forth with it on going
to sleep
through that sustaining power one can
reach unbelievable heights
if you have the consciousness through
the outer expression of this i am
presence and you take this cuts with you
as you go into the other realms it is a
sustaining presence that is unbelievable
there is an activity in the experienced
life that demands the conscious
and use of the i am presence of god in
when you take that conscience with you
through the veil of sleep
the soul is able to function out of the
body with almost limitless power
suppose there is a seeming need in the
physical activity
before going to sleep we can say this
through the mighty power and
intelligence which i am
i go forth while my body sleeps
make conscious contact with
and abundantly fulfill this requirement
no matter what it is
knowing that this activity is
self-sustained it cannot fail in any way
it is a mighty way of setting the motion
the i am presence
whatever the i am commands while the
body sleeps must be obeyed
i knew of one instance of this kind when
there was need of protection
the one using it had a certain
consciousness of this presence
the individual was falling over a cliff
and this i am presence instantly built
up a form caught the individual and took
them back to safety
when one enters the conscious path and
goes into any environment where there
might be danger
one should always do some quick definite
work on his protection
for until one raises the body he is
always functioning more or less where he
is contacting the outer thought of
if the student be climbing the mountains
he must do conscious protective work
he must do the protective work and do it
if the student will always keep up his
conscious protection he will be able to
avoid the instruction of other
steamship protection
god is the almighty power protecting and
directing the steamship
therefore it moves in a zone of absolute
on the conscious path you must be up in
an action at all time
there are some who might think this is a
suggestion of fear but it is not it is
recognition of the omnipresent
protective power
automobiles god is all seen and all
knowing sees ahead will naturally avoid
undesirable contact
when you say god is driving this car
the vision of god goes ahead sees blocks
and miles ahead
and the prompting will come to go to the
street which is clear
because god is driving a car our path is
unobstructed in every way
there are two reasons why students have
first because they have become angry and
open the door
second because the student is laying
down on the job
whenever we do a thing with a positive
dynamic attitude it gives confidence to
the outer and it cannot fail
to project an electronic belt around
another say i am the protective
electronic belt around
and when you say i am the protective
ring or belt
it means that the electronic belt is
instantly formed invincible
realize that when you say i am
whatever is commanded is all powerfully
instantly done
you cannot use the i am presence without
having instantaneous activity
often say
i am the omnipresent
all-powerful protected intelligence
governing this mind and body
it is instantly omnipresent there in
action when you say i am
the i am which is everywhere present is
at that point doing the work that moment
this is the way you set into action by
the most direct means the all-powerful
action of the i am which is all in all
constantly remind the outer
consciousness that when you say i am
you have set into action all the
attributes of the godhead
you are now at a point when you should
have instantaneous activity
when you say i am in any condition
it means that instant action is taking
place there by the greatest power in the
the moment you become conscious that i
am is the full activity of god
containing all the attributes of the
you do that moment have the full use of
this mighty power
use often
i am the presence producing this master
get the consciousness of the mighty
presence you are calling forth when you
are using that i am i have always loved
to specify what i wanted to do
if i want health in my body i say
i am the presence charging this body
with pure electronic energy
when you say i am the ascension of this
physical body right now
then you have accepted and entered into
that action right now
when you are striving for the light in
unlimited action you are striving for
the greatest thing in the world
fill your world with the presence which
i am
and when you do this feel you are doing
it consciously
if one will take the consciousness i am
the perfect activity of every organ and
cell of my body
then it must manifest
you have but to be conscious of this and
it must be
use often
i am perfect health now manifest in
every organ of my body
put your confidence in your i am instead
of something
suppose you want great intelligent
activity say
i am the perfect intelligent activity in
this body
you cannot do this looking to something
to clear the mind eyes and ears
i am the perfect intelligence active in
this brain
i am the perfect sight looking through
these eyes
i am the perfect hearing to these ears
go up these treatments with
determination and they cannot fail
you have the range now use them
avoid all use of words that seem to be
the reminder of limited conditions
when you are conscious of the i am you
don't care what in the world does
you must not be concerned about anything
but your world
for squaring the circle use the i am
pay no attention to what anyone says
just say specifically what you want to
say again and again
i am the only presence acting in this
say i am the only presence acting in my
for finding things
i am the intelligence in all seen i
which finds this
you'll be amazed at the feeling it grows
within when you do not have to look to
anything but the i am
wipe out of your mind everything but the
conscious operation of the i am
for it is the most potent power possible
get the sense of ease about producing
these seeming miracles
suppose you want to loom in a room say
i am the illumination of this room
then you act upon the electrons in this
room the illuminating of the atmosphere
of the room is as easy as raising your
your ability to illuminate a room is
just as easy as physically illuminated
through the electric lamp
you can just as easily plug into the
universal current of electricity is to
the wires
to make visible the illumination within
your own body say
i am the visible illumination to this
body now
right within yourself as a focal point
the i am in you created everything in
the universe
when you enter into the confidence of
the i am
it will soon do away with all
use often i am the consuming power and
presence of every bit of fear doubt and
questioning in my outer activity
concerning this invincible activity the
i am
keep this up and you will always know
instantly what to do
you can take this and use it and must
remove every obstacle to the i am
when you operate consciously you know
positively it is done
the consciousness of an individual
clothes the form with that individual's
own concepts of it
when these are drawn about an individual
who has generated a certain energy
they impose upon him nothing but the
things in his own world
whenever you feel a sudden joy impulse
grasp and use it in decree
thou mighty infinite intelligence
we give praise and thanks for thy mighty
comprehension and mighty manifestation
the conscience of those presence
we give praise and thanks that i am the
perfect understanding operation
and that i am everywhere present
performing all required to be done
i am the illumination of everyone who
looks to me
i am the radiant intelligent activity in
the minds of all mankind
i am the master acting in the brain of
everyone on humanity
causing divine love
justice peace harmony perfection to
manifest to our beloved america
discourse 6 october 20th 1932
saint germain
thou mighty infinite presence
creator of all that he is always
majestic in thy conquering presence we
give power only to thee
we forever withdraw all power we've ever
given to other things and stand serene
in my majestic presence love wisdom and
knowing that i am here and i am there
and i am everywhere
then i am serene in my mystic presence
manifesting thy love wisdom power and
that i have thy foresight and see far
beyond human possibilities
i give praise and thanks that i now and
acknowledge and accept only thy mighty
victorious presence in all things
in my life my world my mind and my body
i give praise that i have placed above
each form my magic circle invincible
impenetrable to anything unlike thee
i stand guard over my life body mind
world and affair that nothing manifest
unlike thee
we thank thee
discourse reminding the outer activity
the outer consciousness that when i say
i am
using the infinite god power
when i say i am i have set this power
into motion to successfully accomplish
whatever the idea is
which has been held in consciousness
sincere students should not forget this
for a single hour until the truth
becomes so fixed in the outer activity
that it automatically acts
therefore you will see how perfectly
ridiculous it is to say i am sick i am
financially embarrassed
or that there seems to be a lack of
i tell you that you cannot possibly be
affected if you will hold fast to this
idea then use it
when you seem to have a cold you do not
need to be told to use a handkerchief
then why do you need to be reminded that
the outer activity is but one power by
which to move itself about
and that is the i am presence god in you
the unfortunate thing about sincere
students is that they will not meditate
often enough upon this truth for its
marvelous presence to come into activity
know that i am
the majestic victorious presence
filling all official places
and know it with certainty in your mind
if any of the students will sincerely
take hold and use this
such a one will be blessed for doing so
guard yourself in the outer contact
constantly that you do not unknowingly
accept the appearance of things or the
fear of a so-called financiers
god governs your world your home your
business and that is all with which you
are concerned
do not ever fear that you are running a
muck with your imagination when you
sense and feel the nearness of the full
manifestation of the mighty
individualized presence
believe in the mighty presence as whole
in its embrace everything in this world
that you can desire or use
you are not dependent on the other
with the joys entering into this mighty
power and presence which contains all
do you not see how you would be provided
for if everything were cut loose
i want you to feel
joyously accept
and with all your being know that the
power of precipitation is no myth it is
those who enter into this feeling deep
enough will have the precipitation of
anything they want
children have been chastised for seeing
angelic beings that for manifesting an
inner perception
it is the parent of that child who
should be chastised and well at that for
daring to interfere with the god-given
freedom of that child
if grown-ups would live more in the
conscious imagining acceptance of these
mighty and great presences of whose very
existence most of humanity doubts
they would feel their presence in
uplifting sustaining intelligence
my beloved ones if suddenly we find
ourselves needing courage or strength
i am they're surging forth supplying
this instantly
if i need harmony in my mind or body
then i am there
supplying it instantly i do not need to
do not give a thought to the world or
individuals who not understand these
go right on rejoicing in the visible
active presence precipitated into your
life and use on whatever you wish
our outer common sense so-called must
tell us that unless we expect accept and
rejoice in the presence of a thing we
how in the name of god can we expect to
have it
the poor insignificant outer self struts
itself about saying
i am too important to give attention to
these childlike fairy stories
well let me say to you that one day the
individuals who say this will only be
glad to listen to those fairy stories
and fill their minds with those ideas
that they may come forth
in every instance and the outer contact
of the world of business
whenever there is a negative condition
that seems to touch your world in any
instantly take your firm stand
i am the precipitation and visible
presence of whatever i desire
and no man can interfere with it
this is a mighty truth
when i speak of precipitation this
matter i do not only mean through the
invisible but through any channel for
all as a precipitation it is only a
little different activity
when i recognize who i am
then i have entered into the great
wherein is god's greatest activity
this recognition should bring great
revelation to the individual if he holds
to it with joyous acceptance
in your outer experience the use of any
activity develops your strength to
greater and greater efficiency does it
if one can apply this in the other
do you not see how much more important
it is in the inner activity
the more you put it into use the greater
the power you put into it
know you can do it with the inner
spiritual things far greater and quicker
than in the outer things for with spirit
the power acts instantly
there is no waiting when the i am acts
the fact that you give creams to
development of the muscular system
by use should make you realize that the
same effort given to the exercise and
recognition of the inner power would
naturally produce far greater results
for instance man is supposed to perform
certain physical exercise in order to
develop his muscles i have in my
students many many times
enable them to produce powerful muscles
on a symmetrical beautiful body without
having taken a single exercise to do it
it is the same with the exercise of your
inner faculties in bringing forth the
inner power
in all development
either of the inner or the outer the
first part of the exercise is mental
here we must know that there is only one
power and energy to use
and that is from the great i am presence
in you
therefore the exercise of your inner
faculties is necessarily mental
called mental but i say to you
it is god an action
because you cannot form a thought
without the intelligence and energy of
god to do it
therefore your mental activity is the
energy of god in action
now you see how easy and possible it is
to make a strong physical body without
lifting your hand in physical exercise
to do it
most scientific medical and mental
physical culture will deny this
but i assure you it is only because you
have not become aware of or thought
deeply upon the energy or power that is
because no kind of activity can take
place except
by the use of this inner energy and
individuals allow the impingement of
doubts and fears to rush in and
overwhelm them when it comes to the
recognition of these great faculties
which are free for their use at any time
you see they are but submerged as a were
by the outer like a cork that has been
pushed beneath the water
which then released by little effort
pops up to the surface into use
i must say it is positively pitiful when
earnest students spend so many years
training intervals to gain the use of
these faculties
and then because they do not operate
immediately relapse into a state of
inactivity until something spurs them on
and then relapse again
persistent determined recognition of
this i am presence
will take you through anything to
absolute certain accomplishment unless
you lie down on a job
i see and especially at this time a
goodly number of individuals who with a
little encouragement and description of
the simple use of these faculties
will quickly leap into their freedom
and especially those who have this
verbal instruction and the radiation
that goes with it
is it not appalling that sons and
daughters of god will submit to the
binding claims implementation when with
persistent effort and termination
they would open the door and step
through into the inner great chamber
filled with such dazzling light jewels
gold and substance from which every kind
of food in the universe could ever be
then with this truth plainly before them
