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my god okay we are going to show you a
three-day itinerary of bangkok of the
newest attractions oops pause there
because i was freaking out what i meant
to say was including some new
attractions in bangkok okay let's keep
rolling but first let's rewind it back
to day one and get me back to safety
all right let's go guys
we're off who trusts my tuk-tuk driving
no one
start your three-day bangkok itinerary
with a fun and thrilling tuktuk tour of
the city we're currently riding through
chinatown in a tuk-tuk really busy
there's a lot happening the hustle and
bustle here is real you have to make
stops to see some of bangkok's most
incredible temples the most popular ones
being wat poor where you'll find the
huge reclining buddha and what around
temple of dawn we also recommend temple
of the golden buddha what time it which
houses a five and a half times solid
golden buddha statue which is reportedly
the largest solid golden buddha statue
in the world there's also wat saket
which is perched on top of the only hill
in bangkok
344 cents
next up talat noi this is one of the
oldest neighborhoods in bangkok and it's
fast becoming one of the trendiest areas
for hip cafes and super cool street art
just look at these epic pieces
as you can see when you're walking
through different streets you still walk
through these old streets where some of
the locals still live in these old
houses while you're there hit up one of
the riverside cafes or restaurants we
just got taken to this gorgeous little
hidden gems 1608 for some local thai
food within this beautiful view of the
river now that we're all caught up this
is the mahanakon skywalk this must be on
your bangkok itinerary honestly it looks
like a giant jenga tower going up is an
adventure within itself inside the lift
in which you're surrounded by digital
screens once you've made it to the top
enjoy insane 360 degree views of bangkok
this is the highest observation deck in
thailand 78 floors up 314 meters high
the best part the terrifying glass tray
on the edge of the building once you
step onto the glass you'll see straight
down to the ground
guys good game
seriously i don't know how the boys are
so chill about it they're just lying
flat on the glass staring straight down
i don't wanna i don't wanna get up
guys check out my new yeezys
finish the day off by heading into
chinatown also known as
this is where we're getting into the
real street food here it's getting busy
food cut after the food cut and all the
food looks so good
this is why they say the best time to
come to chinatown is at night when the
lights come on and it gets lively and
busy and everyone's out and about
getting food so come to chinatown at
night for the best buy and not only do
they have great food they have exotic
foods here too check out the scorpions
oh my goodness when in thailand you got
to come and get yourself fruit smoothies
and this is one of the cheapest places
to come get them 45 baht for a
watermelon and smoothie watermelon
smoothie for a watermelon smoothie
one of the best things to do in bangkok
if you want to get away from the hustle
and bustle is the city's best kept
secret a lush green oasis found in
bangkok reconnect with nature on the
outskirts of the city and spend time in
srina khan park so these fruits may look
yummy but guys
this is actually called a suicide tree
because the fruits are really really
poisonous but they are deceiving because
they look like pamela's but they're not
mellow so do not eat what you absolutely
must do is rent some bicycles and follow
an easy riding path that will take you
to a jungle like landscapes
this is apparently a sour fruit that you
can really sell fruit
that is really sour that's the most sour
thing i've ever eaten just watch out for
the crazy big spiders above your head
i'm just gonna casually
just pretend there's no spiders all up
above my head
this is a beautiful beautiful little
cycling trip i have to say i can't
really say i've ever really cycled in
the jungle before and just enjoy even
just like family time like we are
it's just i mean it's hot but it's fun
and as you're cycling
you kind of don't really notice it as
much you can also find hidden cafes
tucked away amongst the greenery be sure
to make a pit stop to recharge our
tummies are full and we are so satisfied
with the yummy thai food onto the next
thing let's go
if there's one shopping mall you need a
visit in bangkok it's icon siam it's the
second biggest mall in the country and
it's home to suksiyam this year is one
of the nicest indoor street food markets
i've ever seen in a shopping center
there's like food from all corners of
thailand here from what i can see it's
