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coding sucks anyways Matt Welsh on the
end of programming again I still don't
know who Matt Welsh is I'm sure this
makes sense a former professor of
computer science and Google engineer
lead things generative AI will lead to
the end of programming within three
welcome to Costco I love you I love you
too buddy okay thank you very much
turning off alerts for a second dude
three years that's pretty ballsy okay I
always made the prediction or my
personal in internal prediction is that
with within my kids lifetime that they
will never learn how to drive now my
kid's nine oh I'm getting kind of close
I don't know I don't know if it's
actually gonna work out you think an AI
is this an AI generated person not
showing his hands let me see that hands
you're you're an AI aren't you whoever
you are Matt Matt Welsh sounds like a
sounds like an AI name can we all agree
that sounds kind of AI you know what I
all right not showing hands classic AI
move when you think about it
yeah yeah AI hands the AI hands problem
all right so let's let's read this uh
this month Matt Welsh a former professor
of computer science at Harvard's oh damn
credentialing hard spoken a viral Meetup
in Chicago Association for computer
Machinery the CAC the kakam
oh Associated for computer machine yeah
they went with ACM but there's this is
actually the cacum there's that you got
the Chicago in there explaining his
thesis that Chad GPI and get up copilot
represent the beginning of the end of
programming this is actually pretty
interesting uh because it is pretty good
but it is like
it's so scary how it gets it wrong and
it's because it almost seems like it has
the form
of programming but not the actual
programming itself in some sense
you know there's how there's like
context-free grammars
and uh blah blah blah blah I can't
remember all the terms now that I've
been out of school for 12 years but it
feels kind of like
this is this whole argument where we're
programming is like a larger subset and
though we can describe a lot of it you
know semantically correct with language
it's not quite ever correct and so it I
don't know I I'm very curious on this
Welsh thinks programming is on the cusp
of changing from a job that humans do to
one that robots will do thanks to
Technologies like Chad GPT wait what's
chat GPI I want to know about this AI
business what is this I am I just am I
living in the Stone Age on GPT already
my already Legacy code what the hell uh
or perhaps product managers or code
reviewers the two human roles uh he
thinks are relatively safe from robots
code reviewer
if you just become only a code reviewer
uh or let's see let's see
but don't expect to continue your career
as an actual programmer he says because
machines are taking over that role Welsh
who has a who's held a senior
engineering positions that's Google and
apple had written an article on this
topic on January 2023 edition of the
communications of the ACM magazine it is
very funny that they still even using
the term magazine come on get get up
with times however it wasn't clear up
until this ACM video presentation that
Welsh has funded a or founded a startup
to prove his theory fix the AI which he
is CEO of is uh is a self-described
automation platform for large language
models it aims to help business programs
custom software using you guessed it
chat EPT and similar machine learning
programs I can't wait for people to pay
this company a bunch of money to have a
program that just absolutely sucks all
the time
do you know what I mean like think about
think about I mean just just think about
all the discussion you have with a
designer with with people going over
iterations thinking about how it feels
like really talking about then and just
like having Microsoft front page 2.0
builds your website like imagine Netflix
built with Dreamweaver too it is just
gonna be
just the worst this is like my this is
my least favorite future is the shitty
AI program we all have to deal with
you're just gonna be on hold it's like
oh my goodness it's gonna be Robo calls
where you call about you you call up
someplace to get a refund and you have
to try to explain your situation to some
stupid ass robot that never gets it
right you're like yes one one six nine
it's just like no okay and you're like
no no es friba Espanol
no a spring on the way they espanol no
no and boom you're speaking Spanish to
some stupid robot because you can't get
the damn thing to work correct it's just
the worst it's just the worst computer
science is doomed
yeah this is the worst Welsh came off
the uh top rope at the start of his
presentation claiming that computer
science is doomed man talk about
clickbait uh I think the field is going
to change erratically I do agree with
that uh he explained if you think about
what is uh what is computer science as a
discipline it has always been about
really one main thing which is
translating ideas into programs
is that
could you say that that is true could