these individuals still hesitate through
unbelief to step through take this
sceptre and be free
beloved ones again i say to you sing the
great melody of the i am conquering
sing it in your hearts continuously
feel it with all your ability be
determined to use it
hold fast to the termination and the
knowledge and the way will steadily open
to give you the mastery which is your
eternal freedom
just keep joyously knowing that you are
through the veil now
whatever mastery the individual has
gained over himself his affairs of the
world is always and should be a sacred
chamber an inner sanctuary upon which no
other inquiring individual may intrude
no one may attain mastery through the
desire of the outer to find the mastery
within another
to seek
find and apply the law of one's own
is the student sure run to mastery
and only when the individual has
attained it himself may he really
understand what true mastery is
there is only one mastery to be sought
and that is over one's own other self
one might walk beside a master for years
and not discover until his own inner
faculties reveal the fact
one might live in the same house with a
master for years and not know it until
some crisis arose to be handled and thus
the real power be revealed
for a master to discuss or disclose to
his own attainment of mastery would be
to dissipate his own forces and may not
be done at any time
if a student be fortunate enough to have
a beautiful experience and discuss it
with others
there is usually so much doubt poured at
him that he can soon begin to doubt
it is really funny how convincing
someone else's argument can be
if a student will listen to the argument
of someone else
why not be at least as fair to his own
god-self and listen to its power and
good as expressed through the inner
the moment doubt begins to enter more
doubt rushes in
the same with the i am
if you put your attention upon it
it rushes forth more and more
where the conscious attention is fixed
there the energy pours
dear ones do you not see
when you want something revealed or to
be inspired in some way
do you not see
i am that
the moment you say i am
you set in motion as power that is
inherent within it all these faculties
it is all substance and must take on
whatsoever form the attention of the
mind is fixed upon
the i am
is the fathomless mind of god
in reaching for understanding the
average students but contacting the
recurring memory of that which has been
instead of going into the heart of god
and bringing forth that which never has
individuals and students many times do
not and will not realize that there have
been many civilizations of vast
attainments which are entirely unknown
to the outer world today
atlantis lemuria or the land of mu as
credited by a few today arbit fragments
of the great civilizations that have
to do unusual things
the students who wish to do this take
the determined stand
i am the heart of god
and i now bring forth ideas and
accomplishments which have never been
brought forth before
consider only the i am
that which i wish to bring forth
the i am presence is the heart of god
you are immediately in the great silence
the moment you say i am if you recognize
that you are the i am
then whatever you declare is manifest
that moment
to believe is to have faith a thing is
there is an interlocking of belief in
in the beginning a thing is a belief
and if held to it becomes faith
if you do not believe a thing is true
you cannot bring it in a manifestation
if you do not believe i am a thing
how can it act for you
the old saying
there is nothing good or bad but
thinking makes it so is an absolute
when you know that god's energy comes
forth into the individual absolutely
pure and perfect
then you must realize that it is the
individual who re-qualifies that energy
and imposes his own impure quality upon
this pure god energy is protected forth
by the conscious after the individual
and he must impose some kind of quality
upon it for that is his privilege as a
everyone is constantly qualifying this
energy which is pouring forth
each one is continually pouring his
color into it through his own
every activity of the outer that
qualifies carries with it the inherent
faculty of sound and color
no activity of any kind can take place
which is not sound and color inherent
with it
god's perfection naturally has no
discoloration within it
within the outer faculty which gives
quality to a thing is where the
discoloration takes place
every student must take the
responsibility of his own activity in
qualifying the energy he sends forth
the mind cannot act upon anything that
is not intelligent inherent within it
do not allow yourself in the human sense
to consider the element of time in
anything you do
but enter into a thing joyously and
stick to it until it does manifest
be like a blowtorch if you hold steady
on the mighty god presence as the actor
doing the thing
you will enter into the fullness and
perfection of everything ready for your
news now
all permanent accomplishments must be
the self-conscious effort of the
what is sympathy
it is but agreement with imperfection
whatever you do be adamant before human
watch it you do not allow yourself to be
dragged down into quickstand when you
can use wings to lift yourself above its
judge not but keep joyously entering
into the i am presence and all things
will manifest perfectly
for any imperfect condition especially
old age use
i am the perfection of that individual
no matter what is said in the outer
world you must be unaffected by it
for you are coming to this perfection
and you must bring it about consciously
if you do not watch you can let in an
expression in a moment that can follow
you for years if you do not erase it
when you are consciously using the great
know that the active power of god's
thought knows its direction goes and
performs perfectly
consciously charge the i am intelligence
to use whatever is necessary
say i am intelligence
qualify this with whatever is required
for healing
i had one student who was so qualified
the electronic circle about him with the
power of healing that he was called the
healing shadow
of course it was not the shadow that
healed but the moment people contacted
this electronic circle they were healed
understanding god is love
why did god individualize himself
in order to have something to love
why were the rays divided
answer in order to express love
love is the active principle of god
when you are loving you aren't fooling
what you are loving in that robe of god
that radiant presence and activity
never condemn
try always to understand whenever there
seems to be a wrong sex activity and
lift the consciousness of the individual
by focusing the attention upon a high
ideal of some kind in order to control
the thought
so the sex activity can come under
conscious control of the individual
through the use of his own will
the proper clean use of the sex is for
the expansion and expression of love in
the procreation of a form
that the incoming soul may have a
harmonious and loving disposition and
the thought and feeling of the parents
are the influencing molding activity
the nature of the life principle of the
individual is to love
infinite god of love
we give thanks for thy gracious
outpouring today for thy mighty radiance
filling all things everywhere
we give praise and thanks that we have
entered into thy world where everything
is so fair
with our radiance created with every
thought brings into perfection all
things held within our thought
raising the body
nada raised her body 2700 years ago
in the case of three raising the body
one time they might ascend at the same
moment or within a few weeks or months
controlling an animal
i am here and i am there
and i command silence there
also look the animal in the eye and know
the love of god controls it
the difference between divine compassion
and human sympathy is as great as that
between light and darkness
divine compassion holds a student's
attention anchored to the mighty i am
calling it forth to produce perfection
human sympathy is a rushing forth of
energy qualified by a field of
and but intensifies the imperfection
already manifesting
discourse 7 october 24 1932
saint germain
thou mighty silent watcher
even as thou has before thee the cosmic
crystal send forth thy rays
anchoring them in the hearts of god's
teach them obedience to the great cosmic
laws teach them obedience to the light
fill their hearts and minds with i peace
with i silence with thy poise
let the rejoicing of thy heart fill
their heart everyone even overflowing
with thy substance and pure electronic
force it brings with it the immeasurable
infinite blessing
let each one feel by omnipresent
watchful care
by sustaining love wisdom and power
the discourse
i bring you greeting from the great host
of light who watch attentively the
outpouring of divine radiance
whose great love peace and might always
enfold you
as messengers of the light giving always
strict obedience to the great light
obedience of all manifestation is the
first demand of the great host
when the command went forth let there be
obedience was the first activity
consequently limitless light was at hand
it is so with all outer activity of the
one active principle god
the first activity the hour should be to
give perfect obedience to that inner
thus is it enabled to receive
harmoniously the unadulterated pure
and so it should be with friends with
relatives with associates and with all
outer contact of individuals
there should always be this wondrous
grace of love light and obedience it
matters not the age of the individual
still the outer expression often for its
need is obedience to the great inner
when the impulse surges forth to argue
criticize or feel a resistance it is
your signal that the outer is intruding
itself to demand attention
then is the time by the power of your
free will to command the outer to be
silent and obey the i am presence
it is useless to argue any point
silence the outer and then in loving
obedience give the instruction
in this way it can come forth
when students have entered the conscious
path the slightest intimation of
disturbance or resistance of any kind
should be followed instantly by
silencing all outer activity declaring
i am the obedient intelligent activity
in this mind and body
i am the governing power and do govern
it harmoniously
it matters not upon what plane or what
sphere of activity the son of god that
is the son or daughter of god acts
obedience to its laws or the divine law
of sphere in which he is acting
is always imperative through steady
onward progress
someday i hope in the near future we
shall take up for consideration the
elements of other activity which are
most disturbing
and the effect of their activity upon
the body
i do not wish to do this however until
the students are strong enough to hear
the truth of this activity without a
single twinge of resistance or
because to start an activity within the
individual of either condition would be
a mistake upon my part
i spoke some time ago about the student
keeping on guard to watch that in an
unguarded moment he did not find himself
unknowingly entertaining something of
resistance criticism or some activity
which he later discovered had been
every student should constantly use many
times a day for it only requires a
minute and suddenly declare
i am the invincible guard established
sustained and maintained over my mind my
body my home my world and my affairs
keep conscious at this guard being the i
am presence
naturally has infinite intelligence
this will establish an intelligent
garden activity about you that does not
have to be constantly repeated
again we come to a point where every
time we use the expression i or i am
we know that it is the full power of
love wisdom and intelligence acting
used frequently i am the full liberation
of divine love acting
now as a preparatory activity for the
i would suggest that the students with
great joy and firmness after having
refreshed themselves in the morning
would silently declare
knowing that the power of the
declaration is self-sustained
i am the governing love wisdom and power
with its attendant intelligent activity
which is acting today in every single
thing that i think are due
i command this infinite activity to take
place every moment
and be the sustaining guard about me
that i move speak and act only in divine
then during the day whenever you think
of it take the firm consciousness
i am the commanding governing presence
moving everywhere before me during the
day commanding perfect peace and harmony
in all activity
in this manner you will lock the door
open for the continuous outpouring of
this inner intelligent presence which
will transform your world and keep you
from contacting in harmony of any kind
enabling you to have that steady flow of
inner peace and harmony in all outer
it matters not what the manifestations
may be within the body without
the student must take his firm stand
that his body is the temple of the most
high living god
this is an unquestionable truth and this
attitude consciously maintained will
more rapidly bring the body into a
perfect activity which was intended from
the beginning
i say to the students in all sincerity
there is no possible way of attaining a
quality or a desired attribute without
claiming it
the outer has drifted into a limited
consciousness of declaring it and did
not have the desired quality and of
course it could not manifest it under
those conditions
the thought of the student often is well
i've been holding this idea for a long
but it doesn't manifest it doesn't work
this is positive proof that somewhere in
the consciousness there was lurking a
doubt possibly unknown to the individual
i tell you that no matter what appears
on the surface
if you will continually with firm
claim the quality condition or things
you desire
and go right on claiming them with a
firm determination
you will find expression in your use
just as certain as you do this
but i cannot urge you too strongly
always to keep on guard in this matter
for the outer when you have tried a
thing for a few hours days or months and
it seems not to have appeared
immediately he begins to say oh it's no
use if we were going to have acted it
would have done by this time
such a thing as failure is absolutely
impossible when you set the power of the
i am god in you
in action to accomplish a given purpose
if you hold unwaverly to it with
many times i've seen students nearing
wonderful achievement wonderful victory
in freedom and this outer attitude of
not yet being accomplished would rush in
get their attention to such an extent
that it would either greatly
their progress or shut the door
the student should compel herself or
himself to hold before the mindless
that when the i am power and presence is
set in motion
it can no more fail in its
accomplishment than the universe stop
its activity
for this mighty i am presence to fail in
its accomplishment would mean that the
universe would instantly be thrown into
such is the certainty and power of the i
am accomplishment
it simply cannot fail unless the outer
obstructs the way
every student should guard with great
watchfulness that he does not use the i
am in negative expression for when you
i am sick i have failed i am not
accomplishing this thing that i should
you are throwing this mighty energy into
action to destroy the thing you wish to
this always happens whenever you use the
word i
for that is the release of the universal
knowing that the i am is you
then when you say my headaches my
stomach is out of order my intestinal
tract is disturbed
you are throwing the energy into those
parts to act according to the thing you
have decreed
for when you say my
it is the same energy acting because
there is only one person who can say i
or my and that is you
decreeing for your world
any expression which can only be used
for yourself is including the energy and
activity of the i am presence
the correct attitude to take in some
organ seems to be rebellious
is to instantly declare and hold fast
i am the only and perfect energy acting
