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hi everybody welcome
to the stream I have audio now so this
is attempt number two
and taking a look at the new Magic the
Gathering set
this is the Lord of the Rings
Magic the Gathering set
that is due out in stores this weekend
if you have a local gaming store
and you decide that you want to go to
your local gaming store you can purchase
these cards you can play with these
cards at a pre-release this weekend
how cool is that
and since this is a Lord of the Rings
set it only made sense that there would
the one ring
does that make sense that there's going
to be a the One Ring card
here is the One Ring card now there's
multiple variations of it you could get
this uh this normal looking version here
you can get this from a booster pack
it's this is the art full art version
you can also get it
um in a serialized version but here's
the thing if you get this serialized
version the one I'm showing on the
screen right now I want to see you guys
guess in chat how much do you think this
version of The Lord of the Rings is
currently selling for it is a one of one
there's only one copy of this card
you you cannot get it in this is
literally the only one
of one
that's correct Eric T says it's
currently selling for one million
there is somebody who's offered one
million dollars so if you go and you
play at your pre-release this weekend if
you decide to pick up a box to open for
yourself this is only available in the
collector's box I should mention but if
you open a collector's pack
and you get this card there is a
professional sports player who's
one million dollars for this card he
will pay you one million dollars to own
this one for one card
is that not absolutely insane you could
go buy a magic box
for 350 dollars
and open a one it's two million dollars
Chad go to says the offer is now two
million dollars
whoever opens this card you have a two
million dollar payday coming from you
for you I hope I opened this card I hope
one of us opens this card
but that is that is the that's the
combination of mad to the Gathering fans
in Lord of the Ring fans we're talking
about if you're a Lord of the Rings fans
you're already crazy if you're a man to
the Gathering fan you're already crazy
but if you're a fan of both
you're one of the nerdiest people alive
I don't know how you function as a
if you are both a man of the Gathering
and a Lord of the Rings fan how do you
achieve staying alive I don't know
but what I wanted to do here today is
for those of you who are Lord of the
Ring fans or Magic the Gathering fans I
wanted to take a look at the cards from
this set
and I will talk about the individual
cards where I think it's useful if it's
useful we'll talk about the flavor
of the card
and see whether or not this set lives up
to a match of the Gathering set
and we'll see whether or not this set
lives up to a Lord of the Rings offering
because there's some things they changed
about the Lord of the Rings in the
movies there's also things they change
for the card game
and we'll talk about those individual
but here we have our first card this is
banish from eterus
where is that harass I don't know I've
never read the books I've only seen the
but this spell cost two less to cast if
it targets a tapped creature and you get
to X all that creature this is not an
important card this is fodder this is
what we there's a way to play Magic and
you can go and play it this way this
weekend at a local gaming store or you
can download Magic Arena and you can
play it this way as well either sealed
deck or limited you need kind of janky
cards for those sets this card will not
be making your main decks anytime soon
does that pass or fail as a
Lord of the Rings card I don't know you
have to tell me in chat does it work as
a magic card it's pretty it's pretty low
it's pretty looter
next up we have errand Ryder of Gondor I
know Gondor
we all know Gondor right
when this is a three casting costs three
two so it almost passes the vanilla test
it's pretty powerful in terms of
um when it enters the battlefield draw
card that's very good then if you don't
control the legendary creature put a
card from your hand on the bottom of
your library that's not so good
I mean it is a Lord of the Rings card it
does say Gondor on it and we all know
where Gondor is in Lord of the Rings
right we've all heard of Gondor uh as a
magic card it's pretty met
it's not load here but it's pretty much
here we have escape from orthink
I don't know what orthink is
who or why are we escaping from earthing
I don't know but for one white Target
creature gets plus one plus three
against flying until in the turn untapp
it as we all know you can ride giant
Falcons in The Lord of the Rings so I
think it's a pretty flavorful card
a giant Falcon thing swoops down and
saves you but keep in mind the Falcons
will not take you to Mordor
for some reason
you can't just fly a falcon to Mordor to
throw the ring
into into the volcano
that would be too easy
so I don't know why
but so as a magic card it's pretty mid
it's limited fodder again it's gonna
it's gonna do stuff in limited I don't
think it'll do much elsewhere
as the Lord of the Rings card
um it's fine it's fine I don't know what
an orthink is is that a is it a place is
the creature is a person
is it I don't know I don't know
Eagles not Falcons they are eagles thank
you bonda 713
I appreciate you Bunda 713 I appreciate
Esquire of the king one white for a 1-1
creature pretty boring you won't even
play this in most limited decks but for
five Mana tap it and creatures of
control get plus one plus one until
under the turn
disability costs too less to activate if
you control the legendary creature this
won't even make very many limited decks
I think this is both a failure as a
magic card
and a failure
as a Lord of the Rings card
then we have the fog of the on the
Barrow Downs
this is a three Mana enchant creature
Enchanted creature is a spirit and
cannot attack or block this is another
one of those cards that you'll see in
high some Fringe decks and useful and
limited so as a magic card it's pretty
low mid
fog on the barrel Downs where is the
Barrow Downs is that a Lord of the Rings
I don't know anything about the barrel
I don't know anything I don't know
anything about the burrow Downs orthink
is where Saruman trapped Gandalf ooh
well that's definitely a place I would
like to escape from
so that's okay I go back that card's a
better Lord of the Rings card
fogging the barrel Downs though
I don't know what a barrow Downs is here
we have a Nimble Hobbit pretty generic
I mean there's plenty of halflings in
other sets
but it's a two casting off to win three
whenever this attacks you may sacrifice
a food or pay three when you do tap
Target creatures and opponent controls
for those who have never played Magic
the Gathering for man of the Gathering
has very rarely used food tokens which
we'll see them refer to later
but they are little artifacts that you
can sacrifice and gain three life
as you would expect Hobbits like food
they like first breakfast and second
breakfast and third breakfast and fifth
breakfast and 70th breakfast and 900th
I love I I I would be a hobbit but I
look like I've eaten 800 Hobbits because
I'm fat
I will never I would not make a very
good Hobbit though I do have hairy feet
uh but I will give it
I'll give it up it's pretty mad across
the board
now for wrath now for ruin it's probably
a quote from the books
put a plus one plus one counter on each
creature you control they gain vigilance
until the turn the ring tempts you
so this is a really interesting mechanic
hey boonda 713
ah welcome my friend thank you for the
uh joining the channel membership I
appreciate you so now for rad now for
ruin the ring temps you as a new
mechanic for only this set and uh
basically it's all good stuff you would
think if the ring was tempting you bad
things would happen
but actually when the ring tempts you in
this game it's a good thing in magic for
some reason
I'm not sure why
the ring tempting you was bad in the in
the books and it was definitely bad in
the films but for magic I guess for
balance reasons or something they made
it all positive
so now for wrath now for ruin it sounds
pretty flavorful
Mana to put counters on everybody
vigilance and the ring temps you seems
kind of mid again
kind of mid
I promise you for those of you watching
most of this set is pretty mid but I do
like magic cards and when we come to the
cards that I like
we'll talk about it
I promise you there are cards I like in
this set quite a bit Soldier the great
host four Mana 2-2 flashing flying one
of the dinners of Battlefield Target
creature against plus two plus zero
until the turn this is pretty high end
for Limited
uh flying is really powerful unlimited
flash means you can play it at any time
and it's going to pump one of your guys
when it comes to the turret play ton of
turn pretty cool I don't know who the
gray hosts are
I presume that's some sort of ghosts
in Lord of the Rings though
something like that
uh that quote was when King Theoden led
the row in charge into the Battle of
Gondor oh that makes sense okay
stalwarts of Awesome
I bet Lord of the Rings fans are nope
and out of this right now if you're
watching this
I don't know how to pronounce Oscar
liabilia azgiliath
five casting costs four three when it is
a battlefield the ring tempts you
that's a decent body for limited when
you draw your second card each turn put
a counter on this
oh flavor text on this card the enemy
must pay dearly for the crossing of the
river oh
seems pretty flavorful for a Lord of the
Rings card
specifically because I had to pronounce
the word I have no clue how to pronounce
I have no clue how to say oscillaryath
I was giliath
but you know what
it's pretty mid for limited for Magic
here we have bewitching leechcraft he's
putting leeches on the skin
enchant creature
when bewitching leechcraft enters the
battlefield tap Enchanted creature
Enchanted creature has if this creature
would untap during your untapped step
remove plus one plus one counter on it
from instead if you do untap it
so what if it doesn't have counters on
it it won't untap so it's removable but
if it does have counters on it's just
going to shrink it
then well designed card I don't know how
Lord of the Rings it is
how Lord of the Rings is that is there a
bunch of leechcraft in there
I don't know I don't know
decent card though for limited ooh
captain of um bar
um bar that's fun to say everybody say
then Chad this is what I want to say
that in Chad say it in real life hi
Alfie Autumn he says notice me everybody
say um bar in chat
who here's ever been to um bar that
feels good to say
um bar I'm a big fan of Umar
you're typing it Jamie and you still
missed it Jamie Shipton
umbar yeah very good very good um bar
captain of Umar three Mana two three one
Mana tap and draw a card then discard
card he's a looter pretty strong for
limited I think
I don't know who the captain of Umar is
it's not legendary it's just a human
pirate so it's one of many captains
seems fine
deceive the messenger ooh instant Target
creature against minus three minus zero
to limit turn is that Gandalf in the art
I think that's Gandalf in the art
Target region is minus three minus zero
till in a turn and a mass Orcs now if
this is the first time you've heard of a
Masterworks basically you put a plus one
plus one corner on an army you control
it is also an orc
if you don't control an army create a
zero zero black orc Army token first
so basically you're gonna get a 1-1 if
you already have an army you'll instead
put a counter on it and it counts as an
arc your amassing Orcs just like
they do in the books and just like they
do in the movies
decent card
Dreadful as the storm Target creature
has base power and toughness five five
until in a turn the ring temps you so
three Mana to turn something into a five
five tone to turn buff a guy combat
trick decent instant speed that's fine
as a magic card not great pretty mid but
the ring tempts you
flavorful I like that I think that's
pretty flavorful
seems like an interesting card
I'm interested
glorious Gail is our next card do you
ever know anybody named Gail does
anybody get named Gail anymore I'm an
old man so I definitely remember a time
where people were called Gail
that's a weird name have you ever met
anybody named Gail if so were they your
people inside
glorious Gail counter Target creature
spell for two Mana if it was a ledger to
spell the ring temps you that's pretty
solid I mean it's it's it's removed soul
with upside
so I think I'm down for it I'm at a gale
Joel worked with her oh yeah hi Missy
Gail or Gail just wait until you get a
the flavor of Shadow facts ooh
interesting okay we need to see some of
the rares in the second because that's
where the real flavor will be
most Commons and uncommons in Magic are
generally pretty boring because they're
useful for limited so they don't put a
lot of design in them for them gray
Havens Navigator Three Men and for three
two Flash
play at any time when it enters the
battlefield you scry one
that's an okay limited card and draft
that play with it
he's hephalian knots
athelian knots oh is that um
Golem is that a hobbit tying on Golem is
that what's going on there it's hilly
and nuts tap Target creatures Cry 1 draw
yeah it's not a very good knot if they
untie it at the you know at the
beginning of the next turn
is that like a story moment if you will
try to run away you must be tied but we
don't wish to hurt you said Sam
oh that's very flavorful okay that's
very flavorful
uh isolation at or think so that's where
Gandalf got trapped okay put Target
creature into its owner's Library second
from the top
they took me and set me on the Pinnacle
of orthink I stood alone on an island in
the clouds I had no chance of Escape my
days were bitter and cold says Gandalf
sounds like you don't want to be
isolated at or think
put darker creature in its owners
Library second at the top so that's a
cool imagine mechanic because it gets
rid of the creature for a little while
but it'll eventually come back out of
the library and they can play it again
I think that's a cool card it's a little
over costed
for four Mana hey Lonely Goomba glad to
see you in here my friend thank you for
coming in
I think it's an interesting card seems
very flavorful
not a great Magic card though
but decent for Limited
this is the ithelian Kingfisher it's
bird three Mana two one bird with flying
birds fly I don't know if you knew that
when it dies draw a card
look at that look at that look at the
detail on that art wow
that water is gorgeous I love that card
is that a beautiful card
why would they do this if they have a
Lord of the Rings ccg cross promotion
baby that's why YouTubers collab all the
because uh Magic audiences will get into
Lord of the Rings and Lord of the Rings
audiences will get into magic and
everybody wins does that make sense I
bet there's a bunch of Lord of the Rings
fans who've never thought about playing
Magic until this set came out
you know what I'm saying
so next up Lorien revealed
five Mana draw three cards Island
cycling for one that is a card that
could see play in some Commander decks
won't see playing Modern but Island
cycling for one is pretty solid it's not
as good as just cycling for one
but that seems like a decent card
Island cycling means you can go get a
from your deck
I think it's pretty solid
nimrodell Watcher Two Guys across two
one whenever you scry this is plus one
plus zero till in return and can't be
blocked this turn disability triggers
only once per turn
seems Seems decent to me
two Mana two one elf Scout it's a blue
Elf you don't see a lot of blue elves in
seems decent for limited here we have a
pellegria Survivor two castle one three
tap to add one man of any color but you
can spin this only mana and it only
plays a sorcery spells six Mana tap
Target player Mills three cards why is
that so expensive
six Mana
why is it so expensive
are there any magic designers in chat
that can tell me why this is so
I'm so confused wow
better have a strong payoff in this set
hey but you're my favorite YouTuber
thank you Gabriel
that's my favorite card says Alfie I
like it too I think it's a good card
Willow Wind five Mana for a 3-4 flying
when this enters the battlefield sky 2.