you say that computer science is really
one thing
or would you say that computer science
is the translation of programs into
ideas almost the opposite
it's like the technical way of thinking
about something concrete into more
abstract terms
is this just pitching a startup he went
on to say that computer programming has
evolved over the past 60 years trying to
to try and make it easier for humans to
understand code he compared Fortran in
1957 to basic in 1964. oh where's Cobalt
and then to rust in 2010. he said there
is there really isn't much difference
between those three in terms of ease of
use for human programmers
that that is not true
that is
dude start a [ __ ] TCP server in
1957. oh wait you'd have to travel to
the Future 19 years or was it 1974 that
TCP was formerly won I forget if it's
1974 1976 I always get vim's creation
mixed up with tcp's creation once in 76
one's in 74. dude what do you mean there
is no
and 57 like what was it in Fortran 57
you could never use the seventh column
if you put a character in the seventh
column it just doesn't what are you
talking about that is crazy talk this
look at what's happening in this code
compared to what you could do there was
no iterating and match statements and
pattern matching and collecting into a
colony via trade system quality is a
trait it's implementing the collect
trait and what
okay I am not happy about this right now
I'm not happy I am not happy right now
with this programmers uh let's see
programs that people are developing
today are just as complex
just as hard to maintain just as
difficult to understand and just as full
as bugs as they ever have been
statement is patently
are massively more complex today than
they were 20 years ago there's no way
you're saying this this has to be
written by an AI this just has to be
because this is too stupid this is too
stupid that someone said this out loud
that someone somehow thinks that today
is equally as complex as it was before
yeah sure there were Punch Cards before
and that was really inconvenient but
that is a physical representation of
inconvenience versus having to think
about all the stupid inputs places of
failure connections internet going down
try implementing RTP trying to figure
out any of this crap this is just
I'm getting myself a little hot right
I'm getting myself a little hot
ignorance runs of miles in the uh AI
hype Bros dude this this is oh my
goodness you're right is this like are
we watching web3 right now
is this web 3 right now are we watching
it because remember web3 is like ah the
financial system's actually currently
being Rewritten to use crypto I don't
know if you know this but crypto is
actually currently rewriting uh the
financial system right as we speak and
we're like no that can't be right I mean
you couldn't you couldn't actually do
that that easily like it takes a lot of
time and momentum and then you also have
this like whole problem of like
governments and Military and then their
money and you're trying to say you're
just gonna usurp it by not having a
military and for the people and by for
the people you mean you have to pay
hundreds of thousands of dollars to
figure out how to manage a Geth node I'm
gonna call bullet on that because that
doesn't seem correct something about
this article
smells it was get up co-pilot that made
Welsh fundamentally reassess the meaning
of computer science co-pilot radically
changes the the way that we write code
he said and has at least in my personal
experience been just as remarkable and
profound way of accelerating my
development so I don't think I've gotten
any faster with copilot other than
logical boilerplate that's like the only
thing that co-pilot really is good at
copilot's kind of annoying copilot gets
it massively wrong copilot gets it so
like it's so dude okay fine [ __ ] it say
I mean sorry uh we're gonna go in here
um we're going in here and I'm just
gonna show you this okay delete this and
like this type uh video uh video frame
control oh my goodness I'm in the wrong
language at this point uh struct video
frame time stamp uh there we go time
stamp milliseconds let's go now look at
this audio frame good job Cola pilot I
call that logical boilerplate you nailed
it now I'm gonna go like this uh struct
video perfect that's exactly what I
wanted uh how about another one perfect
that's exactly what I wanted how about
imple video and I want to do a pub
function FPS and I want to return a
float 64 and let's see how about uh oh
let's see oh nice okay it's taking code
I already have in this project it
literally is just taking code that I
have in this project okay it already
it's taken damn it you're taking code
for my project here uh crap personal
let's just redo that I was wondering why
it was completing just so dang well
um maker Test 2 CD Test 2 cargo a net
Vim right here Source main go in here go
struct video frame go in here time stamp
uh because it even did Ms or us or Ms
like it just did it correctly which you
know a little uh audio nope see now see