therefore every appearance of
disturbance is instantly corrected
this is the important point to keep
before the student
if through habits you have thought that
certain remedial agencies gave
then use these sparingly until you gain
sufficient mastery to govern entirely by
your i am presence
i assure you that even though you think
that this remedial agent has given you
relief it is still the same i am
presence that has given the remedial
agency the power to give you relief
for instance i have watched the medical
world for many centuries and when one
individual or so-called authority says
it a certain remedy is no longer views
it is but a short time until it
disappears entirely
the question within the mind of all
thinking individuals is that certain
herbs or remedial agencies have a
certain natural chemical action
corresponding to the element within the
i say to you what gives or makes a
chemical affinity
the power of your i am which enables you
to think
thus when you come to go around the
circle of activity you will find that
there is only one intelligence and
presence acting and that is the i am god
in you
now why not look this truth square in
the face
take your stand unwaveringly with the i
am presence god an action in you
and know that it is the only life in you
and all things or remedies to which you
alone give power
is it not much better to go directly to
this great i am presence and receive its
all-powerful limitless assistance which
cannot fail
than to give power to something that
leads you around robin hood's barn to
get assistance from something in the
outer to which you have given the power
i know it is not easy for students to
turn away from old old habits or
dependence upon certain remedial
but a little thought and meditation upon
this fact will simply compel the outer
reason and dependence upon these other
things to give away completely before
the great i am presence
there is no way of convincing the
student upon this most vital of
questions except he apply the wisdom and
knowledge with unwavering determination
until he proves for himself the active
truth of this simple thing
there is no one who can tell to you what
degree the student can apply this for
only he alone by trying may know
many times the inner accumulated energy
is such that the student is amazed with
the results when he begins to apply this
the oriental phrase for i am is om
that means the same thing that i am is
beginning to mean to the western world
for myself i like very much the use of
the i am
because its very expression indicates
god in action in the individual
om as understood by the orientals is a
universal presence
and not nearly so apt to give the
student the consciousness of the i am
acting in the individual as the use of i
this largely explains the reason for the
condition in india today
hundreds of thousands in india through
the confusion of many castes have fallen
into the air that the intonation of om
was all that was required in their lives
while this brings a certain activity in
hundreds of thousands of cases that does
not bring the energy of that activity
into the individual's action and source
of little benefit
the method of the ascended masters
throughout the ages from time immemorial
has been the conscious use of the i am
the recognition and full acceptance of
god in action in the individual
which more or more brings into the
individual the full intelligent activity
of the god presence the godhead
those orientals who have reached great
attainment which many of them have have
become aware of this true activity
through their sincere meditation
perhaps the simplest most powerful
single thing that the individual can
keep himself reminded of is that when he
says i am
he is knowingly or unknowingly setting
into action within himself the full
unadulterated energy of god
energy becomes power through conscious
the fact that the individuals are in
human embodiment is the command to raise
the world of the individual into perfect
when the consciousness of the individual
is raised everything in the world of
that individual is raised into the
o manipadni hum
really means god inactivation in the
use the i am instead of om at all times
because many of you have been bodied in
an indian embodiment
at one time you knew that use and to
prevent it calling forth a lesser use
use the ion now to take you to the full
whenever you say i am you are setting
the pure energy of god and emotion
uncolored by human concepts
this is the only way of keeping the pure
energy of god uncontaminated by human
enormous results can be had in a short
time by the determined use of these
i am this pure inspiration
i am this pure light right here in
and visualizes through the body now i am
this pure revelation of everything i
want to know
hold the reins of power forever within
people are afraid of just embracing the
great god power and letting it operate
what is there to fear in god
its operation is pure and perfect and if
you do not reach out to embrace the
great pure god power how can you expect
to use it and have perfection
you must claim it for your own
to say i am the ascended being i wish to
be now
immediately enfolds the outer in that
raising presence
i am my eternal liberation now from all
human imperfection realize who i am is
you have to use terms of explanation up
to a certain point
know that this body is the temple of the
living god and is ascended now
the human side is such a doubting
criticizing thomas
all instructions but to give the
individual student a chance to prove it
within himself
by applying and using the explanation of
the law given
say often i am the governing power of
this activity and therefore it is always
there is no human being in the universe
who can recognize this i am presence for
in your recognition of this i am
presence as who you are
every step you gain is a permanent
accomplishment and there can be no
though infinite all-pervading presence
whose active intelligence governs all
who look unto thee
fill each one who seeks a light with thy
mighty inner light
hold each one closer and closer in the
great i am presence that it fills the
world of everyone with thy great great
and that the consciousness of each
individual desires only the great great
presence and perfection
discourse notes
all jewels are a high activity of god's
the more intense the fire the greater
the purifying power
gold does not long for nor adhere to
anything else all other metals or alloys
cling to it
gold is this way because it is of a pure
in all kinds of fuel activity there at
some point a golden flame
all consuming of outer substance at some
point is always red
for the red colors throwing off the
imperfection impurity
if the impurity were not there the
substance would go from the outer
immediately into the golden flame
discourse 8 october 27 1932
saint germain
thou mighty all-pervading presence
thou all pervading i am
we give praise and thanks for the
happiness providing those under this
we give praise and thanks that the
simple key to perfect happiness may be
given to bless and to anchor these
children of god into their own firm
we give praise for the harmony
maintained within each student and that
they feel the necessity to continue it
we give praise that i am everywhere
present controlling every outer activity
and bringing it into perfection
i bring greetings to you always
the discourse
that which everyone seeks is happiness
sometimes called bliss
and yet many who have sought so
earnestly have unknowingly continued to
pass by the key to his happiness
the simple key to perfect happiness and
its inherent sustaining power
is self-control and self-correction
this is so easy to accomplish when one
has learned he is the i am presence and
intelligence controlling and commanding
all things
surrounding each individual is a thought
world created by him or her
within this thought world is a seed the
divine presence the i am
which is the only acting present there
is in the universe
and which directs all energy
this energy can be intensified beyond
any limit to the conscious activity of
the individual
the divine presence within is likened
onto the pit or seat of the peach
the thought world around it into the
pulp of the peach
the pulp represents not only the thought
world created by the individual but also
the universal electronic substance ever
waiting to be acted upon by the
conscious determination of the
to be precipitated into his visible use
as the form of whatsoever he may desire
the sure pathway to the understanding
and use of this conscious power comes
through self-control
what do i mean by self-control
first the recognition of the i am
intelligence as the only acting presence
second that knowingness we know there's
no limit to the power in its use
third that individuals having been given
free will and choice
do create in the world about them
whatsoever they thought through their
attention is held firmly upon
the time has arrived when all must
understand that thought and feeling
are the only and mightiest creative
power in life or in the universe
thus the only way to definite use to the
full power of one sudden feeling
which is god in action is through
self-control self-correction
by which one may quickly reach the
attainment the understanding whereby he
may direct and use his creative thought
power without any limit whatsoever
when sufficient self-control is attained
it enables individuals to hold the
thought steady upon a given desire
likened under the flame of an acetylene
torch held immovable
thus thought and feeling held upon a
given desire unwaveringly
with the consciousness that it is the i
am presence and intelligence thinking
that it is god in action
then will they understand that they may
bring indivisibility
precipitate into visibility whatsoever
they desire
it has been proved in a thousand ways
that the effect of a thing cannot bring
happiness only by the understanding of
the cause operating may the individual
become master this world
each individual knowing that he is the
creator of his own world and what he
wishes to have manifest in it
will understand that he has at no time
any right to create anything discordant
in another's world
thus is each individual left free to
meet the effect of his own creative
i rejoice exceedingly to see the success
with which each student under this
radiation is coming into the mastery in
control of the other self
here i must say to them
beloved students
could you but understand and see the
magnificent splendor of achievement
before you through asserting
self-control over the outer activity
you would bend every effort every moment
to attaining control and mastery over
all outer expression
thus will you be unable to maintain the
needed harmony through which the inner
mighty power
of the i am presence is liberated into
your conscious and visible use
let us disabuse the minds of these
beloved students of the sense of time
distance and space
the key which opens the entrance to all
higher spheres above you
lies in the simplicity and firmness of
this self-control
all students should dwell earnestly upon
the great truth and where your
consciousness is there you are
for i am everywhere
long dwelling in consciousness that
there was space great distance or there
is time is all but the outer creation of
man therefore to step through this
gossamer veil that separates your outer
consciousness from its full inner power
and activity
is but a state of thought and feeling
those who are reaching to the light so
earnestly desiring to live in and be
children of light
are dwelling constantly in these higher
the beauty of these spheres surpass the
fondest imagination of the outer
when you enter them consciously and at
will you find all creation air just as
tangible as your physical buildings are
to take your firm stand i am the power
of my complete self-control forever
will make it easier for you to gain this
students must be conscious that when
they recognize the i am presence acting
it is impossible for it to be
interrupted or interfered with in any
no there is no time nor space
than the knowing of the vastness of
eternity is within your grasp
to enter a higher sphere than your
physical world and full consciousness
is but an adjusting or changing of your
so how do we do this
by knowing we are consciously there
affirm often
through the power of the electronic
circle which i have created i am no
longer touched by any doubts or fears
i joyously grasp the scepter which i am
and step boldly forth into any of these
higher spheres that i wish
retaining perfectly clear conscious
memory of my activity there
in this way one may quickly find himself
enjoying limitless freedom the perfect
happiness of being active in any sphere
he chooses
to be aware of what is a thousand years
in advance is as easily and readily
attainable in fact more so as going to
your library in search of a book
the great delusion the outer conscience
of mankind has built up
creating time and space since belief has
been the great stumbling block to
humanity's freedom
those who have reached the great
disillusionment that wealth or the outer
effects of things cannot bring happiness
will understand with great blessing
within their own creed of thought power
and feeling are held perfect happiness
perfect freedom and perfect dominion
when the student wants to understand
that whatsoever he connects himself with
through his attention
he becomes a part of it to degree of the
intensity with which his attention is
he will see the importance of keeping
his attention off the seeming
destructive angles of human experience
no matter what they are
to discuss the seeming inability
shortcomings or faults of your friends
and associates
but builds that element upon which your
discussion rests within your own
consciousness and also adds to the
appearance which seems to be in the
other individual
because there are black magicians in the
world certain of god's children who are
misdirecting and contaminating the pure
electronic energy of the i am presence
is no reason why should we let our
attention rest upon that fact just
because we are aware of it
our business is to hold the attention
free to rest within our own self-control
compelling it by the conscious action to
rest on whatsoever we choose
few understand that when their attention
is called to some destructive thing
how much and how often they allow the
attention to go back to it
or if another has displeased them in
some way
how much and how often the attention
returns to that incident when they have
the full power to control their
attention and make it obey their command
few even among earnest students yet
understand what a mighty power their
faculty of attention becomes under their
controlled use
i wish so much to impress upon the
students how foolish it is to be
affected displeased or disturbed by the
imaginary activities of the ignorance of
the other self
when they once know
i am the only all-powerful acting
presence in my mind my body and my world
they cannot possibly be affected or
disturbed by any of their associations
in the outer world
they must know then that they are
entirely immune from hurt or disturbance
of the outer mind of other individuals
no matter what they try to do
with this understanding or by giving
willing attention to this great truth
they will soon find a peace happiness
and self-control operating about them to
such an extent that no outer condition
disgruntled comment or disturbance of
their associates could have any wise
dumb them their world or their affairs
as soon as the individual becomes aware
that he really has control of his own
creative thought power and feeling
that he knows positively that he can
precipitate into his visible use
or bring into his use from the outer
where it was already created
anything whatsoever upon which he holds
his creative thought and feeling firmly
the moment that he is truly aware of
this he will know he is forever free
from the need of the wealth of the outer
world or anything that the outer world
can give
thus has he entered into the mastery of
dominion of his own world the only world