is a Willow Wind mentioned in the Lord
of the Rings books
it would have to be right
otherwise medgard the black breath Ah
that's what I have every morning when I
wake up I have the black breath
creatures your opponent's control get
minus one minus one until in the turn
the ring tempts you
uh if it had been minus two minus two I
think it'd be a lot more powerful but it
could still get work done
when the Black breath blows death
Shadows grows a rhyme of old days that
sounds I feel like that can make a good
rap song
oh my God what did that that could make
a good uh rap song okay oh my God all
right here we go
when the Black bread blows there's Grado
grows if you know you know we gotta slap
them hoes gotta why do they go directly
to hose
I mean it Rhymes but also
but also a hose
uh Boogie you're gonna go to pre-release
yes and I plan to film it as well Jamie
should be a good time
but anyway the black breath med card
serith on Gall Patrol they're just
trying to make me sound like an idiot
now that's not a real thing in Lord of
the Rings is it what is syrith on gold
hi I'm the serathon gall Patrol
who do you Patrol for sirathongal one
Mana tap its soccer creature draw a card
then create a food token it is five cows
cost four five
it'll be C it'll see play and sealed not
a lot of playing Limited
sack a dude make a food psych dude make
a food spies feared on stairs double
vigilance Patrol to head upstairs
that's shagrat's orders
who the hell is Shag rat I've only seen
the movies
here's the haunt of dead and worships it
is a nightmare elf it is not a zombie
but it clearly looks like a zombie but
it is a nightmare
there are cars that I think that care
about nightmares and Magic
uh when house haunt Of the Deads enters
the battlefield Sky one for three Mana
return this from the graveyard of the
battlefield tap activate only if you
control a legendary creature so it's
that skeleton from that core set with
there's things you could do with that
there's things you could do with that
card in Magic very flavorful though
here we have Mordor muster
two Mana sorcery draw you draw a card
and lose a life and you make a 1-1 orc
or you a mass under your orc Army
pretty mid
I I could see that as a 23rd card in
some draft decks though Maybe I'm Wrong
I don't think I would Peck that very
high but I would include it in a few
not too bad
Sam's desperate rescue very flavorful
return Target creature card from your
graveyard to your hand the ring tempts
you so return a creature from your
graveyard to your hand is pretty mid and
Magic returning into the battlefield is
but adding the ring temps you might be
pretty useful
not very flavorful though
oh everybody knows this from The Lord of
the Rings films right everybody
remembers this
the book of masobarole maserable
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have you here my friend
so I know this card is going to look
confusing to non-magic nerds but let's
talk about it it's a saga
ooh lestery says Lester Lester says says
when the Black breath blows death Shadow
grows the pulse of your lifeblood slows
lice Joys and Sorrows draw to a close
yes win the black breath blows Lester
that's fire
Lester that is so fire let me try that
again uh when the Black breath blows
their Shadow grows the pulse of your
lifeblood slowly slows lights joists and
Sorrows draw to a close whenever the
black bread blows okay that was good
Lester good job Lester I really like
oh man
okay all right so this is a saga so
it's gonna stick around as most
enchantments do but each turn it's going
to have an effect so on the first turn a
mass works for one we talked about
making Orcs then on turn two of us works
for two you'll add two more counters to
York so if your Orcs aren't around you
might get two or two and crazy as you
control get plus one plus zero and gain
medicine until the end of turn on the
third turn pretty pretty okay I see that
as pretty useful and limited
a pretty mid I think
Erebor flame Smith two casting calls two
one whenever you cast an instant or
sorcery spell this deals one damage to
each opponent
that can be really powerful in like a
storm deck in fact I think this might
see play in historic
storm decks in um magic ring
I think it's neat I think that's a nice
card I wish it was non-creature spell
but still
pretty powerful and it's a dwarf
and it's a Dwarven female does she have
a beard because uh Lord of the Rings
Dwarven females have beards
I can't tell if she does or not
hey Kai K i993d thanks for the two bucks
you should play a series of Diablo 4 on
YouTube I might my friend
thank you for the Super Chat I
appreciate you
next up gamalis Fury Gimli definitely
has a beard
it's cool to see Gimli on a magic card
I'm just going to be honest with you
it's really cool to see Matt Gimli on a
magic card gamlies Fury two Mana Target
creature against plus three plus two
until in the turn if it's a legendary
also against trample until it return
three manafort 2-3 reach at the
beginning of a combat on your turn
another Target creature control gets
plus one plus zero
it's nice to say a herodrum though
an improvised Club
clearly is that a uh what is the big orc
things I forget what those things are
but as an additional cast calls to cast
a spell sacrifice an artifact or
creature improvised Club deals four
damage to any Target
man it's a troll it's a troll thank you
yeah it's a troll
that is correct for a couple of pins
says Troll and grins I'll eat these two
and gnaw thy Shins
oh that's Sam telling a story for like a
couple of pins says Troll and grins I'll
eat these two and all thy Shins
I like the flavor text more than the
card it's a fine card
pretty mid for Limited it's good closer
for limited actually
quarrel's end three Mana as an
additional cost to cast a spell discard
a card
draw two cards and create a one one
white human Soldier creature token
so three Mana to filter two is fine
creating a white human token is fine as
mid card Relentless raharam four Mana
for four three one enters the
battlefield the ring tempts you it
depends on how good the ring is now I
think this is the first time we've been
clearly able to see it
but they did something weird in this set
this is a human night and you might have
that the human on on this card has
considerably more melanin
than the humans did in the movies
for whatever reason they decided to make
the the humans in this um
to not trigger demonetization they they
decided to make the humans in the this
card set Brown
is that the most polite way to put it
a lot of people got really upset about
that and I'm going to be honest with you
I'm not one of those people
but I do think it's silly
I don't really understand why well
you'll definitely notice when we get to
I don't think they were Brown in the
books but I've never read the books I
think it was a pointless change
it seems like a pretty pointless change
but we'll talk about it as we get
further in
there's the raharam Lancer human night
when raw him Lancer dies the ring Tims
you for one one Menace
ah it's Gotta Die for the ring to tempt
you but the ring tempting you is a
pretty powerful ability so Rush the room
Target creature because plus one plus
zero against first strike two on the
turn if it's a goblin or an orc that
also gains haste
bad I would probably not even put that
as a 23rd card in most magic sets at
most drafts the Brandywine farmer The
halfling Peasant when this enters the
battle or enters or leaves the
battlefield create a food token three
cast it costs one one makes a food makes
two food one when it shows up and one
when it dies
very flavorful
not a great card but fairly flavorful I
promise you we will get into more
powerful cards that I like later
promise you chance met elves when you
scry put a plus one plus one counter on
this the ability triggers only once each
I think there's a blue green
um Sky Deck that seems like it's going
to be playable so maybe that's what
that's for Elven farsights Cry 3 you may
then reveal the top card of your library
if it's a creature card draw a card
so for three Mana you get to Sky Three
which means rearrange the top three
cards to your library if you get lucky
and you've got a creature that you can
put on top
then you'll draw that creature
that's okay sometimes you won't see a
creature though and you'll be very upset
about it
this card has a bad floor
and the ceiling's not even that good but
I like it I think very flavorful love
the art again look at the art of this
they're seeing Gimli in the water and
their elves like doing stuff
Boogie do you watch Rick and Morty yes
good show
was wondering when you were going to
touch on this subject yeah it's the sun
fun set
uh for a second I thought it said meat
elves I'd eat I'd like to eat a meat elf
my modern card for finding Allosaurus
here we go
enraged Huron I guess that's the name
for a tree folk Huron trample five
casting off four five
when there's a battlefield the ring
tempts you
it's fine
galadrum guide four Mana three four
winners of Battlefield sky 2.
