Quick Hydraulic Cylinder Replacements & Repairs for Large Mining Equipment - YouTube

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the offerings we have here in bathers
ERS is a hydraulic repair cylinders
pumps components gearboxes pulleys and
also custom Machining fabrication and
heavy equipment reconditioning we
decided to use our expertise and our
Manpower that we have here to be able to
expand our offerings into the cylinder
exchange program off the large mining
equipment that's why we purchased this
Micron Technologies 100 000 pound nut
Buster which is the biggest one in the
world right now and only the second one
in Canada this machine is special
because it offers continuous monitoring
which means the oil is continually
monitored while testing so the customer
has a digital report coming back that
says the cleanliness of this oil we can
actually load test the cylinder in
different variances versus just going to
the bottom in the front of the cylinder
which means we can expand thoroughly we
have laser guided stem deviation which
means as a cylinder is extended during
the test there's the lasers are on the
guide and we can see if there's any
swerve in the shot which is so critical
because even though a standard test
match be able to test it stem deviation
will not be measured and that's one of
the greatest assets for the customers
they know if they're stems and
everything their barrels are straight
they know if their cylinders are clean
and you know if the nuts everything is
torqued to weigh in specifications and
also the honing machine that we have
which is a six meter to be able to take
those cylinders apart safely repair them
hone them reassemble and test the OEM
specifications another piece of
equipment is really critical for our cep
it's our toss T100 late it's 350 an inch
or from sector Center this gives us the
capacity and the capabilities I should
say to be able to machine these big long
cylinder tubes or anything up to six
meters which is like in the big stuff of
business right now what happens what
many of the customers having issues with
the cat because it takes too long
delivery and have to go to the US to get
repaired we're giving them the option of
having the solution built repaired in
Canada specifically in Atlantic Canada
for a faster turnaround when they send
us a cylinder literally the same day I
at the company website for the closest
wayjacks Branch up in the north or here
in Bathurst we can give them the same
cylinder while Dura cylinder comes in
for repairs an example we honed the
lateral Barrel the other day which
usually takes six or eight hours and
took us 40 minutes and the barrel was
completely home what keeps the clients
coming back to wage acts here in Baptist
is the quality of work and what can be
provided with these machines here with
those extra offerings that we can give
them the proof and on paper
documentation that everything is done
correctly speaks a lot it's important
that the customer gets the cylinder back
to Oyen specs we can do it with Hitachi
obviously if we can do a cat into a
Komatsu we can do whatever one of them