there we go now we're starting to get to
all sorts of weird stuff now if I do
that perfect struct uh video is going to
be uh frames yep awesome now should be
able to do audio awesome impul video
let's go like this Pub function FPS
return F uh 64. oh nice 30. thank you
for that that seems nice self what do
you got here
no we're not going to do that how about
match uh self
that's what you're going to go with
oh so that's how you calculate FPS you
just take the length of your frames and
your last time stamp
so let's just say this happens to be the
epoch since 1970 January 1st and that
just happens to be what you're gonna go
with somehow that seems wrong somehow
that is just it it looks like code I
would write
this looks like words I would use maybe
not in this particular order but these
look like words I would use this is
pretty good okay let's not do that one
here I'm going to help you a little bit
co-pilot here let's let's retry this
again how about this one frames.first uh
wait hold on is this oh whoopsies you
know what I didn't include that maybe
that maybe that's part of my problem
okay copilot maybe it's my fault maybe
it's my fault it's my fault okay let's
look at this one oh man this is looking
really good right can we all agree this
is really good
everybody everyone thinks this is good
anyone here thinks this is bad
hey guess what you're all [ __ ] morons
okay you know why because this has a bug
in it look at what it is think about
this statement first frame last frame I
have one frame what is the duration
right here it is zero what happens when
you divide by zero that's not great when
you divide by zero people don't like
dividing by zero that's really really
bad this thing doesn't even take it like
it just put such a sneaky bug in there
it's so sneaky it's so sneaky look at
that it's so damn sneaky because you
don't know like it's so hard to see
because it looks correct it looks
correct but it is so dang sneaky do you
know what I mean it is snakey sneaky
snakey snake eye right you just wouldn't
know that so if you you know if you do
self.frames.length throw in one of these
then you go in here and then you put an
n and then you go over here this is why
I knew what it was supposed to do if n
is greater than one now that was my
solution to this problem this is my
solution my solution is much smarter
right big brain big smooth brain over
here versus that wrinkly brain over and
wherever it's at I don't even know what
the hell's going on here
you have two frame though don't you
first and last
think about it for a second let's just
think about it just let's just hop over
let's just create a new one of these and
I want you just to think for a second
let's pretend you had a struct of one
item in it
which one's the where's the where's the
first element
Can you spot it can anyone spot what the
first album can you just type out the
letter what's the first element in this
ah X nailed it okay
good job good job good job first element
okay now
trick question atheist
where's the second element so I'm gonna
put a little little thing or where's the
last element shall I say sorry where's
the last element so this is first
where's the last element where could it
oh damn it you're right this is also the
last element
it's right there it's it's the same
thing right and so boom computer goes
explodiate because guess what it doesn't
work that way that's not how it works
first is last one there's one item okay
have you ever been in a golf tournament
and in your golf tournament there's only
two people playing so when you when you
inevitably lose that golf tournament
because you're terrible at golf you
claim you got second place in the golf
tournament you don't say you got last no
one says they got last okay everyone got
a trophy for being second in a golf
tournament everybody knows about being
second in the golf tournament okay it's
classic all right let's keep on going
this is taking way too long already he
thinks co-pilot is an incredible product
as I'm typing copilot does a very very
good job at often completing my thoughts
for me your thoughts must be wrong then
it reads my mind a lot more than I
really think it should
I got plenty of questions for you now
what's going outside your mind of yours
he said he added that co-pilot is a
fantastic productivity boost because it
saves me from having to contact switch
interesting uh I had such an insult
there I'm gonna let that go is this the
same picture over and over again oh no
this is just live picture and that's
just where he's at okay
um let's see let's see as good as it is
Welsh thinks the current version of
copilot is just the beginning absolutely
this would be insane if he did not think
just imagine if it's this is the end
this is the last one
we you know we tried it
and uh didn't work out it didn't work
out uh people kept getting things not
quite correct so uh yeah we gave up
right there uh there are only two things
stopping copilot from getting much
better he said more data and more
clearly this is a man who has never npm