that is ever existent to him
and which is his god-given birthright
i assure you there is no such thing as a
supernatural world as we step from this
sphere of activity into another higher
that one becomes just as real as this is
it is simply a different state of
consciousness we have entered into
to the joy glorification and blessing of
the mothers sisters wives and daughters
i will say that within 100 years
there will be hundreds who will be able
to use the cosmic rays to cleanse their
homes and keep them so
to weave their seamless garments when
they have no desire to follow the
freakish styles created by some
commercialized idea
i find so many of the students wondering
how it is that ascended beans or masters
with all their creative power often
choose to live in a humble quarter
i assure you the explanation is very
the far greater part of their life and
activities spent in the higher spheres
in which they are directing mighty rays
of light to the blessing of humanity
from homes and temples of light and
wisdom so beautiful so transcendent is
almost a stage of the imagination of the
outer consciousness
those homes and temples are eternal ever
becoming more and more beautiful
so they only spend a few hours in the
visible world which causes them to lower
the density of their transcendent forms
that they may become visible to those
yet occupying the physical body
if the students will understand this it
will save them much questioning and
confusion in the outer expression
which time they can use in the activity
of the mighty i am presence
this will bring them into the
transcendent state and consume the
longing for the wealth of the outer
which is but rubbish in comparison to
the transcendent creative power inherent
in every individual
can bring this transcendent power into
their use through their own self-control
and mastery
i say to you beloved students children
of the one god is it not worth your
sincere effort when you know you cannot
take your scepter of the mighty creative
power and be forever free from all past
binding limitations which would be set
mankind through the ages
i assure you that everyone who enters in
to attain this scepter and mastery will
be given every needed assistance if each
one will try with all his ability
the one having the understanding of his
creative ability must know that he can
create whatsoever he will in whatever
rate of vibration he desires to hold it
whether it be light or any other
condensation he may choose to maintain
you know you have the ability to change
your thought from chicago to new york in
the same instant and you know you can
change your thought from a condition of
to one of very dense condensation such
as iron
then one cannot help but see that this
which he does every moment consciously
at will he can bring into a more
powerful use
by consciously fixing the attention and
holding upon what he desires
the attention is the channel by which
god's mighty energy through thought and
feeling flows to its directed
because one is not yet precipitated
something from the invisible there is
that lurking doubt until some simple
manifestations occurred
then his courage and confidence leap
into dominion
and in the future he has no trouble in
precipitating whatever he desires
the precipitation of gold or jewels from
the invisible to the visible is as
simple as breathing
when once that foolish questioning doubt
accumulated by the elder is consumed or
pushed aside
mankind to the centuries has built up
these walls of limitation
now they must be broken up shattered and
consumed in any way that we can do it
at first it does take some determination
to do it but when you know it is the i
am power acting you know it cannot fail
the outer only has to hold the attention
fixed on the object to maintain visible
dwell on this and all of a sudden you
will find yourself into the activity and
you will be amazed that you dwelt so
long without using it
the length of the ray from a
precipitated substance or condensation
of light
is controlled by the consciousness of
the wear
if the wearer's consciousness is raised
very high the scintillation is very
the jewel of light is yet in its
transcendent state of perfection
the jewel in a condensed substance such
as a diamond emerald or ruby naturally
would take on the condition of its wear
if the rate of thought vibration the
person wearing it below
the jewel become lusterless
while if the thought be transcended it
will become very luminous
when one has become a sincere student
reaching to the light he must qualify
everything in his environment with the
quality of the i am presence
no matter what the appearances seem to
you see there cannot be a quality or an
appearance in your world except what you
give to it
if fear causes you to believe in a
disturbing presence you are responsible
for it
because if there were to be a disturbing
presence and you qualified it by the i
am presence
you see how impossible be few disturbed
there is only one energy acting at the
moment you acknowledge the i am presence
you have re-qualified that activity with
expectation is a very powerful
qualifying conscience to maintain
intense expectation is a splendid thing
it manifests always
the individual through the centuries has
created a veil through which he has shut
out these transcendent spheres
if he has created it which he has
then common sense and reason will tell
one that he can
a powerful radiation has gone forth to
yourselves and students with a powerful
conviction that will be sustained
until they have this work which is given
to convey the simplicity the ease and
certainty with which the idea through
creative thought and feeling can be
brought into visibility
is a thing the student should dwell upon
this will dissolve the feeling of can i
and in its place put i can and i know
if the students will keep themselves
harmonious from time to time they will
have flashes that will give them all
needed confidence add to all commands on
going out of the body that you retain
the conscious memory of whatever you
stick right to a thing from a started
that whatever knowledge you need will be
forthcoming instantly
when you allow the attention to become
fixed upon a thing
you that moment give it power to act in
your world
though great happiness thy mighty
presence and power which i am
i qualify thee to go forth into the
hearts of mankind
anchoring there and fill in their minds
bodies and homes filling them with i
great happiness
open the door of their consciousness
that the mighty power which i am can
come forth into full perfection
o mighty presence hold the children of
the individualities of god hold them
close and i embrace
letting thy quality flow forth in their
filling them with thy great peace
o mighty presence of justice enter in
and reign in all official places
let the destructive intent of mankind be
revealed that it may be cast out and be
let the fullness and power of the
radiant light enfold all and thy
glorious transcendent light fill all
discourse 9 october 30th 1932
thou mighty all-powerful act of presence
we ever grow in deeper praise thanks and
gratitude to thee for thy life thy light
and thy intelligent power manifest
everywhere in the universe
for thy active presence manifest the
mind body home world and affairs of
enable us to understand and feel that
radiant power always active in our world
affairs and business
knowing no single activity can go wrong
further discover all action and thy love
and justice guiding and regulating all
the mighty supreme ruler of the universe
whose law is justice whose power is
protect america and thy great blazing
loving presence reveal to the
authorities the united states of america
any wrong activities
i am the mighty channel of justice
claiming all now and for all time
that they serve only the cause of
america and the light of god
no human thought shall enter in
no human hand shall be raised against
for she is sealed within the love of the
great ascended host of light forever
mighty god of the universe thy love
light wisdom intelligence and justice
shall fill every office in the land
all political grafts shall be wiped out
and thou shalt reign to thy creation to
thy children in perfect justice to all
i bring you gradient from the great host
ever watching over in ministry and
through their divine radiant to heal
bless enlighten and prosper all who will
the discourse
one of the great needs of individuals
and even of sincere students today
is to feel the necessity of giving time
morning and evening to sincere
to the stilling of the outer activity
that the inner prince may come forth
meditation really means feeling the
active presence of god
therefore when one attempts to enter
meditation he cannot drag all the
disturbance that has beset him during
the day along with him
therefore consciously removed from the
feeling and attention every disturbing
enter into your meditation to feel the
presence of god
and do not resolve your troubles
when the statement was given know the
truth and the truth shall make you free
it meant the recognition acceptance and
activity of the mighty i am presence
first know i am is the first principle
an absolute certainty of freedom now
second no i am the active presence
governing all manifestation of my life
and world perfectly
then i have entered into the truth which
will bring all freedom
i must relate a thing that would be most
laughable if it were not really serious
you would chastise it and rebel
considerably if your little pet dog
continue to carry bones from the alley
into your living room
you would think you were doing that and
it's very much out of place
do you know beloved students of truth
that when you allow your mind to dwell
upon disturbing things or experience
you are doing a great deal worse and
bringing bones into the living room
the unfortunate thing with students and
individuals would seem so difficult for
them to understand is
never under any circumstance try to hold
the water that has gone over the wheel
in other words the unpleasant
experiences losses or an imperfection
that is passed over your wheel of
experience at the present time should
never be held close to you
they have gone over the wheel forgive
and forget them
to give and forgive is godlike indeed
for illustration
if an individual or group of individuals
has gone into a business undertaking and
through lack of understanding that has
failed or gone to pieces
it is always because of in harmony in
the mental attitude and feeling
if every individual and such an
association would take his stand and
hold it
that there was only god in action
only the most perfect success would come
out of it
since the individual has free will
if he will not control his own thought
and feeling he will wreck things for
himself and others
such is the great law
unless every individual corrects his own
thought and feeling and keeps it so
manifest in the physical form today has
made plenty of mistakes sometimes
somewhere so let no one take the
i am more holy than now
but each one's first attitude should be
to call on law forgiveness and if he be
feeling or sending criticism
condemnation or hate to another of god's
children a brother or sister he can
never have enlightenment or success
until he calls on law forgiveness
further than this he must say to that
person to whom he is feeling disturbed
in any way silently
i send you the fullness of the divine
love of my being to bless and prosper
this attitude is the only release and
freedom from the seeming failures of the
other activity
for individuals to continually evolve in
their minds a discussion of business or
project that is disintegrated will
surely in the end destroy themselves if
they do not face about and through
calling on law forgiveness find complete
conscious release from the entire
for an individual to hold an attitude of
revenge for any seeming wrong imaginary
or otherwise
can only bring upon himself incapacity
of mind and body
the old yet wondrous statement brought
down to us through the ages
unless you are willing to forgive
how can you be forgiven
is one of the mightiest laws for use in
human experience
oh that individuals and many students
could only see how they hold themselves
the things they do not want by allowing
the mind to revolve upon the discordant
things which have passed and cannot be
helped through the outer senses
the greatest thing that all mankind is
seeking in reality is peace and freedom
which is always a doorway to happiness
there is only one possible way to
receive this which is to know god the i
am presence
and that this presence is the only
acting intelligence in your life and
world at all times
then stand by this and live it
one of the most amazing things that has
been my experience to witness since
coming into the ascended state
is the distorted idea of freedom
financially and otherwise
there is but one sure certain rock upon
which to build your eternal financial
and that is to know and feel with every
fiber of your being
i am the wealth the opulence the
substance already perfected in my world
of every constructive thing that i can
possibly conceive of or desire
this is true financial freedom and will
bring it as surely as it is maintained
and will not get away i assure you
on the other hand man may use knowingly
or unknowingly enough of this
god i am presence or god energy to
accumulate through the outer activity
millions of dollars
but wherein is the certainty of keeping
i assure you it is impossible for any
being in the physical world to keep
wealth that is accumulated without has
been aware that god is the power
producing and sustaining it
you see before you constant
illustrations of great wealth taking
wings overnight as it were
thousands within the past four years
have met this
experience even after the seeming loss
had occurred had they been able to take
their firm conscious stand
i am the wealth
god in action now manifest in my life my
world the way the door would have
immediately opened for them to again
have received abundance
why do i say again to have received
because they had built the momentum and
had attained great confidence
therefore all requirements were at hand
ready for further use
but in most instances they allowed great
discouragement often hatred and
condemnation to enter in
which shut and locked the door to
further progress
now let me assure you beloved children
of god
there is no outer condition ever existed
in this world so bad so disastrous
but that there is the i am the active
presence of god
with the eternal strength and courage of
the universe
to again rebuild you into freedom and
independence financially in every way
i especially want the students who come
under this radiation to understand this
because in this day of falling thrones
and governments individual fortunes and
otherwise they need to know and
understand if their wealth is flown away
through ignorance of understanding
then the i am presence in them god in
is the sure rebuilder of their faith
confidence wealth or to whatever they
wish to direct their conscious attention
thus they allow this mighty inner energy
to flow into their desire
which is the only power that ever
accomplished anything
every individual who has seemingly
expressed a loss of wealth to any degree
should immediately use the marvelous
statement of jesus
i am the resurrection and the life of my
business my understanding or whatever
thing i wish to focus my attention on
i tell you frankly beloved students and
there is not the slightest hope for you
in heaven or earth so long as you
persistent holding within your
consciousness thoughts and feelings of
criticism condemnation or hate of any
and that includes mild dislikes
this leads us to a very vital point that
you are concerned only with your own
activity in your world
it is not your province to judge another
for you do not know the forces playing
upon another on the conditions
you know only the angle that you see of
and i tell you that if an individual
should be entirely innocent of any
intent to wrong another
the individuals who send criticism
