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welcome to good mythical more
let's discover the best unflavored
carbonated water
that you can buy but first
come up with a new selfie face this one
is i think i just hit a scroll with my
bird scooter
so you got to be on the scooter and then
you're like
can i get into a lot of trouble on a
bird's scooter man people get on them
scooters they got no business being on a
scooter now we have got
um some carbonation here and i whenever
i'm supposed to taste something that's
carbonated i feel this pressure
well i feel it i need to taste it before
the bubbles go away i just feel rushed
so i want to do that let's do it all
right so this is we're tasting bee i
how do you want to do this do you want
to share your thoughts with each other
and play together would you like me to
three two one and you can
play against each other
i think we can share our thoughts but
this one
a little bit weak to me
a little bit weak again it might be
because it's been out for a little week
to continue but uh let's go with it it's
gonna okay i think i know which one it
is though yeah are you not guessing oh
oh yeah do it three two one
oh we're not supposed to come back as we
all know you start with b
and then but a has nothing to do with
this because i'll tell you right now a
is weaker
i just know i think i know what b is can
we just do a three two one guess yeah
and i think you're gonna be really
disappointed now then i know now that
i've tasted a oh god
you thought b was weak it's not a is
weak no i disagree but okay okay we're
gonna guess b now okay all right
and we're gonna go three two one
you're wrong
both of us are wrong i kind of don't
oh are we
i knew you were going to be disappointed
copachico is his favorite
i know it's got the most bite
and it's
you know what you got to drink it fresh
man i mean it literally just a couple
it's been only in a couple of minutes
i i drink one of these every single
night when me and my family watch an
episode of survivor
sometimes the next day if some is left
in here
i've gone up to a bottle of topochico
from the night before
and it still is carbonated because well
how come you didn't get it right then
you've had a day old
because because it it's the first one
you taste you don't have anything to
compare it to i knew it was stronger
than this but i thought it i thought
perrier was pretty strong
all right i think i know what b is
though here's a now hey
yep yep
it nothing can nothing
can be
more carbonated than topography
wrong it's the tops prove me wrong
i i love it
has already said that you're wrong
no no i didn't say that it was more
carbonated i said it had less bite oh
this has more mineral like this has more
acidic taste this a has more acidic
taste i think tapachiko is a pure sort
of water taste with the high
amount of carbonation got it okay are we
ready to guess a yes also something
about pouring it
i'm ready because
i think
you can't pour when you open a bottle
you shouldn't afford it you can't pour
this stuff guys you poured it you ruined
it you can't pour it
all right so let's not let's not play
never just put it up
right out of the box then how are we
you're going to guess
we'll cl well
would our eyes close no we should pour
it it's fine
pour don't never pour and a in three
pellegrino it's perrier yes see okay
here's what here's why it's
pretty pretty stout perrier is like it's
probably the most ubiquitous just
straight up carbonated water
we should be wearing blindfolds it
should come straight out of the
container but you this whole glass stuff
listen i could tell you this with
perrier by holding it i'd be like what
other thing has a little skinny can like
this yeah i mean someone needs to pour
it in orange topper somebody's important
which one's period you want to know what
brainstorming the format of an episode
feels like
perrier like this 100
i'm just mad because i'm a topochico man
and it's like i told you you're gonna be
mad i am
know it was the first one so now i'm mad
for the whole there's more minerals in
the perrier it actually wasn't the first
one but
yes it was it was hey i know it was b
steve yeah it's the first one mind game
it was a mind game i'm going to close my
eyes perrier's better than toppo chico
all right here we go with d
you pour that top of chico it's
it's all over
excuse me there we go
all day long i'm ready to guess
ready to get
blank are you too angry to guess
no okay
no it has been poured two
one luck roy
yeah you're both right and okay that's
so lacroix there's flavor in this they
say that it doesn't have flavor it's got
flavor and it may just be flavor that
they got from the air in the lacroix
there's flavor in there i'm telling you
ingredients only carbonated water they
only in big
bold green letters because they know
that people like me are going to be like
once this thing was poured
i think it's just the water quality
because i recently got
cans of like
kroger seltzer
because i was like this is just water
with bubbles in it it's got to be like
lacroix no
not good
here here's thank you i have freaking
what's the point what are we doing
let's taste carbonated stuff after it's
been poured into glass and i can't enjoy
the carbonation just because it's been
poured that's the only thing that