it's fine good probably uh decent
mechanic for the the Sky Deck
God am I do I have to try to pronounce
this did I
Loth lorian Loft lorian Loth lorian The
Loft L'Oreal Lookout that's a mouthful
can you say that five times fast Lottery
on Lookout La Florian Lookout love
glorion Lookout that is
two cast across one three whatever this
is hex scry one I will not play with
this at my pre-release even if I open
like four of it and here's why because I
don't want to say all right I'm going to
attack with my loft l'oreon Lookout
all right I'm blocking with my loft
l'oreon Lookout very flavorful beautiful
just can't say that here's a one casting
cost 1-1 spider
it's a Merc Ward spider
when it attacks Target legendary
creature control gains death Touchstone
on the turn so it is a 1-1 death touch
that gives legendary creature death
touch it's missing something most
in Magic have reach
they can they can they can catch Flyers
with their webs this spider's so tiny he
can't catch Flyers
can't catch a bird how could it catch a
I guess that's what they're going for
Loth Laureen somebody says it's Loth
Lorraine says Gus Addison
where's the ant you'll see him Gus don't
worry there's definitely tree folk
coming up
Mirror Mirror Guardian look at that sexy
dwarf female
complete with canonical beard
look at that canonical beard
Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum three cats to cost
four two when she dies the ring temps
you that's pretty solid
I'll put that in a limited deck for sure
spiders normally have uh reach and a big
booty says Big D
yes they do
okay here's our first rare card
four Mana sorcery the ring goes south
first the ring tempts you then reveal
cards from the top of your library until
you reveal X land cards where X is the
number of legendary creatures you
put those lands onto the battlefield
tapped and the rest on the bottom of
your library in a random order
so four man at the ring tempts you and
you'll probably get one or two lands out
of it
that's pretty all right that's pretty
mid as far as where it goes
could be in a
could be in a legendary themed deck for
sure could also be in a um
landfall deck I mean it does a little
bit of both
that's okay
for a rare it's pretty decent uh three
Mana shower of arrows destroy Target
artifact enchantment or creatures with
flyings Sky one who shoots artifacts
with arrows
who shoots an enchantment with arrows
are they magic arrows
a little confused by how you shoot an
enchantment with an arrow
but still
what country do you think the serialized
one of one ring shows up I hope
Australia I'll bet it'll be in the
United States
here's the thing about the one of one
ring I got a feeling they know where it
is they're going to know which box it's
I feel like they're not going to run the
risk of it's getting sent to like a
Walmart where like nobody ever says they
opened it
I feel like they're going to know who's
going to get it somehow
Maybe Star City Games will open it in a
mass box opening
um I doubt it'll just go to any random
Norm you could go to a content creator
but I feel like they got a feeling I got
a feeling they'll know where it's going
you know what I'm saying
flying monkey asks how are you doing
mate doing pretty good how are you doing
today flying monkey I appreciate you
here we have
inherited envelope
inherited envelope
three Mana would inherit an envelope
enters the battlefield the ring tempts
you add one man of any color
huh that's all right
two Mana rocks are way more popular but
there's some three Mana rocks that are
popular and this would be decent in the
theme ring themed up add one man of any
color is always powerful too somebody
says I hope post Malone pulls it I love
post Malone if you guys don't know this
post Malone is the most famous match of
the Gathering player in the world
in fact post Malone follows me still on
Twitter to this day and I think because
I play Magic is why
um that said I've never got to talk to
post really except in uh Twitter chat
briefly and I'm a huge fan and I like
his music however
post Malone
has bought an 800 000 Magic card before
so there's a very real chance whoever
the Lord of the Rings uh one ring
post will just buy it off of them
I don't really understand
I don't think I don't think posts should
be lucky enough to open it post is lucky
enough in life as it is I'm a huge post
Malone fan but he can afford to buy it
off of somebody else who opens it so let
somebody else open it and let post buy
it if he wants it that's my opinion but
it would be kind of cool if post Malone
did open it but people would Raise Hell
people would Raise Hell
am I wrong
Riot says uh Pawn Stars would buy it for
two dollars you're correct they would
the Shire scarecrow two casting calls to
zero three Defender
add one man of any color activate only
once each turn
what where's the rest of the cards
what where's the rest of the set
do I have to oh gosh
oh geez
this was just the latest batch I guess
I guess it kind of Knocked as jumped us
around a little bit
here I'll click on cards that I know I
like and we'll talk about them here we
have reprieve this is one white and one
to return Target spell to its owner's
hand draw card
so there's already a very popular Magic
card called remand that does this in
now white gets to do it too and I'm just
going to be honest with you I like it
I like that that's what they're doing
with magic
this is a very good card
hey we have remand at home this is
remanded home
this is remanded home right here
Shadow tribe thank you for subbing if
you're not already subscribed and by the
way you can click that subscribe button
and that little graphic will pop up in
the corner you'll be able to see it
you'll be able to see it
uh let's see here's another rare
for manasaga
search your library for a legendary
creature card reveal it put in your hand
and Shuffle
you get to do that twice once the turn
you play it the next turn after
tutors are good four Mana tutors are not
so good but
creatures you control gain double strike
until in the turn the ring tempts you
that's your final turn because price is
not legendary creatures at least it's
not legendary creatures
you know what I'm saying
I want I want to be able to see
every set of a color
do they have that here on this site
this I think this is it
okay all right
here's card we haven't seen yet the
Battle of Bywater three Mana sorcery
Destroy All Creatures with power three
or greater than create a food token for
each creature you destroy
it only gets the big guys the halflings
I like that one
I like that one okay that's a very good
if you're playing like a weenie deck
here is a took Reaper what is a took is
that a type of halfling is that a last
name for a halfling Uncle Chris welcome
to the membership program here on
YouTube glad to have you whenever we get
a brand new member you know I'm gonna go
like this
thank you Uncle Chris I really
appreciate you my friend
you're a fool of a took
two Castle guns two one when it dies the
ring tempts you
seems fine
here's one of my favorite cards of the
set are you guys ready for this
it's Bill the pony
it's build the pony
forecasting costs one four I don't even
care because it's build a pony bony
innocent Battlefield you create two
food tokens
Uncle Chris have you already been a
member I didn't realize I apologize
Uncle Chris thank you my friend it
doesn't tell me that you've been a
member here for a while sacrifice of
food until in a turn Target creature
control assigns combat damage equal to
its toughness rather than its power
it's not good
but the card is named Bill the pony
the name is Bill the pony how can you
not love Bill the pony
the Lord of the Rings books
Boromir Warden of the Tower
whenever an opponent casts a spell if no
Mana was spent to cast a spell counter
it he's three Castle three three
he's a legendary so he can be your
commander if you wanted
sacrifice him creatures of control gain
indestructible tell him to turn the ring
tempts you
I mean that's a lot of abilities for
three matter for the three three in
Boromir is a cool character very
decent art
sideboard hate as well also you can get
these alternative art versions of him
he seems fine he's got some functions
for sure
here's our first Mythic mythics are the
ultra rares really hard to pull
this is Dawn of a new age
when this enters the battlefield with a
hope counter on it for each creature you
at the beginning of your InStep remove a
hope counter from it if you do draw a
card then if dawn of the new age has no
hope counters on it sacrifice it draw a
card two Mana if you have a creature in
play you're going to at the end of that
turn draw a card and gain for life
two Mana to gain for life and draw a
card is good
if you don't have a creature you'll only
gain four life
that's bad
yeah that's a weird functioning card I
like the concept
I like the concept of it
just don't know if it's good
here we have
the flowering
of the white tree
two-man a legendary enchantment
creatures of control get plus two plus
one and have Ward one
non-legendary creatures of control get
plus one plus one I mean this is
strictly better in Crusade
it's a cool concept for a card
I think it's an interesting card for
you can't have multiple copies out so
that's the downside but and Commander
you can only play with one copy of a
card anyway
I love that card boring art in a lot of
ways though it's just a tree
it's just a tree
three Mana enchantment four genuine with
as soon as the battlefield return Target
equipment card from your graveyard to
the battlefield as long as it's your
turn you may activate abilities anytime
you could cast an instant
and you may pay zero rather than pay the
equip cost of the first equippability
you activate during each turns
Lester thank you for 13 months of
support I appreciate you thanks for the
stream Boogie thank you Lester happy
about a magic card in 20 years this is
so tempting I I'm just going to be
honest with you it's a cool set
it's a cool set and again if you want to
you can go to your local gaming store
and play Magic this weekend
that's a good way to get back into it
you know
Frodo saurons Bane look at that art dude
that's the moment
that's the moment look at that
he's a two cast across one two
and for black or white Mana if it's a
citizen it becomes a halfling scout with
base power and toughness 2-3 so he
levels up
then for black black if he's a scout it
becomes a halfling rogue with whenever
this creature deals combat damage to a
player the player loses the game and the
rink is tempted you four more times this
game otherwise the ring tempts you
I love the design of that card if you're
not a magic player I'm seeing I'm sure
it seems fairly confused mm says in chat
magic looks so complicated if you want
to learn to play Magic there's an app
called Magic the Gathering Arena it's
available on phone I think it's
available on iOS now and it's also
available on
uh PC so on Steam now as well matter of
the gambling Arena it'll teach you how
to play Angela just donated 50 dollars
oh my God Angela that's insane you just
played for my pre-release tomorrow night
Angela thank you for sponsoring my
pre-release that's incredible thank you
Angela uh I will be when I'm filming
tomorrow night and and you see me at my
pre-release when you see that video
I think you'll be uh I think I want you
to remember that you're the person who
uh paid for my pre-release thank you
Angela Japan generally appreciate you
hopefully I'll pull a Frodo that Frodo
car is insane
all right here we have Gandalf the White
there are several versions of Gandalf in
this set and it makes sense several
versions of Sorrow one several versions
of Frodo
so get used to that you're gonna see
several gandalfs but here we have
Gandalf the White five Mana four five
with flash
now when you cast legendary spells and
artifact spells as if they had flash so
you can play them at any time just like
ganoff Gandalf just shows up when he's
supposed to that's what Gandalf does in
the books
and that's what Gandalf now does in the
very flavorful
of legendary permanent or an artifact
entering or leaving the battlefield
causes a trigger ability of a permanent
you control the trigger that ability
triggers an additional time that card is
it's not as good as the new white parade
or because it doesn't like screw over
your opponent or whatever but in terms
of what it does for you
Gandalf is nuts
if you open this and sealed you're going
to be swapped just beating ass
definitely worth draft I think that's
Commander playable I think that might be
a good Commander to build around
I've I'm tempted to build around them
all right let's see what other rares we
got I'm skipping the uncommons and
what other rares are in the city here we
have born upon a wind
two Mana you may cast spells this turn
as if they had flash for an instant
speed draw a card so at the end of your
opponent's turn you're like all right I