installed I don't think there's a
shortness of data anywhere in the
typescript system you know what there's
nothing anywhere there's there's nowhere
there's absolutely nothing that's
stopping right now
plenty of data people I mean there is
lit there is the is even an is odd
typescript is created every possible
situation typescript is so bad at
writing code it's so bad at writing code
it is so bad at writing code Type
squipped uh dot TS you can do something
like this function quick sort
uh numbers number and guess what
copilot is going to copy it hey copilot
just implemented correctly do you see
this this is actually a correct
implementation of quick sort right is
that correct no it's not correct this is
not correct you don't create memory and
quicksort why are you creating memory
why are you creating memory stop
creating memory it's an In-Place quick
sort algorithm
oh my goodness
it just pisses me off it's just wrong
it's correct in operations wrong in
uh since both of those things are
abundant he doesn't see any reason why
co-pilot in a year or two or maybe three
isn't going to get to the point of you
type a few lines at the top of your
source file and it just writes the rest
oh gosh imagine how many bugs that you
know what I swear co-pilot doing this is
only going to be a function of the fact
that there's so many programmers these
days that don't even know how to type on
their keyboard they type like 40 words a
minute and they think it's perfectly
fine never to learn how to type yeah bro
you know I'll just use this thing like
40 to 60 hours a week I don't actually
need to learn how to use it why would I
ever do that okay it doesn't make me a
better programmer to know to you to know
how to use my keyboard okay oh copilot's
gonna type it for me
you can imagine how I feel about you
you can imagine how I feel about that
have you considered that you can just
ask Chad gbt to fix the bugs though
so I can't believe I can't believe
program exactly ending I just I can't
believe we're actually on the cusp of
programming ending this is uh
um I'm sorry everybody don't learn
programming it's not worth it we're
about to uh lose all of our jobs
I'm the stupid one for learning how to
type I should have instead of learning
how to type I should have played
fortnite or something man Welsh had some
intriguing predictions about how this
will change the Team Dynamics of
software development basically he only
sees a couple of roles for humans once
programmers are phased out product
managers and code reviewers the role of
product manager won't change much he
says imagine somebody that doesn't
actually code in only reviews code guess
how good they're going to be at
reviewing code
you know part of code review is the
extrapolation of experience into
practice right it is it is literally
taking the years of you coding and
trying to apply it to a situation to
understand what's happening you know how
many look Goods to me like first off
imagine how much code is going to be
generated by copilot okay they're gonna
make a lot of code second off we all
know if any code review is more than
like 20 lines 30 lines 40 lines maybe L
looks good to me well I don't know what
happened in this file it's written by an
AI must be good
the AI spits out the code in like a few
seconds the AI I know dude
it is
it's hard in the let's see in the near
future instead of uh handing a PRD I
don't even know what that means to an
engineer team and waiting six weeks or
so for them to implement it well said
you could just hand the PRD
pneumonia ready device uh to the AI and
the AI spits out code in in like a few
of course one of the early lessons of
generative AI is the output of those AIS
won't necessarily be correct
what's early it's
two to seven years from now like what
the hell is early in generative AI
I'm just gonna hand it a product spec it
'll just [ __ ] out
code that looks correct
and then what I'm gonna figure it all
out oh my goodness how do we know that
the code works
oh no how do we know that it's good how
do we know that it's right of course we
need to have a thorough testing
and the testing is very very important
who writes the tests again if there was
only some way to generate these tests
based on requirements
yep all the cicd stuff and everything
that we've invested in over the last few
delegate decades are still relevant here
devopsy got yourself a job still he
thinks that humans with programming
abilities will be tasked with reviewing
and reading the AI generated code and
making sure that it works and is doing
the right thing as for programmers and
Those About to join the field they will
need to become teachers of AI rather
than coders it's all about teaching the
AI not right in the computer program
okay uh oh wow he has a company trying
to do this who would have thunk
having a set of let's see having set the
scene and scared the bejebers out of the
200 plus computer scientists who turned
uh tuned into this ACM meeting Welsh
then explained how his new company is
taking advantage of