happened here
oh that one's okay the carbonation is
hidden because it's simple i thought
that this one was this one but i'm
pretty sure that this one is the one i
thought this one was can we guess
i know what this is three two perrier
liquid death
perrier was already an answer
oh you didn't tell me you couldn't
double up
like i need something else to get mad
about it y'all did y'all made two
mistakes the first mistake you poured
second mistake you didn't let me double
uh whenever i go back to restaurants
i'm not gonna because they they do that
too they'll pour they'll pour it and
they shouldn't you're gonna say pour it
into my mouth whoa whoa pour directly
into my mouth wait till my eyes are
closed captioning not available
you know the difference between
carbonated water club soda salts of
water and tonic water no but i've always
wanted to i can tell you before i do
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here's the
well we know that this is liquid death
because it's the only one that hasn't
been guessed
but carbonated liquid death i haven't
had this uh i haven't had the carbonated
version which is it's still soft you
know the liquid death has a soft
alkaline knee
um oh nicole thank you you're welcome oh
man she have you won she gave me one i'm
legitimately in your mouth
your eyes first
that's a cool can
okay now first of all stevie drinks
liquid death in white can which is the
uncarbonated she drinks it all the time
we you know we're in these these zoom
meetings with her and she's pulling up
this what looks to be a 40
and just going after it yeah every
single time like it looks like a malt
liquor it looks like she's going for
some cold 45 and uh
sometimes when we're in a meeting with
people that we don't know i feel like i
need to say she's not drinking right now
no i do it as a test
she's not drinking i want them to yeah i
want them to have a fun moment on the
zoom call especially if it's like a
sales team you know they need it they
need to have fun on the zoom calls so
you want to give them a little something
and if they want to think i'm drinking a
or malt liquor
that's where they're actually it might
be kind of a cool thing it's like we're
working with this we're working with
this new company their internet thing no
it's not a cool thing and they're not
gonna we're not going there we talked to
the drinking we talked to the woman
she's just drinking a beer on the phone
she wasn't mad men first thing i thought
it was kind of inappropriate second
thing i thought maybe they just don't
care about rules
they're like it's like real punk rock
mythical is real punk rock
i like this it is it it is like alcohol
have you met the girl who drinks on the
calls you like this you like what he's
saying no oh i'm not listening okay i
just was drinking the liquid the liquid
death is um
it does have that soft it has that soft
mouth feel but you don't want that with
you want the bite of a carbonate well i
do want it
i want it there's still some in here you
can pour it in your mouth let me do it
just like your waiter
death perception is my weakness i will
say it's room temp which i like but
perhaps not for sparkling not for spark
how is that let me give you this
carbonated water
uh better distinguished by the name
sparkling water dictates that the
product is naturally carbonated
and usually what do you mean naturally
usually contains minerals from the
spring or well it is sourced from you
mean it was carbonated in the ground no
no no no no that that doesn't mean no
or they just do it in a natural motion i
think they do it in a natural motion
it doesn't come out of a spring that's
carbonated it might
is that
all right
oh god no i can't read the other ones
even see anything else club soda is
similar to sparkling water but
manufacturers add minerals and
carbonation after water after the water
is initially sourced oh so club soda is
carbonated water isn't that natural
what seltzer water is
close to club soda
in that it is also carbonated later but
seltzers do not have minerals
no minerals and tonic water is made
similarly to club soda but contains a
compound called quinine which gives it a
more bitter taste and flavored with uh
high fructose corn syrup
huh yeah
this is bottled at the source
in frankenmarkter austria so
they're not bottling it and carbonating
it there this place they're just this is
coming from the ground carbonated
well you could go pour it right in your
what just happened just
turn this come on completely upside down
so does spring's link i've heard about
soda springs soda springs cafe
is that what it is
i'll be back you can just drink it
you can go get your topo chico on with
your mouth in the ground
so you don't show me pictures i want to
read something forget the restaurants
uh you need to be past volcanic activity
has shaped the landscape and the
residual geothermal activity has caused
the numerous hot bubbling springs that
gave it its name geothermal activity
hundreds of feet below the ground
heats water and mixes in carbon dioxide
soda springs get its name from the
naturally carbonated water it's real
can y'all believe it
um scroll down to where it says are
there naturally carbonated springs
often that certain rare geological
conditions can produce naturally
carbonated water often the carbonation