didn't use my Mana to count or anything
so let me go ahead
and cast the hell out of all my spells
I'm going to cast this draw a card then
play a bunch of creatures on tap and
kill you
that's the bluest car there's ever been
I mean cards like quick in existence
Scouts warning exists and stuff like
that uh but this allows you to play all
your Spells at instant speed how blue is
how blue is that such a good guard
such a good card
let's see here we have goldberry River
daughter now I want you to take a moment
to look at this art
I have a complaint about magic the
Gathering that I've had for a really
long time
Magic the Gathering does not typically
show fat people on its magic cards
and I think that's sad
but when they have shown fat people on
magic cards they tend to be the bad guy
they tend to be villains
if you go back and look at Fallen
Empires you go back and look at um oh
the enchantment set so many of the fat
characters have been villains if they're
ever going to be on a card
well this one is not a villain
and she's a plus-sized woman
I mean I'd say she's thick so wizard of
the coast God bless you for putting more
fat people on magic cards it makes me
feel a little bit represented and I
think representation is important
so you know thank you for making another
it's the first fat female Magic card
um that was a human that was Rada
but she's the first fat human female
Magic card and I think it's really cool
goldberry River daughter two Mana 4013
and you get to move counters around
moving counters around is a popular
mechanic it's beautiful art
that's beautiful art
I like it I like it
that's why representation is I think
important because it made me feel good
to see a big person on a card
and hopefully it makes other people feel
good to be represented lost aisle
calling blue and one and Shaman when you
whenever you scribe put a verse counter
on this
six Mana Exile it draw cartridge verse
counter on it but at seven or more take
an extra turn
taking an extra turn is absurdly
powerful in Magic now that's a lot of
jumping through hoops to get there
but it's a good card
describe it describe it alone is decent
it's it's it's it's it's it's high mid
here we have press the enemy for four
return Target spell or non-lan permanent
and opponent controls to his owner's
hand you may cast an instant or sorcery
spell with equal or lesser Mana from
your hand without paying its Mana cost
return Target spell or non-line
permanent opponent control suicide
I mean encounter spell
you may cast in another spell with equal
or less domainacles you could probably
use that to cast your zero drops like um
Living End
that's interesting
it's interesting card
I have trouble evaluating counter spells
though here we have the Rangers
four Mana three three Vigilant when it
enters the battlefield gained control of
up to one target creature with lesser
power for as long as you control this
then the ring tempts you
so it can only steal a little guy
but it can still a guy till this is gone
uh here's what's cool about it it kind
of makes sense imagine he's a 3-3 and it
can only steal like a 2-2 or a one one
because they're smaller
he can only boss around the small guys
that's a flavorful card I really like
that card
here we have an uncommon storm on the
white but the uncommons aren't that
powerful instead probably not worth
getting too exciting about
here we have the storm of soromon
I am suraman this is my storm eyes and
guard had once been filled with fruitful
trees but no green things grew there in
the latter days of Saruman I am the
mighty suraman here's my storm uh
enchantment Ward three when you cast
your second spell each turn copy it
except the copy is not legendary you may
choose new targets for the copy
I like it
I like I just like saying it's too
expensive at six Mana
you know
whatever cast this exposure and copy it
except the copy isn't legendary you make
it's powerful
please drink
I just like I I like my storyline
oppression here we have the Watcher in
the water
five man up for a nine nine when there's
a Battlefield
it intercept with nine stun counters on
whenever you draw a card during an
opponent's turn create a 1-1 blue
tentacle creature token
five Mana nine nine but it comes in a
play asleep whenever you draw a card
during an opponent's turn and put a
one-on-one counter on whatever a
tentacle you control dies untap up to
one target Kraken and put a stun counter
on up to one target non-land permanent
what this is such a complicated card
five Mana nine nine enters the
battlefield tapped with nine stun
counters on it when you draw a card
create a tentacle and when a tentacle
dies untap up to one Kraken that's this
guy and put a stun counter on up to one
target non-land permanent
well what oh so it'll wake up after nine
turns because every turn you remove a
stun counter
okay what
good Lord
I like that card but that is complicated
uh call of the Ring
at the beginning of your upkeep the ring
tempts you
whenever you choose a creature as your
ring bearer you may pay two life if you
do draw a card
the ring is mine says Frodo
call of the Ring hold on a second hold
on I'm gonna take this phone call
all right I'll Kill Them All
right I love you too that was the ring
everybody I got that was a call of the
the ring called me guys
oh God okay
eiseldar's fateful strike four Mana
legendary instant this is the first
legendary instant in all of magic
you can only cancel legendary instance
if you control a legendary creature or
destroy Target Creature if its
controller has more than four cards in
they Exile cards from their hand equal
to the difference
destroyed Target Creature if its
controller has more than four cards in
hand the X all cards from the hand equal
to the difference
so you have to have your commander in
play or a legendary creature and play I
should say
and then their opponent goes down to
four cards
the controller well I mean that's fine
that's fine
lobelia Sackville Baggins that's not a
real name for a card
that's not a real character in the book
there's nobody named lobelia Sackville
what kind of name is Sackville
what kind of name is Sackville hi I'm
Sackville Baggins okay
lobelia three Mana two three flash
Menace who she knows the battlefield
Exile Target creature card from an
opponent's graveyard that was put from
the battlefield this turn and then
create X treasure tokens or X is the
card's power
so something dies she pops into play and
steals all their treasure
that is so flavorful wow that is such a
flavorful card
I love that card
the Sackville Baggins are definitely
mentioned they are I've never heard of
I didn't pay it to that close attention
I need to watch the movies tonight
that's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna watch
the films
one ring to rule the ball
on turn one the ring temps you then each
player Mills cards equal to your ring
bearer's power
turn to destroy all non-legendary
creatures turn three each opponent loses
one life for each creature card in that
player's graveyard
loses one life for each card and that
creature's player is greater that's
pretty strong
one that I that's pretty fitting of the
One Ring the rules them all here's one
of the most powerful cards of the set
and if you are not a magic player tell
me how powerful you think this is when I
read it to you
but I will tell you it's pretty powerful
on a scale from one to ten tan ten being
a black lotus where's this card
two man at one one flash when it enters
the battlefield or whenever an opponent
draws a card except the first one
they're drawing each of the draw steps
this does one damage to any Target then
you a mass Orcs one
I various how are you the one and only
Boogie the one and only various how are
how about giving a fan welcome the Lost
blade this card is probably like a 5 out
of ten on the magic power scale
10 being a black lotus
uh one being a blank cardboard
but it is pretty it's going to be pretty
popular in a format with a bunch of
it's going for about 30 bucks right now
pretty powerful card
here we have
hey fall Crow thanks for the 10 super
chess says sup Boogie hope your day is
going rad it was cool seeing you at
Richmond Lucy Houston Post April last
April it was cool playing the eye of the
tiger for you on guitar that was you my
friend velcro that I'm so glad we caught
that for the Vlog thank you it was such
a pleasure meeting you you were so fun
to hang out with falcro thank you and
thank you for the 10 super chat I really
appreciate you buddy very nice of you
Sauron the Necromancer five Mana four
four minutes Avatar horror
whenever this attacks Exile Target
creature card from your graveyard create
a tenth an attacking token that's a copy
of the card except it's a 3-3 black
wraith with Menace at the beginning of
your next name said Exile that token
unless you Exile unless someone is your
ring bearer so if you're playing with
ring tempting cards you get to keep it
five Mana four four minutes is not worth
riding home valed but I saw a creature
card from your graveyard to create a a a
a nightmare version of it
it's flavorful
don't know how powerful it is but it's
very flavorful
six Mana sorcery spell
axol all creature cards from Target
players graveyard okay that's good you
may cast spells from among those cars
for as long as Iron Man exiled and Mana
of any type can be spent to cast them I
mean in some formats that's a very
powerful ability specifically because
you can Target your own graveyard
but it's only creature cards
uh it's only creature cards
I mean if you're at a table and your
opponent's playing elves if you're
playing elves it could be pretty
huh maybe that's a good elves that card
I like that card
I'm gonna put in my all stack
here we have the witch king of angamar
flesh flying or no flying five three
whenever one or more creatures do combat
damage to you each opponent sacrifices a
creature that dealt combat damage you
this turn the ring tempts you so you
only get to kill one thing if they
attack with a bunch of things you don't
get to kill one of them and they get to
pick so it's not very good but discard a
card which king of agamar gains
indestructible until on the turn tap it
that's pretty powerful
some of the more powerful uh decks are
combo decks pitting needles needs a good
four of yep I think it was a great
cyborg card
I play Elf ball for Commander it's a
good deck I have it built yeah
I like it quite a bit uh which king of
angmar is fine
uh I think they're gonna break any
formats here oh well here we go I think
this card's interesting Display of Power
this spell cannot be copied but you can
copy any number of Target instances in
our sorcery spells you may choose new
targets for the copies so you get a
target a bunch of spells on the stack
and copy all of them but you can't copy
this because otherwise you're getting
into multiplication
you're going exponential at that point
you see what I'm saying
copying every spell on the stack inside
a sorcery on the stack I should say
pretty powerful
could be pretty useful in um Commander I
I mean as far as Fork goes it's much
better than the original Fork right
the Marshall of Rohan forecasting costs
four four haste whenever one or more
other attacking legendary creatures you
control die untap all creatures who
after this phase there's additional
combat phase this ability only triggers
each one once each turn and that's per
Amor so if you have a way to flash Almer
like with a femorate
whoo that could be pretty viable before
Mana 4 4 haste is fine
getting an extra attack Step at least he
uh whatever one or more other attacking
electric creatures control die so you
have to have a death outlet for it
Boogie what is this
this real uh is this real money and how
can you ever make money back yeah you
pay real magic you pay real money for
magic cards and people collect magic
cards so you can sell Magic cards to the
people to collect them
uh magic cards hold value for sure now
it's not a great investment
you're better on just holding on to the
you know but for those who are addicted
to cardboard like me
I'm glad I I'm glad I bought magic cards
over the years because now I have
something to show for that money and uh
you know I can sell them off piece by
piece whenever I need to
fall of care Andros three mana and
chairman whenever a creature in opponent
controls is dealt excess non-combat
damage a mass x Orcs where X is that XX
damage and for seven minutes eight Mana
deal seven damage Target creature so
I like the idea of
I like the idea of this card
I think it'd be really powerful
something like Blasphemous act could you
imagine oh I got that
cardboard addicts it says slash slime I
mean it post Malone is addicted to this
game and if post Malone is addicted to
this game it can't be all bad post is a
pretty pretty cool guy right
it's not just for nerds if you got post
Malone playing it of course post Malone
is just the biggest nerd to ever live