thailand's first indoor floating market
and it is amazing inside a shopping
centre this is just one part of it let's
go up and show you the rest
welcome to the rest of it it's like a
whole new world up here this is where
you can shop till you drop find
international brands as well as local
designers head up to see alan khan the
paradise of eatery and don't forget to
step out to the terrace for stunning
views of cha praya river
this is absolutely insane the eating
never stops here you'll find even more
restaurants at the veranda on the ground
if you do come to icon cm do not miss
the fountain show check the times on the
website because it is spectacular
this is chao player sky bridge this is
the perfect little hidden spot if you
want to come and watch the sun set over
the top by your river and the
skyscrapers behind me plus it's the
perfect place to come if you're heading
over to ongan canal the newest walking
street in bangkok which we're gonna head
to after the sunset
ongang canal is another spot you have to
visit its recent restoration has brought
new life to the canal with eye-catching
street art hidden laneways decorated
with lanterns and of course delicious
street food
make sure to come here on an empty belly
because there is so much different types
of food from indian to bhutanese to thai
so come on an empty stomach just make
sure to remember that ongoing canal is
only open on friday saturday and sundays
from 4 30 pm
this is the biggest hotel in bangkok
mary at marquis queens park if you're
searching for an amazing place to stay
for your three days in bangkok look no
further the rooms are modern and
beautifully designed and come with all
the amenities you could possibly need oh
and it's also home to one of the best
buffet restaurants in bangkok goji the
dishes are freshly cooked up when
requested we've never seen any buffet
like this with a cook attending every
food station they take buffets to a
whole new level of quality on top of
that you also find pagoda the best yum
cha we've ever been to crm tea room with
delicious thai food and the biggest
field croissants you have to try and the
jaw dropping a bar rooftop where you can
experience an unforgettable sunset the
pool is nothing short of amazing and the
gym is also very well equipped for all
you fitness junkies but our favorite
part is kwan spa because when in
thailand you have to get yourself a
relaxing massage
if you're up for an unforgettable day
trip and came to see more of thailand's
marvels then immerse yourself in a
healing holiday beyond bangkok that'll
take you down to pattaya so mind blown
right now this behind me is the
sanctuary of truth in pattaya and it is
so impressive in person
you absolutely must come and see it this
is one of the most awe-inspiring pieces
of architecture you'll ever see and it's
still not completely finished its
construction has spanned over three
decades so far absolutely everything is
made from wood and you won't find a
single nail here that holds the
structure together they use various
woodwork techniques to keep it all
together inside you'll find four wings
depicting important religious imagery
from thailand the khmer chinese and
indian cultures i promise you'll never
forget this place this has been a truly
amazing place to visit the sanctuary of
truth here the carvings the time spent
working here is just absolutely
mind-blowing after the sanctuary of
truth jump on a speedboat from sriracha
to the hidden gem island of corsichang
tour the island on a skylab not quite a
tuk-tuk but rather a converted motorbike
here you can enjoy the beauty of quiet
island life with some of the freshest
seafood we are on the top of xichang at
the viewing point and up here they
actually have what they believe is
buddha's footprint here on this side and
then you have this amazing view of the
entire island here and cheeky little
monkeys on that little shrine there get
on a funny red tram and ride up the hill
to view a chinese temple inside caves
stroll around the old summer palace of
rama v go for a swim at the beach to
cool down last spot on costa chang we
are gonna check out the beautiful sunset
to end our day here on the island before
we return back to bangkok this here
behind me is a stunning sunset walk you
can do you can actually walk all the way
to the end over there or you can come
and pick a spot down here or sit on the
edge of a cliff here and just watch the
sunset behind the cliffs
and that's our recommended three-day
itinerary for bangkok i hope you were
able to get some inspiration to help you
plan your trip when you visit bangkok
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the absolute world to us and we'll see
you guys in the next video peace