oh oh my goodness no oh oh
oh my goodness huh guess what hey guess
what you got a problem did you know you
got a problem you got a real problem
guess what No One's Gonna No One's Gonna
program anymore I trust me trust me bro
I'm I'm from Harvard
by the way I started a company
in which we made it so that they could
do exactly what I just warned you about
uh with fixie the idea is you give it
the description of what you want to do
and fixie takes it and let's see using a
large language models plus agents that
can connect to external systems it
produces a result for you either the
answer to the question or calling an API
or invoking a tool or making a change in
a database these are all the things that
models can do and critically we are
doing this not by writing a whole ton of
code we are doing this by teaching the
AI models how to do it
this just kind of looks like Siri
see Json agent
it got brains Json agent got braids it
fetch all the GitHub issues
serialize all the GitHub issues to a
string please uh node.js just exceeded
string limit coding sucks okay it became
clear in this presentation that mattos
he has a big invested interest in making
traditional coding obsolete really since
his company aims to capitalize on the
trend of AI programming however given
his own long and successful career as a
computer scientist you also have taken
the prediction seriously uh okay and
this is I mean this is isn't that
literally the appeal to Authority
fallacy isn't that like it
how could they not say this incoming I
know exactly I mean isn't that isn't
that literally just by saying
because I can find a doctor right now
that will tell you putting coffee up
your ass
has a lot of health benefits
I'm just saying do you want to put
coffee up your ass right now I'm just
saying is that what you want because you
know what I can find an expert 20 years
of experience
get that coffee right up the pooper
because that's going to give you long
life boy boy that's gonna give you long
is putting coffee
up your ass healthy question mark doctor
coffee ediba the rise of coffee enemas
don't try this because you know why I'm
saying this because this actually
happened like the early 2000s was all
about putting coffee up the up the booty
this is this is not this is not a joke
because there was doctors that actually
was suggesting this
Facebook do you put coffee
that's it good clean bucket first one no
no no no no no I'm not reading that I'm
not reading it I'm not reading it I'm
not reading that I'm not reading that
not reading it chat look away look away
the origins of the coffee script I know
this is oranges at the coffee script uh
let's see Welsh thinks that coding sucks
anyways so just let the robots do it do
something else with your time He
suggests such as being unemployed yeah
you know just go do something else why
don't you just call be employed
you know where I think AI is going to
really shine at is in like very
mechanical things uh I think ai's
already write a router code because
that's like a very very very mechanical
um I I believe there it's already
probably I I wouldn't be surprised if
it's not deeply invested in
uh doing all the like die generation for
for Hardware all that kind of stuff I'm
positive it does
most of everything but that's all very
I know this is the Wall Street Journal
telling you to stop eating breakfast
because it sucks anyways writing
computer programming is not the best use
of the time for everyone
what is the best use of my time
easier said than done for people
employed as
okay that is the best ending to this
whole thing
you know writing computer programmer is
not the best time for everybody easier
said than done for people writing it for
their job
I live in a world of dump I I swear we
live in the stupidest Universe this is
like the writers of 2023 are the
single-handed like best
they they are the best writers of any
season of earth right like they just
keep coming up with just the the
greatest curveballs I have ever seen in
my lifetime somehow somehow the writers
this year they are so good we gotta hire
them for 2024. do you think it's do you
think chat GPT is writing 2023
yeah so that on the other hand so that
greater dispel whoever okay gosh you got
to see this now this is actually cool
can a large language model summarize to
our meeting that would be sweet right
like uh just yeah that would be sweet
I'd totally be down for that I'm done
with this article this article is
actually crazy talk I can't keep on
reading it it's like I it's like every
sentence I read
okay let's read more we'll read more
okay we'll just read a little bit more
but it feels like every sentence I read
just got a little bit stupider each time
Microsoft is including that feature and
Bing yeah not surprising did you see the
reason for uh the Mark Anderson uh I
think I had a lot of perspective how
machines will not take over in this way
yeah I let's see plot twist no one could
have predicted it
all right here we go here's the full
presentation oh that's the end got him