but whatever
some cars are worth thousands there's
currently a card worth two million
dollars and you can open in the set
there's currently a two I mean you won't
it's a lottery ticket basically but it's
golden ticket but there's a two million
dollar card that you can open in the set
glowing dwarf Emissary three cats ghost
story three whenever you cast a historic
spell create a treasure token this
ability triggers only once each turn
tap it and sacrifice a creature go
Target creature ignore that second part
the first part of whenever you cast a
historic spell create a treasure token
is good it only triggers once a turn is
that's a they are afraid of that card
being too good
five Mana Hue the int wood oh we're
killing the ants guys
sacrifice any number of lands real the
top X cards of your library where X is
the number of land sacrificed this way
choose any number of artifacts and or
land cards revealed this way put all
non-land cards chosen this way onto the
battlefield then put all land card shows
on its way out of the battlefield tapped
then put the rest on the bottom of your
library in a random order
so sack all your lands and you'll get
some lands back and some permanence but
if you're playing with instant sorceries
or enchantments
you might not get anything
no you can't get creatures it's artifact
or land
that card is bad
seems fun
but bad
you know
umbral Strife thank you for the five
dollar super chassis love your videos
Man especially the Francis videos umbral
thank you my friend I like making them I
hope you enjoyed the sketches I've made
over the last week too I've really
enjoyed making them
I appreciate you my friend thank you for
the five dollars you're very kind of you
uh when this enters the battlefield it
deals X damage to each creature and it
calls for red red and X
whenever one or more creatures your
opponent's control dies you get a
treasure token but only once per turn
I mean it is a sweeper which is good red
needs sweepers
and once per turn you can get a treasure
token if something died
one treasure token a turn and a
multiplayer format is not bad
there is welcome to the channel
memberships I really appreciate you my
uh Isaac says boogie is this mad to the
gathering this with Lord of the Rings
yes this is the brand new official Lord
of the Rings set you can play it on man
to the Gathering Arena starting this
no next weekend
uh but you can go play it and physically
at a local gaming store this weekend
and how cool is that all right here's
one of the coolest cars in the set did
smog get a card kind of
this is there and Back Again
it's a Saga on the first turn when you
play it up to one target creature can't
block for as long as you control this
then the ring tempts you
for two you can search your library for
a mountain card put it onto the
battlefield and then Shuffle
and at three you create smog a legendary
66 dragon with flying haste and when
this creature dies create 14 treasure
tokens what
14 treasure tokens 14 treasure tokens 14
treasure tokens
good Lord
Ares says this is Wizard of the coast
trying desperately make money and
generate Buzz for their dying game this
game is more popular than it's ever been
we got Flagship people out there like
post Malone
uh promoting this game is 14 charger
tokens good this is an insane card it is
not going for a lot and it's not that
powerful but if you make it to chapter
three and you make 14 tokens good God
good Lord gravy
I can't it's so weird
there is what
there is just gifted
50 Channel memberships
I didn't even know that was possible
there is my God what
thank you various I'm
that's a small fortune various
even at two dollars a membership I don't
know which membership tier that was but
even at two dollars a membership that's
like a hundred dollars man thank you
everybody if you get one of those
memberships please say thank you
my goodness that is so kind of you so
generous of you
welcome to all 50 of you
to the channel membership program enjoy
your cool new emotes
enjoy the members only videos
that's so awesome of you various
there's the smog token
there's the smog token
I can't believe it oh my gosh okay I'm
turning off the alert box for a minute
because that sound will kill everybody
oh my God be sure that the wizard of the
ghost doesn't send the pinkertons for
going over the spoiler yeah that's the
dumbest thing a company has ever done
here's one of the coolest cards of the
Bradley Donnelly donated five bucks to
say Boogie I'm a big fan of your videos
I just want to say I respect you for
going to the boxing ring where's my
goddamn mountain do did you drink it
Bradley did you drink it I will drink
your Mountain Dew you son of a
thank you for the five dollars I will
use it to buy Mountain Dew I promise you
delighted halfling one green for one two
Taps for colors that alone is good
that's all it did it was good
but it can also tap to add one Mana of
any color spin this man in the casting
legendary spell and spell can't be
countered this should go in every Green
deck that you ever plan to play your
commander ever
it's a hell of a Mana dork
that's incredible
what an incredible card
thank you for making such an awesome
Mountain Dew song over a decade ago well
I gotta give credit to the the Gregory
Brothers but thank you they did a great
job of that
I'm glad you enjoyed my friend Boogie
magic content my favorite type of
content thank you also you can get this
other delighted halfling
which again
did they race swap the halflings or is
this a happy halfling is that that I I
don't know
it's weird I don't we'll talk about the
race stuff at the end of this I know
people want me to talk about it and I
promise you I will Elven Chorus for Mana
enchantment look at the top cardio
library at any time cast creature spells
in the top of your library and creatures
to control tap for a man of any color so
ignore those first two abilities four
Mana creatures of control tap to add one
man of any colors cryptolith right then
that's a very popular card add on to the
fact that you can look at the top
Carnegie Library and create creatures
from it now you're cooking with gas boys
that's a powerful card that's flavorful
car too
people are wondering about tree folks
here's some tree folks for sure here's a
name tree folk here's fangorn the tree
seven casting costs 410 three folks you
control have vigilance whenever one or
more true folk you control attack add
twice that much green
you don't lose unsment green Mana as
steps and phases end I know that doesn't
make a lot of sense to non-magic players
but when I tell you that card is
powerful that card is powerful and look
at the art
look at that alternative Art borderless
card good Lord
that's a gorgeous card
now they're not called int they're
called tree fall because magic doesn't
have magic has tree folk so they wanted
them to make them tree folk because
insert basically tree Folk
and I'm glad they did because there's
three folks energies in the game
here we go last March of the ants
seven Mana no eight Mana this spell
cannot be countered draw cards equal to
the greatest toughness among creatures
who control then put any number of
creature cards from your hand onto the
battlefield okay so eight man is a lot
of Mana but drawing a bunch of cards
well we just saw fangorn and fangorn had
a 10. drawing 10 cards for eight man is
pretty good in any game especially Magic
and getting to play another big dude for
free is really powerful
that card is very powerful it costs a
little much but it can't be
counterspelled as well
if it was an instant it would be off the
hook sorcery is still pretty good I like
here's one of the cards we're all gonna
know from the movies
it's Legolas
who doesn't love Legolas
he's a three Mana one four with reach so
you can shoot things out of the air
without reach whenever you cast a spell
that targets this put a plus one plus
one counter on this
whenever you cast a spell that targets a
creature you don't control this deals
damage equal to its power to Target
that's pretty good
that's I mean use removal on their stuff
and then Lego shoots something else
I think it's a pretty powerful card
oh umbrella stri says I took your
Mountain Dew Francis but here's five
more dollars to replace it oh thank you
you shot him a give it back I'll
be there when you pee also look at these
alternative legless versions you can get
those are cool alternative legless
I'm a big fan I'm a big fan of that art
Legolas is a good card he's neat he's
not gonna break the game but all right
who here knows radagast
you all know radagast
that's a fun word to say everybody's
saying chat everybody say radagast
I want to hear you say radagaston Chad
say in real life too
it's just it's fun to say words
there's a lot of fun words out there
boo font
radagast great names anyway radagast
four Mana two five when this or another
non-token creature enters the
battlefield under your control look at
the top X card to your library where X
is not creatures Mana value
you may reveal a creature card that
doesn't share a creature type with a
creature you control from among those
cards and put it in your hand put the
rest of the bottom of your library in
the order so he likes creatures
and he wants you to have a variety of
creatures he's a neat card
is he good I don't know
but he's fun
look at the topic starting library
because the creatures man about you my
real cartridge cards that doesn't show
creature kite bung and put in her hand
putting in your hand
if it was play
it would be insane
it would be broken actually we looked at
the ring goes south
all right here's what everybody wants me
to talk about
Aragorn company leader everybody knows
Aragorn right
everybody knows Aragorn
when the ring tempts you if you choose a
creature other than this as your ring
bearer put your choice of a counter from
amongst first for like
vigilance death touch or LifeLink on
Aragorn so if he's helping the ring
bearer he gets a bonus
when you put one or more counters on
Aragorn put one of each of those kinds
of counters on up to another Target
creature he also gives those benefits to
his friends
now you might notice there's something a
little different about this Aragorn
for whatever reason
they made Aragorn in this card game
even though Aragorn of the films is
white and nobody's sure as far as I know
what colors they were in the books so
they could have been black in the books
but I don't think he says their skin
color doesn't say they're white or black
in the books
they could have been any color
but here is black now can I talk about
how I feel about this
I don't understand it at all
look if you want to put black people on
magic cards put black people in magic
cards who already have to ferry to
fairy's awesome we have all of the the
the the the characters from the Raj set
um we have all the characters from the
newly phased in plain if you want to put
black characters on magic cards that's
awesome I don't understand the point of
making Aragorn black a character that we
all already have an idea of what he
looks like in her head why make them
black it's just going to cause cognitive
and that's the problem I don't think
you're helping anybody when you create
that kind of cognitive dissonance
do you understand I don't think you're
helping anybody when you take a much
beloved and known character
and change their race why
I don't like it when they turn a black
character white
if you turn the prowler from Spider-Man
if you turn Miles Morales white I
wouldn't like that at all
so why would I like it if you turn
Aragon black who are you helping who are
you benefiting and I think if you're not
helping anybody if you're not benefiting
anybody don't do it
because I do think you can cause harm by
creating cognitive dissonance
and why do that
why do that I might just be an idiot
but that's how I feel about it I don't
understand it I don't have a problem
with black magic cards I don't have a
problem with black characters on magic
cards I don't have a problem I have a
problem with uh race swapping though I
wouldn't want a white Miles Morales
I wouldn't want a white Prowler
so I don't understand why you would
change the race but make as many black
characters on magic cards as you want
just don't understand the point of
changing the race of a a well-known
I just don't understand I don't
understand the game maybe there is a
gain I'm just not smart enough to get
here's another Aragorn Aragon the uniter
four Mana five five whenever you cast a
white spell create a one one human
whenever we cast a blue spell try to and
every cast a red spell he deals three
damage Target opponent and whenever you
cast a green spell Target creature gets
plus four plus four till in a turn now
if you cast a spell that's two colors
you'll get a two of those effects three
calls three those six four colors four
of those kinds five colors you still
only get four of those effects but you