condemnation or hate to such one are
doing worse in committing physical
why is this so
because thought and feelings are the
only creative power
and while such thoughts and feelings may
not touch or harm their objective
they must return and bring with them the
conditions sent out by the individual
who sent them forth and always with
accumulated energy
so after all the one holds vicious
thoughts to another isn't reality but
destroyed himself his business and his
there is no possible way of averting it
except for the individual to awaken and
consciously reverse the current
let's go one step further
throughout all ages there have been
business associations in which there
were one or possibly two
with the deliberate intent to do wrong
and through this association a number of
individuals absolutely innocent of any
wrong intent had been imprisoned
i now tell you
as an unfailing law that cannot be
that the individual or individuals who
cause innocent person to be incarcerated
thus depriving them of their freedom of
action as god intended
will bring that exact experience which
they have desired for another into their
own experience
even unto the third and fourth
embodiment following
for myself i would rather a thousand
times be deliberately shot down than to
be instrument of depriving any of god's
children their liberty
there's no greater crime reigning in
human experience today than the
prevailing use of circumstantial
for 99 cases out of a hundred it is
afterwards found to be entirely wrong
sometimes the truth is never known to
the outer senses
so beloved students let no one seeking
the light ever set himself up in
judgment on another of god's children
again supposing someone we love very
much seems to be going all awry
what is the first thing the outer would
as a rule to begin sitting in judgment
the most powerful thing that can be and
should be done for such an individual by
anyone who knows anything of the
is to pour out all their love and to
silence no
i am god in action
is the only controlling intelligence an
activity within this brother or sister
to keep silently speaking to the one
consciousness is the greatest help
possible to be given
many times to remonstrate verbally with
an individual sets up a condition of
antagonism intensifying rather than
erasing the activity which the silent
work would be absolutely certain to
no one in the outer consciousness can
possibly know what the i am god presence
in the other individual wishes to do
these are vital truth that if maintained
would bring very great peace into the
lives of individuals
many lives with their attendant business
efforts are ruined because there is
lurking within the consciousness of the
individual judgment
condemnation or a feeling of some degree
of hatred toward another
the student or individual who wants to
leap ahead in the progress of the light
should never enter sleep until he has
consciously sent love to every
individual whom he feels he has harmed
him at any time
this thought of love will go straight as
narrow into the consciousness of the
other individual
because it cannot be stopped
they're generating its quality and power
with which will surely come back to you
as you send it out
there is perhaps no single element
responsible for so many disease
conditions of body and mind
as the feeling of hate sent out to
another individual
there is no telling how this will react
upon the mind and body of the sender
in one it will produce one effect and
another still another different effect
let it be here understood that
resentment is but another form of hate
only a milder degree
a very wonderful thought to live in
always is
i am the perfect creative thought and
feeling everywhere present in the minds
and hearts of individuals
it is a most marvelous thing it not only
brings rest and peace to yourself but
releases limitless gifts from the
another is
i am the mighty law of divine justice
and protection acting in the minds and
hearts of individuals everywhere
you can apply and use this with enormous
force and power in every way
another is i am divine love filling the
minds and hearts of individuals
as you think on this you will understand
what was done when this home was made a
radiating center of the active presence
of god
you will suddenly come into a
realization of the gigantic application
of this
everything in the life experience of
humanity can be governed by the i am
the use of the i am presence is the
highest activity that can be given
when you say i am
you said got into motion
but there is a lot more to it which
you'll come to realize when you feel and
know the enormity of the use of this
realize the enormous power of the i am
to act in things of this kind
i am the god power almighty
there is no other power that can act
when you say and fearless and you
liberate and lose the full activity of
another statement
i am the conscious memory of these
also i am the conscious memory use and
understanding in the use of these things
when you say the presence that i am
clothed me in my eternal transcendent
garment of light it actually does not
take place at moment
the secret place to the most high is
this i am presence
the sacred things that are revealed to
you are not to be cast forth for they
are as pearls
no always i am the perfect poise of
speech and action of all times
then the guard is always up for i am the
protecting presence
a god's energy is always waiting to be
directed inherent within the expression
of the i am
is the self-sustaining activity
then you know there's no time
this brings you to the instantaneous
action and your precipitation will soon
take place always perceiving a
manifestation you will feel that
absolute stillness
benediction we give thanks almighty i am
presence for having entered into thy
secret place
let thy wisdom govern at all times the
dispensation of thy light
let thy wisdom guard and direct our
minds and bodies at all times
that they always act in perfect accord
with thee
as thou art called forth into action o
mighty i am presence we know we are
always charged at all times with our
mighty energy
and that it accomplishes all perfectly
wherever it is sent
legal affirmations for the one not in
the midst of a case take this statement
i am the law
i am the justice
i am the judge
i am the jury
knowing that i am all powerful that i
know that only divine justice can be
done here
discourse 10
november 3rd 1932
saint germain
mighty luminous presence
i am the conquering power
i am the radiant splendor filling
everything in manifestation
i am the life flowing through all
i am the intelligence governing all
activity inner and outer making it one
perfect activity
out of thy light mighty presence which i
am all things are precipitated into form
i am the exhaustless energy governed by
thy wondrous infant intelligence
light the illuminating center within
these bodies who come under this
expand that light into the full
illumination of the body and mind
raising it into thy active perfect
eternal garment
mighty light send forth i raise into the
hearts of mankind into all official
commanding justice illumination and
perfection of thyself to express
bringing relief release and light unto
and by thy governing principle command
all things in the other human activity
to give obedience
i bring you greetings from the great
host of loved ones who always watch and
minister those whose devotion reaches
unto them
the discourse
from out of the centuries of activity we
have arrived the focal point where the
experiences of ages come into
instantaneous action
where all time and space become the one
presence god in action now
knowing that it is the presence of god i
am that beat your heart
then you know that your heart is the
voice of god speaking
and as you come to meditate upon the
great truth
i am the supreme intelligent activity
through my mind and heart you will bring
the true dependable divine feeling into
the heart
so long mankind has been loving on the
periphery of the circle
once a student becomes really aware that
god is love and love's true activity
comes through the heart
he will understand that the focus is
attention on the desire to project love
forth for any given purpose
is the supreme privilege of the outer
activity of the consciousness which can
generate love to a boundless degree
mankind is not previously understood
that divine love is a power a presence
an intelligence a light that can be
fanned into a boundless flame or fire
and it is within the conscious
intelligence of every individual
especially students of the light
to so create and generate this presence
of love
that it becomes an invincible
exhaustless peace commanding presence
wherever the conscious individual
desires to direct it
somewhere it has been said that love may
not be commanded
i say to you love is the first principle
of life
and may be generated to any degree or
without any limit whatsoever for
infinite use
such is the majestic privilege of the
conscious use and direction of love
when i say generate i mean the opening
of the door through conscious devotion
to the outpouring of this exhaustless
fountain of love which is the heart of
your being the heart of the universe
students by contemplating this infinite
power of love become such a fountain of
its outpouring that its conscious
direction may be infinite in the
students use
when my beloved students wish to hasten
their liberation certain events of outer
activity i can but say
i am the commanding presence
the exhaustless energy
the divine wisdom causing my desire to
be fulfilled
this will bring the quickest release
from any undesirable condition of the
very law of your being will permit
knowing this you may further know
the presence that i am
i now remain untouched by disturbing
outer conditions
serene i fold my wings and abide the
perfect action of the divine law and
justice of my being
commanding all things within my circle
to appear in perfect divine order
this is the great privilege of the
student and should be the command at all
here i shall say something that should
be very encouraging and i trust it will
each student who is earnestly striving
for the light is being toughened as you
make the toughest deal
which wears the longest holds the best
and is the strongest
such is what the life of experience
brings to an individual
when one craves to be released and still
there are pure trying experiences it is
the toughening of the steel of character
and the strengthening of the individual
that gives them at last the perfect and
eternal mastery of all
things one may with the right
understanding of this easily rejoice in
the experience which is enabling him to
turn to and bask in the glorious
wondrous i am presence
thus beloved students you should never
grow weary of well-doing nor meeting the
experiences sometimes seem to weigh
heavily upon you
but rejoice at every step forward leads
to the eternal goal which does not have
to be repeated
this is what me thinks the student
island forgets to use
i am the strength the courage the power
to move forward steadily through all
experiences whatever they may be
and remain joyous and
filled with peace and harmony at all
times by the glorious presence which i
to the athlete on the racetrack the
beginning of the race is glorious
but as he reaches the goal and his
adversary draws near he puts forth every
his breath becomes short
and with one last leap he crosses the
line to victory
so it is with students on the path
they know in the use of the i am
presence they cannot fail
therefore all that is necessary is to
tighten your belt gird yourself for
whatever is required and with the wave
of the hand to your adversary beat him
more fortunate than the athlete the
student knows from the beginning that he
cannot fail
because i am the exhaustless energy and
intelligence sustaining him or her
the power of precipitation
the students should understand and
remember at all times is within the i am
i am here
the life principle and intelligence in
this body
i am everywhere even unto the heart of
god the governing intelligence of the
therefore when i wish to precipitate
anything whatsoever i know
i am the power acting
i am the intelligence directing
i am the substance being acted upon and
now i bring it into visible form in my
the contemplation of this phrase just
expressed will enable a student to enter
into this activity without strain or
the question that so often confronts the
students in the power precipitation is
out of money
the first question is how is it that
money may be precipitated without
interfering with the government
since the creation of money is a
standard of exchange gold being at
standard heart so to speak and the
security of all issue
it will be remembered that there have
been almost a countless number of
disasters in one form or another through
which gold and the issue of money have
been to the elder since destroyed
billions of dollars in this manner have
therefore with any money and it is
usually gold that is precipitated there
is no danger of passing the limits set
by a government for its use
again there have been billions of
spanish gold and denominations of other
countries that have been burned lost
submerged at sea etc
to the extent that precipitation would
have to run into great numbers before
there would be any question as to its
more often however gold is precipitated
in its natural state
therefore always legal and choose
as the world has recently offered a
premium for mold gold production why not
precipitate it and bless the world by
its use
but i shall not hold myself responsible
for the questions that will be asked
when you do
it unless you have a mind from which you
can supposedly have brought it forth
for you have no idea what the curiosity
of the outer mind is until you called
attention to gold
i assure you however the outer is
immediately set on fire however i am the
presence governing it
the supposed demand to know the source
of gold is but a subtle form of inquiry
that someone else may discover your
my idea would be to answer their inquiry
that is none of their business
simply say
here is the goal tested if it is not 100
you may refuse it if it is you are
compelled to receive it by the laws of
government you will understand beloved
student that it is only in the outer
activity of the physical world that you
require a medium of exchange
for the moment one rises into the power
he is little use for gold or money or
any kind of exchange except as incidents
may require
as one by one you come into the ascended
you will have many a hearty laugh over
the seeming importance of these outer
problems of the physical or outer world
for they are all but the maya which
means but a constant change
there is only one thing in the universe
that is permanent real and eternal
that is the i am presence god in you
which is the owner the creator and the
intelligence governing all manifested
then to know that you are that presence
that i am presence places you beloved
independent of all outer manifestation
do not misunderstand me
i know you have come into this
understanding sufficiently
but if you are sincere have doubtless
determination in your recognition of the
i am presence god in action in you
you will find yourself even to the other
quickly rising into that dominion and
independence in which you can say to all
other things
is it possible thou didst one disturb me
some of you have had an inkling of how
gross and course all outer form seems
and once you are liberated from it
to your finer higher sense it seems
incredible that you could have inhabited
and still are inhabiting and using a
form so gross and imperfect
had you long ago recognized claimed and
rejoiced in the i am presence as you are
doing today
these outer forms would have become so
that you could have come back to them
with very great grace
however one has but to rejoice at every
step of attainment and every step he
hopes to attain
because hope becomes faith
and faith becomes reality
now beloved students under no
circumstance allow the experience of the
outer depal upon you
but in this recognition rejoice every
day every hour every minute that brings