can be attributed to volcanic liberty
perrier has a unique carbonation story
can we read that
so is is toppo chico
if you could find the total i'll do my
own searching what if you could find the
topo chico spring link
that's what that's what i'm gonna do
what if he could go there and dip his
head in
i'd watch
what if you could go there and what dip
his head in
topo chico the water this is perrier the
water is distinguished by its natural
carbonation which comes from volcanic
gases in the rock near the source
okay here we go but as international
demand for perrier grew the company
improved efficiency by capturing the
and the carbonic gas separately
the two substances are taken from the
same geological formation but they are
extracted at different depths
the gas is then filtered before being
added to the water
when you open a bottle of perrier
the level of carbonation matches that
found at the spring exactly this sounds
like we're looking at perrier.com right
which one so the topo chico even
against everything else in the glasses
was your favorite or you just know
it's your favorite in life and you're
you're whole yeah because this test was
i'm going with what i already knew which
is topic is my favorite and that's why
i'm mad because i don't want to make a
decision based on this
yes sourced and bottled in monterey
mexico since 1895
whatever your name is look at that
that's so okay that's called retribution
and i'll take it i know you shook that
up first purpose i didn't do that on
purpose does it say does it say where
they found it
that's so good
they don't talk about where they get it
why topo chico tastes so good according
to scientist
call me a millennial cliche but i love
sparkling water in fact it's largely
replaced caffeine for me me too except
for coffee which i drink and i think it
has caffeine
for the longest time lacroix was my
go-to i don't want to know about you i
want to know about yeah jerk
other topo chico stands agree it's got
more flavor balance and sparkle than
other sparkling waters
look cro okay you're telling me oh oh no
you passed it look no that's talking
in fact it's really old drawn from a
limestone spring in monterey mexico
since 1895.
that's where you need bloomberg
for your birthday i'm flying you there
although it's it is naturally carbonated
it gets an added touch of bubbliness to
compensate for any lost from
purification the new york times explains
well there's nothing wrong with a little
added carbonation lore has it again that
the spring that supplies topo chico has
special healing properties but the brand
claims only that it's water can help
with thirst digestion and hangover let's
go to monterey get drunk and then you'll
throw you in the spring
i'm not trying to be one of those like i
thought it was cool before it got cool
people but i'm saying my mom
totally is one of those people because
when we lived in south texas
this topo chico was her like number one
around since 1895.
going to get it out of the you know uh
convenience store fridge for her can i
ask you a question stevie
um i guess so when we go on this camping
trip yeah you know the one where
oh i know yeah the one where you guys
may or may not make out but i will watch
well here's the thing we're not going to
make out but
we want people to think that we might
and you're going to be the one who
confirms whether it happens or not yeah
the camping trip is going to take place
at the edge of the spring the topo chico
spring in monterey mexico oh it's it's a
sponsored camping trip well or we sneak
okay if we can get that if they if we if
we can get sponsored yes we should do
yeah i will pitch it to them david's
looking at monterey park california
different things sponsor an episode
that's about whether or not you will
make out while camping and i'll yeah but
really what it is is link's just gonna
dip his head in the spring you can't
tell them that part because they'll
probably think that this is unsanitary
okay we'll cut that out we're going to
take a ladle
and i'm going to take the ladle i'm
going to dip into the spring and then
i'm going to pour it directly into his
mouth that's as close as romantic as
it's going to
is that to cleanse his mouth before you
stick your tongue in it well it's
supposed to make people think that that
might be about to happen but again it's
not going to
and what i'll do is i'll just be
standing close and watching yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah and here's the thing we
have a camera that represents your pov
but you actually don't have to work a
that is ideal because we're good as good
we're going to just have like clean
shots of you just kind of standing there
doing different
doing different poses we'll pick those
up later and then yeah we could get
those at any time and then we sh but we
get somebody with a camera to go stand
where you were and do the same things
that you were doing
and film
yeah this is sounding like
you know after this morn and how you
know we start with b and we need to get
our ducks in a row for this camping trip
we're going to take we got to go in
alphabetical order yeah
you ready
yeah some dishes are meant to taste good
some are meant to make link's eyes bulge
out of his face and you do both really
well thank you