know what I'm saying
he rewards you for playing multiple
colors of cards
and I think that's kind of cool
I like that card a lot also there's
alternative arts for you to get
and they're very cool as well
if you open that in limited though I'd
be mad because it'd be really hard to
here we have Arwen the Mortal Queen
an elf Noble three Mana two two when it
enters a battlefield with an
indestructible counter on it but you can
remove that indestructible counter and
another creature games indestructible
tone of the turn and put a plus one plus
one counter and a Life Link counter on
that creature and a plus one plus one
counter on LifeLink counter on this so
she decides not to be indestructible
anymore think about how flavorful this
she gives up her indestructibility her
immortality to become mortal
but her and the person she does it for
gets plus one plus one in life link that
is such a flavorful card
the flavor of that is better than hot
Cheetos and a Mountain Dew I've never
tasted um
it tastes so good in my mouth my God
that's a perfect card
it's pretty powerful too I mean it does
all kinds of great stuff
I like that card
here we have the balrog duren's Bane a
seven casting cost seven five black and
red the spell cost one less to cast for
each permanent sacrifice this turn
he has haste seven Mana seven five haste
is going to kill people outright
he's legendary
he can't be blocked except by legendary
creatures so he's also pretty damn hard
to block
but when the balrog dies
destroyed Target artifact or creature on
opponent controls
the story Target artifact or creation
about controls I mean it's all upside
he's pretty cool
I like him
here we have Bilbo the retired burglar
three Mana one three
one here's a battlefield or leaves the
battlefield the ring tempts you
when Bilbo deals combat damage to a
player create a treasure token he steals
treasure comes away
that's such a good Bilbo
oh so good
everybody's favorite character from the
not in the movies I don't believe butter
the pre Innkeeper
who doesn't remember butter Brewer do
you guys love Parker Burr at the
beginning of your InStep if you don't
control the food create a food
he's a four Mana three three
he's The Innkeeper from Bree he's
say that that's a fun one to say
butterbur let me see it in chat I want
to I want to know that you're saying a
butterbur butterbur from brie I'm
butterburry I'm butter for Bree I'm from
Bree my name is butterbur
then we got dinosaur the ruling steward
everybody remembers dinosaur from the
films actually at the beginning of your
InStep if a creature died under your
control to turn create a one one white
two Mana sacrifice a creature each upon
it loses one life and you gain one life
I wish that included drawing your card
the ultimate the alternative art very
I really like that
I like that frame a lot
doors of Duran
hey everybody I'm Berber
come over to Miles my name is butterbur
come on over my name is butterberg
the doors of durian whenever you attack
scry to then you may reveal the top card
of your library if it's a creature card
put it onto the battlefield tapped in
until your next turn against trample if
you control a dwarf and hex proof you
can control enough so pretty flavorful I
feel you only get to attack the only
triggers once not whenever you tackle
the creature but when every attack
periods cry to build the top query
it's a creature card put on the
battlefield to have to attack it it's
sometimes it's going to create some
crazy plays though
we got elrond the master of healing
whenever you scribe in a plus one plus
we'll encounter on each of up to X
Target creatures where X is the number
of cards looked at while scrying this
way whenever we're creating control with
a plus one plus I'm going to counter on
it becomes the Target or small ability
you control you may draw a card
so when you describe you put counters on
stuff that's a cool thing for elrond to
be doing
and then on top of that whenever a
creature control becomes a Target if
it's got a counter on it you draw a card
blue green likes to play with plus one
plus one counters for some reason
but I think he's pretty cool
I think it's a pretty good card
I don't play a lot of plus one plus one
counter themes here we have A1
The Fearless Knight
she's got haste
she's a three four when it enters the
battlefield ex-all Target creature an
opponent controls with greater power
legendary creatures of control game
protection for each of that creature's
color until in the turn
so if they've got a big guy everybody's
like oh we're going after that big guy
and then you can ride right past it
that's a neat card
that's a neat little card
Amir Prince of elephant four Mana three
everybody remembers farmer at the
beginning of your InStep choose an
at the beginning of that player's next
InStep you draw a card or they didn't
attack you otherwise create three humans
so if they attack you create humans and
they didn't attack you draw a card
flavorful don't know how powerful that
is but it's very flavorful
the flame of a gnaw
there was a ringing clash and a stab of
white fire and the balrog fell back has
he had been struck by Gandalf with the
flame of unarm
three Mana choose one if you control a
wizard as you cast this ball he could
choose two instead Target player draws
two cards that'll probably be you
destroy Target artifact this deals five
damage to Target creature
that's a pretty good card
Boogie would be a nice white red card I
think I might be I often see myself as
black and white though because I'm both
evil and good you know
but you have a question do you think
it's the most psychotic villain Green
Goblin to the Joker this is Lord of the
probably the Joker but I think we're
talking about Lord of the Rings today
that's a weird question to think of in
the middle of Lord of the Rings
here we've got Frodo Baggins the green
white version of Frodo we saw the black
white version earlier when this enters
or another legendary creature and it's a
battlefield and you control the ring
temps you
as long as Frodo's your ring bearer it
must be blocked at the table and look at
these alternative versions of Frodo you
can get
look at that oh God
that one's so nice
Galadriel of Lord floor Leon God say
that so hard to say
Galadriel of Loth lorian lothlorian when
the ring temps you if you choose a
creature other than Galadriel of
lotharion as your ring bearer you got to
scry three whenever you scry you may
reveal the top card of your library if a
land card is revealed this way put it
onto the battlefield tab you know there
are bear cards Advanced at the Gathering
and so if you choose a bear as your ring
bearer that makes it your ring bearer
this Bears my ring bearer he's my ring
bearer bear my bear is my ring bearer I
I want to do that so badly right now
hey boogie how you feel about the Golem
game looks bad man I watched donkey play
it looked terrible
Gandalf the Gray yeah we've seen getting
off the white now we got gandal the gray
and apparently he's blue and red so if
you put blue and red together according
to Wizards of the Coast you get gray
that's confusing
whenever you cast an instant or sorcerer
spell choose one that hasn't been chosen
now this is a very flavorful card so
stick with me it's a five Mana three
four blue and red but he's Gandalf right
so and it's Gandalf the Gray
so you have to choose one of these
sometimes you may tap or untap Target
permanent that's a good ability
sometimes you'll deal three damage to
each opponent that's another good
sometimes you copy a Target instant or
sorcery spell you control choose new
targets if you want and sometimes
Gandalf has to go back to the top of
your library
so Gandalf shows up around does
some weird copies an instant deals
three damage to an opponent untasked or
tapsed in a permanent many leaves
that is the most Gandalf card I've ever
that is the most Gandalf card they I
could not could not be more Gandalf
good Lord
hi I'm here I'm gonna break okay I
gotta go see ya bye
oh I'll get it off
here we have gambling Gimli is green and
I thought he would be solid red but we
have a solid red gambling so it kind of
makes sense but 3-2 has indestructible
as long as you control two or more
creatures no it'll start with as long as
two more creatures died under your
control this turn so two things die he
becomes outraged
and does the murders
whenever another creature you control
dies put a plus one plus on counter on
Gimli when this ability resolves for the
third time this turn he fights a guy
these cards are so flavorful I love them
that is so gimly he's mad that people
are dying he goes crazy he becomes
I have no clue who gwylar is that's a
bird Noble is that Gandalf's bird he
cares about birds I don't care about
that card
now you got King of the oath Breakers
I'm not sure who the oath Breakers are
four Mana three three flyer that's
pretty good spirit Noble
whenever this or another Spirit you
control becomes the target of spell it
phases out
that saves it you know
whenever this or another security
control phases Out Create a tapped one
one token with flying
so he not only saves your spirits
he not only saves your spirits
um but on top of that
he also makes more spirits to save he's
a cool guy
he's a cool guy
Jessica says hey love your videos would
you ever play Day Z I would play Daisy I
have played Daisy I don't know if it
ever livestream Daisy though
here we have
lotho the corrupt Sheriff not Sheriff
he's a sheriff
he's not a sheriff he's a sheriff hey
there Sheriff you got somebody you you
I'm low though oh no I heard lothos a
corrupt Sheriff you don't care for the
old corrupt sheriffs
anani's moose says this is a cool
crossover I used to tag along with my
brother local hobby stores uh I think
you should tag along this weekend and go
get magic a shot go check out your local
game store and see if they are down and
playing a little bit of magic this
weekend and you can play Lord of the
Rings and I think you'll be glad you did
thank you for the 10 bucks man I
appreciate you dude
two Mana two one whenever a player
Caster second smell each turn you lose a
life and create a treasure he steals
from them
oh it's a good Garden
everybody remembers uh more marahar the
urakai captain right
two guys two two orc Soldier who's a
menace if one or more plus one plus one
count as we put on an army Goblin or
Orca control that many plus one counters
are put on it instead
he basically cares about amassing works
which makes sense
oh it's Mary
the Esquire of Rohan
halfling Knight two two for two with
First Strike as long as it's equipped
so he's got a sword or something
whenever you attack with Mary and
another legendary creature you have to
draw a card
so it kind of cares about legendaries
but also cares about equipments red and
white likes to care about equipments a
lot I like it
ah that's not oh I'm skipping over the
mountain scoring an old man Willow
because Pippin is next up
uh White and a blue for a 2-2 vigilance
and Ward One Tap and another Target
creature control gains protection from
the car type of your choice until end of
hi baby I don't know why you need it up
are you excited about Pippin
huh do you like Pippin is Pippin your
favorite card of the set oh is that why
I'm getting kisses
do you love Pippin do you want me to do
you want me to get you your very own
yeah do you want to build a Pippin deck
or we're going to build a Pippin deck
yeah we're gonna build us a Pippin deck
another Target creature because your
whole gets protection with the card type
of your choice until it a turn
everybody needs Pippins
they ruin these cards I think these
cards are great
that's a great Pippin
let's see what other cards
Prince Emerald the fair I don't know
Samwise gamji is an interesting card
whenever another Isaac two two for two
whenever another non-token creatures a
battlefield on your control create a
food and you can sacrifice three foods
return Target historic card from your
graveyard to your hand
I mean all the halflings are great I
kind of want to build like a three color
halfling deck all right here's where
we're getting some power
sore amount of Many Colors he's three
different colors if this had been a mono
colored card people have been so mad
he's got Ward of discard and enchantment
and sorcery so in order to Target this
guy with anything like removal you gotta
also discard in the shaman and Instagram
he's tough to kill
whenever you cast your second spell he
turn each opponent Mills two cards
when one or more cards are milled this
Exile Target enchantment insert Cersei
card with the lesser amount of value
than the Spells cost from an opponent's
graveyard copy the Exile card you may
cast the copy without paying its Mana
he's a hell of a commander
I like him also look at the alternative
art oh
that's a hell of a commander
meanwhile we have Sauron
the dark lord had to be a Sauron several
saurons in the set including the
commander set though but six Mana for
