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health safety and well-being is our core
value at wagex and is critical to the
success of our business we want all of
our customers to have an excellent
experience every time they interact with
us and that starts with taking care of
our people
our health and wellness Journey started
in 2016 with a big focus on mental
health and over the years we've put in
place and expanded our program
significantly we've been focusing on
three main pillars which include mental
health physical health and Financial
Health and now we're also expanding into
social health we have numerous programs
and Solutions in place as well as some
of the offerings that we have through
our partners
we have a fantastic employee and family
the assistance program that offers
24-hour support to our employees and
immediate family members we have a great
benefit package that covers
psychologists and psychotherapists we
promote events such as Bell let's talk
day the culture is open it's okay to say
I'm not okay it's okay to ask for help
we're striving to create an inclusive
work setting that supports employee
well-being through its positive effects
on employee self-concept and their
self-esteem as well as social
connectedness and belonging the health
and wellness committee is essential in
promoting the health and wellness
program with insights and input on
health and wellness initiatives they're
planning development implementation and
its evaluation of the positive impact on
our employees beyond that 16 people
committee there's an extended group
Coast to Coast these volunteer Wellness
Champions as we like to call ourselves
are all about programs like these
because we genuinely enjoy spreading Joy
and helping our colleagues stay positive
seeing the change um moving towards
social responsibility mental and
physical health and wellness as well as
environmental responsibility and
diversity in the workplace has made me
extremely proud to be at Lake Jackson be
a long-term employee I myself have
struggled at points but wayjax has
always been there for me my managers
Human Resources everybody said go home
get the help you need and just come back
when you're when you're ready to be back
it's evident that what we're doing is
not only the right thing to do for our
employees but also that it's working and
we look forward to continuing our
congratulations to our entire wayjax
team and thank you for continuing to
live our core value of health safety and
well-being and thank you to Excellence
Canada for your coaching along our
journey and for this prestigious