you near to the goal of freedom and
release from limitation
that freedom you have so long for and so
much desire
the light is growing very bright within
some of you continue on with that calm
doubtless determination to scale heights
for i am that great presence sustaining
you and you cannot fail
you know the old phrase used to spur one
on and especially among soldiers was to
tell them they were cowards in yellow
now beloved students i say to you
you are not cowards but you are yellow
with the golden light of truth of
dominion of mastery over all other
things which have bound you
and with one mighty surge of the i am
you break every binding chain
shatter all sense of limitations and
stand forth in your freedom the glorious
radiant majestic being that you really
i like very much to use the statement
i am here
and i am there
and if you will contemplate it you
cannot help but overcome the sense of
the student is more or less uncertain
which always brings anxiety and anxiety
makes tension
as you come into a higher activity
you'll become more and more relaxed
always take the attitude of calm poise
when anything should manifest
always be happy and rejoice in the
presence but there is always the balance
to be maintained
it is the middle way
hold yourself within this center poise
one can rejoice as deeply in a calm
poise as he can in over-exuberance
the calm poise conveys a certain
something to others that they need
for every human being needs poise in the
conscious realization of the necessity
of calmness and poise because it never
leaves one off guard
poise has within it a certain power of
self-control and guard which is very
you will not only be delighted but
amazed at times that the marvelous
things that will come with it
use i am the perfect poise which
controls everything
when you use the i am presence be sure
to keep it as a permanent thing
each one try this
and if you do not feel results at first
just go on for you certainly will as you
use it more and more
i am the presence charging this water
with the life-giving essence which i
absorb and which renews my body in
perfect health and eternal youth
affirm often
i am here and i am there
i am the conscious action everywhere
to discordant activity say
i am the presence preventing this
i am the positive peaceful control of
this whole situation
in the i am consciousness is the wisdom
that knows what is required
know always this
i am the controlling governing presence
of this meeting or situation
there is nothing that comes into
physical form which is not first
perfected on the invisible or higher
planes the student should not discuss
this instruction but just rejoice in
living it themselves
if they will do this they'll receive so
much more from it because there will be
no conflicting vibrations to disturb it
wondrous presence of the god i am
we give praise and thanks for this fiend
of certainty of thy presence that is
growing within the consciousness of
these students under this radiation
we rejoice in the great light of thy
presence and fold in each one which goes
forth unto all humanity
changing all discord and love and peace
we thank thee
discourse 11 november 7 1932
from out the great silence of the
luminous brother we welcome the and i
ministry unto america and as thou has
put forth thy opening wedge this day
so shall those under this radiation
become aware of thy presence
oh the great light that illumines all
earthly minds
making them aware of the one eternal
presence the one intelligence governing
all the activity that i am
individualized everywhere
we give praise and thanks that there is
but one intelligence governing
everywhere and the duty of the student
always no matter what the appearance is
to accept only this fact
and that he becomes a radiant channel to
pour out this truth like a gushing
pouring itself forth to the great ocean
of life
we give praise and thanks that out of
the silence has come another presence
who will bless lift and enlighten
by the power which i am and the
accumulated wisdom and energy of the
i project forth into the minds of
humanity this day that intelligent
activity which will guide them a right
and control them to act accordingly
by the i am
the universal i am the great one i
command this power to act in all mankind
i bring you greetings from the great
host and the great master himalaya
the master himalayan
this is the first time that the presence
of this luminous brother has been
brought to the knowledge of the outer
it is he from whom the himalayan
mountains received their name
thus ever since they have been raised
into prominence they have been a sacred
unchanging stream of life held
hence those souls who came within their
embrace were caught up and lifted into
that luminous radiant form
where they have long sent forth their
rays of activity to heal and bless
the discourse
as the destiny of india and america are
entwined as two vines encircling the
tree of life
so again this day has the radiant help
come forth to try and blend in harmony
the minds of america that its progress
proceed unhampered and uninterrupted
today there are in america thousands who
have been reborn from india
and there are being reborn in india
thousands from america
each to bring its inter-blending
balancing process required in both
sections of the earth
the great bean who has been introduced
to you has been after many centuries in
the great silence again step forth to
exert the conscious blending process of
spirit and manifestation
to hold forth the chalice
that its heart may be filled with a
liquid fire of spirit pouring forth into
the hearts of mankind
creating that fullness of desire within
them for greater and greater light
looking to and depending upon the great
source of light
i am god in action everywhere
the entrance of this great presence
again into the activity of mankind will
spread like a threat of light through
all the activity of america
and expand its luminous presence like a
mantle of soft falling golden snow
it will be absorbed by the minds of
the majority being entirely unaware
although there will be some who will
sense the inner penetrating presence
if those under this radiation continue
in their present harmonious beautiful
progress it will be possible shortly to
bring to their attention certain
activities of the nerve fluid which will
hasten their mastery over the outer form
it means the mastery over all condition
that seems to bind or limit
i shall be surprised if your students do
not feel the strength if they do not
feel the presence of this great being
even as i speak his rays go out to them
touching the heart of each one and i
feel their thrill of joy they not
knowing just what it means
watch carefully each of you and your
students to be on guard to reverse all
negative conditions that appear to the
on the lesser things for practice if the
senses report you cold reverse your
consciousness and assert your warmth
if the senses report too much heat
reverse it with a sense of perfect
normal coolness
if the senses report you ecstatic joy
over certain enlightenment say
peace be still
and assert your calm poise and assurance
the ideal in all sense reports is to
move in the middle way
the balance always asserting the call
mastery of control which i am
this will enable the establishing of a
steady flowing stream of creative ideas
and energy from the heart of the great
central sun
from out which has come this great being
the master himalayan
this will enable you to receive and use
immensely more of that radiant energy
which he pours forth
the reason for drawing your conscious
attention to him has been that if you
understand what it means you may receive
without limits from his energy besides
what you draw forth by your own
conscious effort
the students must at all times
understand that the masters do not come
to them of the student's choice but that
they have been chosen to receive the
radiance a privilege for which words are
entirely inadequate to convey the true
meaning that can truly only be felt or
again they should understand that the
master's province is not to assume their
responsibility by solving their problems
for them
but to convey intelligent understanding
which they may apply in their own lives
to solve their own problems
thus they gain the needed strength
courage and confidence to continue to
reach up step by step
gaining their own conscious mastery over
the outer self and the outer world
always at a certain point of growth or
expansion we hear students call out many
times with great sincerity
great masters help us to solve our
for encouragement and strength i wish to
say that far more than one has any
is the radiating presence of the master
pouring out strength courage confidence
and light which in most instances the
students are quite unaware of in the
outer sense consciousness
there is only one way in which anyone
with wisdom can be of permanent help
and that is to consciously instruct his
brother or sister in the simple laws by
which one may wield the scepter gain the
victory and attain to fill dominion over
the outer self in his world
to do the thing that the student
requires in solving his problem will not
only his progress but to weaken
him immensely
only by asserting one's conscious
strength winning victories and thereby
attaining confidence which comes in no
other way
does the student enter into the fullness
of his own power
with the powerful masterful use of
consciousness of the i am presence the
student goes forward with absolutely no
uncertainty the goal of victory
the reason we have not and do not say
more to the student concerning the
assistance that we may be giving is to
prevent his leaning upon an outside
to say or to do which would cause a
student to lean upon us because he knows
of our presence would be the greatest
we could make but the student never need
fear and he should know that every
assistance possible is always given
according to the point of attainment he
has reached
the i am presence the host of ascended
masters the ascended jesus christ
are one in the same thing
through the recognition and use of the i
am presence i tell you you can
positively bring forth any quality you
wish into the outer consciousness
if you will but keep to it
the need of everyone is to keep
reminding the outer consciousness that
when one says
i am
this or i am that
he is setting god in action which is his
life individualized the life of the
universe the energy of the universe the
intelligence at the heart of the
universe governing home
it is necessary it is vital to keep the
outer reminded of this fact
with this consciousness the joyous
enthusiasm of the students should
continuously there should at no time be
a paul and the joy of its use because
it's positively the road to full mastery
the student must become firmly aware
that he or she is the conscious
controlling power in his life in his
and that he can fill it with any quality
that is needed or let him choose
the students who have intermittent
physical disturbances in the body should
take the conscious often that
i am the perfectly controlled breath of
my body
and should in connection with this feel
themselves as often as i can
breathing in that rhythmic breath
this will bring about a certain balance
of breathing which is immensely helpful
in the control of the thought
sincere students should whenever
possible avoid listening to things that
are disturbing for in doing so they
often let in unknowingly elements they
do not desire
where they cannot with discretion avoid
listening to things of this kind they
should use the following
i am the presence on guard here and
consume instantly everything that seeks
to disturb
thus you will not only protect yourself
but help the other person as well
while the student should at no time fear
anything it certainly is necessary to
keep up the conscious guard until he has
attained sufficient mastery to control
his thought feeling and receptivity
from the golden city comes this
limitless charge of energy for the
blessing of the students of this
as well as those of mankind who are
looking to the light
try to keep as much as possible in the
joyous enthusiasm of the i am presence
give it all power and do not hold any
questioning in the mind
throw everything to the winds give
everything to that glorious i am
presence and receive its magic
it is the mighty miracle-working
presence that can and does solve all
not only problems but questions whose
answers need revealing
a remarkable statement that would be
enormously helpful to the students would
be to say
i am the miracle-working presence in
everything i require to have done
for students to keep meditating and
contemplating what it means to say i or
i am brings results revelations and
blessings that cannot be overestimated
i am sure your students will soon begin
to show and feel the remarkable activity
of this use
today i feel the presence of the
understanding and use of this much more
powerfully than any time hitherto
on the higher planes there is a constant
meeting and exchange of help while the
bodies are asleep far beyond anything
the outer self is conscious of
knowing that i am the quality of
whatever i wish to use
then you know you can produce invisible
tangible form whatever you have within
the consciousness
the moment the questioning of the elder
mind can be put under control and made
to subside the greatest revelations pour
forth almost tumbling over each other
owing to the need the master himalaya
chose to come forth he brings a special
blending of america and india
and that is why it is possible for him
to come here
as the inner presence comes into action
all outer activity subsides it must
necessarily because it obeys the i am
the golden snow is what the great
presence spreads over america to be
absorbed by individuals and the very
particles of the atmosphere itself
this will enable the students especially
to be greatly assisted and blessed
because they have become the focus for
this outpouring
it may be well for the students to
understand that in national requirements
as in individuals there are qualities
needed for certain definite purposes at
certain times
that is the reason for special great
beans coming forth
these individuals having predominant the
quality of the nation need at a given
the students who can take this
understanding with great sincerity will
find a new element entering into their
lives which will benefit them greatly
the activity of expectation is quite a
vital one in receiving from the inner
presence it is a faculty that can be
used with a great deal of benefit by the
student who cultivates it
for instance if we have planned
something from which we are expecting
great joy we feel all buoyed up with
we can acquire and use the same
expectancy and elements we wish to
acquire and use
for it is very helpful enabling them to
come forth
if one calls on the phone and you are to
meet that one in the city you expect to
meet him
if you desire to meet the masters one
requirement is to expect to meet them
that is very helpful
why not expect to meet them now
people have become so abnormal in their
habits that naturally they have
interfered with their breathing as well
as other things
to use the statement
i am the balancing breath
we'll do a great deal more for them than
the use of many breath exercise without
the aid of an ascended master
the coming amazing activity will be done
by the use of the i am presence because
with its use
anything can be accomplished
take the consciousness often
i am the balancing breath
this sets in motion the inner activity
that maintains the outer perfection
in whatever you do always take the i am
and then you immediately set into motion
take the attitude of calm certainty in
your mind and keep on keeping on
the mighty presence whom we in great joy
have welcomed
we thank thee for thy great wondrous
radiance in light
thy great radiance and conquering power
and we trust that thou mayest decreed
justice now and for all time to mankind
saint germain
i shall have to journey on
question where are you going
answer home
question which one