seven six Ward you have to sacrifice a
legendary artifact or legendary creature
to hit him you got someone's got to die
or you could get rid of one of your
legendary equipment swords or something
like that but whenever an opponent casts
a spell make an orc
whenever an opponent you control deals
combat damage to a player the ring
tempts you
and whenever the ring tempts you you may
discard your hand if you do draw four
cards that's a hell of a commander as
he's hard as hell to kill
he's making Orcs
whenever your army does combat image
player the ring tempts you and when the
ring tempts you I mean he's the guy you
build the ring deck around
obviously he's soaron
excellent card
that's such a good Sauron
and of course shadowfax that's Gandalf's
horse right
right side effects
make haste horses you control have haste
five Mana four four horse so he has
haste himself but he also gives your
other horses haste whenever he attacks
he may put a creature card with lesser
power from your hand out of the
battlefield tapped and attacking
horse tribal baby we're building a horse
you know why because a horse is a horse
of course of course said no one doesn't
talk to a little horses of course unless
of course that horse is the
famous Shadow facts so go right to the
source and ask the horse he'll give you
the haste that you endorse unless of
course she brought up the famous Halifax
that's the Mr Ed theme song I'm old does
anybody here even know who Mr Ed was
if I'm really old
does anybody know what Mr Ed was who was
Mr Ed
tell me in chat if the first person to
tell me who uh Mr Ed was in chat will
win uh nothing
I'm gonna assigned copy of nothing
Wilbur you got a Halloween King we are
so old man
we are so old
let's see Sharkey tired of the shower
earlier here's shalob
death touch Ward 2 success cost eight
eight other spiders you control have
death touch in Ward 2 and whenever
another creature dealt damage this turn
by a spider you control dies create a
token that's a copy of that creature
except it's a food artifact
and it loses all other card types
you turn it stops being a creature it
becomes a food she wraps it up in silk
turns it into a food
oh my God
do you not want to be up here anymore
he'll go back down I'll help you now
you'll be all right you don't have to
calm down careful Decor come here there
we go
shalob one of the best cards of the set
love it I want to build that
spider tribal
oh here we are
Smeagol helpful guide I get to do my
Golem impression
we haven't seen a Golem up till now did
we anyway here's here's my smeagle
here's my Golem are you ready
three toss of course
you're halfling horror precious
at the beginning of your InStep
gorgeous the precious
from the wrong Simpson talking to
promise reveals cards from the tops of
the libraries thank you these reveal our
under your control precious and the rest
enters as graveyards
oh my God spittle oh my God I got a
booger on my microphone oh gross
he's a fine card
Jerry welcome to the Super Fan tier I
thank you my friend glad to have you
appreciate you buddy
Golem is a good Golem
uh the too bad the game sucked
you know
who remembers Tom Bombadil from the from
the books I don't think he's in the
but that's another fun one to say hi
everybody I'm Tom Bombadil I'm a Bard
and I'm a God I'm Tom bobdale I'm I'm
Tom my name's Tom uh my name my last
name is Bombadil and I care about sagas
as long as there are four more lore
counters among creatures who control
he's indestructible
and has hex proof and so as long as
you're telling stories he's tough
and then he lets you tell the stories
over and over again for eternity
hey kevir thank you for the Super Chat I
appreciate you my friend
Lester thanks for the 15 mirror I'm not
sure what Amir is but thank you that's
for your smeagle impression hold on I'll
do it again for you okay here we go
here we go hopefully this time I won't
spit all over my microphone okay
you and your fat stupid Hobbit system no
no that's not stupid the happiness
buyers are friends
um that's my gold impression
oh Tom Bombadil
here's Andrew I believe that is uh uh
Aragorn's blade yeah I'm not I can't
remember Andrew flame of the West though
three minute equip creature plus three
plus one equipment whatever equip
creature attacks create two one one
white Spirit creature tokens of flying
if that creature is legendary instead
create two of those tokens that are
tapped in attacking
whenever Crypt creature attacks the
creatures legendary they're tapped in
attacking that's a good card it's a
little pricey three to play two to equip
you know
oh there's Gandalf's sword Glam drink
two-man a legendary artifact equipment
a quick creature is First Strike and
gets plus one plus zero for each
instance sorcery card in your graveyard
three to equip that's not too bad
whatever a quick creature does combat
damage to a player you may cast an
instant or sorcery spell from your hand
with Mana value less than or equal to
the damage without paying its Mana cost
good God
Boogie did you practice your golden
impression before the stream no I
practiced it back in the day
I got pretty good at it when the movies
were new
I I have not done it for a while but I
do it every once in a while but no I
didn't practice it today before the
stream Glam drinks good
here's the Horn of gorndor this this
horn makes me
horny three men three men a legendary
when there's a battlefield create a 1-1
white human Soldier three Mana tap it
created X11 white human Soldier creature
tokens where X is the number of humans
you control
if you got a lot of guys you'll get a
lot of guys three Mana to create one
soldier is not great
but if you have a bunch of tokens he
makes a bunch more could trigger a bunch
of cool stuff
it's a win more card
I like it though
Horn of the mark whatever two or more
creatures of control attack a player
look at the top five cards in the
library and reveal a creature card from
among them put in your hand put the rest
on the bottom of your library in a
random order
so whenever you attack a player two or
more creatures
oh not very good
oh everybody's favorite food limb boss
everybody ready to go get some limb boss
after this oh
which store sells good limbos
doesn't McDonald's have good limb boss
um what the is limbos
I just I don't even want to read the
card I just wanted to say limb boss a
oh last year it says it's about 3.50 us
so thank you man I really appreciate you
dude definitely well we're doing a uh uh
oppression thank you here we have
mithril coat it'll save your life
flash indestructible three-man at the
play three to equip but when it enters
the battlefield you can put it on a
legendary guy to save them
because it is indestructible but also
the creature you put it on is
I mean the veteran Commander plate you
then of course the One Ring had to be
um and we showed the the non-english
version earlier here's the English
this is the best card of the set
um in terms of like value
and obviously if you can open the this
version this zero zero zero one of zero
zero one you get a million dollars
two million someone is offering two
million for it but the forecast across
legendary artifact indestructible
when it enters the battlefield if you
cast it you gain protection from
everything until your next turn so you
effectively phase out it keeps you alive
nobody can mess with you for your turn
at the beginning of your upkeep you lose
one life for each bird encounter on it
but you can tap put a burden counter on
it then draw a card for each burden
counter on it
so our return it's going to hurt you but
if you have a card that allows you to
untap this you can tap it to draw a card
then untap it and tap it to draw a card
and untap it tap it to draw a card and
until your next upkeep you don't have to
pay the cost of using it
so if it asks you drew 20 cards doesn't
matter if you don't make it to your next
upkeep because you won the game who
cares this is such a combo enabler it's
it goes to storm decks it goes in combo
decks it'll be in just some random
Commander decks
there's cards like I think it's
opportunity is that one of them or mind
over matter anyway cards that just allow
you to go infinite with that card here's
the palantir of orthank
who who loves the palantir of orthink
does Boogie Reach Out occasionally
the palantir of orthink three Mana
legendary artifact at the beginning of
your InStep put an influence counter on
the palantir palantir of orthink
inscribe to
then Target opponent may have you draw a
card if that player does not you Mill X
cards or X is the number of influence
counters on this and that player loses
life equal to the total Mana value of
those cards
put an influence counter on it and scry
two then Target opponent may have you
draw a card if that player doesn't you
Mill X cards or X's number of counters
on it and that player loses life you go
to the total value amount of cost of the
scores so basically it'll take a little
while to get online but once a turn
you're going to end up drawing your card
how that are you going to do a hell of a
lot of damage to an opponent and fill
your graveyard and filling your
graveyard is good too
so it's all upside that's a cool card
that's a cool card
file of Galadriel if you would draw a
card while you have no cards in hand
draw two cards instead if you gain life
while you have five or less life you
gain twice that much life instead
add tap to add one man of any one color
if you draw a card while you have no
cars and draw two cards instead uh it's
a Mana Rock
but I don't know
hmm seems powerful
seems powerful
looks like a magic card it's definitely
that okay how many hot dogs could you
eat in an hour I have a secret I hate
hot dogs I'll eat a corn dog
but regular old hot dogs gross me out
how many hot dogs can you eat in one
setting that said I could probably eat
like four
but regular hot dogs gross me out I
don't like them
Sting the glinting dagger oh that's uh
frodos blade right quote creature guess
plus one plus one that has haste at the
beginning of each combat each creature
uh untap equipped creature
equip creature has first strike as long
as it's blocking or blocked by a goblin
or an orc
s oh so it glows in the books it glows
and there's an orc or a goblin around
it'll give you first strike because it's
should give protection or something it
it's all right though
then we got the lands to look at and
then we'll be done
by a doer
and there's a battlefield Taft unless
you control legendary creature Taps that
black and for a black xx UMass X oryx
activate only if a creature died this
creature dies at the end of the turn
yeah that's fine
uh Minister tariff
enters the battlefield tapped unless you
control a legendary creature tap to add
white for white and one you draw a card
activate only if you attack the two or
more creatures this turn
I mean in white you jack with creatures
a lot
that could be pretty good
Jacob from bio thanks for becoming a
channel member welcome as a super fan I
appreciate you
mine's amoria enters the battlefield
tapped unless you control a legendary
creature Taps that red and for red and
three x all three cards from a graveyard
create two treasure tokens
very flavorful
and that could be I four to use though
so it's not going to get you out of Mana
and of course Mount Doom
that's such a Cheesy name for a mountain
isn't it what's that Mountain's name
Doom that's Mount Doom welcome to
Mountain Dew it's black and red tap to
pay one life
um and you can add black or Reds like
functions like a dual land for red black
and one it deals one damage to each
and for five six seven total Mana uh
sacrifice it and the legendary artifact
choose up the two creatures then destroy
the rest
so it explodes when you throw the ring
and everything around it dies except the
two creatures that you chose to throw
the ring on
wow that's flavorful
it's a great card
rivendale enters the battlefield tapped
unless you control a legendary creature
task for blue for a blue and one you can
scry to
but only if you control the legendary
creature that's fine
the Shire enters the battlefield tapped
and let's control a legendary creature
tapped out of green for a green and one
tap an untapped creature control create
a food token
neat neat
and that's it that's the most important
cards from the set now there is also the
commander cards we could go over those
another time if you guys wanted but
that's the core set this is what if you
went and played this weekend these are
the cards that you would be playing with
and I hope you consider going and
playing with it if you choose not to and
you still want to play at home you
always order cards and get them online
or go to your local store and bring them
home and play them with your friends if
you want to buy a set box you're looking
at a hundred and eighty four dollars to
buy a draft box you're looking at 179 to
buy a collector box you're looking at
about 400.
I don't know why this up there twice
so I'm just going to be honest with you
this is not a cheap game
uh I have store credit to my local store
I traded in some magic cards to get some
store credit that's why I'll have some I
ain't out here paying 200 for a box
200 for a box is absolute insanity
but it is a collector's item it is you
premium cardboard if you're the kind of
person that gets into premium cardboard
you can buy some I'll have a couple of
boxes to open on you guys or on the
channel for you guys so stick with me
but I thought a lot of people like Lord
of the Rings this might be a great way
to get you guys interested in magic
but yeah it's a lot of money
you could play this weekend for as cheap
as 40 bucks though and just get a taste
like your first taste is free of a drug
well for 40 bucks this weekend you can
go in and play at your local game store
and uh see if you like the game and see
if you like the cards and uh
oh boy
that's where the money really starts to
I missed 20 drafts
premium product for a premium game
though you know do they do a Star Wars
one they do have a star wars card game
um and it's a living card game
and you can play it so let me uh so I
know a lot of you guys have been asking
non-magic and non-lord of the Rings
questions I'll be glad to answer a few
before I get out of here
I just learned how to proxy cards what
do you think about proxies I think
they're fine man 100 print up a cube
print up some decks sit down and play
with your friends I don't give a I
don't lose any money and honestly I have
some proxies for cars that I already own
I proxied them for uh decks like I
already own a copy of that so why get
another copy you know I own it I've got
it in this deck I'm not going to put it
in this deck too I'm going to the second
copy to put it over here does that make
sense so sometimes I'll proxy my cards
um and I don't think there's anything
wrong with that
I'm digging the magic the Gathering
doing crossovers me too sometimes they
suck sometimes they're good they did a
fortnight one which I wasn't too happy
about they did Walking Dead I didn't
care about that uh but they did do uh
Lord of the Rings and I think that's
magic adjacent so I like that
um at least it's still fantasy you know
Boogie will you return to Twitch at some
point I streamed on Twitch last Tuesday
and I'll probably stream on Twitch again
next Tuesday as well
Boogity have a Diablo 4 Guild yet yes if
you want to join my Diablo Guild it's
called boogies men
uh look it up I think I might be I put
like four days of play time into Diablo
so far though and I might be done with
Diablo 4 it's just it's it's too much
Diablo 4 for me I've been playing that
game for like eight hour days sometimes
and I need to take a break but feel free
to join my guild I'll get you added so
but yeah I played a lot at Diablo 4. I
have a level 75 sorcery now
I miss Captain Daddy I stream on Twitch
about once a week and I'll be back on
next Tuesday for sure I'm pretty sure
that said
how are you doing these days Boogie uh
you know I've been pretty good I've
definitely been better definitely been
worse I'm just glad to still be alive I
saw somebody uh who was like trolling in
here earlier and he's like how are you
still alive if I know dude
it's a miracle I wake up every day
though and I'm glad I keep waking up it
makes me pretty happy you know uh so I I
I think as fat as I've been as unhealthy
as I've been uh at least I didn't smoke
at least I didn't drink at least I
didn't do drugs maybe that's why I've
gotten so lucky but there's no arguing
that I had to get lucky to stay alive at
this size and I've just been one of the
luckiest people so
you know
Troopers gonna Troop
koopa's gonna Coop you know
but what do you guys think should I live
stream more here on YouTube from time to
time maybe once a week or something like
that as long as I got something like
this to talk about never too late to
start drugs I may or may not have taken
some uh like a psilocybin not too long
ago and I may or may not do it again one
I ain't exactly addicted to the weeds or
the marijuanas or the the crack cocaines
but you never know it ain't too late it
ain't too late to start getting crack
cocained up
you know
you know
yeah tomorrow night I will go to the
probably one of the magic shops maybe
the Bentonville one because I don't
normally go to that one and uh film some
magic the Gathering and film me hanging
out with some people and film the game
shop and hopefully you guys will enjoy
it we'll open some magic cards and hang
Boogie what happened to your streaming
schedule couldn't keep it up for a month
yeah I just
what it really comes down to is I don't
like live streaming much anymore I I
said I set a stream schedule and I was
hoping I would stick to it but the
reality of it is I just don't like live
streaming as much as I used to it makes
me really anxious because there's like
some really shitty people out there and
you've seen some of those shitty people
in here tonight but they say some shitty
things man and I don't like sitting
around uh having people say shitty stuff
to me I mean like I made probably 100
bucks live streaming today and that's
great and everybody loves money uh so
like I should probably do it more
because it's making people happy and
they get entertained and uh you know but
it just I don't know I don't like being
around negative people and there's some
very negative people in the world you
know I'm glad you're not one of them
though man thank you I appreciate you
uh totally understand that Boogie yeah
it just makes me feel sad and bad and
then like I may need money but I don't
need it so bad that I want to feel
shitty for a living you know I look at
people like wings of redemption or dark
side film and they live stream for a
living and they are just so
unhappy and I do not want to be that
level of unhappy I I can't be I cannot
survive if I was Darkseid Phil
I I do not I I'll just be honest with
you and you guys may not agree with this
statement please do not clip this out of
context okay but I think Dark Side Phil
must be one of the strongest humans on
the planet
because that dude wakes up every day
and survives being dark side Phil that
has to be one of the hardest things a
person can do
is have to deal with the internet hating
you deal with doing something you hate
for a living hating yourself as much as
Phil clearly hates himself
I can't imagine waking up every day and
being filmed
I'm telling you I would ate Tide
Pods by now if I if I had to wake up
every day and be dark side Phil I'd be
gone by now
you know
uh Carlos Mendez I'm a big fan Boogie
and I would love to meet you in person
buddy I love your videos with Jesse me
too I mean wish me and Jesse were still
close uh
being in the nft spaces for two years I
have seen so many talks of people and
also many toxic mfers on the top and
they just continue to be toxic yeah
toxic people can prosper in this world
the world is built to our toxic people
can prosper sometimes
do it more F the haters well it's not
about the haters it's just about how it
makes me feel just I don't I I am not
the strongest person certainly not
strong as dark side Phil so it's tough
for me sometimes
if I don't drink I win if I do I lose I
can respect that I hate myself currently
but I'm working on my own Redemption and
sobriety is key to that part I hope you
stay sober my friend I know it's tough
I know it's tough
did I actually try to shoot Jesse's Dad
no none of the videos I made was Jesse
were real
they were all
they're all scripted just like the
psycho series
it's all just fun
I don't know I think it's so silly that
people thought that stuff was real but I
guess a lot of you guys are kids and
stuff but a lot of y'all still lose they
don't even know you've grown up still
think that stuff was rubbing up nobody I
didn't try to kidnap Jesse I wasn't
trying to have sex with him I didn't
kidnap him I didn't lock him in my
closet or my attic and I didn't try to
shoot his dad
Boogie how much can you deadlift 400
pounds because that's what I weigh
that's about all
you know
planning on any travels in the near
future I have a lot of traveling to do
next month I have to go to several
conventions next month but hey I'm going
to St Louis next month for a convention
I'm going to South Carolina next month
for a convention and I'm going to Dallas
I think in August I think I'm not sure
I'll let me check my schedule here's the
schedule here's the schedule for where I
where I have to go and where I'm going
uh next month July
okay July 15th
I will be a Southeast Game Exchange in
Greenville South Carolina
July 22nd on my way home I'm going to go
to Misfits in Nashville Misfits eight
um put an appearance there game store
invited me home
July 29th
I will be at a convention in St Louis I
don't remember the name of it right now
but it's a gaming nerd convention St
September 16th and 17th I'll be in
Dallas Texas for retropalooza
so you guys will see me
wish I toured England I wish I'd been
able to stay there for longer yeah
but those are that's where that's the
traveling I'm doing this year
so hopefully you can come out and see me
in in St Louis or and uh
Nashville or Greenville or Dallas Texas
those are the places I'm not so sure
about the Misfits thing I might decide
to stay with Mike for a while instead
go see kid behind the camera make up
with him and everything you know
because we're fighting
as you saw in this in these scripted
videos we're fighting you know
so it should be good time
I'm in the Dallas Fort Worth we're going
to be at retro Blues I hope to meet you
my friend
this should be a good time
Boogie I need a good honest friend would
you be interested in a non-creepy way in
being my friend I would I make a
terrible friend you can ask all of my
friends I'm pretty uh reclusive and I
don't I don't text back I don't message
um I'm pretty pretty reclusive so I make
a bad friend but I bet there's somebody
in this chat I might message you maybe
they want to be your friends
might be somebody in here you could be a
cool friend with
pity in your entire days you didn't do
an eating a cooking channel I feel like
my eating addiction's a thing I'm
ashamed of so that's one of the reasons
I haven't done a lot of eating on camera
a lot of cooking a lot of food reviews
stuff like that it's because I feel very
negatively about my relationship with
food I'm not here to show it off I'm not
here to celebrate it I'm not like um you
know like it's like an alcoholic
probably shouldn't be drinking for a
living right and so I probably shouldn't
be eating for a living I'll show it
every once in a while
occasionally I will show uh you know
myself eating and stuff but I don't I
never wanted to be the Crux of my
content because I have a bad bad
relationship with food you know
what do you think about the alien of
Vegas I talked about it on my live
stream on you on Twitch on Tuesday but
it's obviously BS you know that's
obviously silly
you know
how sweet boy Sammy he's right here next
to me I just had to pick him up do you
guys want to see Sammy real quick
Sammy you want to come off real quick
come here baby come here
come here baby so sami's starting to get
really old
and uh he's having a lot of mobility
issues right now
he's uh we got to take him to the vet
next week but he has trouble like
hopping up on me he has trouble hopping
up on the bed uh or I mean on his like
little foot stools and stuff like that
so he's a small dog and he really can't
jump anymore and we're not really sure
what's going on yet
um take him back to the vet he was there
not too long ago and they gave him pain
medication but we're going to take them
back and get some more X-rays done and
and see see what things are going on and
then of course there's the other one as
you guys know Leo
I got two puppies two little puffies one
on my left and one on my right one's an
old man and one's real young but I love
them both but Sammy I like more
because Sammy's kind of awesome and Leo
is an
but Leo's getting sweeter every day I
love Leo more and more every day
look how calm he's being right now if he
was always this calm I would love him
you guys like to lick the salt off me
because I sweat in here yeah yeah
thank you for the kisses thank you thank
you all right let's hop down
let's get ready I know you guys probably
are ready to go
I hadn't seen the other dog I've had him
for about a year and a half now I got
them Christmas to 2021 so
all right guys I'm gonna hop off here I
hope you enjoyed the live stream I'll
probably leave this one up so people can
see it I might unlist it I'm not sure
but as always guys let me say thank you
for the bits
thank you for the subs thank you for the
super chats thank you for the donations
thank you for subscribing to the channel
if you're not subscribed to the YouTube
channel give it a shot real quick if
you're not already subscribed I'd love
to have you I'll come back and live
stream when I get my hands on some uh
Lord of the Rings magic cards we'll
crack some and we'll have some fun
cracking them I genuinely appreciate you
guys watching
and it means the world to me if you
haven't watched one of my recent YouTube
videos lately go give them watch I think
you'll be glad you did share them with a
friend but more importantly just thank
you for being in my life thank you for
your support no matter how you provide
it even if it's just a kind word from
time to time God bless you and as always
thanks for watching I love you very much
and I'll