answer the golden city
it is clothed in the electronic
substance and is just as tangible to you
as the physical
within the light of the golden city are
lights that are much brighter than the
surrounding radiance as these physical
lights are in the
atmosphere within all lights at certain
points and consciousness focused at
these points it becomes illumination
suppose this room with a great sun it
has an atmosphere
the individuals moving within it would
have their own radiance about them the
same as the lights in this room
discourse 12 november 10th 1932
saint germain
though mighty infinite presence though
all pervading intelligence
thy love wisdom and power govern all
thy divine justice has ever operated in
the lives and worlds of those who look
to thee with unfailing determination
we give praise and thanks that thou art
the ruling power and governing
intelligence during all things
we give praise and thanks that in our
world thou art our ever sustaining
invincible power we thank thee
god always finds a way to help those
whose hearts reach out to him
the discourse
the seeming mysteries of life with their
attendant experiences are when rightly
understood blessings in disguise
for any experiences causes us to turn
more firmly to the one act of presence
i am god in action has served as a
wonderful purpose and blessing
the unfortunate situation in which
personalities find themselves exist
because they are constantly looking to
outside source for sustenance
directing intelligence and for the love
that is the supreme presence and power
of the
universe it matters not what the
conditions are that we face
at no time must we lose track or of
allow ourselves to be drawn from the
great truth that
love is the hub of the universe upon
which everything revolves
this does not mean that we call love in
harmony discord or anything unlike the
christ but instead we can love god in
action the i am presence everywhere
for the opposite of hate is love
and one cannot hate in any sense without
having love deeply
the admonition that jesus gave was truly
this idea
each human being is a power that is
intended to be the governing principle
of his life and world
in the recognition that within each
human being is the i am presence of god
ever acting
then everyone knows that he holds within
his outer hands the scepter of dominion
and should use his conscious
determination in knowing that the
invincible presence of god is every
moment the intelligent activity in his
world and affairs
this keeps the attention from becoming
fixed on the outer appearances
which is never the truth unless
illumined by the i am presence
no matter what the problem is to be
solved in the individual's life there is
only one power
presence and intelligence that can solve
and that is the individual's recognition
of the all-powerful presence of god
with whom no outer activity may
unless the individual's attention is
knowingly or unknowingly drawn from his
central recognition and acceptance of
the supreme god power
the principle of life
always active
is ever striving to pour itself forth
into expression
thereby producing its natural perfection
but human beings having free will
consciously or unconsciously qualified
with all kinds of distortions
the individual who stands with his
attention fixed firmly on the i am
presence on god and with god
becomes an invincible power which no
other on manifestation or mankind can
in the recognition of i am here and i am
there friends wherever needful will be
raised up to one's assistance for
i am the friends brought forward
whenever and wherever is necessary
the release from all outer dominion or
interference can only come through this
recognition of the i am presence
god in action
in the individual's life and world
many times this requires strong
determination to hold unwaveringly in
his presence when appearances seem to be
however such is never really the case
the old saying an individual is never
licked unless he gives up is quite true
for as long as an individual looks with
full determination to god in himself
as the governing intelligence
there is no human activity that can long
the mighty outpouring of light flowing
about each individual through the
activity of the vision
and knowing of its presence can be made
as invincible as a wall of steel about
one in fact more so
every down through the centuries have
the majority of mankind given their
attention to the outer appearances
thereby inviting all kind of discord in
but today there are thousands who are
coming to understand the god presence
within themselves as absolutely
to the extent that they are steadily
being raised above the injustice discord
and harmony of the outer creation
until mankind or individuals hold their
attention on the i am presence god
within long enough and with sufficient
they will find themselves surrounded by
the undesirable
but through this i am presence each one
has the power to raise himself above the
discord and disturbance of the honor
at first it does not take determination
to hold fast when the seeming storm
clouds hang low and the outer
appearances seem overwhelming
but with a dynamic conscious attitude
and the attention fixed upon the
presence of god within
it is like the lightning flashing forth
from within the storm cloud
penetrating dissolving the storm that
seems so threatening
as one advances he finds himself
becoming more and more invincible to the
outer creation of mankind which brings
such great distress
the statement of jesus know the truth
and the truth shall make you free
was perhaps one of the simplest and
greatest truth ever be uttered
for the first fundamental of knowing
this great truth to which he referred
was to know that you have within you
this invincible presence of god
if you know that and are certain of it
within your own consciousness i mean by
that standing with firm determination in
the face of everything
then you know you do have that presence
your next step is to take your stand
i am the illuminine revealing presence
and no outer activity that i need to
know can be withheld from me
because i am the wisdom
i am the perception
i am the revealing power bringing
everything before me that i may see and
understand and be able to act
it is so easy when you once understand
that i am the only intelligence and
presence acting
to see how you have the scepter within
your own hands and through this i am
presence you can compel everything you
need to know to be revealed to you
i assure you this is not in any way
interfering with the free will of any
other individual
it is time that the children of god who
are looking to light awaken to this
i assure you it is no wrong nor mistake
to claim and demand your own
in doing this you are not in any way
interfering with any other individual
if at any time there are those who
through their outer activity attempt to
take from you that which belongs to you
then it is your right to command through
the i am presence that the whole
condition be adjusted and your own
brought to you
in this we must be very careful that
when we have set the divine law into
motion and divine justice begins to take
that we do not become over sympathetic
and thereby interrupt the action law
when human beings are governed entirely
by the utter self and when they have no
consideration for the power of god which
gives them life they are easily led to
commit any kind of injustice
but does that mean in any sense that you
shall allow them to do it in your world
not when you know that you have the
mighty power of god within to command
and demand right and justice from
i want to cite you an instance
one of my students was going through a
very trying experience and the nature
being very spiritual i told her to
demand right injustice
she did his advice and presently things
began to happen to those who wish to do
her injustice
through kindness of heart she began to
relent and wish that she'd not demanded
she came to me and said what am i to do
i said with no uncertainty stand by the
decree that you have issued
you are not responsible for the lessons
these individuals have to learn who have
wronged you so let them get their
lessons and be undisturbed
when individuals start to do wrong
that moment they set in motion the great
universal or cosmic law retribution
and they can no more avoid retribution
striking them sometime somewhere then
they can stop the action of the planets
to the innocent victim
retribution sometimes seems a long time
but the longer its arrival is delayed
the more powerful it acts when it does
there is no human being in existence
that can avoid this law
many times students and individuals have
thought that something could be imposed
upon them
such i assure you is not the case
the only way one can open himself to
undesirable thought is by entering into
condemnation and hate
if he has done this he has generated the
thing in which he believed
the student who knows the power of god
within himself need never fear anything
from anyone
the individual may if he or she chooses
experience the fullness of the activity
of god in his life and world
it is simply a matter of choosing what
you shall have
if you want peace and harmony no
i am the power producing it
if you want adjustment in your affairs
and world no
i am the mighty intelligence and power
producing it and no outer activity can
interfere with it
from out of the seeming mystery of
life's ceaseless activity there is the
illumining presence of the mighty i am
that stands ever ready to bless you with
untold and conceivable blessings
if you only let it
how do you let it
by the joyous acceptance of the mighty
that you have this mighty power within
and then do not hesitate in every detail
on your activity no matter how small it
to call it into action
for there's no energy in the universe
but god to act through your
consciousness your mind your body your
say often
i am the presence in everything you wish
to have done
this opens the way for the power of god
to act and bring you justice
have no sympathy for the outer that in
its ignorance does the wrong thing
whether in yourself or someone else
keep calm and serene
knowing god is the only intelligence and
power acting in your world in affairs
i am in you
is the self-sustaining strength and
healing manifesting in your mind and
this keeps you in greater attunement
face god and the energy always surges
forth to command every situation
individuals who understand this law are
not subject to injustice and the
conditions which the outer cells of
other beings try to impose upon them
keep the altar reminded of this often
be sure always within yourself that
there is only the presence and power of
god acting in you and your affairs
keep using the statement at all times
that there is nothing hidden that is not
revealed to me
this is always necessary
however no matter what individuals want
to do
your safeguard is always to pour out the
love of god to them
when individuals try to enjoy something
through injustice without question they
never enjoy it for they always lose some
faculty by which they could enjoy it
other personalities always have the same
privilege to stand with god that you do
and if they do not choose that is not
your business
god is the all-knowing presence and
knows and discovers all things you may
say for another
mighty master self the i am presence
within this individual come forth in thy
conscious power
with thy mighty insight and foresight
with thy wisdom and directing
intelligence and see that all things are
adjusted for her
and that she is given the peace and rest
he so much deserves
i am the commanding presence directing
and commanding this to be done and it is
done now
lift the consciousness into the full
dazzling light
which you may see and know the repose
rest in beauty that is hers by her own
creation and service
it is a mistake to let sympathy draw you
into conditions that are very
destructive and take the stand
i am the only presence acting here
for helping those who have passed on
through so-called death
the i am the presence holding that
individual in the sphere where he
belongs teaching and enlightening them
if the student can get the correct idea
of pouring out the love to his own
divine self he will receive complete
relief from every discord to perfect
i am the presence there governing and
healing the situation
mankind in general and the doctors have
distorted things pitifully
the individual who wants to rise in the
god presence and live there needs the
energy he wastes
the very energy individuals waste is the
force and strength by which they are
unable to hold fast to the guide
this energy is the life they need to
enable them to turn and hold steadfast
to the guide presence
when the outer south has for century
used life's energy to create wrong
the waste of the energy becomes a wide
open drain upon the consciousness of
doctors are responsible for much of this
terrible condition
for they teach the gratification of the
sex appetite and that is the greatest
avenue of ways which human beings have
been to contend
this is what it makes impossible to hold
fast to the god presence long enough to
attain the mastery
it is 95 of the cause of old age and the
loss of sight hearing and memory as
these faculties only cease to function
when there is no longer a stream of this
energy flowing into the cellular
structure of the brain
you cannot tell us to individuals until
they have had such hard knocks that they
are almost desperate with the misery of
their own creation before they will
listen to you
the will is absolutely nothing without
this life energy
there is only one possible way to change
anything which has been created and
directed into a wrong channel
the attention is what holds it fast to
the wrong use or expression of it
instantly direct the thought to the
higher self
many people get the idea that they
control it by sheer force of will
through compulsion
all this cannot be done
for you but damn it up and it only
breaks out somewhere else
the only permanent way to overcome it is
to change the attention and rise out of
use a statement
i am the governing presence of this
energy and the only power that can raise
i am the presence raising and
transcending it and that action is
forever self-sustained
i am the presence doing this and
therefore it is done now for god's
activity is always instantaneous
in any wrong condition
the first thing to do is to call on the
law of forgiveness
remember that when a thing has been set
in motion or energized it simply acts
the physical body is the vehicle for
contact with the sense world
when nearing the point of precipitation
continue on using the physical vehicle
for doing the ordinary physical service
there is the inner the mental and the
physical world
the physical body has been created to
act in the lower rate of vibration and
is the natural vehicle provided
to direct and handle physical objects by
the mind alone needs an accumulation of
electronic force in the electronic
circle of the individual
when using the energy below the ascended
state this consciously generated energy
is held within the electronic circle
which surrounds every individual to a
more or less degree
this accounts for some individuals
seeming to have a limitless amount of
for that which is accumulated in one
lifetime is carried over into the
succeeding lives
perhaps one of the most unfortunate
things in which human being lives is
that man's so-called legal right to bind
another individual
in the sex activity when the other one
wishes to rise out of it
even in the ignorance of the outer mind
some natures have a powerful development
of the love activity
the pure love of god never goes below
the heart
true love never requires sex contact of
any kind
the greatest senate hosts of love are
ever with those who want to do riot
send your thoughts out to them and you
shall always receive help
you have an invulnerable invincible
power when you know you have the
of the i am presence
the law of forgiveness is the wide open
door to reach the heart of god it is the
keynote and hub of which the universe
the mighty infinite presence of god
we give praise and thanks for thy
seekless ministry
we call my blessings thy wisdom my
intelligence to act through each one
giving peace of mind peace of body and
joy of heart to go forth the ruling
conquering victorian presence over all
we give praise and thanks that the
mighty presence i am god in action
governs all official places
causing thy perfection to be ever
operative and self-sustained in thy name
and through thy presence
discourse 13
november 14 1932
saint germain
the majestic presence
infinite creator of all there is the
great i am
visible and invisible manifest and
we rejoice in thy great and mighty
presence that thou hast made us aware of
thy limitless power thy infinite
intelligence thy eternal youth and
we give praise and thanks that we have
become so aware of thy great opulence
thy great abundance
that we feel it like a mighty river in
our hands and use thou mighty endless
though ceaseless stream thou hast made
us aware that
i am the mighty power of precipitation
we bow before the in adoration and full
acceptance of thy mighty presence and
i bring you greetings from the great
hosts in the great light of the
illumined ones and growing rapidly
the discourse
i am the resurrection and the life
i am the energy you use in every action
i am the light illumining every cell of
your being
i am the intelligence the wisdom
directing your every effort
i am the substance omnipresent without
limit which you may use and bring into
form without any limit
i am thy strength i perfect
i am thy ability to apply it constantly
i am the truth that gives you now
perfect freedom
i am the open doorway into the light of
god that never fails
i give praise i have entered into this
light fully using that perfect
i am my sight that sees all things
visible and invisible
i am thy hearing listening to the bells
of freedom which i hear now
i am thy ability sensing the most
ravishing fragrance at will
i am the completeness of all perfection
you ever wish to manifest
i am the full understanding power and
use of all this perfection
i am the full revelation and use of all
the powers of my being which i am
i am the love the mighty motive power
back of all action
i wish to give the most kindly warning
to the students under this radiation to
watch every feeling
that at no time anyone except a feeling
of jealousy at the progress of another
each student must always remember that
he has no concern whatsoever with the
other students except to know that
i am the god presence there in action
for one student to wonder and question
his own mind about the progress of
another is most retarding and is never
each student must understand that his
only concern is the harmonizing
quickening and the expansion of his own
mind and world
the sooner students understand that the
one imperative demand of the great law
of their being is harmony of the mind
and feelings
the quicker will perfection manifest
without this being maintained they
cannot go beyond a certain state of
as soon as the students realize this and
begin to use the i am presence
commanding the harmony and silence of
our auto activity
they will find that they can see
feel and be the perfection which is so
much desire
when students and friends have a deep
sincere love for each other which is not
inquisitiveness that love is the
greatest blessing uplifting power
here is one criterion by which a student
may gauge himself at all times
determining what is the power acting
if one feels critical inquisitive or out
of harmony toward a person place
condition or thing
it is a sure signal that the outer self
is acting and the right attitude is to
correct it immediately
everyone especially students must
realize that they have only one thing to
and that is to feel
see and be perfection in their own world
this is so very important is the reason
i am stressing it so much at this time
because as students begin to experience
unusual manifestations through their
there is always a suggestion at first
which will say to the individual
i am able to use a law better than the
other person
this you know without my saying is a
one cannot long use the statement i am
even intellectually until he begins to
feel a deeper and deeper conviction that
i am all things
think often what these two marvelous
words mean
and always couple with the use of these
two words a statement that
when i say i am
i am setting in motion the limitless
power of god in whatever i couple the
expression i am with
in the scriptural statement before
abraham was i am
abraham represents the outer expression
of life
and i am represents the principle of
life which was expressing through
thus there was the perfection of life
before any manifestation ever occurred
and thus is life without beginning and
without end
my beloved students my heart rejoices
exceedingly in the nearness of which
some of you are feeling the conviction
of this majestic presence i am which you
do your utmost to feel calmly serenely
and if you cannot see it otherwise shut
your eyes and see perfection everywhere
more and more there will come to you
proof of the marvelous presence of this
you will hear feel seen experience at
marvel of all marvels which is children
you have lived in miracles performed
there have been written for your benefit
descriptions and explanations of the use
of this mighty i am presence
you who hold fast to the truth will come
into the threefold action
hearing and experiencing these so-called
miracles until you understand their
and then majestic simple truth which you
may forever apply when once understood
with all my centuries of experience i
cannot help but say to you as
encouragement that my heart leaps with
joy at the nearness with which some of
you are grasping the scepter of dominion
go forward my brave ones do not hesitate
grasp your scepter of dominion raise it
for i am the scepter the quenchless
flame the dazzling light the perfection
which you once knew
come let me hold you in my strong
that where there have been so long too
there will only be one
i am
i am the nor the doer the perfection
expressed now
i again speak to the individuals wanting
so much to have their problem solved
there is only one presence in the
universe that can or ever does solve any
and that is the i am presence everywhere
beloved ones let me say in all kindness
there is no use just seeking to have a
problem solved
because where one was a dozen may appear
but when you know the perfect attitude
is to enter into the i am presence
knowing it is the unquestionable solve
of every problem you will as surely as i
am telling you
cause all problems disappear
for where you live constantly calmly
with sufficient determination in the i
am presence
instead of having many appear where one
has been solved you will have entered
into the state where there are none
i command the power in these words today
to carry to everyone who hears or reads
them the true conviction understanding
back of them
for the brain
i am the quickening of the cells of this
my or your brain structure
causing it to expand and receive the
intelligent direction of the mighty
you must know that you have the power
through the i am presence to consciously
qualify your thought in whatever way you
there is not to say what you shall do
for you are a free being of free will
if you could be conscious of every
thought that passed through your mind
for six weeks and keep it qualified with
you would see the most amazing results
say often
i am the master within
governing and controlling all my thought
processes and full christ perfection as
i wish him to be
blessing and holding others in the light
when you bless others or visualize them
in the light
there's a double activity of the quality
you send out
in doing this there is a certain amount
of protection that is automatic result
but the thought and quality in the light
and blessing registers principally
within one's own consciousness
and at the same time intensifies the
quality in the one to whom and ascent
take the eternal stand that
i am what i want to be
you must use the i am presence
consciously always
rarely even among students have they
realized deeply what the i am presence
only occasionally has any real
comprehension of the i am come forth
except in the retreat to the ascended
jesus was the first to stress it to the
outer world
i urge you earnestly do not give any
consideration to the element of time
manifestation must come instantly when
you give the i am presence freedom
go on apply no and let the i am presence
take care of the element of time
when you make a declaration of truth and
stick to it you must receive
the outer has no power of itself at all
its duty is simply to know that the i am
presence is acting
sometimes without being aware of it the
outer self is looking for the time and
i can convey to you the conviction and
the feeling that when you command as the
i am presence
almighty god moves into action
remember at all times that when you are
dealing with personalities you are
dealing with the outer human creation
and you have all right and power to
command its silence and obedience
whether it is in your own outer self or
someone else's
if you will count 10 before you speak
you can control all sudden impulse and
back of this is a mighty law which can
help the student immensely
when there is a sudden impulse there is
a release or rushing forward of
accumulated energy
if there be anger then the energy is
instantly qualified with it or with
destruction of some kind
the power of self-control would say
only god's perfection goes forth
this will handle on the condition of
uncontrolled impulses with which the
individual is contending
when the student has already let
something go forth that is undesirable
then the thing to do is to consciously
consume it instantly
the constant use of god bless this
directed to inanimate things brings
amazing accomplishments
the easy way to see and feel perfection
is to qualify every thought and feeling
going forth with perfection
when an impulse comes to do anything
instantly qualify with perfection
story of the engine in a small town
the whistle is the warning
the i am is the control of the engine
the ordinary human being would not think
of running over children and killing
them yet he releases wrongly qualified
energy and thought feeling in words that
kill the higher impulses in others
if your personality is not controlled
and governed it has the same qualities
all other selves or personalities
but your i am presence is the perfect
control of it
there's nothing more tragic in the world
for one person to hold the thought of
limitation over another human being
a thought of imperfection driven and a
sensitive person sometimes limits that
one for years
and many times the results are very
we must all give everyone his complete
freedom mentally
if you speak of freedom for yourself be
sure and give it first to everyone else
when there is a condition and another
that you wish to help use the following
i am the perfect manifestation there
the principle within both energy and
substance is the same
substance holds energy within a
the heart center of substance is
intelligent action vibration in its
natural state is pure always
vibration is energy in action and must
be qualified
the pulsation in all substance is the
breath of god acting
think when breathing
i am the perfect energy of every breath
i breathe
i am the pure atmosphere of my world
form the habit of constantly qualifying
your world with perfection
the old habit of thinking imperfection
has filled your world in the past
now the important thing is to be
self-conscious that you are filling your
world with perfection all the time
stand on your feet the first thing in
the morning and say with feeling
i am the presence filling my world with
perfectionist day
do not be concerned about personalities
to take the stand i am perfection acting
through any official
would impel the i am power in action
the first thing in the morning say
i qualify everything in my worldless day
with perfection
because i am perfection
i qualify this mind and body with
absolute perfection and refuse
acceptance of anything else
i am the miracle and i am the presence
compelling its
through divine love wisdom and power
when individuals come and ask about
certain use of law always preface your
statement with
you are an individual of free will
but this is the way i feel about it
what is required for the expansion of
light for one person may be entirely
different from that of someone else
you cannot expand so long as you have an
opinion about anyone else
it is stifling to your own progress
the time comes with everyone when he
must stand up and face himself his outer
creation then say this
whatever there is of imperfection left
in me has to get out
your constructive desire is god in
action doing the thing
your desire holds the power or energy of
the i am
through the attention on the thing you
desire to do
i am the full revelation and the perfect
application for precipitating what i
and i do know what is the perfect thing
to do in the outer self while
say often
i am the precipitating presence of this
do not be anxious
just know it with calm certainty
when you are conscious of the i am
you know it is moving forward
do not let in the sense of
disappointment rather say
i am the perfect harmony of my thought
feeling in action
out of thy pure presence we receive now
and forever thy strength thy wisdom
thy understanding application of thy
great and marvelous laws
that we may produce and maintain thy
perfection in each life
mind body home and world
in a recent news rail there has been
pictured certain chemical activities and
how to use this chemical action upon
flowers to qualify them with a desired
instead of raising them in the earth
they are growing them in water with
excelsior over the top
this shows how near the chemists and
scientists are coming to bringing things
forth direct from the universal
this shows the interactivity coming into
conscious definite use
or the activity held in consciously
directed rays
i am the only acting presence in this
i am the intelligent activity in their
i am the protection in myself and my
i am the intelligence and presence
acting everywhere
i am the visible opulence i desire
i am the presence producing abundance
wherever i choose to use it
discourse 14
november 17 1932
saint germain
i am the joy
the courage the confidence pervading all
the earth filling the hearts of mankind
consuming all generated thought of
depression or lack in the minds of
and that which has been sent forth
through lack of confidence shall be wet
from the earth
i am the presence the perfect christ
activity in the minds of all humanity
filling all official places causing it
to sustain all personalities
causing them to turn with quick
certainty the source of their being
the perfect life manifests in all outer
i am the presence proclaiming the
conscious act of divinity in the
manifestations everywhere
this shall be
for i am the supreme conquering presence
i am here and i am there
i go everywhere touching the brains of
mankind as with a streak of lightning
not with consuming power but with the i
am presence that will no longer be
gained said
i bring you greeting
joy and love from the great host
it is so wonderful beloved ones to have
such perfect peace and calmness in your
minds this morning
oh could you understand the value of
maintaining that peace of mind there is
nothing that warrants it being disturbed
your melodies were beautiful and
wonderful words shall come forth to
bless through the melodies
there is that great joy and advancing
conquering presence that will bless your
home world and students with its
glorifying presence
with its presence of opulence streaming
forth like a mighty river to all who
make themselves worthy by the peace and
harmony of mind
the discourse
i wish to call your attention this
morning to the active presence of faith
hope and charity
in this consideration we will think of
faith as the conquering emanating power
hope the open doorway through the veil
acting in the pure presence
and charity as a